tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSaturday Night at the Movies!

Saturday Night at the Movies!


**Thank you Rach357113 for all your great help, feels good working with you again! Copyright(2014) JJ Livingstone**


I wasn't really looking but my eyes were drawn across the lobby of the movie theatre and there she was, standing in line at the concession stand. She was tall; by the looks of it almost as tall as my six foot with impossibly long blonde hair flowing down her back. She was dressed casually for a Saturday night in jeans and a green hoodie but then again we were only at the local movie theatre. There were other girls in the lobby dressed in low-cut tops, short tight mini-skirts with make-up caked on their faces but they paled in comparison with her natural beauty.

I got in line behind her. She smelled so good, like soap, fresh from the shower, my favorite smell on a woman. The jeans she wore were just tight enough to cup her perfect heart-shaped ass located just south of her touchably soft hair. I couldn't decide which one I would like to caress more but it took almost all the will power I had not to touch either. I felt her turn to look at me and I whipped my eyes to her eye level. She smiled at me knowingly. Her smile was beautiful. Her lips full and soft and I could feel my palms start to sweat as I pictured taking those lips with mine.

When she moved to the front of the counter I was delighted to have an extended chance to stare at her rear without the risk of her turning around and catching me again. All too soon she had received her order, paid and headed directly to theatre 4, my eyes following her all the way. I turned to place my order and noticed the teenager behind the counter gazing longingly towards the now empty doors to the theatre 4. To amuse myself I coughed loudly and gave him a disapproving look. I smiled inwardly as the boy's face went red with embarrassment.

I ordered the first thing I saw (which happened to be a coke) and hurried into the same theatre. Glancing at the sign above the door as I went in I saw that Money Talks was playing. I had never heard of it. I looked for her when I entered the darkened room but tried not to be too obvious. She had chosen to sit just a row or two down from the back. As I climbed the stairs getting closer to her I could feel her eyes on me and my heartbeat quickened slightly. I sat in the row in-front of hers and settled down to watch the pre-trailer commercials acutely aware that the sexiest woman I had ever seen was just behind me. After a few moments I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and there she was leaned over so her face was inches from mine, if she had been wearing a more revealing top I would have been gifted with a crotch-wrenching glimpse of her ample cleavage (thankfully with the sweater she was wearing I was able to maintain eye-contact).

"Excuse me," she said in what sounded like the silkiest angelic voice I could imagine.

"Yes?" I replied. All I could think about was kissing those lips.

"Do you think this movie looks good? My friend said it was only so-so." She asked.

Not wanting to admit that I came to the theatre to watch a movie I had never heard of I said that I heard the same but wanted to give it a chance.

Then the trailers started and we both returned our focus to the screen. Just as the run of trailers was ending my angel leaned forward and spoke in my ear. "Would you like to join me up here? Have you noticed that we are the only people here?"

I hadn't, when I arrived I was so focused on finding her that my brain completely skimmed over the fact there was not another soul in the theatre. I shrugged and climbed over my seat and sat next to her. My nostrils were immediately assaulted by the fresh soap scent I had noticed earlier. How was I going to be able to concentrate on a whole movie while sitting next to her?

The movie started. I tried my best to watch the movie and not just turn and stare. As the minutes passed she seemed to lean closer and closer to me. When she reached over the armrest and started run her hand up and down my thigh my breathing became shallow. I could feel my dick getting hard and as it started to push against the material of my jeans. She let her hand travel up to my crotch so she could feel for herself the effect she was having on me.

I turned to her and saw her mischievous smile looking back at me from both her eyes and her utterly kissable mouth. I leaned forward to kiss her but she pulled back. Confused I tried to coax her into letting me kiss her by tracing small circles up the inside of her thigh with my index finger. I could hear her breath catch in the back of her throat as I got closer and closer to her sweet pussy but still she kept her lips out of my reach.

By now I could feel the heat resonating from her crotch and as I stroked and gently squeezed her snatch I could feel her juices seep into the material under my hand. Suddenly as if a boiling point had been reached she swatted my hand away and moved from her seat until she was kneeling in front of me. She unzipped me and freed my thick, hard cock. She gave my cock a slight squeeze and started to stroke me.

God her hand gripping me felt so good after being teased through my pants. However, after just a few pumps she lowered her head and wrapped those beautiful, full lips around my head and slowly took the full length of my hard throbbing cock into her mouth. I ran my hand through her silky hair and gently held the back of her head as I gave myself over the sensations that were bombarding whatever part of my brain that processes intense pleasure.

As she sucked my cock, bobbing her head up and down, her tongue was swirling around the underside of my dick. It was amazing. My eyes closed and I moaned "Shit, this is the best head I have ever had." I looked down at her and saw that her hand that wasn't on my cock was nestled between her legs. God she was so fucking hot. She looked into my eyes and moaned and as the vibration of her pleasure reverberated through me, I threw my head back and grunted "FUCK."

Then she pulled my cock out of her mouth, pulled her pants down exposing her bare glistening cunt and as she turned to face away from me she said plainly "Fuck me."

She sat on my lap and my hard dick found her wet mound and entered her in one hard thrust. Fuck, her pussy was so tight. Gripping on to the back of the seat in front for leverage she lifted herself off and then back down on my cock as if I was her own personal flesh dildo. On her down strokes my hips instinctively thrust up to meet her in an effort to bury my cock as far into her as possible.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on my dick, making sure she knew that I was doing exactly what was asked, I was fucking her. Shit, she was so wet, more of her delicious juices dripped onto my balls with every thrust. This along with her moans and pants spurred me on to fuck her harder and faster.

Under her sweater she wasn't wearing a shirt and my hands on her hips travelled up her smooth stomach until I reached her bra-less tits. I found that her nipples were hard as diamonds and sensitive from rubbing against the material of her sweater. I took her erect nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, I squeezed and rolled them hard.

"Oh God," She moaned. Her movements on top of me became more frenzied and I could feel her pussy begin to tighten even more around my dick. I dropped one of my hands from her nipple and found her clit. My finger grazed her clit and I felt a spasm rip through her body and she whimpered. I grazed her little nub again and she cried out. Finally, I pinched it with the same rhythm that I was fucking her with.

"FUCK!" She proclaimed, "I'm going to fucking cum." As she finished the last word she gripped my thighs. With two more thrusts into her sopping wet pussy, she threw her head back and dug her nails into my flesh, breaking the skin and drawing blood. Her pussy exploded in wave after wave of contractions, gripping and releasing my cock over and over.

This just made me harder than before. Once the final ebbs of her orgasm had left her, she stood up and turned around to face me. She leaned forward and I finally received what I had initially craved: A kiss.

She kissed me hard on the mouth with her irresistible, soft lips.

Just before I was about to grab her and pull her down onto my cock once more she straightened, pulled up her pants and turned to leave.

As she reached the end of the aisle, she turned back, blew me a kiss and cooed "Thanks Baby."

I was stunned. After a second I called after her "Wait, What the Fuck? Are you just going to leave me here like this?" She looked back at me; "You have a hand don't you?" she said with a smirk and headed towards the theatre exit.

"Fine!" I yelled over the movie, "But next time, I finish and you don't Sam."

"Sure thing" She laughed, without even turning around and waved behind her as she disappeared out of the door.

"FUCK!" I exclaimed as I looked down at my painfully erect penis. "This is Fucking Bullshit!" I declared to the empty room.

The movie was over by the time I was able to zip up my pants. It may have been my mood but I wasn't entertained.

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