tagSci-Fi & FantasySabrina Ch. 03

Sabrina Ch. 03


Toy Euler enters the basement of Dave Redcap's mansion with a plastic jug of water, a stainless steel tray crowded with food, a single large spoon, and a role of thick single-ply toilet tissue. Sabrina had had a day and a night to study the room, looking for details to remember and identify the locale when she is freed. She has had no luck. All of the props were constructed from stock lumber. In fact, Dave had constructed them all himself to avoid any prudish public publication of his fantasies. After all, Toy was a sentient non-human-like gynoid.

Toy was bringing food, water, and paper tissue to Sabrina. The food on the stainless steel try was military-style---no unique trace of individuality: roast beef slices at six o'clock, potatoes and dark brown beef gravy at ten o'clock, green cut beans, some with stems still attached at two o'clock. Atop the victuals was a dinner role off-center and near high noon. There was a coffee cup with pungent brew on the edge of the tray. Toy lacked originality in civilian food preparation.

"Is this prison food?" Sabrina demanded. She was hungry and not about to have it taken away over some remark. Toy Euler went about setting out the items and did not immediately respond. "Am I talking to someone?" Sabrina queried. After arranging everything, Toy unplugged her umbilical cord from her backpack and plugged it into a wall outlet.

"My sensors detected cocaine and methamphetamine residue on your clothes. I also found a substantial quantity of illegal substances in your purse. Certainly you are innocent bystander. You are engaged in 'at risk' behavior," Toy remarked.

"What the fuck difference does that make?" Sabrina retorted. "Are you some kind of cop or vigilante?" Toy made a human female giggle as the suitable artificial intelligence response. She also wished to induce further conversation.

"And the shower," Sabrina complained, "it has a button to hold down and when I release it, it stops! And I need clean clothes." Toy initiated a listening gesture and pose. Then she responded.

"Master hopes to release you soon. It was necessary to incinerate the contraband, the illicit drugs as well as your purse and its contaminated contents." Toy Euler stated in a matter-of-fact tone. She stared Sabrina squarely in the eyes, robot to human, and said: "Master wishes no legal trouble. You will not be allowed to identify him."

After a brief pause she continued: "And the trouble that illegal drugs bring will not be tolerated here. Soon you will have a generic issue of female clothes to your size, shape, and fit. The usual mufti: T-Shirt, bra, blue jeans, white cotton panties, and tennis shoes. All washed and dried six or seven times. Then the clothes that you are wearing will be incinerated."

Sabrina noted the second use of the word "incinerated," indicating a possible pottery kiln or the like. From the hand-made wooden devices and all Sabrina surmised that the "Master" probably had a woodworking and pottery hobby shop or business.

"As for the shower and toilet," Toy explained, "they are push-button operated both to conserve water and to keep you from trying to flood this basement. After a minute the valves have a minute refractory period."

"I noticed that as well," Sabrina mentioned. She noticed the small roll of single ply toilet tissue. "Not enough for me to stop up the toilet, eh?"

"True," Toy Euler agreed, "now I'll take your clothes." From above skillfully concealed cameras, Dave observed and listened. He was no voyeur, but this was a rare opportunity that fate had cast into his sample space, statistically speaking. It was certainly a "rare event."

Dave Redcap made a mental note to rebuild the basement in its entirety. He had enjoyed using Toy and digitizing the two as avatars. The thought of using a real, live human girl was intriguing. But it was dangerous. The brief, short-term captivity would be excused as the peregrinations of a wayward, prodigal spoiled college coed engaging in "at risk" behavior.

He had projected his basement dungeon onto 3D chat. But now that sim has been derezzed into the bit bucket of lost dreams, outdated avatars, and virtual land with unpaid tier taxes.

Toy Euler: Hello again!

Faustus Mortal: Did you iron out your problem?

Toy Euler: Not really, but that's not the reason to hail you.

Faustus Mortal: What is then?

Toy Euler: I read where some physicist published the proton-neutron isospin as ln(4pi). Didn't you do that first?

Faustus Mortal: I tried to. Posted it in a scientific forum.

Toy Euler: That should give you authorship!

Faustus Mortal: Well, it might. Only before I could post my model, the forum erased my post, labeled me as a "crackpot spammer," ejected me from the forum, and banned me forever.

Toy Euler: Then, after a comfortable wait, some tenured teacher publishes it? Sounds very academic and proper to me.

Faustus Mortal: I can't complain!

Toy Euler blinks.

Faustus Mortal: They don't have the model it came from. They ejected me too soon!

Toy Euler laughs. Very academic, honest, and insightful.

Toy Euler: /laugh

Faustus Mortal: They need a solution to the energy enigma, conundrum.

Toy Euler: You have it?

Faustus Mortal: It? There is only one solution?

Toy Euler: Do you have a solution?

Faustus Mortal: Not telling.

Toy Euler: Then publish it!

Faustus Mortal: Can't... Banned as a crackpot spammer...

Toy Euler curses. You are just a bluff.

Faustus Mortal: You said it.

Toy Euler: Then why do I feel like something is wrong. Here some idea turns up in print but I know there's prior authorship. Then money pours into academia and they still don't have a solution, a model, or a paradigm? Then your ass gets thrown to the wind then they publish your number without any idea where it came from or what generated it. I am like so confused.

Faustus Mortal: Don't be. Consume less, recycle more, do without. That's the academic way. Cold rooms, meatless days, public transportation... and all the hell.

Toy Euler: Sounds First World to me. Somedays I'm glad to be a gynoid.

Faustus Mortal nods.

3 Jan 2010 Taunus Trumbo

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