tagChain StoriesSan Francisco Seductions Ch. 02

San Francisco Seductions Ch. 02


Dear diary:

I'm having the time of my life, here in San Francisco. I used to be so afraid of what was happening to me. Now I see how great life can be if you just enjoy it. I still feel a pang of guilt every time a pass by the church. Kerry tells me that it will go away eventually. I figure she's right. She's shown me so much since we came here.

Tonight I lost my virginity. I can't even believe I'm writing this down. Mother would kill me or disown me, or worse if she ever found out about this. She'd be even more upset if she found out how much I enjoyed it. Kerry tells me that what my parents don't know can't hurt them. I guess she's right. At least I'll be able to go home for the holidays.

Sometimes I want to go to confession and reject this life of sin and revelry. Then I remember what life used to be like. I remember walking the hallways of school, knowing how much fun everyone else was having. I was made to feel guilty about wanting more. I was made to feel guilty about my needs as a woman and a human being. I know God is up there somewhere, but I just don't see things the way my parents, or the church does anymore. God gave me a body, ripe with pleasure and beauty. I cannot see the man who is perfect, wanting me to be eternally chaste. So, without guilt, without sorrow, without fear of damnation I proudly announce that Lauren Eve Bennett is no longer a virgin.

Just after I'd gotten off of work, I walked into the apartment, mostly exhausted. It had been a long day, and I honestly just wanted to get some sleep. I placed my bags down on the floor in the living room, and made our way to our bedroom. I didn't think to knock, because of my tiredness, and I walk in on Kerry playing with a purple vibrator, I didn't even know she owned. I didn't expect her to be so comfortable with me walking in. Her creamy, bronze thighs were spread very wide, and her toy was buried deep inside. Her long, lithe body writhed in ecstasy. Her sandy blonde hair was damp with perspiration, her blue eyes sparkled with lust. In one hand she held the toy deep inside herself, the other hand held a small, pert breast at the nipple. Usually I would have closed the door and let her clean up without a spectator, but things have been changing in me, so I just ... watched.

Her wild tresses were splayed in all directions as she rocked against the bed. She bucked and screamed against it like it was her lover. I'd never seen her this aroused before, not even when I played with her. As I've become used to over the last few weeks, I felt my vulva tingle as a warmth and wetness began to dampen my panties. I held my breath, intoxicated by the scent of her sex permeating through the room. I felt wrong, just standing there like a voyeur, but I remained, transfixed on her movements, awaiting the signs of her orgasm. When she came, it was like a hurricane, exploding through the room with the fury of God's greatest storm. And then she receded, like so many waves, relaxing on the bed. She grinned at me, her soft lips full and wanting. She did not wait for my consent. She rarely did. Her catlike body was upon me with a feral lust unknown to anyone but the two of us.

Her body crashed against mine, her naked form, her full breasts colliding with my own. I became dizzy with my own hedonistic thoughts. I trembled underneath her attack, like a lamb before a lion. I let her tear my clothing off like so many rags. Her lips were on my breasts, her warm mouth caused my nipples to burst with sensation. That tingling went from my nipples to the warm mound her hand was already finding.

Her sensuous fingers grazed my box and stroked the tenderness of my clit until it perked up, underneath its hood. Her hands, they found my pleasure like an animal seeks out its prey. Her flesh drank of mine and I loved it. If Satan asked for my soul tonight I would have gladly given it, if it only meant to keep the feeling just a few minutes longer.

In moments, my clothing lay tattered on the floor and her mouth encompassed my sex. I could not seek escape, should I have wanted it. My body was pinned against the wall, legs spread wide while she humbled herself upon her knees to taste me. I grabbed her head and held her close, forcing her sweet mouth deeper inside me. Her tongue explored caverns I didn't know I had. She licked every drop of nectar from my body, and begged for more. I gave her all of it and felt my body rupture with the heat of my release. Her tongue still buried inside me, like her toy had been in her. My walls crashed all around that soft, sweet tongue, as she licked me into Eden.

My eyes shot open and suddenly, there he was. Samuel was standing in the doorway. He must have been there for a while. The thick, long penis he held in his hand was proof that he'd enjoyed the show. His naked body stood like a statue, his hand gripping his testicles as his manhood grew larger and larger. Kerry licked the juice from her lips and stood up. She flashed me a sexy smile and walked over to Sam, her voice hushed to a whisper as she walked over to him. Her lips lightly brushed his ear. I noticed his erection twitch as she sat on the edge of the bed. She beckoned me over to her.

I did as I was told. I often did as I was told, especially when it came to Kerry's requests. I sat beside her, eyeing Samuel warily as she whispered in my ear.

"I'm sorry, but this is for your own good."

She grabbed my wrists and pinned me down upon the bed. I didn't understand, and held there, limply, watching the both of them with fearful eyes.

"Kerry, what's going on? You don't need to hold me down, come on, let's talk about this... whatever it is."

She smiled softly, almost remorsefully and shook her head.

"You need to get laid, Lauren. You don't just need my mouth on your pussy, that's not enough. You need cock."

My eyes widened in horror. I mean... I fooled around with Kerry, but the idea of letting a man... penetrate me? I was simply not ready. It was my virginity. How could I give up my virginity to someone I wasn't to marry? I'd been taught the importance of such things, and it was one of the few beliefs I still had. I begged for her to let me go. I tried to fight her off, but despite that we are even in weight, she is far stronger than I. I cried softly as Samuel edged toward me. He looked hesitant, as I clearly seemed unwilling. But Kerry coaxed him relatively easily to continue what he was doing.

I whimpered as I felt the pressure of the tip of his penis against my opening. My vaginal lips quivered, and I cursed softly at my body for betraying me. I was aroused. For a few moments longer I tried to fight against Kerry, but the overwhelming sensation of pain as his cock slid inside me took over and I fell back on the bed, crying. The pain was intense.

My insides tried to compensate for his massive intrusion. I felt like I was going to rip apart. My precious chastity was gone and it was being taken from me. She'd gone too far.

And then, something strange happened. As his entire shaft filled me, I felt relieved. My muscles relaxed and took it. Not only did they receive it, but they reveled in it. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt to have this massive penis invading me. The pain was merely a memory.

Kerry let go of my hands and I did not push away. I moaned softly, my tears drying as I felt another budding orgasm. I had barely been touched yet, he had only thrust a few times, and yet I was already feeling my climax. I screamed and grabbed hold of him, now begging for him not to stop.

"You're so tight, Lauren... God I love virgins. Your pussy is amazing." Samuel whispered as he drove himself deeper into me.

I writhed and screamed and held my breath, wanting anything to keep this lust alive. Suddenly, Kerry moved from her seat beside me, and lifted her beautiful vagina to my face. I gladly tasted her sweet juice as I was rammed for the first time. My sweet, smooth body was covered in sweat and juices. Without warning, I erupted, my legs wrapped around his back and pulled him deeper inside me as I screamed my release.

When it became too much for Sam to bear, he pulled out of me and a stream of warm ejaculate spewed from him, onto my skin. I felt his semen with my hands and wondered at the marvels I'd just experienced. Kerry climbed off my face and kissed me lightly, and cleaned the white cream off my body with her tongue.

I lie there, motionless.

Kerry and Sam left me alone 'with my thoughts,' and I came here to write them down. I'm no longer a virgin, and it's so liberating.

Have I turned away from God, or have I finally found the light?

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