tagIncest/TabooRhyley's Summer Ends Ch. 2

Rhyley's Summer Ends Ch. 2


Dean was regretting his decision to go along with Jack and he became angry as he sat in the over stuffed lounger. He had agreed to do what Jack asked because he knew Jack was right in being so irate, but he began to have serious doubts. Jack had tied him to the chair with a white nylon rope and left Dean's cock still hanging from his shorts. Humiliation, Dean figured. When Jack was satisfied Dean wasn't going anywhere, he turned to Rhyley sitting on the couch.

"Take your clothes off." She did as she was told. "Now get on the floor." She sat at Dean's feet looking nervously at her father. He didn't waste any more words on her and dragged to the middle of the carpet. HE grabbed her hair and pulled her so that her open legs were facing Dean. She was scared but her pride kept her from crying out.

Jack locked the door and disrobed. His own cock was impressive, though not quite as large as Dean's. It was standing out almost diagonal, its purple head throbbing with his heartbeat, the shaft eager to teach a lesson.

Jack leaned down to Dean's face, putting his hands on Dean's knees. He looked coldly into his eyes and smiled as Dean began to fidget.

"Your punishment, dear brother, is to do nothing. No matter what I do you are forced to helplessly be an audience. And if you close your eyes I will keep them open with duct tape. Am I clear?" A single tear slid over Dean's cheek as the reality hit him.

"Don't hurt her, Jack."

"She'll be fine as long as you behave. But for now, I need you quiet." Dean tried to protest as Jack placed duct tape over his mouth and behind his neck to be secure. It was painful, but to whom would he complain? He was sad that it had come to this. He felt worse for Rhyley. No matter what happened between Jack and him, it would be Rhyley who would suffer. Jack will never forget even if he does forgive. And it would be her who pays the biggest price. Jack would never trust her again.

He watched Jack put his face to Rhyley's. What he said made her look to Dean. but she relaxed almost immediately.

"Since you like to fuck so much I am going to help you learn all there is. And my lovely daughter, I am going to show you while your lover watches. Would you like that?" To all involved her nod was startling. She raised her hands to her father and beckoned to him.

"I want you to teach me, daddy. I know you want me." Jack licked his lips as he settled between his little girl's legs, anticipating her warmth. Her breathing was coming in pants, her breasts wavering with every hearbeat. Jack wa excited with nervous tension, his hands cold to the touch.

"Are you ready for your punishment?"

"Yes, Daddy." She moaned as he pushed her to her back and readied himself. As he entered, he cherished the heat she eminated through her cave. Her walls sucked him, clutched him. He looked to her face and noticed she was smiling, her eyes close with passion. He Pressed himself to her letting her breasts bounce against his chest with every thrust. He adjusted his hips higher so Dean could have a better view of him pounding Rhyley. He fucked her harder, wanting her to feel the pain he felt as his brother watched. He was angry at her deceit. He had kept his lust for her deep inside him and now was his chance.

It occurred to him that it hurt. It hurt that she didn't come to him. Why wasn't he as good as Dean?

She shouted at each stab of his strong hips, instinctively wrapping her legs about his waist.

"OOhh, Daddy, fuck mmmeeee," her voice squealed as he pounded harder with his arousal at her rantings.

"You like it when I fuck you, baby?'


"Is my dick better than Dean's?"

"No, Daddy."

"What would be better than Uncle Dean's cock?'

"Nothing! He's so good. Uncle Dean fucked me so well and I want more!"

Jack's jealously and rage led him to extremes. He turned her on her belly and pushed her face into the rough carpet. He lifted her hips until she was on her knees. He took a quick glance at Dean and saw how large His cock had grown. He smirked at the blush that over over Dean's face as he put his finger into Rhyley's pussy. He coated it with her grease and slid it up to her ass. Jack teased her sphincter, giving it an inch at a time. He watched Dean's reaction as he finger fucked his daughter's ass.

Rhyley twitched and moaned as he pumped her ass. It felt so good her pussy began dripping juices to the carpet. She was turned on by the fact that Dean was watching her. Turned on by the fact that it was her father fucking her. She had never thought of him as a sexual being, but the taboo of it al made her want him like the man he was. As her fatherfingered her she was close to coming. She felt the tell tale trembles in her thighs and she gasped her release.

Jack didn't give her time to enjoy herself, slapping her ass repeatedly. Her skin burned under his fleshy hand and she wept silently. He laughed at her bottom bouncing under his palm. His smile grew wider as he prepared for the next pocket of punishment. He knelt to Rhyley's ass and lapped at her tiny pink hole, her pucker salting his tongue. Again and again he licked at her his tongue becoming a red serpent. He growled as he got to his feet, her ass still upraised. He gripped her with one hand and squeezed.

"Stay still, baby," he whispered. She nodded and closed her eyes. She had never been frightened of her father before but she was then and she found it pleasurable. The fear had increased her lust and she was eager to quench it, though she's never admit it.

Jack placed his prick at her ass and pushed slowly. Her groan of discomfort fell to deaf ears as he inserted his blunt head. Her instinctive grasping made his desire increase, the urge to slam into her almost too great. He worked his staff into her wanting her to adjust to his size. He was slightly pleased knowing the disomfort he caused her.

Dean was struggling against his bindings. He was afraid that Jack was hurting her realising what her father was doing to her. He strained and tried to shout as a tear went gliding down his cheek. He was aroused and ashamed. It was a worse punishment to come to terms with the eroticism and the horror of the situation.

She was excited and frightened and she didn't quite understand, Dean thought. I am sorry I can't help you.

"Oh, honey, you are so sweet. I know you love this." Jack's steady pumping of his girl's ass was wind blowing. The sight of his thick cock buried in her was too much to take. He slammed her harder trying to get her to scream.

"Aaahhh, Daddyyy! It hurts so bad! Don't stop!"

"Fuck, Rhyley, you're going to make me come!" The severe swelling in his shaft stretched her wider, his balls signalling his release. Rhyley sqeezed her eyes shut as he pummelled her ass. The pain and pleasure were unbearable as she reached to rub her clit. She was consumed by her humiliation. Her father hurting her, punishing her, fucking her. Dean forced to watch. Her conflicted emotions led her to her imminent climax, the shame of it making her a slave to submission by her father. Her guilt to be assuaged by her punishment.

Dean saw her toes clench and her breathing became deeper, heavier, her groans turning to gutteral animal grunts. She came under him, his brother, and the sight of her raging come flowing over her fingers was powerful. He reared back involuntarily thrusting as he emptied his balls into his lap. The rush and sadness in his mind were strong stimulants, his body betraying him once again.

Jack heard his brother's release. It was perfect. He turned to Dean and laughed while plunging increasingly faster into his daughter's bum. In his excitement he climaxed quickly, his cream flushing deep into her rectum.

"Ah,ah, mother fucker! Your ass....sweet Jesus, fuck me more, girl!" His rantings incomprehensible with dizzy desire. "I'm coming in you!" Jack's ass clenched as he filled her. He shuddered with his final spurt, his come oozing from her as he withdrew. It was difficult to stand so he took his time and then sat on the couch. He giggled at Dean's hurtful stare, the come on his shorts giving him away.

Rhyley sank to the floor with an exhausted sigh. Her mind reeled with the confusion in her body. She thanked the earth that it was over and rested her tender hole.

What the hell did I get into, she thought. She had lost a part of herself once her father laid his hand to her body, but inside, her mind was struggling with the lingering doubt that any of it had happened. Her body had loved it and she discovered she wanted more. No matter how insane it was to continue, she would.

She wanted to stretch her aching muscles but did not because she was told to be still. She wanted to share herself with Dean now, but she didn't want to ruin what would come next. Her father would let her know if it ws going to be. So she was content to lay still and listen to the humming of the central air vibrating the floor. So soothing.....

She awoke to a fire on her ass. In order to wake her, Jack started spanking her again. He was aroused and bobbing with each strike.

"I'm awake, I am sorry!" Her tone became sheepish as she got to her feet.

"Why is Dean still tied up?"

"Yu haven't been out that long. I also have more to dish out. It is time for Dean's punishment now that you have had yours."

"I thought that Dean's was to be able to do nothing."

"It's time for physical punishment, dearest. Be patient."

She looked to Dean and saw that he was sweating. He had been trying to escape his binding for some time, and to Jack's delight, all he had managed was chafed wrists. Jack was more than amused at this. It served Dean right in his mind. He was going to enjoy toying with his brother.

Jack came up behind Rhyley and moved her so she was standing between Dean's legs. Dean stared at her. He believed that he would never see her again after that night was over, his brother to ban him from the family. Dean decided he would leave quietly to avoid a scene. It was better if no one knew what had happened.

So he sat. He felt guilt at what he had done, but only after being found out. His love for Rhyley was real but wrong. He knew that all along.

He noticed Jack hand roamng over Rhyley's nude glimmering skin. She was holding her wrists over her head as she succumbed to Jack's grasping fingers. He made her suck his finger into her mouth and fellate it. He was showing Dean how nice it was. His grin becoming devious.

His hands skimmed her body, becoming an interim masseuse. He sucked at her neck while his fingers searched for her nipples. He teased them with quick squeezes and flicks then abandoning them for her clit. Her lips parted as he pinched her button making her knees falter. As she wilted with weakness, Jack slapped her ass.

"You better show more restraint, baby girl. Dean may not like what happens to him if you do that again." Her father's words clung to her ears like poisoned monkeys. Each one more menacing than the last. She straightened immediately not wanting to know what would happened if she didn't.

"Look at her, Dean. She loves it. She feels so good. Tell me, did she whimper like this for you?" He flicked her nipples with his thumbs, the tiny beads standing tall. "She was so wet when I fucked her. Did she soak herself with you? Mmmmm, her ass, too. It was great, brother. She held me tight when I shoved it in."

Dean wanted to hurt him. Even though he was Jack's brother, Dean's ire was raised. Jack had fucked his own daughter like she was some whore. She was his niece and he wanted her for himself. Jack let his feelings toward him get in the way, he thought. Rhyley didn't have to be in this.

"Tell him how it feels, baby. Be honest."

"Dean...it's good. I have you both now and that is all I could ever want."

"You wanted me, Rhyley," Jack stammered in disbelief.

" Yes Dad. I never wanted it like this, but I would dream of you coming to me. You were always working and that is all I had. I m issed you so much. I love you, dad." Jack kept squeezing her clit. As it grew so did his desire to enter her tunnel again.

"And Dean?"

"I wanted him longer than I wanted you. Since I was twelve I had dreamt of him."


"I was so confused. I loved you so much and I thought the only way to show you was to take you into my bed. That's all I wanted. I just wanted to with you, it didn't matter how!"


"I saw the way Dean looked at me. He became what you were too busy to be, but he also wanted me. I gave such subtle hints that he never knew that I wanted him, too."

"Have you thought of us with you?"

"I wanted the best of both worlds. My lover, my uncle. My love, my father. That's all I wanted."

Jack's mind ticked away. He looked to Dean who was looking at the floor. All she had wanted was for him to be there for her. She wanted them apart and together. She loved Dean and she loved her father. She would have them both.

"This is your lucky day." He grabbed her hair and pulled her to the floor.

"I want you to suck him, girl."


"Suck him!" She did as she was told. She got to her knees and took his half hard cock in her hand. She looked at his face and his eyes were riveted to her lips. She leaned into hi, slowly lapping at the head. He grew under her hand, standing full and tall. She couldn't get her hand around him, but she held tight.

She wrapped her lips over him and stretched her mouth to cavernous proportions. She could feel his thighs quiver as she slid her mouth over his flesh. She savoured the taste of his precome as it dripped onto her tongue. She was grateful to have Dean again. She cherished every millimeter of him knowing that she may never see him again.

Dean received her with relish. He kept half an eye on Jack. It seemed that daddy was enjoying the show. Jack stroked himself as he watch his daughter suck off her uncle.

Jack was too amused to keep it to himself and he went to Dean and took the tape from his face. It was a good thing to see the pained look on his face as the tape pulled at his skin. He stepped back as Dean spit at him.

"No need to be so hateful. Isn't this what you wanted?" Dean couldn't speak with Rhyley's mouth moving on him. Her hums and moans were sending him to heaven as she bobbed on his engorged prick.

"This is too hot. I think I have to help." Jack knelt behind his daughter and rubbed her slick cunt. "Mmmm, just the way I like it." He positioned himself at her hole and eased in. She bucked back on him and sucked Dean with renewed vigor. Jack thought about how nice it would be to see her covered in come and decided he was going to make it happen.

"Oh, yessssssss, ungh, daddy, harder, harder," She jacked Dean furiously as her father pounded at her pussy. It was almost impossible to suck with the force of her dad's thrusts, but she managed as well as she could.

Dean was close to exploding and he was forced to strain against his ties as he groaned his frustration. "Oh, baby, I am going to fucking come!" She lapped at his balls while jacking him, hoping his load would be large. Jack saw what was happening and he pulled out to loom over her face.

"Come on her face. I want to see her covered in sperm!" Dean could only nod as he rode his climax, the first spurt hitting her nose. The sight of her made his projection more powerful and he hit her dead centre of her face, coating her mouth and eyes with his cream.

Jacks own cock began overheating and he made her sit quietly as he jerked on her also. She had her eyes closed and her mouth open in wait for him. Her gorgeous face covered in man slime turned him on and he felt his balls creep into his belly as he let loose a full blast, catching her mouth. She swallowed quickly as his kept shooting his batter at her. It dripped off her cheeks and on her breasts, slipping between her mounds and dripping to the floor.

Jack sighed as he came down. He took one look at her and Dean and grinned. This was what he had wanted for a long time. This was too hot for him to ignore his feelings. They were both his now and he planned to keep it that way.

He leaned over Dean and ripped his shorts off. He handed them to Rhyley and let her clean her face. The ideas were swimming through his mind to occupy the next few hours til dawn.

To be continued in Part 3!

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