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Round Up


He was a ranch hand. She was the boss's daughter. She had watched him from the day her father had hired him. His physique was lean, but very muscular--just the way she liked her men. And there had been men...too many perhaps for a woman so young, but being the only daughter of a rancher, and a beautiful woman besides, she had learned early on that she could have her pick of men. But this man was different. He paid absolutely no attention to her, and that drove her insane. She was accustomed to getting what she wanted, but her attempts to catch his eye were futile. No matter how provocatively she dressed, no matter how she flirted, he would not give her the time of day. He had heard the stories about her; that she was wild in bed, a real vixen, but he didn't care. As far as he could see, she was a spoiled brat. She strutted around the place, calling out orders, insulting the help, always telling them how things should be done, but never lifting a hand to help. He had no use for such a woman.

His job on the ranch, was to run the stables. He was a horse whisperer of sorts, which is the main reason he had been hired: to break in a new group of "green" horses, which would eventually be used to ride the range, when fences needed mending, and herds were driven in. He certainly had his work cut out for him. He had never worked with such a large group of horses at one time. Usually he was hired to break one particular horse of a bad habit, or simply to teach the horse to carry a rider. This was going to be a challenge, to say the least. If he could steer clear of the boss's daughter until his work was finished, he would be happy.

But it was not to be. Every day, as he worked the horses, 12 in all, she would stand outside the fence, questioning him, telling him how to do his job. Clearly she did not understand his methods, and as politely as he knew how, he would ask her to please refrain from comment. But as the days continued, she stood there, outside the fence, making his life miserable. She thought he was too easy on the animals, that he should "show them who was boss". She knew nothing of the trust that had to be developed between horse and trainer, though she had been around horses her entire life.

She was more interested in quick results, and assumed the way to achieve those results was by beating the horse. She was a distraction, and if she didn't back off, he would have no choice but to talk to her father when he returned from an auction in Wyoming. Miraculously, as he was having those thoughts, she threw up her arms, cursed in frustration, and stormed off, he hoped, for good. Finally! He could work without distraction, and do what he came here to do...train horses.

He was completely immersed in his work, trying to gain the trust of a beautiful, but wily, young horse. In one hand, he held some oats, as a reward, while in the other hand, he held a handkerchief, which if needed, he would use to "spook" the horse if it became a danger to his own safety. He had been here, in this same spot, for a half hour probably, trying to make eye contact, showing the horse he could be trusted, when she burst thru the gate, and into the ring. The horse reared up, neighing wildly at the commotion, and began to gallop excitedly around the ring. She stomped over to the man and threw a crop and a whip at his feet, screaming, "Here! Try these, why don't you!"

As she turned to storm off, he lost it. He ran after her, and grabbed her arm, spinning her around to face him. "Are you crazy? You could have gotten us both killed!" He was shaking with anger. Still gripping her arm, he marched her toward the gate, with every intention of throwing her out on her ass. As he neared the gate, he saw coiled on one of the fenceposts, the lead he used to bring the horses into and out of the ring. Without even making a conscious decision to do so, he grabbed the coil of rope, and shoved her against the gate, tying the arm he had in his grasp, and then quickly tying the other, as well. She began screaming and kicking at him, but he was furious. He didn't care if she did tell daddy. He was not putting up with this woman one day longer.

Screaming obscenities at him, she wiggled and kicked, and demanded to be let go. He reached down and grabbed another handful of oats from the bucket near the gate, shoving them into her mouth, as she swore at him. She spat the oats at him, and he knew he would have to do better than that to keep her quiet. He took the handkerchief he was holding, wadded it up, and shoved it in her mouth. Maybe this would shut her up.

As he turned away, she lifted her legs high off the ground a gave him a mighty kick, which caught him off guard, and made him stumble forward. He did not give her the satisfaction of turning around. Instead, he moved toward the things she had thrown on the ground, and very calmly bent over and picked them up. He walked back to her now, and as he neared her, she began wildly swinging her legs, trying once again to kick him. He stepped to the side of her, and grabbed one leg, bending it at the knee, and hooking her foot between the fence rails behind her. Still she kicked with the free leg...this woman was unbelievable! He grabbed her other leg and locked it behind her, as he had with the first. He was still shaking, though more from excitement now, than anger. The sight of her tied to the gate that way, and the fight she had put up, had aroused him beyond words. He was a quiet man, and kept to himself. He had never really been into bondage before, but the power he felt now was amazing.

He took the crop from the ground where he had dropped it. He stood in front of the woman, knowing she was no longer a threat to him. Still, he saw the defiance in her eyes, and knew she had not yet learned her lesson. He asked her, "What exactly does one do with this?" as he slowly tapped the tip of the crop across his palm. She made no attempt to answer, but only wriggled in reply. He slid the tip of the crop up under her t-shirt, and lifted it up over her breasts, fully exposing them. He ran it slowly over her nipples, one at a time, watching them rise in response. He took a short step backwards, and with a small, almost imperceptible movement, brought the crop down square on one nipple. Behind the handkerchief, he heard her shriek of surprise and pain.

"Is this what it is used for?" he taunted her. He moved lower and landed another blow across her thigh. "This?" he said. His cock was bulging now, throbbing inside of his jeans. She let out a small whimper, and he saw that the look in her eyes had turned from defiance, to one of fear. He swung the gate open and walked around behind her. She struggled to see what he was going to do, but she could not turn her head far enough. Dread filled her. Suddenly, she heard more than felt the first blow on her buttocks. She yelped as it made contact, which only served to heighten his arousal.

Putting his lips near her ear, he whispered quietly, "Is this what you had in mind for that horse?" He stepped back, where he knew she could not see him, and stood there for a moment, letting her think on it. With rapid succession, he brought the crop down on her ass, five, maybe six times. Her yelps had somewhere evolved into moans. Coming back thru the gate, he looked into her eyes, and saw the pleading there, the need. He stood before her, and began a light tapping with the crop, on her clit, which was hidden behind her jean shorts.

She was squirming and moaning, as he increased the intensity of each successive blow. Her head was rolling wildly from side to side and her moans became cries, as she exploded in the most shattering climax of her life. In her eyes, he saw her gratitude. No more of the defiance that had been there a short time ago. He unzipped his jeans and took out his bulging cock. She looked at it longingly, and he climbed the fence, positioning himself so that his cock was in front of her face. He teased her that way, knowing she could not take him in her mouth with the handkerchief there. He rubbed his cock all over her face, letting her feel the heat, building her need to suck him.

He removed the handkerchief, bending sharply to kiss her mouth, and then straightening, shoved his cock in her mouth. She instantly began to suck him, using her tongue in ways he had never experienced. Within minutes he was ready to cum. He pulled back and shot his load in her face, her hair.

Before untying her, holding the crop in one hand he said, "Do you still think I need this?"

Her reply was, "Well, not for the horses!"

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