tagGay MaleRoommate Ch. 02

Roommate Ch. 02


Later that day Matt was back in his dorm room. He was working on his homework for the day but could not help thinking about all of the action that morning. He still had Chris' underwear in the back of his pants drawer. He hoped he would be up for it again. Crazy.

Just as he thought that, the door to his room opened. Chris walked in with his friend Tom from the baseball team. All of Chris' friends seemed hot to Matt and Tom was no exception – he was thin and blond with a cute beard. God only knows what these two guys are up to.

"Hey Matt, what's up? You remember Tom right?" Chris was wearing jeans and a t shirt – must have been just back from class – or maybe the campus bar.

"Yeah, hey Tom. What are you guys up to?"

"Just back from the pub – totally blew off our last two classes." Tom said. Ah, that was it. Matt could tell now that they were a little drunk – at least that they had been drinking for a while. Tom was dressed similarly to Chris – darker jeans, tshirt. Matt liked the way Tom's crotch bulged out – either from his actual package or from the cut of his jeans. He looked at Tom's face and Tom smiled a kind of goofy smile at him.

"Cool. What are you guys up to now?"

"Not much," said Chris. "We just thought we would hang out here for a bit. Maybe you want to join us." Chris looked Matt in the eyes and let his own eyes drop to the floor. Matt followed his gaze and noticed that he had three fingers crossed over his belt. What? Was this for real? Matt looked at Chris and Tom – Chris smiled – he wasn't sure what Tom was thinking. Chris jerked his chin up like he was making a point and kept his three fingers over his belt. Matt didn't know what to do for sure but remembered their agreement. Hopefully this wasn't some fucking humiliating joke. Only one way to find out.

Matt got on his knees in front of Chris. Tom let out a little giggle and Chris didn't move at all – no fly unzipping no grabbing Matt's head – nothing. Just kept those three fingers over his belt loop and tapped them up and down in sequence. Here goes nothing thought Matt. He leaned over to Chris and with both his hands undid Chris' belt loop and unzipped his fly. He pulled Chris' pants down so his boxer briefs were right in his face. The outline of his cock showed clearly through his underwear. His cock wasn't hard but it definitely was a little chubbed.

"Fuck." Tom said softly.

"I told you man, he is my bitch. Suck my cock bitch."

Matt pulled Chris's briefs down and took his cock in his mouth. It tasted and smelled fucking hot. Chris must have showered after practice this morning but his cock was still musky and reeking of his man scent. Chris quickly hardened in his mouth and Chris held the back of Matt's head with his hand and pushed his cock deeper into Matt's throat.

"Nice man – now work on Tom."

Matt shifted toward Tom and looked up at him. Tom looked nervous and did not say a word. Matt undid his belt and pulled down his zipper and pants. Tom was wearing some kind of shiny light blue polyester boxer briefs. His cock already looked a little hard and was clearly bigger than Chris. Matt pulled his briefs down. Tom's cock was surrounded by really light blond pubic hair. His cock and balls were pink and he had a drop of precum on the end of his penis. He smelled like musk and dirty, like he hadn't showere in a few days. Matt took his cock into his mouth and sucked it – it swelled quickly. He almost choked on his man sent but he couldn't get enough of it at the same time.

"Fuck man," said Tom. "Fuck dude." Matt kept sucking his cock as it got rock hard. He could feel Chris grab his waist from behind and unbuckle his belt. Chris pulled down Matt's pants and rubbed his hands across Matt's hairy ass. Matt could hear him spit a huge lob and felt Chris rub his spit into Matt's ass hole. Chris pushed his fingers into Matt's ass and spit another huge lob into his hole. Matt moaned and pushed against Chris' fingers while he continued to take Tom's cock all the way down his throat.

"Yeah man," said Chris. "Two holes no waiting." Matt heard and felt him spit another gob onto his asshole. He felt Chris cock on his hole and then felt him push his dick into his ass. Matt moaned loudly and let Chris push his cock in deeper. At first it hurt and hurt bad but Tom's cock down his throat helped him bear it. Chris had his hands on Matt's sides as he pumped his cock in and out of Matt's ass.

"Fuck man," said Tom, almost moaning it. "This is fucked up dude – this is so fucking hot. Chris still had his hands on Matt's ass and was pounding his cock into Matt's hole – each thrust pushing Tom's cock harder down Matt's throat. He loved the smell of Tom's thick cock and the feel of it pushing down his throat – he kept his hands on Tom's ass as he sucked hard on his cock. Matt could feel Tom's head swell and cum explode out of his cock into Matt's mouth – Tom groaned hard. "Fuck."

Chris smacked Matt's ass with his hand and kept fucking him while Tom sat back. "You like my cock in your asshole bitch?" The pain had gone and all Matt could feel was pleasure now. Chris fucked him hard and spanked him harder with his hand. "I asked you if you liked it bitch," he said.

"Yeah man. I like it." Chris groaned and Matt could feel him fuck him harder and deeper. He felt Chris' cock expand even more in his hole and Chris held on to Matt's waist as he fucked him harder.

"Fuck man—fuck I am cumming. Your ass is so fucking hot." Matt could feel Chris' cum fill his ass and leak down his legs. Chris pulled out and pulled Matt's boxer briefs back up around his waist.

"You are a good bitch man. Don't take those boxers off until I tell you. I want you to wear my cum for the rest of the day. You understand me?" Matt, still on his knees looked up at both of them. This was fucking crazy and fucking hot. Too fucking hot.

"Yes sir. I understand."

Chris pulled up his pants and smiled at Tom. "Pretty fucking hot huh?"

"Shit man. I don't even know what to think. But yeah, hot," said Tom.

Chris looked at Matt again. "What do you think – he would look pretty good with a beard don't you think?"

"Yeah, could... definitetly."

"You got that bitch?" Chris said as he looked at Matt. "You don't shave any more. You understand?"

Matt felt his cock get a little harder for some reason in his cum soaked boxers. Fuck. What was he getting into? "Yes sir. I understand."

Chris smiled and looked at Tom. "You want to head back out to the bar?"

"Yeah man. Let's go." He chuckled. "Good to know we can get things taken care of when we need it.

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I guess you quit?

a year now with no more stories. I had big hopes for Roommate.

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