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Salacious Resolution


The heat from the dance floor, the tightly packed bodies all bumpin' and twisting to the bass beat were a guarantee that everyone there was sweating, but I felt like I was sweating more than anyone else. The music faded as the crowd began chanting, counting backwards...8...7...6...We both had stopped dancing and were pushed even closer together by the crowd, so it seemed...4...3...2...your mouth crashed against mine, kissing me fully, passionately as always. I was taken completely off guard; public displays of affection between us, of this magnitude anyway, were infrequent. But I seized this moment and grabbed onto you, my arms bringing you closer still, and kissed you back hoping that you were as aware of the mental fireworks as I was.

"Happy New Year, baby", you breathed the words into my mouth and kissed me again, your hands sliding down my back and resting on my ass as our hips rocked to the rhythm of the sea of people around us. Both of us were past a point of concealing our excitement, and as we moved our 'excitement' rubbed hard, the bulge in your jeans rivaling my own as we turned the heat up several more notches. I swooned as you kept that tight hold on my ass, and looked into my eyes after our kiss. I swallowed hard and leaned in, my mouth to your ear and said, "Oh, baby, can we just go now...I love you being so hot on me right here in front of everyone, but fuck, I want you bad. Now."

As I spoke into your ear I felt you nip at my neck on the opposite side, making the hair on the back of my neck bristle with urgent desire. You replied to my request, saying that you'd let me have you right here, right now, if I had the balls to do it.

"Oh shit, holy shit baby, are you fucking serious?" I watched you laugh as my eyes widened at your bold remark, nodding, and leaning in to speak into my ear "Yeah, I'm serious. There are so many people here, into their own thing, I bet no one can even get a look at us below the belt. Do it, go ahead...fuck me here and fuck me so good, that I'll never forget this night."

My hardness strained against the taut fabric of my fly, wanting out and wanting in. I knew you weren't talking shit, because you knew that I wouldn't hesitate much at all at an invite like that. And, no way, would I. My hands held your waist and I turned you quickly, your back to my chest now. My cock rubbed against you and I felt a small wet spot begin to spread over the snug-fitting boxer briefs I wore. Should've gone commando, I thought, as my cock moved against your asscrack. My hands were undoing your pants, unzipping you now as we continued swaying to the beat. I glanced to either side and could see that yes, the blond in the short black dress was certainly consumed with Mr. Macho as he humped against her, being careful not to dump his drink in the process...And the two on the opposite side were definitely unable to pay much attention to anything, at this point. I hoped that they had a designated driver, but in a flash that thought was gone, pushed out of my mind with the thought of you. Having you, right here.

Your pants were open now as I began to push them over your hips, down far enough, letting your bare ass feel my still confined erection. You bucked back against me hard and I could hear you groan over the music. "Keep moving, just keep dancing baby", I said as I reached back and between us, undoing my belt and pants. My cock sprang out as soon as I hooked a thumb in the elastic of my boxers, and smacked against your smooth bubble butt. More of a bubble now, as your back arched while you pushed into me, egging me on, letting that social lubricant that was the bottle of Christal, initially intended for the both of us, but ending up being much more yours than ours. For a second I considered the fact that yes, you were intoxicated. But instantly I shook it off, feeling your ass against me, your hips rolling in hot seduction, and your head tossed back saying "yess..."

Moving together, back and forth, my cock easily found that warm entrance of your cleft. I licked my fingers and brought them to my swollen purple glans, wetting it enough that my saliva and the precum that was seeping from my slit was enough slickness to get inside. I pulled one of your asscheeks over and set my cockhead right on that horny puckering hole. My aim was true. I put my lips to your ear again and said "Ready? cause I'm...gonna-ungg..fuck you now."

I forced my thick meat past your muscle and felt you gasp, your body rigid as I sunk into you, all the way, not stopping until I had no choice. For a moment I held somewhat still, while still bobbing my head and shoulders with the beat of the dancemix, I let my lower body give yours time to adjust. I looked around us again, and saw that no one seemed to even know we existed. Hell, they might as well have all been getting it on...each couple so intently absorbed in there own square foot of space. I bit down into your shoulder and let my hips jerk back a tiny bit, my hands wrapped around your belly now, feeling your chest expand with every breath you sucked in. I pushed in again, and within just a few thrusts, we fell into perfect sync. This was the real dancefuck.

"Yeah, yeah..." I couldn't keep from chanting as we made this bass-y rhythm our fuck beat, slam-poetry in motion. My hand drifted down from your hard abs and found your other hard part, quite easily. Your hand covered your stiff bone, squeezing it and stroking it as we danced on. My fingers grazed across your hand and I pressed my palm against the back of your fist, 'helping' you jack it. Your hand dropped out of the way, immediately, letting me take charge of your cock. Gripping you with full intent of making sure we came together, I slid the "o" of my thumb and index finger up and down your veiny dick, faster...faster. I knew I couldn't last. This was all too hot, the best wet dream ever that I was afraid I'd wake from any second.

But I didn't wake up. Under the influence, yes. Sleeping...no. Fully awake and completely amazed at the way I was fucking your ass in the middle of a huge dancing, drinking, sweating crowd of what appeared to be predominantly het couples. And you were shy about kissing in public, sometimes! This was better than perfect, and I knew that whether you'd remember this forever or not, I surely would.

My strokes in and out of your tightness were short and quick, matching my jerking hand on your cock. My nuts were pulled uo as I felt them begin to churn, and I spoke into your ear saying that I was close, very fucking close. You nodded in agreement and turned your head to the side, where I could catch a glimpse of your lust-drunk eyes as your panting mouth hung open slightly.

"Oh, yeah...fuck, I'm gonna come, baby...So close...I'm so fucking...oh, fuck..."

My jaw clenched as I felt the contents of my balls shoot up through my shaft, out of me and deep into you. Holding still as the strong climax seemed to paralyzed me, I felt your ass clamp down so hard, milking my dick as your own load began to spray out in hot globs into my fingers, cupping your cockhead and catching your cum. It was almost too incredible to be real.

My arm still held you round the waist firmly, as we both recovered from that knee-shaking release. Turning your head again, your parted lips puckering, calling for me to kiss you. I did; kissed you hard and leaving no doubt as to how I felt. To you, or anyone else who saw this passionate kiss-it was evident how intensely I felt for you. Your cum was dripping off my fingers as I slowly slid my still-hard prick out of your wet stretched ass, reaching back and letting you tuck your cock away as I did the same with mine. You turned back toward me, facing me as you zipped your fly, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I raised my sticky hand to face level, and smiled as your tongue darted out, licking off the taste of our fuck and my cum. I shook my head, still amazed at what had just happened, and said, "Damn, baby...I had no idea you could dance like that.."

"Likewise", you said, with a sexy satisfied look about you, then "Let's get another bottle of champagne. If you liked this, just wait til you see what happens on our cab ride home."

Raising my eyebrows, I replied, "I think we had better make this sort of thing a resolution, baby. Let's just keep ringing in the new year every day, just like this."

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