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Roommate Shift


The two women were excited. Their mutual lust had grown as they danced together at the club. Now that they had reached Cynthia's room they could finally act.

A second year college student, the shorter Cynthia ran the tips of her fingers up the bare arms of the older woman from behind. Pressing her body close, and breathing in the taller Asian woman's scent.

A shiver runs through Estley's body as Cynthia kisses her neck from behind. She delighted in the feel of the shorter girl's soft double-D breasts pressing into her back. She could feel the lace of Cynthia's bra through her own silk blouse.

Kisses turn to nibbles as the six foot Asian woman moans. She was close to a decade older and working on her doctorate. One or two nights out a month with her young friend was all the time away from her studies that she allowed herself.

The younger lesbian was inexperienced but learning fast. Cynthia's hometown was very conservative and she never had a girlfriend. The redhead considered herself lucky to have had the two sexual experiences with girls before college that she did have.

Now that she was away from home it seemed like she was on a mission to sleep her way through the entire female student body. Some weeks she would bring four or five different girls back to the apartment.

Estley turns with a growl. Pushing the shorter ginger up against the door of her room. Grabbing Cynthia's wrists and pinning them above her beautiful red head.

Leaning in, the Asian nuzzles the girl's neck. Enjoying the feel of her own smaller B-cup tits pressing against the coed. Her nipples were hard as diamonds with arousal.

Cynthia runs her leg up the taller woman's side. Delighting in the feel of Estley's white leather pants against her bare thigh as her own shirt skirt moves aside. She aches to grind her lace clad pussy against the older woman. Her need burning her up.

The door shudders when Estley pulls the redhead away from it. Shoving her towards the bed. Grinning with lust and joy at the beautiful girl.

Cynthia pulls off her tight shirt as she steps toward her bed. Her breasts held tightly in the red lace bra as she bends over, placing her palms on the mattress and spreading her legs. She flips her red hair out of her face as she looks back over her shoulder. Smiling enticingly at her lover.

Estley was at best a handsome woman. She wasn't straight butch, but neither was she a lipstick lesbian like the nineteen year old. She comfortably fell somewhere in the middle.

The older, grad student tugged of her tight leather pants. Revealing her jade silk thong, a match for her sleeveless blouse. She loved to wear green when she went out with the younger girl. It paired so well with Cynthia's red hair.

Moving behind the younger woman, Estley runs her fingers slowly up the inside of Cynthia's thigh. The redhead moans slightly as fingers barely brush her lace covered crotch. Causing a flush of ecstasy to run through the girl. Then the Asian woman squeezes a cute round ass when she shoves the coed onto her stomach.

The old bedsprings squeak as Cynthia squeals in delight. Estley leans in and kisses the small of the prone girl's back. Like little droplets of pleasure and warmth on her skin. Then traveling up her spine.

Older fingers deftly unhook the lace bra. Massaging where the cloth had so recently dug into the skin.

Estley straddles the redhead's hips as she flips the girl over. Cynthia gasps when her lover grabs the lace bra and yanks it off. Her big breasts flopping out.

Closing her eyes in anticipation, the coed waits for the touch to come. Cynthia loved to have her large breasts played with. They were so sensitive she could nearly orgasm from them alone. She lets out a needy, frustrated moan when Estley lightly runs her fingers down the girl's sides.

The Asian woman smiles as she caresses everywhere but the beautiful breasts. Teasing her young lover with a tender touch.

"Mmm, please?" Cynthia begs.

Greedily the older woman leans in and sucks in one of the redhead's nipples. Lightly pinching the other. Rolling it between her thumb and forefinger.

Cynthia cries out. Her eyes fluttering open as a tingling wave of exhilaration spreads out from her lovely breasts. She grabs Estley by her short dark hair. Wanting to be gentle, but painfully grabbing in her overpowering lust.

Moaning with her own passion, Estley bites down first on one sensitive nipple, then the other. The pain from her scalp only adding to her desire.

Estley grinds her nearly bare pussy against the younger girl. She could feel everything through the thin silk of her panties. Sitting up she pulls her blouse off revealing a bare chest topped with perky breasts. She grins as Cynthia's hands grab her own larger tits. Desperate to continue the pleasure they bring.

Sliding down her friend's body, Estley flips up the short skirt. Eagerly she tugs lacy panties down Cynthia's pale thighs.

The redhead spreads her legs in anticipation. Trembling when her lover's fingers boldly caress her warm pussylips. One finger lightly and slowly tapping her nearly buzzing clit.

Wave after wave of bliss washes over Cynthia with each light tap. Her body already brought to the brink. Played so expertly by the older lesbian.

She gasps and moans loudly when Estley's lips press against her little sensitive bud. She orgasms for the first time of the night as her clit is sucked.

It won't be the last though. This orgasm was just the appetizer. Both women would cum multiple times before they collapsed into each other's arms.

Across the apartment Robert advanced the video to '4:23' and clicked play. The cartoon girl, a reporter at a gym, opened her anime eyes wide as her big lover spreads her legs.

The young man pulled his shorts off. He had heard Cynthia come in with a girl. It sounded like Estley.

He hoped so. When the Asian grad student stayed the night the two of them would often talk sci-fi the next morning. Or the three of them would discuss politics if Cindy got up early enough.

Rob usually masturbated when Cynthia brought someone home. Living with a hot lesbian had its perks. Plus he didn't get out much.

On the screen, the big man tears the girl's shirt open as she moans. His mouth sucking on her huge cartoon tits.

Robert's breathing quickens as he wraps his hand around his hard dick. As he pumps he can feel his arousal build. Cock hot and eager in his hand. Almost like a beast all it's own.

The sound of Robert's moans fill the room.

The big man on the screen fucks the reporter in a boxing ring. They are surrounded by men eagerly waiting their turn. Robert's cock is stiff as it penetrates the hole between his fingers.

As the woman on the screen is traded from guy to guy, Robert grabs some tissues. His dick twitches mightily in his hand. He shoots string after string of goopy jizz into the tissues, groaning with his release.

As he comes down from his bliss he changes the porn to an instructional video about model trains.

Soon he will get dressed and clean up. Then he will spend a little time working on one of his dioramas.

It was after two in the morning. Cynthia stepped back into her bedroom with a bowl of vanilla ice cream. She wore a fluffy cotton robe, unlike Estley who smiled at her. Nude on the bed.

"Rob says hi." Cynthia says, laying down. She sets the cold bowl on her tummy and shivers at her first spoonful of deliciousness.

The older woman traces the scattered freckles on the redhead's face. "He's a good guy." Estley says.

"Yeah, and he's been a great roommate." She takes another bite. "I worry about him though."

Estley raises an eyebrow in question

"He really doesn't get out much. I know he was shy in high school. He told me once that he used to have a bad stutter. I guess he still gets a lot of social anxiety."

The Asian woman softly kisses Cynthia's shoulder. "Well it's good that you care for him." She says.

The redhead sighs. "I don't think he's ever even had a girlfriend."

"Well, maybe you should take him out." Estley lightly pinches one of her lover's nipples, drawing a gasp from the coed. "Maybe you should let him plow you like a straight girl." She says with a grin.

"Estley!" The redhead says with exaggerated shock.

"Hey, it's college. Time to experiment."

"I thought that's what we were doing." Cynthia retorts. The older woman giving her nipple a sharper pinch.

The bowl clinks as Estley takes the spoon. With a generous mouthful of cold vanilla she sucks on Cynthia's other nipple. Letting the frozen cream touch the girls sensitive flesh.

"Ooh!" Cynthia gasps grabbing the sheets. The bowl falls to the floor as expert fingers reach between her legs.

The night was far from over.

Over the next couple weeks Cynthia was actually able to convince Robert to go with her to some parties.

She always felt bad because he didn't seem to have a good time. Obviously feeling out of place. She did her best to include him in conversations and activities. Always encouraging him to open up.

Looking at herself in the bathroom mirror she carefully applied some lipstick. Cynthia wore a tight button up sweater, cropped to show off her smooth tummy. She also had a short pleated skirt, pink with blue edging.

She worried about Rob. He had declined to go out tonight and she knew why. He had finally got enough courage to ask a girl out at a party last night, but had been turned down.

The girl hadn't been mean about it, but Cynthia was worried it would be a big set back for her roommate.

"Are you sure you won't go?" She asks stepping out of the bathroom.

"Yeah." Rob says. "I'm tired, and have a lot of studying to do anyway."

She nods and heads toward the door. "Hey, Cindy? Thanks for caring."

She isn't sure what it was. His words, his tone? She takes her hand off the door. Turning to the young man. "Hey. Maybe we both stay in. Watch a movie."

Robert gives her a timid grin. "If your sure."

Soon they are snuggled together on the couch, sharing a blanket. Their thighs and shoulders touch. Cynthia tells herself that the physical contact is good for him. But she finds herself hyper aware of his presence. His scent, his touch, his breathing.

When a sex scene comes on she finds herself getting warm. Her face gets flush. Aroused, she realizes.

Almost against her will, Cynthia leans over. She slides a hand up Robert's hip, and presses her lips against his neck. He smells muskier than the girls she makes love to. Not bad though.

"C...Cindy?" He gasps.

"Ssh. Just...just go with it." She tells him. Really not sure herself.

He tentatively places his hands around her bare waist. As if he was afraid he might scare her off. Her own hands caress their way up his back as she kisses his neck.

When his hands move to her breasts, squeezing her big orbs, she tells him, "Slow down. We don't need to rush." Not unkindly.

Chided, he puts his hands back on her waist. She moves to straddle his lap. Feeling the cotton of his sweats on the insides of her thighs. She brushes his cheek. A lot more stubbly than she is used to. They look deep into each other's eyes. Sharing a fear and excitement about what is to come. Then she kisses him.

Her lips brush his. They feel rougher than she expected. She can feel him trying to match her moves, pressing back. She presses forward with her tongue and he matches her with his.

Cynthia realizes she is making excited mewling noises. Her body knows this partner is different, but she is thrilled with lust anyhow.

She finally breaks their kiss and grabs the bottom of her sweater, pulling the wool off over her head. He seems mesmerized with the view of her big tits, now only held in by her black satin bra.

She pulls his head down to her cleavage. Not just an invitation, but an order. Normally she would spend much longer kissing and caressing. Part of her definitely wants that. To make the lovemaking be gradual.

But another part of her wants to rush. There's an urgent need that she has never felt.

Robert kisses her cleavage. Delighting in the softness, the fullness of her breasts. He was still a virgin. This was already further than the few kisses he had ever had with any girl.

Cynthia grinds herself on his lap as she reaches back and unclasps her bra. "Take off your shirt." She orders. Then she pulls her black velvet away, letting her big tits free.

As his own shirt hits the floor Rob grabs her breasts and squeezes. Delighting in the feel, trying not to be too rough.

"Suck them. Suck my nipples." Cindy gasps when he takes one of her hard buds in his mouth. His tongue licking and caressing her aroused nipple.

"The...the bedroom." She moans. Her need overtaking her. She hops up and grabs his hand. As she leads him to her bed, she drops her skirt to the floor.

Cynthia turns as Rob drops his sweatpants. He stands there uncertain and nervous. Clad only in blue boxer-briefs.

Cynthia was nervous too. A little scared by what his underwear still hid from her. 'Can I actually do this?' She wonders. Though her body has no doubts.

"Take...take them off." She can't move her eyes away from his crotch. She nearly jumps in surprise when his hard dick springs up. His last clothes hitting the floor.

It's not as if she has never seen a penis before. He seemed a decent size. Not as big as a monster porn cock. But not tiny either. Nice.

And so strange.

Definitely not her usual lover.

"I..." She starts. Then she pulls her black velvet thong off, spreading her legs slightly. Letting Rob get a good look at his first pussy. At her trimmed pubic hair, at her soft yearning nether lips.

She motions for him to come closer. His cock seems to lead the way. When they embrace and kiss she can feel it between them. Hot and hungry for her.

Cynthia lies back on the bed spreading her legs and pulling her roommate on top of her. She reaches between them her fingers finding the hard strange dick. He groans at her touch as he kisses her cheek.

Unsure of herself, Cindy guides his tip into her pussy. Gasping at its touch. Her body already wet with its need.

With a grunt Robert, almost uncontrollably, thrusts into the lesbian. Cynthia crying out with distress, the dick now buried halfway in her. Her hands grab at his back, half wanting to push him off of her. The feeling so strange.

Two more thrusts and he was buried completely inside. She could feel something thump against her pussy. 'His balls. Oh god!' She realizes.

His dick felt deeper and fuller inside her than anything before. She always enjoyed fingering of course, but this...this was not that.

They both moan as he starts to thrust in and out. Building up a rhythm. He grabs and squeezes her breasts. The sensation adding spice to the strange forceful pleasure of the cock dominating her.

She feels titillated when the dick twitches and shoots it's jizz deep inside her. What is surely a normal act for a straight girl seems so degrading to her.

Cynthia's body is just a receptacle for his cum. Not a partner to make loving art with. Just something to be used and discarded.

Panting he rolls off of her. His softening dick pulling out. She whines at the unwanted feeling of emptiness. Her body not even close to finished.

"Th...thank you." Rob gasps. "Was that ok?"

"Yeah. That was just fine." She assures him. Not really sure herself.

After he leaves she shuts her door. Her familiar fingers taking care of her needs.

The next morning they spend an awkward breakfast. Until Cynthia finally explains that last night was a one time thing.

Robert seems relieved at understanding where they stood. Cynthia is left hoping he doesn't fixate on her.

It was nearly a week before Cynthia brought home a girl from the club.

The two girls can't stop kissing as she unlocks the apartment door.

With the blond girl's tongue practically in her throat, Cindy wonders if Rob will be on the couch. If he will see them as they come in.

Two sexy lesbians. A beautiful blond in a red mini-dress, and a redhead in a sheer top and booty shorts.

'That would certainly turn him on.' She can't help thinking.

When they finally enter, though, he was in his room. She could hear his radio. Her body tingles strangely when she sees his closed door.

With a grin Cynthia leads tonight's partner to her own bedroom.

The two girls slowly undress each other while they kiss and touch. Thrilling and delighting each other's bodies.

Cynthia finds herself on her stomach. The blonde kissing her way up her pale thighs. Hands squeezing her round ass.

When the redhead feels a fingers spread her asscheeks and a finger start to circle her anus, she reaches back in shock.

"Not there!" She gasps a little harshly. "Please."

The blond stops and kisses one sweet ass cheek. "Sorry. Some people like it."

Later with he blonde straddling her face, Cynthia bucks upwards. The girl's fingers rubbing deep in her cunt.

The redhead can feel another orgasm coming, but her body aches with a strange need. Like there was something missing.

The blonde didn't want to stay the night. Cynthia kisses her goodbye at the door.

When she closes it, she turns. Her gaze lingering on Robert's closed door.

"I don't understand." Cynthia complains. "I'm definitely not attracted to men. I mean Rob is a nice guy and all but..."

"Something is different since you had sex?" She nods at Estley's question. "Well guys can get funny after..."

"No, no." The redhead interrupts. The coffeeshop was only a quarter full this morning, and quiet. The two girls sat together on a couch. Comfortable in their closeness. "We are fine. Me and him. It's sex with women that's changed. I mean it's still good. Hell, it's great."

"But it feels like something missing?" Estley asks, sipping her latte.

Cynthia nods feeling strangely ashamed.

"There's nothing wrong with that. Buy a dildo. Sounds like you just need something a bit more substantial in you when you make love. Have the next girl you're with use it on you." The Asian instructs.

"I...I've never used toys before." Cindy admits.

"Well, when you masturbate?" But the redhead shakes her head. "Then don't get something huge to start. Pick out a toy around the same size as Rob. And plenty of lube."

The next week was a little slow in the bedroom for Cindy. She just didn't feel up to bringing anyone back.

Robert seemed filled with a new confidence though. He went with her to a couple parties. Even being bold enough to chat with a couple coeds.

Friday evening Cynthia couldn't help but be proud when Rob had a girl over to watch a movie. A cute little brunette.

She tried to leave them alone. Banishing herself to her room the way Robert was so considerate when she had guests over.

She had to get to the kitchen at one point though and couldn't help noticing the pair doing some heavy petting.

"I hope I didn't interrupt anything last night." Cynthia apologizes the next morning. She didn't think Rob had sex. The girl definitely didn't stay the night.

"Naw, it's fine. I told her that you were more interested in her than me." Rob joked. Making the redhead smile.

The unassuming box sat on the kitchen counter. Rob had left a note saying he brought it in after it was delivered.

Cynthia hadn't been able to bring herself to go to an adult toy store. So she had ordered 'the item' online.

Now it was here.

With a sigh she takes the box to her room. To open it in private even though Robert was at class.

She puts a porn video on her laptop. Something to set the mood, she hoped. Two cute girls kissing and touching in a hot tub.

Then she opens the box.

"That's a dildo, alright." She says aloud. It was as close to what hung between her roommate's legs as she could figure.

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