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Santa's Naughty Helper


Amber, her whole name was Amber Rubina Snowflake, but all her friends called her just Amber, buzzed through the chilly December night. Dodging Snowflakes the tiny elf gazed upon the city below. Humans where so amazing. Whenever she was allowed to roam the world she made it an adventure. Last year she had been to a dance club. That was fun, the music and all the people. She was eager to find out what stories she would get to tell the other elves this year. The next few nights she would be busy planning her route for Christmas, so all the presents could be delivered on time. It was a myth that Santa was delivering all the presents himself. Why should he? He had Amber and the other elves. Giggling Amber descended into the streets to begin her work.

Quietly Amber glided through the chimney. It was so much more works to get into houses, which didn't t have a chimney. One would think the humans tried to keep Amber and her fellow elves out. While she was exploring Amber noticed a flicker of light and heard a strange sound, which she had never heard before. Driven by her curiosity she silently flew towards the door and took a peek.

The room was dimly lit. Amber could see a young woman spread out on a bed, her hair tousled. She looked flushed. She wore a t shirt, several sized to large. One hand disappeared under the shirt and she was rubbing her breasts. The other hand held a slender object, which the woman pushed in and out of her pussy. The strange sound was her moaning. She seemed to enjoy herself. The light came from a TV, she was watching a movie. Humans did that for relaxation, but Amber never had seen a movie like that. She saw a good looking dark haired young man lying at a beach. He was naked. Even stranger was the equally naked dark skinned woman sitting on his lap bouncing up and down on his cock. They too where moaning. Amber shook her head. The strange sight on the screen and the woman on the bed drew her in, enticed her. She could feel herself getting hot. It was like her body was burning up. She bit her lip. A hot sensation spread through her body. Without noticing he had reached up and squeezed her breast through her short, green, fur trimmed dress. The sensation shocked Amber and with the slight sound of jingling bells she buzzed out of the house into the cool night air.

Amber could not forget what she had just seen and back at the North Pole she did some research. An older elf told her a few things and gave her some educative magazines, he had brought back from the humans. She read about sex and porn, which sounded fun. She wanted to try that. Amber opened one of the magazines it had many pictures in it. One picture going over two pages exited her. She saw a petite Asian girl, her arms tied behind her back and her eyes covered by a blindfold. A broad shouldered man, with tattooed arms, had his cock deep in her mouth. A second man, this one with chocolate skin, was driving his shaft into her pussy from behind her. Amber stood before the magazine, almost as tall as herself. She licked her lips that should do. She stripped out of her green dress and made herself comfortable. Her hands started exploring her body, caressing her pale skin. She enjoyed the feeling of her hands upon her body. She imagined herself being that girl how she must feel being ravished by two big hard cocks. She touched her breasts; a slight moan escaped her lips. Her nails scratched along her aureoles and her nipples began to stiffen. She pinched and tugged her nipples, getting more and more exited, while her other hand slid down her legs slowly inching on the inside of her thigh working her way up. Remembering the woman she had watched she reached to her side and found the candy cane. She didn't have a tool like the woman did, but that would fit nicely. Remembering what she read she began licking the cone imagining she was licking the tattooed man's hard raging erection. She felt hot all over the heat centering on her loins. She could not wait any longer. Slowly she ran the candy cane along her moist pussy. She bit her lips stifling a moan. That felt good, how good must it feel when it was inside her. Running the tip along her moist lips she applied a bit more pressure, parting them.


Her nails dug into her full breasts as she pushed the candy cane deeper into her pussy. The feeling was overwhelming her. She pulled back and pushed back in deeper and faster. She moaned louder. With each push the cane slid a little deeper into her pussy.


Amber felt desire raging like a fire through her body. The candy cane made wet sounds and her honey dripped on the bed. She bucked her hips meeting the candy cane, moaning louder, almost screaming. She arched her back fully in the throes of passion. Her climax flooded over her like a wave of molten lava. There was nothing else except that intense feeling of bliss.

Amber lay on her bed panting. Her skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat. She was in a dreamy state of bliss. She was smiling. No wonder this was one of the humans favored pastimes. She wanted to do that again. She wanted to do it with a man, wanted to feel his cock pounding her. She almost became horny again dreaming about that. She giggled, a naughty plan forming in her head.

The next few days Amber did some scouting between her usual chores. She was looking for a man to have sex with. The tiny elf didn't just want any man. She wanted someone stunning, someone who lived easily accessible for her. This wasn't quite as easy as she thought. She didn't know how to find men, or how to get them to do what she wanted. She decided to solve her problems one at a time. First was to find a guy. Then she could decide how to get him to fuck her. She did random sweeps of the city's streets first, but that didn't prove helpful. Due to the cold the humans where so tightly bundled up that she could hardly see anything, which aroused her interest. Her next stop where clubs, like the one she visited last year. The view was better and more appealing but still too much clothing blocked her view for her curious eyes. Finally she found what humans called a fitness studio, whatever that was. Apparently humans went there to torture themselves on hellish contraptions. The showers were especially interesting, since humans got naked there. Amber spent some time hidden in the showers checking out the men. She had to stifle a giggle now and then, she felt so devious. Finally she saw him, he was perfect and he was going to be her first. He was tall had a well-muscled body, dark hair a shadow of a beard and a nice sized cock. Amber licked her lips. After he was finished showering she followed him home. The place even had a chimney so she could get in easily. The following night Amber would sneak in there and get him to fuck her.

It was well after midnight when Amber flew down the chimney. After some orientation she found the bedroom. She saw his sleeping form under the bed. She grinned and her giggle was accompanied by the slight sound of bells. But what should she do next? Wake him and ask him to fuck her? She walked around a few minutes before coming to a decision. She would just take what she wanted, he surly wouldn't complain. Amber hopped on the bed. He somehow looked bigger under the sheets than in the shower, must be the sheets.

Amber lifted the sheets and crawled under them. Slowly she worked her way up her victim's legs. She licked her lips as she noticed he was sleeping naked. Amber grabbed his cock with both hands and ran her tongue along the shaft. "MMMM," that felt nice. He stirred a bit but nothing more. She was too small for this to work. Amber concentrated and changed her size to that of a human. Now being a curvaceous blonde with pale skin and piercing blue eyes. Now that she was his size she took his shaft in one hand and ran her tongue up and down his cock. He stirred in his dream, his cock reacting to Amber and growing bigger and harder. She put her full lips on the tip of his shaft, swirling her tongue around the head. He moaned and woke up. His hands reached under the sheets, grabbing Amber's hair and pushing her deeper on his throbbing cock. Amber slid deeper on his cock bobbing her head up and down. His moaning told her that he enjoyed her treatment. She began swirling her tongue around his shaft.

"Ohhh, yes baby suck me deep," he moaned.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" asked a sleepy female voice.

Amber froze. There was someone else here, a woman. Where had she been? Someone pulled the sheets back.

"What the fuck are you doing with my man's cock in your mouth bitch?" asked the woman angrily.

Amber let the cock pop out of her mouth, smiled shyly and said „Merry Christmas?"

The woman glaring at her was an athletic Latina with short black hair and almost black eyes.

"I give you Merry Christmas," the woman growled pulling Amber away from the man and smacking her hand on Amber buttocks.

"OOOWWWWW," Amber screamed.

The woman didn't stop and repeatedly slapped Amber's ass. Amber felt the stinging pain, but also felt arousal. Her screams mixed with moans and she felt herself getting wet. Hands grabbed her dress and bared her ass.

"You like watching me discipline this bitch Tommy?" asked the woman.

Her boyfriend nodded; apparently he had pulled up Amber dress.

"That looks hot Juelz." He admitted.

Wrapping his hands around the Latina and started fondling her breasts. She moaned in approval. Amber head was yanked up by her blonde hair.

Juelz glared at her, "You want this cock? You want Tommie's cock in your pussy?"

Amber nodded, her cheeks flushed with excitement.

"Then work for it." Juelz ordered and pushed Amber's face in her pussy.

Amber was stunned for a moment then dove right into the warm wet pussy taking in Juelz scent, running her lips and then her tongue along her moist lips.

"Ohh fuuuck lick me good and maybe Tommy will fuck you good," moaned Juelz.

Tommy was kneading and squeezing Juelz firm tits more forcefully. Amber slid two fingers in her pussy, spreading them and working her tongue deeper into the Latina's wetness. Juelz fell back moaning louder. Tommy letting go of Juelz grabbed Amber hips and trusted his thick hard shaft balls deep in Ambers soaking wet pussy. She screamed, her face was pressed in Juelz dripping pussy, juices smothering her face. Taking hold of her hips Tommy mounted Amber from behind and started pounding her pussy hard. He grabbed her hips and started spanking the Elf's already glowing ass as he picked up speed hammering Amber's pussy from behind. She slid a third finger into Juelz wet grotto, her lips sucking on Juelz swollen clit. Juelz played with her own tits and grinded her pussy in Amber's face.

Pulling away and sitting up Juelz said, "Lie down baby I wanna ride your magnificent cock."

Amber protested as the cock withdrew from her pussy. She squealed as Juelz smacker her ass.

"Sit on his face!" She ordered.

Amber straddled Tommie's face at the same time as Juelz sat on his cock. Immediately his tongue drove into her pussy. Her moaning grew louder. Juelz grabbed Amber's hair and pulled her close. The two girls kissed wild and passionate. Amber let her hands slide over Juelz marvelous toned body, raking her nails over her skin, as she moaned into Juelz mouth.

Amber's eyes opened wide as Tommy slid a finger into her ass.

"OHHHHH MY FUUUUUUUUCK," she screamed as her climax crashed over her.

Juelz bounced wildly up and down on Tommie's cock, lost in the throes of her climax, finally collapsing against Amber.

Tommy got up and started jerking his cock. After a short while his shaft erupted spraying cum all over the two girls. Amber screamed in surprise then giggled in delight as the hot sticky cum hit her face and her tits. Spent Tommy collapses over them.

After a while Tommy spoke first, "Okay, I want to know one thing. Who are you and how did you get in here?"

"Me?" Amber giggled. "I am Santa's naughty helper."

Accompanied by the sounds of bells she shrunk to her tiny elf form and buzzed through the window.

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