“Yes Master?” I replied dreamily, letting the rich tones of your voice wash over me as I lay in your arms.

“I have a task for you to carry out today.” I could hear the playfulness in your voice, and I opened my eyes and turned my face up towards yours.

“You have?” I held your dark gaze with my own.

“While you shower I’m going to lay out your clothes for work today. You are to wear only what I leave on the bed.” Your smile was soft from the glow of this morning together, but your eyes held mine firmly and your voice had assumed the tone of quiet control I love so much. I nodded softly.

“During the day I want you to spend any spare moments you get imagining me between your knees, teasing you with my tongue. At sometime today I want you to go to the bathroom and pleasure yourself until you cum.” My eyes widened with shock and a blush began to spread across my cheeks.

“When you’re done I want you to return to your desk as if nothing had happened, and for the rest of the day you are to remember all the details and think about how you’ll tell them to me tonight.” You pulled me closer to your body and placed a kiss on my forehead. Your fingers trailed over the full curve of my breast as you waited for my response. My mind whirled with thoughts about the task, my blush deepening, before I whispered my somewhat hesitant reply “Yes Master.” My eyes lowered as I felt my body begin to fill with excitement from your touch and thoughts of your task. I felt your fingertips slip over my skin, down over the smooth curve of my mound. You pressed your fingers between my lips and stroked me slowly and teasingly as you whispered to me.

“I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that there will be a punishment tonight if you don’t complete your training to my satisfaction, and a reward if you do.” I looked up again at the mention of a reward and my lips curved in a slow, sexy smile. “Now you’d better get up or you’ll be late again!”

I took a hot shower to soothe my body, my mind filled with tantalizing thoughts. I washed my long, chestnut hair and covered my body in spicy-scented gel, cleansing away the mingled smells of us. I heard the sound of the door closing and your car starting outside as I stepped from the shower, and pulled on my robe.

In the bedroom you had set out my clothes on the bed as promised and I smiled at your impeccable taste. I pulled on the black hold-up stockings you had left first and slipped the short, black skirt on over them. The tight, pink silk shirt completed the outfit and I smiled at my reflection as I fastened the buttons, noticing how my nipples poked at the smooth, slightly transparent fabric. I was surprised that you hadn’t left underwear for me to remove but found the prospect of being without it exciting. Finally I slid my feet into the high heeled shoes you left at the foot of the bed, feeling very sexy as I know you wanted me to.

I went to work thinking of what you were asking me to do and what I could already feel it doing to my body. By the time I got to work I was aching with need, the cool breeze on my hot skin, the way my breasts bounced just a little as I walked and the knowledge of what I was to do building my excitement.

I sat at my desk for as long as I could stand, which was about 15 minutes, and then slipped away to the bathroom. I went in and thankfully it was empty so I chose the far cubicle and locked the door. I leaned back against the door and found that though I wanted to cum so much I couldn't bring myself to do it right away. Eventually, after calming my ragged breathing, I eased my skirt higher and started to play my fingertips over the wetness on my thighs. I closed my eyes and thought about you being on your knees before me planting hot, wet kisses over my burning skin, your talented tongue about to explore me. I felt my nipples harden and moved my hand up to pinch them lightly through the soft fabric. I began to ease my hand up inside my shirt as the fingers of the other hand climbed higher, starting to trace over my wet lips. I pressed two fingers inside myself, remembering how you always knew just how to touch me, my thumb sliding over my clit feeling it swell. I pushed my shirt up to free my breasts and just then I heard the outside door open and someone go into one of the other cubicles. I froze, my eyes snapped open and I was suddenly aware of the image of myself standing there so exposed. I felt too many emotions to express properly but more than anything I felt completely horny.

I waited for the sounds of whoever it was to flush, wash their hands and leave and let out my breath without realizing I'd held it. I suddenly panicked - 'could they have seen my feet set apart close to the door', 'could they smell sex in the air', 'did they wonder why the person at the end was so quiet' - but even as my cheeks began to burn I started teasing my nipples and my fingers found the heat again and I began to fuck myself. My need was such that I worked my fingers in fast, hard circles over my clit, cumming in a very short time. As I came I bit my lower lip - too terrified to make a sound - and threw my head back, sliding down the door a little as my knees weakened. I thought of you and felt the shame you surely wanted me to feel at what I'd done, but it took nothing from the shuddering pleasure filling me ......... maybe even enhanced it. I waited for my breathing to calm and then straightened my clothes and went out, washing my hands and looking at myself in the mirror.

I liked what I saw, the flushed pink cheeks, and the bright, sparkling eyes. I went back to my desk and got on with my work, trying to avoid conversation, knowing I'd have that 'glow' about me and not wanting anyone to see it. My mind drifted back to it all day, as you knew it would.

I rushed home to you and found you naked in our bed waiting for me. I closed the door and leant against it looking at you, my face displaying my lust clearly.

“You look very sexy Kitten. Just as I knew you would. The task has given you quite a sparkle in your eye.” You smiled at me, my body already starting to respond to you. “Now strip.” you ordered, your voice low and full of need. “Take your clothes off so that I can see your body. The body that belongs to me.” You lay back against the pile of pillows and watched me, appraising my body as I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it from my body. I watched your eyes travel over my breasts, your lips pressing together almost unconsciously as you looked at my stiff nipples. I unfastened my skirt and let it slither to the floor.

“That’s enough. Keep your stockings and heels on.” You growled, your hungry eyes devouring me. “Come closer…..”

I walked towards the bed slowly, letting my body move sensually to tease and arouse you further. You moved to the edge of the bed and pulled me to you, your hands sliding over my hips and behind me, cupping my ass. You looked up at my eyes and whispered “Did you think about me going down on you today?” I nodded uttering a breathy “Yes Master.” Your lips pressed to my nipple and sucked lightly on the firm peak, your hands kneading my ass. “Did you play with your pussy as I said you must?” Again I nodded, whispering “Yes Master.” Your lips engulfed the other nipple, flicking your tongue over it before biting it a little. “Were you embarrassed as much as excited to be doing such a thing?” Your hand moved around me, pressing between my thighs to touch my wetness. I felt your fingers trace over my lips gently pushing between them, my response barely more than a moan. You looked up into my eyes and whispered “And did you cum for your Master my Kitten?” I ran my hand over your broad shoulders as I huskily replied “Yes Master, I did.”

A broad smile spread across your face as you stood up, pushing me back against the wall. You pressed your body against mine and brought your fingertips to your lips, sucking my honey from them. My body ached for you, my breasts rising and falling with each deep breath I took, trembling all over as I watched you. You pushed my hair back slowly on one side and pressed your lips to my ear letting your hot breath wash over my neck. “You’ve been a good girl today Kitten.” You cupped my breasts, squeezing them, teasing the nipples. You sank to your knees before me and I closed my eyes as you pushed my thighs apart, a soft purr escaping my lips. “Time for your reward.”

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