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Revenge is Sweet





I couldn't stop the tears from finally spilling over as I looked at the letter. It was the final notice. Two weeks before I lost the home my grandfather had broken his back to build. All for nothing. The worst part wasn't losing the house, the worst was that once the house was taken from me, they would tare it down to extend their line of luxury apartments. I scowled at the thought, wiping away the tears in anger. I had to control myself, hold in the anger till I got home. I was on my way to the company who planned to destroy my family heirloom, to beg.

I had already been to all the banks, and no one was willing to take a chance on a waitress with a poor credit history. I straitened my skirt and cleared my throat, trying to straighten myself out. I breathed slowly, trying to gain the nerve to walk through the doors. I clutched the letter, folding it roughly and shoving it in my jacket pocket. I walked in steady, trying to put on an air of confidence as I died a little inside. I smiled at the lady at the desk and explained my situation.

"And what's your name Madam?"

She asked, phone already to her ear.

"Scarlett Davies."

I stated. She motioned to a seat and I sat down as she talked into the receiver. I listened in as she talked.

"A Mrs Scarlett Davies here, about the LK Apartment project on West Street."

She stated, sounding bored, as if she had made this call plenty of times and already knew the answer. My face fell. There was no hope left. I watched her eyes squint suddenly, as she glanced at me from the side.

"Ahh red hair, fair skin. Blue eyes?"

She sounded confused, describing me as I sat their nervously. She looked even more confused at the answer she got on the phone as she cocked her head. She asked the person to repeat what they had said. She nodded uneasily and hung up the phone, turning to me.

"Mr Woods will see you about your case. Top floor, they will direct you from there."

I nodded frowning and walked to the elevator. Well that was strange? Still, the hope in my heart seemed to explode. If I could just talk to him, then maybe I could convince him.

By the time I reached the top floor I was yawning. They did direct me when I mentioned my saviour, some with questions in their eyes. Perhaps this didn't happen a lot. I finally reached his door, inspecting the outside of the large office. The whole room was made from glass, smoked so that all you could see was the shadows of the furniture, and the man inside. I shuddered at the thought of working in an office with barely any privacy. I breathed in a deep breath, letting it out slowly as I knocked on the door.

"Come in."

A deep voice boomed and I jumped at the sound. I opened the door, closing it behind me before I got the courage to look into his eyes. I gasped. Before me sat a man that desperately belonged to a men's cologne advertisement. His black hair was slicked back smoothly from his tanned face. His strong jawline was celebrated by the 5 o'clock shadow and his eyes, a dark black that made me want to walk out the door right now, and at the same time, made me want to step closer and stare into its depths. But that wasn't what made me stop dead in my place.

It was the familiarity that slapped me across the face. I knew this man. Well, I knew the boy. I studied his office, black leather arm chairs, cold metal desk, large gold framed, breathtaking piece of art. Obviously he had done well for himself. I opened my mouth as I tried to think of something to say, all I could whisper was his name in disbelief.

"Toby Andrews."

He regarded me with his cold eyes, gesturing to a seat. He looked me up and down, and not in a friendly way.

"Ah Scarlett, the years have treated you very well."

I blushed, more in discomfort then pleasure. I looked up and saw the name printed across the numerous awards lined across his walls. Tobias Woods. He changed his name? I decided not to pry, I had to remember why I was here. He crossed his hands on his desk, still scanning me as if I were some kind of riddle.

"So I was told that your house was soon to be demolished."

I nodded, more comfortable now that we were on the task at hand.

"Yes, my home will be destroyed in the effort to build your Apartment blocks."

I tried to keep the emotion out of my voice but I could hear the anger creeping into my words. I breathed in slowly. Nothing was helped with anger.

"And I'm wondering, what do you think I can do about this?"

I swallowed at the smirk tugging at his lips.

"I was hoping that you could help, to stop the buildings."

He grinned at me, unfolding his arms.

"You want me to stop a 12 million dollar deal so that you can keep your house?"

I nodded. I didn't care how ridiculous it sounded. The least I could do was ask.

"It's my family's house. It's the last thing in this world I have of them. I can't just let it go."

I raised my voice. Sitting back in my chair huffing. His grin got wider, as if the more passionate I got about this, the happier it made him.

"What's the address?"

He asked, the business man evident in his tone. I told him the address and he picked up the phone, asking for the hotel plans. I didn't understand most off what he said, but I was grateful that at least this was going somewhere. That I wasn't kicked out the second I got here. A small lady with glasses came in carrying the rolled up papers and smiled at the man. He waved her away to her disappointment, eyes on the plans. He scanned the documents for a good few minutes as I nervously fidgeted in my seat.

"Well, you seem to be in luck Mrs Davies."

I smiled.

"Miss Davies is fine."

I sat up eagerly in my seat, waiting for his next sentence.

"Your house is right at the end, meaning that if I wanted to tweak the plans, then your home would be safe."

I gasped, clapping my hands together in sheer disbelief.

"Oh my gosh, Mr Andr- I mean Mr Woods. I can't believe this, I-"

He stopped me with a raised hand and a devilish grin.

"Except I don't know if you really desire this enough for me to change the plans."

My face dropped along with my heart.

"No Mr Woods, I want this more than anything in the world!"

I held my hand on my heart as I tried to control the racing if my pulse. What was he doing?

"And even if I do change the plans, you'd lose your house anyway."

I was stunned, how did he know? He pointed to the eviction notice poking out from my pocket. I swallowed, trying to keep the waver out of my voice.

"I will take care of that."

I said, unsuccessful in my attempt to sound strong. He made a clicking noise with his tongue and shook his head.

"I just don't think I find your case compelling enough to waste my time on."

I gasped, my eyes looking at that devastating sentence. I leaned forward, my voice trembling and my words rushed.

"Please, please Mr Woods. You don't understand what this means to me. It is my home! I would do anything, anything to keep it."

I bit my lips to stop from embarrassing myself any further. His eyes bore into mine and that same glint shone as he looked me up and down.

"And you would do anything?"

I nodded, the tears escaping my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. He nodded, his grin reminded me of a lion that had just sinked his teeth into the struggling gazelle.


I whispered, as if I had just made a deal with the devil. He paused, letting my answer sink in till he leaned forward towards me.

"Let's make a little deal. I will change the plans, and I will pay you what is needed for you to be debt free on the house."

I was stunned, my eyes widened, trying to understand what he was trying to say. He was going pay off my debts? Why? For what? I frowned, thinking hard what to say.

"You said a deal..."

I trailed off, thinking. He nodded, winking at me.

"Ah the same old Scarlett, clever as always."

His eyes never left mine, and I looked away, not letting the power of his gaze deter me.

"I will make your problem disappear, if you spend 24 hours with me."

My frown deepened even more. What was he saying? My foggy brain tried to process this conversation but all that was going through where bits and pieces.

"As my slave."

He finished, his expression as he finished that sentence read like he was tasting fine wine.

"Your what?! What do you mean? Like clean your house?"

He laughed, a trickling sound, like water falling from a stream.

"As my sex slave."


I checked my watch again impatiently. After I made my offer she had called me every name under the sun, then had stormed out, slamming the door behind her. I was amazed the damn thing didn't shatter. I smiled at the memory of her round ass swaying as she strode away. I licked my lips at the image of her when she first walked in. Her fiery ringlets fell loosely against her creamy skin, her ruby lips as they parted slightly, searching for something to say as she recognised who I was.

I felt the ache in my bones when I first heard her name on the phone, it was like fate was serving her on a delicious platter for me to pick away at. For my sweet taste of revenge. I couldn't believe my luck when I realised just how easy it would be to take her, and yet, it had been two and a half hours already. I had given her three hours to decide, along with my personal number, but now I was worried I didn't give her enough time. I slammed my fist in the desk. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I should have know that Scarlett Davies would be too stubborn to take my offer, even in the chance of losing everything. I sighed, checking my watch again. And just as I was about to lose hope, my cell rang. I scrambled for the devise, answering it and raising it to my ear. I heard her rapid breathing on the other end as one strangled word left her mouth.


I grinned wildly at the image of Scarlett caught in my net. Now it was time to bring her in. I told her the date and time and told her to write down the address of my place, before I hung up. I rubbed my hands together eagerly as I picked up the office phone. My secretary answered the phone cheerily and I told her to cancel all my appointments for this Friday, stating that I would be busy on that day. She complied, but I could tell she was confused, I had never since she had worked for me, taken a day off. There was no need to until now. Friday was the day. The day Scarlett Davies would be mine.


I sat there staring at the large blood red door. It was like it was looking down at me, laughing at the person I had become. I had already cried all the tears from my body on the days leading up to this Friday, yet still, they threatened to spill. I had so many questions. Why was he doing this too me? Why did he even want to. He was a handsome, rich man. He could take any girl he wanted and yet here I was, an empty pocketed waitress with a looming dept and a house that was about to be demolished. Well not anymore. When I stormed out of his office mad. Viciously mad. I had laughed at the idea...but as my 3 hour deadline was coming to an end I had to ask myself whether I really was too proud to lose my house, my home, rather then sell my body to this horrible man.

I thought back to when I had known him. He still looked very similar to what he looked like now but back then he was different. His eyes were softer, his smile was kind. He was a good person. I laughed at the thought of him in his earlier days, in our earlier days. I had even considered spending my life with him. What 15 years could do. The bitter taste in my mouth made me cough and I gathered up the courage to knock on the door. I waited in agony as I was greeted by a cheerful old lady. She ushered me in and showed me around the house. Did she know what was going on here? Was this a common thing? Him making deals with women in distress for his financial aid. Why didn't he just find a brothel if he was happy to pay for sex? I swallowed as I answered my own question. Power. It was power he craved.

I screwed my eyes shut. I was at the mercy of a power hungry millionaire. Fantastic. I checked my watch. 5pm. He had asked me to be here 20 minutes before, but 5pm was the start of my 24 hour shift. My lip trembled but I caught the urge to burst out in tears as the house keeper finally finished her tour and sat me down in the lavish lounge room. I couldn't look at the expensive sofa, or the decor. It just reminded me of the power he had over me. I turned my head to see the kind old lady waving goodbye, packing up her things and walking out the door. She was leaving. My heart sank further at the thought of being alone with this man. A shudder ran up my spine. I gasped as I was startled from my thoughts when Tobias walked over to me.

"Scarlett, I'm glad you could make it."


"As if I had the choice."

She spat at me, hatred in her eyes. I clucked my tongue.

"On the contrary Miss Davies, you had the choice."

I raised my eyebrow at her and she looked down at the floor. Shame colouring her cream skin. I told her to follow me, and she begrudgingly complied, keeping her distance as we walked up the marble stairs and found my room. I motioned to the red satin covered bed. I heard her swallow as she looked it over.

"That, will be where you are sleeping. But I doubt we will be doing much of that."

I winked at her. She paled and looked away from the bed in disgust. I couldn't say that I wasn't enjoying her discomfort. She looked so fragile in the vastness of my bedroom. I smiled. She was mine.

"So do we just do this."

She asked, not looking from her hands. I laughed, and she looked at me startled.

"So eager? No Scarlett, I've got a few things planned for tonight first."

That seemed to make her even more nervous. She nodded, still not meeting my eyes. I walked to the wardrobe, pulling out the large bag that was hanging from a hook. I slowly walked towards her. She took the item, her brows pulling together as she looked at the piece. She slowly unzipped the bag and pulled out the garment. I watched her breath in slowly when she saw its entirety. It was a long ruby gown, the fabric was silk and moved in her hands like running water.

"You want me to wear this?"

I swallowed, trying to reign in the small smile pulling at my lips as I watched her with the gift.

"Well I need you to look respectable. We will be going out to dinner."

There was a question on her lips, but she closed her mouth, leaving it unanswered.

"I'm hungry, I'm sure you are as well. So we must eat."

I nodded at her. She regarded me with a confused stare. I cleared my throat.

"After all you'll need your strength for tonight."

The look on her eyes vanished, replaced by the previous glare. She walked to the bathroom but I grabbed her arm, slowly pulling her back. She pulled her arm from my grasp as if she had been burned.

"You can change here."

I stated, watching the horror cross her face. After a minute of scowling she walked to the corner of the room, turning her back to me. She slowly slipped off her jeans, exposing her perfectly formed ass. Her saintly white panties seemed to fit like a glove and I openly admired her assets. She quickly found the dress, stepping into it and pulling it up fast. She tugged it over her waist and let it rest on her hips.

She timidly pulled off her long sleeve t-shirt, throwing it to the ground. I gazed at her slender waist, the nakedness of her back as she pulled off her bra. She pulled the strapless number up further before trying to reach around and zip it up. I stepped forward, and breathed in her scent as I reached for the zip. She gasped in surprise and I chuckled, slowly pulling the zip up.

"Shall we go to dinner?"

I asked. I meant to sound condescending but I couldn't stop the husky tone of my voice as I traced a pattern on her bare shoulders.


I enjoyed it. The dinner. It was the strangest thing. The first hour was one of the most uncomfortable hours of my life, yet somehow as the evening progressed we started to talk more, laugh more. I couldn't understand this. I should hate the man? He was forcing me into this godforsaken arrangement and yet I was enjoying my time. For now. I swallowed uneasily at the thought of what was to come. He seemed to feel my discomfort and that same cold mask came crashing down again.

We finished our meals, and waited for them to bring the car around. This was it. I wondered what he expected of me? Did I have to participate, or could I just lie there till it was over? I sighed, sitting with him in silence as he sped off in the convertible. We finally reached his place and I was shaking like a leaf, he seemed to notice my predicament and took off his jacket, pulling it around my shoulders. I smiled in thanks but I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't because of the cold. We walked inside and he got us a couple of glasses. I was grateful for the distraction, glancing at the stairs as if it was the stairway to hell. I swallowed as he brought over the wine. He was still cold, his eyes hard as they bored down at me.

Ever since I went quiet at dinner, thinking of what was to come he became the cold eyed man I had met at the office. He poured us each a glass and I strangled the stem till my fingers turned white. I took a tentative sip and winced at the acidic taste. I hated wine, I hated the taste of alcohol in general. But perhaps what I most hated was what it did to me. The liquor of poor judgment. I squinted and downed the whole glass. Coughing at the bitter taste in my mouth. He raised his eyebrows at me.

"I need the courage."

I whispered through the burn in my throat. He narrowed his eyes at me and put the glass down with a loud 'clunk'. I jumped at the sound and he grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the stairs. I put my glass down as he was pulling me and my breathing got faster. The blood in my ears were rushing and I was trying not to have a panic attack as he dragged me up the stairs. I was shivering. This was it. Just like that. We flew through the bedroom and he slammed the door shut. He ripped his shirt open, buttons popping everywhere and turned his cold gaze to me. His chiseled body intimidating me.

"Take off your clothes."

He whispered. I stared at the ground, trying to force myself to move but I was stuck. He huffed, almost like a snarl and moved forward, pushing off the jacket he had given me earlier. I whimpered as he turned me around roughly and unzipped my dress so that my whole back was exposed. The only thing holding the dress to my breasts was my hands.

"I said, take off your clothes."

He whispered. I raised my arms and the dress fell to the floor, exposing almost every inch of my body.


I was raging. She needed courage? Because the thought of making love to me was so disgusting? I saw it at the end of dinner. I was in shock at how at ease we were with each other. We laughed and talked, as if what had happened in high school had never even played out. I even considered calling this thing off, dropping her off at her house with a hefty check and my number. She had cast her spell on me again, and she had broken my heart once more. It was time for revenge, and I would enjoy every last second of it.

For some reason at the end of the night she went cold, the look in her eyes was the same look she gave me when I proposed. That worried, heartbreaking look. She stood there shaking, clutching the red dress to her chest. She looked to the floor in shame as she lifted her hands and dropped the last thing covering her goddess of a body. Her small perky breasts looked as if they were perfect for my hands, and I raked every inch of her body. From her breasts to her slender waist, then down to her round hips, past her innocent panties and to her long shapely legs. Her skin didn't have a mark on her, milky pure marble, soft to the touch. I reached out and she flinched at me. I took one of her long ringlets of fire, twisting it in my fingers, then brought it to my lips, kissing the soft lock. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. I dropped the hair and moved back. It's show time.

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