tagBDSMSarah's Second Encounter

Sarah's Second Encounter

byPlayer One©

It was a beautiful day out with sunny blue skies and little wispy clouds here and there. The temperature was in the upper 70's as we drove down a long straight road lined with trees, which caused a strobe light affect as the sunlight came through each space between each tree. The trip to my apartment was about 12 miles and most of the roads we would be taking were just like this one.

I lived over a very large garage next to a house owned by a very nice upper middle aged couple whose kids were off on their own adventures in the world. They had converted the garage into a photo studio on the bottom floor and into a huge 2 bedroom apartment with living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a large outside sundeck off of the living room, on the second floor. They rented it out to college students only. I have been a photography enthusiast for years so they were extremely happy to rent to me upon hearing that, which I made a point of telling them when I applied as a new tenant.

This was the first time I had made this drive with a totally naked woman sitting next to me in my car. And I do mean absolutely, totally naked with the exceptions of earrings and one ring on her right hand that was very stylishly designed. All of Sarah's clothes were locked in the truck. When we first left the parking lot at the college, she tried to slump down in the seat as far as possible to make sure that no one could see that she was nude. I immediately ordered her to sit up straight but added that she could put the back of the seat down a bit if she wanted to. I told her no more than halfway back and that is exactly where she set it. What she didn't realize was that this made her tits stand up just enough to be clearly visible to anyone in a car next to us. Her nearly one inch nipples added even more to the view.

When we were just leaving the campus grounds, I told Sarah to play with her tits and nipples with one hand and to play with her pussy with her other hand. I told her she had exactly one minute to get her pussy wet enough to make squishy juicy sounds with her finger that were loud enough for me to clearly hear. If she failed to do this, I told her I would immediately stop on the side of the road, make her stand outside of the car, and masturbate until I could hear the sloppy wet sounds of a super heated cunt from there. This put her into double fingered action and I could hear her churning her juices in way less than a minute. I informed her that she was to keep that up all the way to my apartment and that she was forbidden to cum for any reason.

"While you are playing with yourself, Sarah, I want you to be thinking about the five sexual activities you told me you thought of frequently, and which of the five you wish to ask me to allow you to explore and personally participate in when we reach our destination."


"You heard me pet. We are going to work on one of your five chosen preferences per day for the next five days starting today. If you are still here. Is that too complicated for you to understand or do you have the wrong idea that being submissive is at your convenience?"

"No Sir. It's not at my convenience. I do realize that much. I'm not stupid or slow, if that's what you are thinking. My submission is totally controlled by you Sir. I want trust and honesty to flourish and grow between us on a continuous basis. I have little to no idea how to conduct myself as a submissive. Wanting something, and actual participation, are two very different activities. I need your help and your patience. This first of the five I would really like to perform for you is my being your fisting recipient. If that would please you Sir, it would be my number one wish that you fist me. My secret fantasy is to be fisted in my pussy and in my ass. That is just my suggestion. You have absolute command of what you wish to do to me or with me at any time and I will obey you to the best of my ability Sir. And I have absolutely no doubt that the quality of my performance and participation will never do anything but improve for you Sir."

"Then fisting it is my little pet. We will do it on the front lawn at the house where my apartment is located."

Sarah's mind was trying to come to grips with the implication of that last statement when I added another activity for her to deal with.

"Reach into the glove compartment and you will find a clear plastic box with something inside of it that will be of interest to you. Take it out of the box and do the obvious with this object."

Sarah cautiously opened the glove box door and slowly lowered it down as if something were going to jump out and bite her on the nose. She found the plastic box and could see a lot of silver inside of it. She took the box out, closed the glove box door, and just stared at what she was holding in her hands.

"Take it out Sarah and put in on. If you can't figure out what it is, then you will need a lot more training than I have anticipated."

Sarah opened the clear plastic five inch square box and pulled out a long solid chain with a padded flat tipped clamp on each end. Each clamp had an adjusting screw that could be turned with a thumb and forefinger. Sarah stared at it for a while. She held it up and looked it over closely, tested it's weight, pulled on it to test it's strength, and then held it in the palm of one hand while she went back to masturbating her clit.

Sarah looked over at me but I couldn't tell what she was thinking as I had to keep my eyes on the road we were driving down.

"In a very short period of time Sir, you have made me sit naked on the grass at a college campus, have allowed me to have the most powerful orgasm that I had no idea even existed within me, have ordered me to sit naked in your car while you drive me all over the countryside with my clothes locked in the trunk where I can't possibly get to them for any reason, and have allowed me to choose to be fisted by you at your apartment. No, I should say 'in the front yard of your apartment'. Now you have me holding a chain with clamps on each end and I am supposed to know what to do with them. I have never seen such a thing before but I can guess a couple of things that I could do with them just off hand. I have heard of nipple clamps but have never seen any up close and for real. I am assuming that these are nipple clamps. Do you want me to attach them to my nipples?"

"The real question is: Do you want to attach them to your nipples? You have very large nipples that, I assume, are extremely sensitive. We haven't discussed anything about your body. I have very little idea of what really turns you on, what is sensual and what is sexual for you, nor do I have any understanding about your sexual desires and what you are willing to do with them. The only thing I do understand about you, at this point, is that you have a lot of courage, you are a very beautiful young woman, you have a very beautiful body, and that you want to become my submissive slave for whatever reasons we haven't really discussed in detail as of yet. Oh, and one last thing. You love traveling around in a car totally naked. I didn't make you take off all of your clothes while sitting on the grass on a college campus anymore than I am making you ride around naked in my car. You chose to be naked. You want to be naked. And I would bet a month's salary that it would really turn you on to be seen naked by other people. I have no doubt that you have had many fantasies about 'danger sex' and the possibility of being caught, either by people you know or by complete strangers.

I did allow you to have an orgasm and I am pleased that you recognize that as being the truth. I am the only one who can, or will, give you permission to cum. That is one of the five primary laws of submission that you will never break unless you are willing to be subjected to severe punishment should you choose to violate that law. That is a commitment you will soon swear to, should you choose to continue after this 24 hour test run that you have willingly accepted and have given your word of full personal participation without conditions.

As far as the fisting goes, you chose that because the idea of being fisted is sexually exciting to you, but this was before you knew that you would be a fisting participant in the front yard of the house where I rent my apartment. This will be a confrontation between your personal fears and how much trust you have in me as your new Master. We have only spoken a few words prior to today, so the level of trust that you have in me at this moment is based mostly on instinct and hope, with very little experience to back it up.

Trust will be the basis of your submission. All the other emotional aspects of your submission will develop after trust is learned and you can actually feel it growing inside of you. With the exception of fear, of course, as that is the one big emotional response that will significantly lessen as trust grows stronger.

That's my lecture for the day. I hope you listened closely. Your only purpose for the next 24 hours is to please me, obey me, and to do so without thought or hesitation. You will expect nothing in return. You will be rewarded if and when I feel you have earned it and you will be punished when you fail to carry out your commitment to me.

Now.....I will ask you again.....Do you want to put the clamps on your nipples knowing that you will feel discomfort and pain, and not knowing how much, for how long, or when it will end?"

Sarah looked straight ahead for a few seconds and then looked back over at me.

"Yes Sir. I really do want to attach the clamps to my nipples. I know it will please you if I do and I really do want to please you. I want to please you more than anything in the world right now. I need to please you and I'm realizing this more and more as I learn what you demand of me."

"The screw on the side of the clamp adjusts the tightness of the grip. Make sure that each clamp is adjusted tight enough to maintain its grip on your nipple, even when being pulled or tugged on by me. I may attach a leash to the chain and lead you around by the nipples and we can't have the clamps falling off, now can we?"

"No Sir. We can't. I'm sure you would punish me in some way if they did."

"You are right about that. You will receive 5 strokes of a riding crop to each tit if a clamp should fall off."

"Yes Sir."

Sarah tentatively took one of the clamps and opened it up. Then she started turning the adjuster screw to see what the reaction of the clamp tips would be. After doing this a few times, she put the clamp tips over the end of her pinky finger (which just happened to be about the same thickness of her nipples) and closed the clamp. She let go of the clamp and chain and lifted her hand into the air and watched the device hanging from her finger. She shook her hand once and the clamp immediately fell off. She repeated the entire procedure again, after turning the adjuster screw one full turn tighter, and again the clamp fell off without much effort at all.

I have to admit that this was pretty shrewd on her part. I hadn't given her any instructions other than to put the clamps on her nipples if, and only if, that is what she really wanted to do by her own choosing. This method was saving her a lot of potential pain and failure by actually doing all of this experimenting on her finger, instead of her fleshy, sensitive, and fully erect nipple.

"I'm only allowing you to be cautious with this activity Sarah, because you are brand new to this particular type of lifestyle. Keep in mind that, in the future, should there be a future, you will not get to play around and test things out before engaging in an ordered performance of any kind. Do you fully understand that without question?"

"Yes Sir. I do. And I do appreciate your being patient with my newness and ignorance of how to properly perform as you wish me to Sir. May I ask you what part of my long nipples would you suggest that I attach the clamps to Sir? Would it be better at the base or on the very ends?"

"No, you cannot ask. You are performing, by your own choice, to please me. You need to decide what I would do if I were attaching the clamps and not what the least painful or least stressful method you should use to make it easier on yourself. And you had better hurry up because we will be at my apartment in about five minutes. If you haven't put the clamps to use by then, I will attach two sets to you when you step out of the car and you will wear them for a much longer period of time no matter how distressing or painful they become. Stop playing around and do what it is you want to do for me. And, don't forget that your nipples are a whole lot softer than your finger. I say that just in case you haven't thought of it already. And, one more thing to keep in mind. You can only tighten the clamp. You cannot loosen it at all. So, be careful of what you are doing."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."

Sarah tightened the clamp with two more complete turns of the adjuster. She moved the tips of the clamp over her left nipple next to where it stood out from her light brown aureole. After a moment of hesitation, she moved the padded tips to the middle of her long bud and slowly squeezed the clamp closed. Her nipple was immediately flattened between the clamp tips and an 'Oh My God' flowed out of her mouth as her breath was suddenly taken away. I looked over at her for a few seconds and her eyes were closed and her face was distorted in pain and agony as she realized that she had gone way too far with the adjustment screw.

"Take a few deep breaths, my little sub trainee, and think about the orgasm you experienced back in the parking lot of the college."

"Yyyeessss Sssirrrr"

"Is it more bearable now?"

"Yes. It is. It hurts like hell but I can put up with this for awhile. I want to put the second clamp on right away."

Sarah took the second clamp in her hands and immediately adjusted the screw one full turn short of the first clamp and attached it to her right nipple. It was still painful, but much less in the intensity. She hoped it was tight enough to remain in place and not fall off, if or when I might tug on it. Sarah remained unmoving and silent as we pulled into the driveway of where I live.

Sarah's mouth dropped open and I think she completely forgot about the two heavy clamps hanging from her tits. I believe the property is about six acres. It's surrounded completely by high thick shrubbery and trees and no immediate neighbors. The property itself consisted of three levels of land completely covered by well kept grass and other landscaping. The house was on the middle level and the humongous garage with the apartment over it was on the upper level, connected by both a natural rock stairway and an extension of the main driveway that looped around and upward to the garage that was about fifteen feet higher up then the house itself. From my apartment window, I looked down onto the top of the house and onto the immense backyard below, where there was a huge rear deck that was connected to the house above ground and a large swimming pool. Sarah just stared in total silence as I slowly made our way around the property and up to the garage level. As I got out of the car, I told her to remain seated until I opened the door for her. As I walked around to her side of the car, I carried a dog leash that I had pulled out of the center console of the car while she was concentrating on her nipple clamp project. I opened her door, opened the seat belt, leaned in and put my lips to hers, and gave her a light kiss as I hooked the leash clip over the chain between the two clamps. Then I took my right hand and put it under each of her breasts and bounced them several times as if I were weighing them. My mouth returned to her lips once again, a lot more aggressively this time, and began tonguing the inside of her mouth. Her tongue became just as active as mine almost immediately. While this passionate kiss was growing in intensity, I continued to bounce and squeeze both of her tits with my hand. In between bounces and squeezes, I would just use my fingertips to very lightly touch her skin and roam all around her boobs, up and down her arms, over her stomach, and across the tops of her thighs, never once touching her pussy, or even getting really close to it at all. Then, it was back to the bouncing and squeezing again. This went on for nearly five minutes with me leaning into the car and Sarah sitting there on the seat reacting to a large part of her body being so sensually stimulated one moment, and then reminded of the clamps and the pain in her nipples every time I returned to fondling her tits. She would moan and then she would groan. She did this over and over until the moans and groans seemed to blend in to just one steady noise emission from deep in her chest.

I suddenly stopped the kiss and the touching, backed out from the car, and gave her leash a little tug to indicate she was to get out of the car. She turned her body a little and put her legs out of the door first. They were spread for a moment and I could easily see that her cunt was wet along the edges of her crack. She got out of the car with a slight struggle but finally stood before me, totally naked, attached to a leash and clamps, standing on the high ground overlooking the entire area, including other homes not too far off in the distance. I told her to face the front of the property, put her hands behind her head and spread her feet as wide apart as she could without losing her balance. I also instructed her to remain absolutely silent unless I gave her permission to talk or asked her a question. I informed her that, for the time being anyway, breaking her silence would result in her ass and pussy becoming the target of a long and thin wood paddle. She nodded her understanding instantly.

I left Sarah standing like that while I went to open my apartment. There are two ways into my place. One is through the front entrance and up the inside stairwell from the photography studio. The other was up a fire escape on the west side of the garage that went up the side of the building to a door at the very top platform. It had stairs all the way to the ground. It wasn't one of those types with the sliding section for the last ten feet that you see on buildings in the city.

I went in through the studio, as I usually do. Up in my apartment, I grabbed a few items and put them in a small cardboard box. This included a tube of KY and a jar of Vaseline. I slipped my camera backpack over my shoulders. The pack carried both my Sony HD video and Canon 50D digital cameras, and all the accessories. There was also a 15 megapixel pocket camera in one of the pouches on the backpack. The damn thing now weighed over 50 pounds with all the equipment I have collected but there wasn't a whole lot I could do about that.

It was a good ten minutes before I returned to where Sarah was standing in her newly learned slave position. She hadn't moved at all and had kept her eyes looking out to the front of the property. As I approached, I could sense that she really wanted and needed for me to see that she was doing her utmost to act as a submissive slave.

"This position you are in is called the Slave Position. Or, #1. If I say #1 to you at any time, you are to immediately get into this position without thought or hesitation. In the future, again, if there is one for you, this command is to be obeyed instantly no matter where you are or what you are doing at the time. There are several other numbered slave positions I will teach you and you will immediately get into any position I chose, at any time or place, just from hearing me speak that number. Obedience is mandatory. There are no exceptions. Nod your head if you understand what I have said and are completely willing to obey these commands."

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