Royal Flush


Rolling her neck back until it hit the back of the sofa, Jade sighed in content as she listened to the cooing sounds of slurping and suckling. Her eyes fluttered shut as her lips curled upwards in appreciation for her partner's technique. Gwen's tongue rolled and twisted on the underside of Jade's veiny cock, which was thick and pulsing with pleasure as it slowly entered Gwen's hot mouth.

The two gals had just finished a round of strip poker. Jade being the winner, was left in her unbuttoned red flannel shirt. While Gwen, the defeated, had been stripped down to her birthday suit, and was now wagering her body in the last round of the game. If her hand was better than Jade's in the next round, she'd be freed from the task of having to get her off. And if it wasn't, she be choking down a wad of Jade's cum.

Jade had Gwen's strawberry blonde hair wound up in a fist at the top of her head, gently encouraging her to move her plump pink lips further down her shaft. Jade had her legs spread wide, allowing Gwen to kneel in front of her. She'd scooted up to the edge of the sofa, her sack threatening to spill over its edge.

Gwen gave a warning glance up at Jade, her hands pressing against outside of Jade's thighs. She instead moved a hand to grip Jade's shaft and rub firmly. Jade groaned in pleasure, accepting the substitute for the moment as she reached over and dealt the cards on the sofa cushion beside her. Gwen straightened her back, craning her neck in order to see the cards being placed to her hand.

Seeing the jack of diamonds come to her hand, she squealed some, her head jerking up in order to pop Jade's dick from her mouth in excitement. She had a straight flush. But Jade's hand tightened on Gwen's hair, pulling it at the root as she pushed her head back down. Gwen gagged at the sudden poke to the back of her throat, and glared up at Jade in question.

Jade smiled, wagging her finger before pointing down at her own hand. Gwen's face paled as she hesitantly glanced back over to the pile of cards. Her flush may have been straight, but Jade's was royal. Gwen's blue eyes snapped back up to Jade's green ones as her other hand came to join the grip she had on Gwen's head.

Gwen's hands rushed to the edge of the sofa to push away, but Jade's upper body strength seemed to prevail. She jerked Gwen's head down against her crotch, forcefully shoving another three inches of her eleven inch cock into her partner's mouth, successfully pushing into her throat. Gwen's eyes shut tight as she gagged hard on the stiff rod, her white painted nails digging into the sofa as they tried pushing away.

Gwen always hated losing to Jade -- at anything. Because as opposed to their usual pleasuring, where Jade remained somewhat gentle by consideration, when Jade had a victory under her belt (which to her meant a free pass), she was anything but. She took in her victory in strides. Long, hard, pounding, asphyxiating strides. Gwen was barely left conscious when receiving Jade from her rear end. And when she insisted on having her deep-throat her mamba, Gwen barely stood a chance.

Jade hissed as she bucked her hips upwards against Gwen's already reddening face, which was usually pale. Gwen gurgled a scream against Jade's cock, which worked against her, sending a pleasurable vibration jolting through Jade. She balled her fists in Gwen's hair, almost painfully gripping its roots now as she wound her hips. Jade was nearing the deep-end now, only a few inches away from cramming Gwen's face against her crotch. But she liked to tease Gwen, letting her think there was a chance of escape before going in for the kill. And judging by the rigidness of Jade's cock, that wouldn't be long. Jade eased her grip on Gwen's head for just a moment, letting it rise up and release a few inches, leaving a gleaming trail of saliva behind. Gwen's eyes squinting open as she pushed herself up against Jade's hands.

Their eyes met as Jade's head popped back onto Gwen's tongue, giving her that break for air she craved. Gwen's hot breath showered Jade's cock. And in the time it took Gwen to blink, Jade had her fists balled again. Gwen's eyes widened as she straightened her arms, using them as a force against Jade's pulling, her hands firm against the sofa. Jade's cock-head was still resting on Gwen's tongue, stretching her mouth and preventing her from closing it.

Jade's teeth grit in frustration as Gwen's arms prevented her from pulling her head back down onto her throbbing cock. Gwen's eyes were defiant as she glared up at Jade, feeling her precum leak into her mouth. She knew that Jade had planned on being relentless, as she always did in collecting her spoils. Jade let out a breathy chuckle as she continued trying to peg her partner's throat.

"Come on, Gwen," Jade breathed, smiling. "I'll be gentle."

Gwen glared, pulling back further and nearly succeeding in removing Jade's swollen head. Jade scowled. She knew that if Gwen were able to do that, it would be difficult to shove it back in, and that she'd be left with her erection to deal with alone. It was time to play dirty.

Jade's knees suddenly came clamping down on either side of Gwen's head, holding her where she was and stopping her from moving any further back, safely securing Jade's leaking head. Jade let go of Gwen's head, much to her surprise and dismay when she saw her reaching for her arms. She let out a whine of question and then a gasp as Jade hit within her elbows, forcing her arms to fold and break their strength.

Jade quickly took hold of Gwen's arms, forcing them down, and with a swift release and recapture of Gwen's head, Jade was able to put them behind her back. Grabbing onto Gwen's head once again, she yanked it down, popping her cockhead back into her throat with a grunt, while shifting her legs to snake around Gwen's arms, keeping them straight alongside her back. Gwen's eyes widened as she harshly gagged, her hands balling into angry fists. Jade laughed as their eyes met again, the movement having swung Jade's brunette hair against her suntanned face.

"That was close, huh? You almost made it out, that time," Jade snickered, getting a wide-eyed glare from Gwen in response.

She screeched against Jade's cock in fuming protest, her arms struggling against Jade's calves. Jade licked her upper lip twirling Gwen's hair into sections around her fists. Gwen's glare turned to fearful eyes as she felt the signal. It was Jade's signature move before things got bad. Bad for Gwen, that is.

Jade huffed as she secured her hold, her thighs spreading lewdly before her hips thrust up against Gwen's held face. Gwen gagged again as she felt the thick rod force its way down her throat. Her eyes shut as she whimpered at the pain of her hair being pulled, combined with the stuffing of her already stretched mouth.

Her eyes watered, threatening the carefully painted eyeliner and mascara that surrounded them. Jade moaned, her head falling back on the back of the sofa as she thrust in and out. Not fully, but enough to keep her hips active. Her sack, now heavy with cum, swayed beneath her, the fabric of the sofa cushion providing just enough stimulation.

Gwen's gags slowly began mixing with gurgles as Jade's precum continuously leaked within her. Her shaft was now heavily coated with various fluids, making it easier and easier to pump in and out as quickly as she desired.

Jade gave a final pump upwards, while dragging Gwen's head down to meet her, finally scrunching her petite nose against her shaven crotch, and submerging herself balls-deep within Gwen's now bulging throat. Jade's hands released the hair-handles they had created, in order to flatten themselves against the back of Gwen's head, making sure there was not a millimeter to spare.

Her hips rolled forward against Gwen's continuously reddening face, making sure of the same before her thighs carefully closed around Gwen's head. Her legs untangled with Gwen's arms to do so, which immediately came up to try to pry Jade's now clamped thighs apart.

Jade crossed her calves atop Gwen's back to complete the hold, smiling as Gwen's eyes popped open to plead. Her now red cheeks were squished up against her eyes from the pressure of Jade's thighs, but her mouth remained carefully suctioned to Jade's throbbing dick, purposely fashioned to serve as her personal cock-sleeve.

Jade gave an exaggerated groaning sigh of pleasure as her torso relaxed against the plush sofa, her hands folding atop her flat stomach as she looked down past her exposed breasts at her squirming prize. Gwen constantly gagged and whined at her asphyxiating capture, sending wave after wave of precious vibrations through Jade.

Gwen's nails clawed at Jade's bare thighs in desperation as her eyes fluttered, her mascara beginning to run. But puppy faces rarely worked on Jade. In fact, they only succeeded in doing the opposite of their goal. Jade squeezed her thighs, making Gwen squeak and reach up to hit at Jade's midsection. Jade's teeth scraped against her bottom lip as she moaned, basking in the warmth and tightness of Gwen's throat.

Feeling the hits, Jade grabbed Gwen's wrists and wedged them under her ass, effectively pinning them down, and successfully upping the level of panic and desperation in Gwen. She gurgled, her head, trying its hardest to twist from side to side to relieve her throat from its blockade. But the clamminess of Jade's thighs proved it to be futile, as Jade's cock gave a strong pulse.

It was time.

Gwen looked up at Jade and her glazed eyes, obviously having felt the indication. Jade ignored Gwen's mumbles of protest as she uncrossed her calves and held onto Gwen's head once again as she opened her thighs. Gwen looked up at Jade in question, wondering why she hadn't just exploded right then and there.

She was even more surprised when Jade pulled out all together, letting Gwen suck in those much needed gasps for air. Gwen gasped and coughed as she was suddenly and forcefully spun around, grunting when the back of her head was shoved down against the crease of two sofa cushions. She whined as she continued her heavy breathing, as Jade continued to push down on Gwen's forehead, causing her head to sink somewhat between the cushions. Before Gwen could reach up to swat at Jade's hands, she saw her figure hover over her, Jade's hands manually stretching her mouth wide open. Her brows furrowed in annoyance and confusion, until her eyes widened at the sudden reentrance of Jade's slick and throbbing cock into her throat.

Jade dove in all at once, her feet tucking into the crease of the cushions and beneath Gwen's wedged head. She bucked her hips down hard against Gwen's red and screaming face until she was once again balls-deep in her d.i.y. cock-sleeve, her feet making sure Gwen's chin was nice and snug against her pulsing sack, as did the cushions. Jade continued pushing down on Gwen's forehead until her face had sunken a significant way down into the sofa, as well as her ass. By this time, Gwen was whacking and clawing away at Jade's body as her own body, from the neck down, hung uncomfortably off the edge of the sofa, where her head was now attached.

Jade grunted as she squeezed her thighs down into the now cramped space between the cushions, succeeding in clamping them around Gwen's already squished head. Jade gripped her hair once again, and yanked upwards in the close space, completing one of her tightest makeshift holds yet as Gwen's nose pressed into her crotch. Gwen glared up at Jade as she relaxed her body, while hers writhed beneath her.

She would so get her back for this. A shiver ran through Jade as she felt her cock twitch in its desire to be relieved of its pressure. Jade closed her eyes, tilting her head back as she rested her hands on the cushions beside her, which were now skewed with playing cards. Jade's lips parted in a small huff.

"Here it is," she whimpered, her back arching.

Jade allowed Gwen to continue pushing at her midsection in an attempt to push her over as she let the hot white pleasure rush through her. She held onto the back of the sofa, dropping her head to look down at Gwen's red face between the thighs, between the cushions. Her chest heaved as her breathing grew ragged, watching Gwen's expression go through a variety of changes as she was fed her thick cum. Jade licked her lips, biting down on the bottom as the load poured in. Gwen's eyes rolled back as Jade's cum overflowed from the corners of her mouth and down from her nostrils onto Jade's crotch. Jade couldn't help but smile at the sight. Conquering Gwen.

After constantly having to restrain herself in their normal encounters, letting loose, accepted or not, after winning a wager gave her the thrill she needed. And having it done in such a dominating way just added to the pleasure. Gwen's hands had by then dropped to Jade's thighs, her body, awkwardly splayed out on the floor, still as she waited to be released. Jade was panting by the time her torrent had ended, but the pleasure continued as her cock now bathed in the hot cum-coated walls of Gwen's continuously constricting throat.

She sighed, running a sweaty hand through her now damp chestnut locks, holding her hairline back with her palm. Her weight settled on Gwen's face as she smiled, playfully rolling her hips in a smug victory. Gwen groaned in response, followed by a triggered gurgle.

"Good game," Jade mused, twirling a finger around a single lock of Gwen's blonde hair.

Gwen weakly singled out her middle finger to Jade in response.

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