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Riding with Hannah


I was mesmerized the moment I saw her, even from way down the sun-dappled street. I had just moved to Willow Creek, set to do an artist's residence in Donville the coming Winter before I stated art school in London. I was exhausted, ready to get settled in, and a goddess was jumping around in front of my driveway.

In late summer, a warm orange glow bounced off of her golden blonde curls as she ran around on the quiet residential street, kicking a soccer ball.

Alone, she occasionally squealed a bit, so excited and enchanted by the act of playing a bit of footie. Her legs were so long, and strong, tanned from the California sun. I'd rented a little ranch house on quiet, unassuming Bradley Street, and this angel lived just two doors down. How would I get anything done?

Three days later, I met her older sister Sophia, a pretty young thing my age with gorgeous tits, a bit of an ecstacy problem, and a desperate need to be liked. Her sister, Hannah, was three years younger, still in college, a soccer player, lover of horses, tomboy, virgin.

Sophia and I were in the kitchen a few days after I'd moved in when young Hannah bounded in, flushed and needing a drink after practice that day.

As their elegant, Irish mother gently urged me to stay for dinner and why did I live alone, I barely heard because Hannah was chugging a glass of water at the sink next to me, her arm touching mine, her sweat sweetly dampening my wrist. I was on fire. She put the glass down, give me a dimpled smile, and bounced away. I breathed. This one was rare, special. Like a unicorn.

I stayed close to Sophia, going with her to uppity raves in the city and taking drugs with her. She was affectionate, and what started with an innocent make out at one of our many sleepovers turned into a lovely little mouth and set of tits just down the street to pacify my pussy as I planned for Hannah.

Sophia and I would shop, party, watch movies, just like BFF's but inevitably late at night, in the dark, her slender fingers would reach for my body, sucking my pinkie and tugging my hands to her pussy until I would relent.

I would pull down my panties and let her suck on my clit while I fingered her. She almost always came and really just wanted me to tell her how hot she looked, which she did. I would tug on those beautiful breasts and tell her how sexy her mouth was, and she would cum.

Spending time with Sophia, I began to make a plan. I learned that Hannah loved all animals, so I immediately equipped the considerable back yard acrege for a mini-horse. Young Hannah danced and clapped when the trailer arrived, and from that moment on was at my house four nights out of the week in the afternoon, after soccer practice.

I told her that I would have a big Horse, Fugi, on the weekend for a while, and would she like to ride him? Her big blue eyes got even wider and she enthusiastically agreed.

Saturday morning she came right over. I told her that I had some riding chaps and things for her in the tack shed, we were riding English style. She nodded and went right in and changed, while I watched through a small space in between the wood planks and rubbed my crotch over my own thick riding chaps.

All too soon she pulled the tight khaki material over her perfectly toned, round little ass, and buttoned the crisp white shirt over her pert, supple little breasts.

She bounded out and I got her right up on the horse, barking orders at her for hours about posting and hip movement. She was a responsive little student, just wanting to please, wanting to do it right.

Finally we took a break, leaning on the fence as Fugi walked to cool off in the arena. Hannah fidgeted with her pants, like she had a wedgie. I smiled.

"Do the pants not fit? They maybe are a little tight." I asked.

"No," she said, blushing,"It's just rubbing a little."

"Yeah, I could see that you weren't moving your hips right, you are like totally tense." I said. "It's screwing up your form. You don't want to learn it wrong the first time."

She furrowed her perfect brow. "What can I do?"

"There is a trick, it always works. C'mere." I spoke with authority, and she obediently followed me into the tack shed.

I instructed her to lean over the saddle rack at a 90 degree angle, palms down, and breathe yoga breath. She did it three times, and at the end of the third I whacked her perfect ass with a horsewhip. She turned around, startled, but I just motioned for her to continue. She bent back over.

"Good, and exhale five, four, three, two, one..." Whack! She trembled a little. After three of those, I cheerfully said "Good! Lets get some tea!" She just straightened up and came outside with me. I fixed us two ice teas with a little vodka and we regrouped at the arena fence.

"Feel better?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Yeah," she hesitated, "I think so."

"Then back to the saddle! You should be all loosened up." Actually, the spanking and the booze did nothing for her riding. As she moved up and down, I could almost hear her whimper with the urge to just grind her little wet pussy on the saddle and finally cum.

I put her through 20 laps of torture before calling it a day. She went home breathless, smiling, and primed to get fucked. By me.

For three weeks, the routine was the same, I didn't want to stray from excellent behavior on young Hanna's part. She would change into her riding clothes as I secretly watched, I would ride her little pussy so hard in the arena, give her alcohol and spank her perfect ass, make her grind her pussy on the saddle again for several hours, then send her home.

Then the fourth week came, and in the shed, she was dutifully bent over, breathing out deeply.

"Pull down your pants," I said softly.

She hesitated for only a second, then pushed her riding pants down to reveal yellow flowered panties. I ran the tip of the crop just over where the lacy edge met her tanned thigh. She caught her breath as I traced the line in between her legs and over her pussy.

"Keep breathing," I teased, edging the panties down with the stiff leather crop. She was shaking, uncertain, but unable to tell me no or question what I was telling her. I had authority here, and she wanted to comply. I saw the furrow of light brown hair gracing the inside of her ass, a hint of pink of her wet little mound.

She's a virgin, I kept thinking. Fuck!

This time I spanked her hard, each whack like a stinging leather tongue rasping at her golden skin. I left a little welt, sexy- tiny but noticeable. She went home a little dazed.

That night, I made sure Sophia and I would fuck loudly enough so Hannah would hear us. I heard the floor outside the bedroom door squeak after Sophia was done noisily fucking my latest toy for her,a big pink strap-on.

Sophia wanted to be held down and fucked really hard, and when she figured out that I could do it to her, she was my sex kitten.

I would bend her over, pushing things into her tight little pussy while she ravenously sucked on my clit. A dildo, a banana, a hairbrush, my weed pipe. Those narrow little hips shook and shuddered with the force, the brutality of it.

Sophia wasn't a virgin, but didn't have the confidence to sustain a relationship with a guy. She was too inexperienced, too eager to please, too afraid to fuck too many guys. SO I filled her pussy with all the things that little sexpot needed.

I would lie there in her little bed after a rave, trying to clear a line of E out of my sinus cavity, and she would saunter into the dark room wearing just panties and holding out a cucumber, whispering please and I need it.

She had olive skin and long, silky brown hair. Sexy, but all I could think of was little Hannah's big blue eyes and athletic body and untouched little pussy.

I was laying the groundwork, Hannah was so curious about sex and fucking and what were we doing in that bedroom and was it ok that she got so wet when she rode horses and was it ok that I spanked her? Despite all this uncertainty, she showed up the next Saturday, bright and early.

We rode as usual, but when she trotted off automatically to the tack shed this time, I pulled the door closed behind us and locked it.

She pulled down her pants, and waited, leaning over the saddle rack. I walked over and pulled her panties down, seeing that she had shaved.

"Oh Hannah," I asked breathlessly,"is this for me?"

She nodded, panting, eyes wide, so scared and uncertain. She got self-conscious and started squirming around, trying to close the little pink slit that was glistening in front of me.

I gripped the two spheres of her round ass, opening her up a little. She gasped and leaned over further, opening her thighs.

I wanted so badly to taste her, but I only allowed myself a flick of the tongue on her little clit. She shook as I started rubbing my fingertips all around her pussy, circling her asshole, tracing little circles around her swollen clit, teasing the opening to her vagina

She pushed her hips back, trying to impale herself on my fingers, but I held back.

I stopped, then she turned and gave me such a look of ferocity and wrath that it would burn a whole sea into a useless pile of salt. I undid my pants, pulled them down, and lay down on a saddle blanket.

"Come here, Hannah," I commanded."I want you to eat my pussy." I spread my legs and showed her how wet I was. She crawled over, pants around her ankles, and kneeled in front of me, looking scared.

I grabbed her curly blond hair and pushed those full, thick lips onto my pussy. She fought me for a bit, then started hesitantly licking my pink slit. I let her loose a little and she began exploring my sex, trying to push her long tongue into my vagina, finding my clit, lapping carefully at my ass.

She was inexperienced and had no idea what she was doing, but just the touch of her skin on mine after all these weeks had me about to cum anyway. After like only two minutes I was grinding my clit into her lovely mouth, pushing her uncertain fingers into my pussy along with mine.

I closed my thighs around her head and she squirmed in protest as I came all over her face, rubbing my pussy juice all over her as I shuddered and shook. I finally let her up and she gasped for air, glaring again. The sex brought out some fire in in this angel.

"Thanks Hannah, it felt really good," I panted.

"What about me?" She pouted. Already, her fingers strayed to her pussy, aching to cum.

"This way," I said, struggling to my feet, so shaky from Hannah's mouth on me. I led her to lay down next to me, in the middle of the floor, where there was more room to play.

"You are a virgin, right? And no one has fingered you yet?" She blushes, nods.

"Then I can only do certain things to you, right?" She looks unsure, nods.

I push her down on all fours. "Hannah, I 'm going to make you cum, but you will still be a virgin, so don't worry."

As ludicrous as this statement is, she breathes a sign of relief and nods. I get behind her, and start lightly licking her ass.

She laughs and squeals, like its the most ticklish thing she's ever felt, but then slowly relaxes into the rhythm of it. I start lightly tapping her clit as I probe into her ass, she is sighing and moaning involuntarily.

I grab the riding crop which is lying nearby, and maneuver the tip to my pussy, sliding it around in my cum until it's slick and ready. I can't help pushing it deep into my vagina, knowing it will be inside Hannah soon. It's like I will be fucking her.

I will be the first one inside of Hannah. I will get inside of her and she will want that for the rest of her life.

I edge the riding crop over to her pussy, and place the blunt tip tentatively near her opening. She pulls back.

"It's ok, Hannah," I reassure her. " It's only the riding crop. Nothing else will go inside of you."

She turns around and nods at me, scared. Her eyes are big and kinda shiny, like she might cry, and her cheeks and nose are flushed with lust and pulse, and now panic; as I twist the leather end slowly around.

I give her pussy two big, wet slurps and then wrap one arm around her hips, locking her in position, bracing her strong lithe body against the wall. She can't move.

I start trying to inch the riding crop in, slick leather barely separating tight, unwelcoming muscle. She is wet, but too tense, and I pause in my small, insistent movements forward into her sweet paradise.

"Hannah," I say sternly, "Don't make me hurt your perfect little cunt. I want to be nice when I fuck you. You opened your ass to me, now I want the pussy. I'm going to have that pussy, it's mine, and I'm going to make you cum so hard you'll be begging me to fuck you like your sister does." She freezes, surprised at my tone and words.

While she is kind of frozen, not knowing what to do, I force the crop in, about three inches. She cries out in confusion and pain, not prepared. I let go of the crop, her tight little muscles grabbing on and holding it firmly in place. She whimpers as I leave it there, she's afraid to move lest she push it in further.

I arrange myself to lie under her, so I can watch the crop entering her pussy, so I can reach her little pink clit with my mouth and kiss her if it hurts too much. I push it in more, and she is actually crying a little now, so I start tenderly kissing her clit. Like your first boyfriend at a summer BBQ, like how you kiss for the first time.

Hannah starts moving her hips a little as I slide the crop in and out. I know she won't cum, because it hurts too much, so I instruct her to kiss my pussy so at least I can cum while she gets fucked.

She laps at my vagina as I start furiously pushing the slick black leather baton into her hole, muffling her cries with my pussy. I watch her little wet opening get redder and more raw, and I wrap my thighs around her head.

Hannah cries in muffled sobs when I roughly push my fingers into her vagina and asshole and hold her like a bowling ball, ramming the crop into her pussy. Alongside the leather crop, I push the finger in mercilessly and rub her secret little textured area, giving her a new, uncontrollable sensation of basic guttural pleasure.

She catches her breath between sobs and lets herself feel a little pleasure among the shock and pain of me forcing this on her. I can't hold it back, and cum uncontrollably when she grabs my hand to push the riding crop in even further.

I rock my groin against her tear-stained face, large wet eyes and swollen lips. I released the breast which was almost purple in my grasp. I let loose the swollen, ravaged holes I found my way into. But I left the riding crop in. I was fucking her, and it wasn't over yet, I was still inside her.

I lay Hannah down gently on her back, and smoothed her hair. kissed the tears off of her face, then moved down her body, drumming my fingers on the far end of the riding crop still stuck in her abused little pussy. The vibrations felt good and she relaxed a notch.

I started kissing her pussy again, but nicer this time. I didn't try to unearth her whole clit and suck it between my teeth this time. I just kept it soft, soft, stronger, soft, soft... over and over until she started shaking and reaching for the back of my head.

I started pushing the riding crop into her again, but more smoothly, and in response to the raising of her hips. Soon, young Hannah was letting me fuck her pretty hard, toes curling and back arching as she responded to my movements.

Then Hannah came, and it was so perfect. A sharp, primal cry strangled out of her throat as convulsions rocked her whole body. I pulled back, opened up her pussy and watched it contract around the crop, which I carefully slid out. I pushed my tongue into her vagina when it was still pulsing. She lay there, trembling, for a while as I slid a single, slick finger in an out of her swollen cunt. I was inside her now.

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