tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSchool of Sluts Ch. 02

School of Sluts Ch. 02


Lila lay in bed between her stepdaddy's legs, both of them naked and sated and relaxed. He rubbed her shoulders and stroked his fingers through her hair as he did every night, to lull her off to sleep.

Her closet door was open and stuffed with the new clothes he'd bought her. Upon investigation, they'd learned that University Sale's dress code was very precise. For men, the dress code pamphlet said that suits and ties were required, and briefcases preferred. For women, however, the rules went on for sixteen pages, including strict rules against pants, shorts, and skirts longer than six inches. Lila was yet to wrap her mind around that. In the case that a girl's skirt should fall to her knees, it must be removed immediately. She had never heard of such a thing in her life.

All panties and bras were forbidden. High heels were mandatory and had to be stilettos not less than four inches high. Luckily Lila enjoyed walking in stilettos more than any other shoes, but with her massive breasts it was easy for her to lose balance.

James's thumbs rubbed circles around her earlobes. All her worries were for tomorrow. Right now, there was only her stepdaddy, his deep breathing, and the warm, dark bedroom of their new apartment.


The campus was teeming with students. Lila's stepdaddy had dropped her off, but now she was alone. She was aware of men's eyes on her as she walked through the halls of the main building.

She was wearing what she'd dubbed in her head as 'the impossible dress.' It was made of white, stretchy material, and it was impossible because, when she pulled it down, her tits threatened to entirely fall out of it, and when she pulled it up, her pussy and ass peeked out. There was no happy medium, and so, in matching, white stilettos, she was forced to walk down the halls with an inch of her cheeks showing and a hint of her nipples displayed.

She couldn't look down and see herself, even as the men around her gave her friendly waves and smiles. She felt sick with humiliation and imbalanced in her heels, her swaying tits a constant struggle. Falling was a definite possibility.

"Hey there." A warm, deep male voice distracted her from her self-consciousness.

He stood in front of her, forcing her to stop in her tracks. Her lips parted; everything around her blurred except for him. He had deep-set dark eyes, a long nose and high cheekbones; rich black curls swept over his forehead. His features were striking and extreme, his ethnicity impossible to distinguish -- perhaps Brazilian or Lebanese. All was saved from an excess of severity by the softness found within his eyes.

He towered over her, broad-shouldered beneath his black suit, but leaned down accommodatingly when he held out his hand.

She went to shake it, but his hand continued forward. He took her left tit and said, "It's nice to meet you. I'm Kodi."

As if her tit were her hand, he leaned down and kissed it, then proceeded to her right one.

No one around her glanced over as if this were odd. Her heart was pounding, but he, too, found his own behavior perfectly natural, so she let her hand drop and stood speechless.

Kodi's lips curved in a charming smile. "You're exceptionally beautiful. I'm sure I'll see you again."

He left her there, struggling to keep steady in her stilettos, and disappeared down the hall amidst a mass of other suit-clad men and skimpily-dressed girls.

She regained her composure and continued down the hall. A bouncing weight on her chest made her look down, and she realized that, when Kodi had leaned down to kiss her tits, he'd used his hand to pull down her dress.

Her nipples were on full display.

She looked around anxiously to see if anyone else noticed, and, sure enough, strange faces were peering at her; some jeering; one man whistled. She covered her chest with her arm and, heart beating, looked for an exit.

A janitor's closet was at the end of the hall, and she tiptoed to it as fast as she could in her heels. She closed its door behind her and switched on a light. She was surrounded by buckets and spray bottles.

She quickly pulled up her mini-dress. The material strained over her tits, and the cool air hitting her pussy made her realize she'd pulled it up too far. She yanked it down again, only for her tits to pop out. This struggle continued for some time, during which she yearned for James's help.

Finally she emerged and made her way to her first class, Business Basics. She was aware that her ass and nipples were showing and aware that there was nothing she could do about it.

As she came in, the professor stopped speaking. He turned to her, as did the students in the room. The door led not to the back of the lecture room, so that she could have snuck in, but to the front-and-center floor.

The professor -- a balding, blue-eyed man in spectacles -- sighed as if Lila's presence were a sudden burden.

She looked to the seats but couldn't see a free one on the ends of any of the rows. There must have been fifteen men and as many girls looking at her.

"You're late," said the professor. His voice made it clear that finding a seat and pretending to take notes would not be a way out of this.

She glanced at the clock. It was 9:01 A.M. Sixty seconds tardy.

The door opened again, and behind her two rowdy, laughing men came in. They fist-bumped each other before finding seats in the middle rows.

The professor ignored them, even as they noisily unclicked their briefcases and shuffled around for pens and paper.

"You're a new student," he said.

"Y-yes, sir," she all but whispered. The professor held an authoritative air; one which brought out in her a natural 'sir.'

"I don't tolerate any kind of tardiness," he said. "This class begins at 9 A.M. sharp, and I expect you to be seated at that time."

"Yes, sir," she said. Hot tears were forming behind her eyes; it was her first day and she'd already screwed up. The professor was frowning at her, and she felt she wouldn't be able to move until he allowed her to do so.

"Well," he said, and he turned to the seated students. "A first strike, then?"

"First strike!" yelled out a young man, fist pounding against his desk. A low, masculine laughter erupted, and it set Lila's heart thumping as if she were a cornered deer.

The professor -- Bawson, she remembered suddenly -- turned to her and said, "I find that humiliation is the most efficient way to punish girl students." He stepped behind his podium, leaned down, and retrieved something. "Put this on and stand in the corner while your punishment is prepared."

He handed her a white, conical hat -- a dunce cap -- and when she turned it around, she saw that the words, "STUPID BITCH" were written across it. Her breath hitched. Surely this wasn't allowed? Not in a proper university?

But Professor Bawson seemed deadly serious.

Stupid bitch. For being late. The pressure built behind her eyes.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, and the apology elicited chuckles from the men in the front row. Professor Bawson was unmoved; he said, "Face the wall."

She put on the cap, body flaming with shame, and went to the front corner. She could feel men's eyes on her: The stupid bitch in the dunce cap, ass half-exposed.

She trembled in her heels as she heard people shuffling around, something being dragged across the floor. She didn't dare look over her shoulder. After several minutes, Professor Bawson said, "To the desk."

His voice was so stern. He wore a permanent half-frown. As she turned, she saw that a desk had been retrieved from somewhere and was now in the center of the floor, in front of the rows of students.

The desk had no chair, though. How was she to...?

Professor Bawson gave her no time to fumble, though. When he saw her hesitate, he pulled her in front of the desk, hands on her wrists, and then pressed a palm on her back, making her lie over the desk. Her legs dangled and her ass was stuck up in the air.

Embarrassingly, she squealed as she wiggled, feeling herself about to fall. Professor Bawson kept his hands on her, though, as she struggled.

Her chest was over the desk, and her tits fell out of her dress. They served as anchors, their weight keeping her from falling. She teared up as she realized what the view from rows were: Her legs were spread for balance, and the students got an up-skirt view of her bare, hairless pussy. The undersides of her tits could be seen beneath the desk. Her dunce cap had fallen on the floor, STUPID BITCH face-up.

Why had she dared to be late?

"First strike," said Professor Bawson, unemotional, "is ten spanks. How many spanks on the second strike?" He addressed this to the class.

"Twenty!" someone called out.

"Good. And the third?"

"Thirty!" cried someone else.

"And so on," said Professor Bawson. "Feel free, class, to take pictures and videos as you please. And for the formal record, let it be known that this new girl, Lila, is being punished on her first day for inexcusable tardiness."

It was clear that he was an experienced professor who had done this to misbehaving girls plenty of times before. Lila panicked at the bit about pictures and videos, although perhaps she'd misunderstood. She'd die if anyone got a picture of her exposed like this, to keep forever.

"Ow!" She startled as Professor Bawson's hand came down on her ass. He quickly pulled at her dress so that her bottom was fully bare.

A second smack, and it really stung. She could hear herself squealing and knew she sounded pathetic.

This was so horrible. She hadn't even been introduced to her classmates yet, and now they'd never see her as anything other than the huge-tits, spanked-ass, stupid bitch. Professor Bawson had degraded her more than she'd ever been in her life, all in less than ten minutes.

He held her ankles with one hand and pulled her legs whenever she threatened to close them; he manipulated and maneuvered her like a girl's body was a thing he had years of practice handling. She felt unnervingly like this man knew more about her than she did herself.

The fifth smack. Then, in rapid succession: Six, seven, eight.

"Yooow!" she cried. She sobbed, and then heard the unmistakable clicking of a camera. There was no way to know how many phones and cameras were pointed at her right now. Even one was far, far too many.

But only two more spanks to go.

Professor Bawson made them felt: One, solid spank, squarely in the center of each of her cheeks. Then he rubbed her ass at the end, lifted his hand, released her ankles, and was done.

She didn't know what to do. Her ass was sore and she knew she was shivering, despite being flaming hot. And, worryingly, her pussy was soaking wet. She quickly squeezed her legs together.

"Off the desk," said Professor Bawson. "Put your cap back on and get back in the corner. I have a class to teach."

Two young men got up to move the desk aside, and she was left to retrieve her dunce cap from the floor. She knew everyone was watching as she decided how to complete her task. Her tits were now completely exposed, her dress around her waist, and it wasn't exactly easy to lean down in such narrow stilettos with two massive weights hanging from her chest.

She shakily made her way to her knees, and as she bent she fell. She gasped, her tits hitting the ground, and the class erupted into laughter.

She closed her eyes. Pretend this is a dream.

She took three deep breaths, then reopened her eyes and took the cap. She put it on her head and went to her corner, eager to be able to face away from the class and pretend she was alone.

"As good as the sight of your pink ass is, turn around," said Professor Bawson. "You're a student and you need to pay attention."

"Could -- could I have help with my dress?" Lila ventured to ask.

"It's fine as it is," said Professor Bawson.

She was scared of his snapping, so she didn't argue. A second strike would be more than she could bear. Slowly, she turned around, exposing to the class her huge, naked tits and her STUPID BITCH cap. They watched openly as tears streamed down her face, and she squeezed her eyes shut when she realized that camera phones were pointed in her direction.

"Now," said Professor Bawson. "As I was saying before I was interrupted, attendance will be taken daily. Unlike in many of your other classes, your presence is mandatory every day. I'm essentially running two different classes at once, and everyone needs to be here for things to run smoothly. For the men, you will be learning the basics of microeconomics and small company management. Girls will be learning the surface principles in order to help them work in offices in the future. However, they will be exempt from all mathematics, mass memorization, and understanding any complicated theories. If anything is too hard, girls, please approach me after class. I don't offer tutoring for girls, but I won't grade anything that you let me know is too hard for you. Don't ever challenge yourselves. In addition -- Stop crying." His voice turned ice cold.

Lila held her breath.

"Your sobs are the same as interrupting me. It is extremely disrespectful, and I will punish you again if I need to. Be quiet."

He didn't even look at Lila, but she nodded silently, not daring to exhale. Tears continued to fall but she forced her breathing to be steady.

The class passed like this, and by the end her legs were shaking, her calves sore. The moment Professor Bawson dismissed the class -- after beginning to cover some economics fundamentals that immediately went over her head, and involved a lot of confusing charts -- she snatched off her cap and yanked her dress over her tits.

She left the room before anyone else.


She had over an hour before her next class, so she went to a school cafeteria, relieved when no one from her Business Basics class was there. She bought a salad and a fruit cup, and as she scanned the room for a table to sit at, a hand clapped her on the shoulder.

"Hey, stupid bitch!"

She looked up at Kodi, aghast, his handsome face smiling down at her.

"Oh," he said. "That's what everyone in my econ class was calling you, and you never told me your name."

"It's Lila," she said.

"Uh-uh," he said. "Listen, come sit down with me and the boys. I know they all really want to see you in person, and they were psyched when I told them I already had."

There was a sinking feeling in her stomach.

"What do you mean, Kodi?" she asked, letting him guide her to a table where three other, muscular men were sitting.

"Well, I mean, everyone's probably seen your amazing video already, right? That Todd freshman in your Business Basics was streaming it live onto the school website. I really think streaming is the most efficient way to get news out -- "

"What?" Lila gasped. "W-what do you mean? What website?"

She didn't want to cry in front of Kodi, but she also really, really hoped that he hadn't already watched her cry on a screen.

"Oh." He laughed, far too lightheartedly. "I keep forgetting you're new here. University Sale's website has a page called 'Our Girls.' You can get to it right from a tab on the homepage. Students can post pictures and videos of all our gorgeous, slutty students on it." He chuckled. "I've never heard of any girl making it on there in their first class, though. You're really lucky."

"Lucky?" she said, so soft she almost mouthed it. For the first time, Kodi noticed her expression.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I -- I -- if what you're saying is true, anyone can watch what just happened!" she exclaimed.

Kodi shrugged. "I think everyone already has. Chloe's going to be so mad."


"Hey, boys." They'd reached the table. "This is Stupid Bitch, and you have to say nice things to her, because she's all bummed out over being on Our Girls."

"Bummed out?" One of the boys, a handsome, square-jawed ginger, took his fork out of his mouth to speak.

"She's new," said Kodi, as if that explained it.

"Aw, man," said the ginger. "Sit right next to me, Stupid Bitch. I'll clear this all up for you."

He rubbed the empty seat next to him, and she sat, feeling tentatively better, already, for being surrounded by such outgoing men. She'd been planning on eating alone and sinking into despair, but this was more therapeutic, even if their nickname for her rolled off their tongues too easily.

"Firstly, I'm Donald," said the ginger, and he wrapped an arm around her. She was comforted by the heavy touch. "And what you have to know is that pretty much any slut in this school would fuck anyone to be you right now. And I mean anyone. Like, they'd fuck Henry over there." He pointed across the room to an obese, greasy-skinned boy eating alone, and she giggled. "Seriously. Professor Bawson has just done you the biggest favor, and I can tell right now from how you're sitting that you don't appreciate it."

"Sitting?" she echoed blankly.

"You need to sit like this." Without asking her, he took the bottoms of her tits and pressed up, until they were balanced on the table. Her nipples showed, and she had to lean forward to keep her tits from falling back down. "Feels better, right?"

"It offers nice support," she agreed, validated by the way the four jocks -- because clearly they were athletes -- were gaping at her tits.

"Good. You need to display these all the time. Because frankly, you have the biggest tits in the school, and if you know how to use them, you're going to be the most popular slut on campus."

"Popular?" she said.

"Yeah. And Professor Bawson has just given you a huge boost. Your videos already have about a thousand views, and he made sure that the school got to see everything -- your ass, your tits. You're cute when you cry, by the way." Donald's big hand gave her left tit a squeeze. "He's just given you a nickname and undeniable proof that you're hot, so I'd say you're in huge debt to him."

"Wow..." Lila was having a hard time accepting that, but all of the men were nodding.

"Oh, here it is," said Kodi, grinning and taking out his phone as it buzzed. "Yep, it's Chloe."

The men laughed.

"Oh, man," he said, scrolling down what seemed to be a long text. "She's steaming."

"I wonder what she'd say if she knew you were having lunch with Stupid Bitch right now," said Donald. He said, for Lila's benefit, "Chloe is Kodi's girlfriend. Cheerleading captain to his football captain. She hates when other gorgeous sluts get more attention than her."

"Don't repeat this, because it's not cool to talk about," Kodi added, "but there's a kind of unspoken, school-wide ranking system, and my girlfriend is number one. She doesn't want to be replaced."

"But as those videos get around, I'd say our Stupid Bitch could easily slide into slot number two," said Donald. "Pushing Camilla to number three... And who'd be fourth?"

"Who cares about fourth?" asked the third jock.

"I wouldn't fuck fourth," said the fourth jock.

"Yes, you would." Donald rolled his eyes.

Lila giggled. She liked hearing careless, boyish banter after being in Professor Bawson's dreary, tension-filled lecture hall.

"You're going to go back before your next class, aren't you?" asked Kodi.

"Go back...?" she said. "Not to...?"

"Bawson's," he said, as if it were obvious.

"She's new, remember?" said Donald. He provided helpfully: "After a professor punishes a girl, it's standard protocol to go to his office and thank him for the discipline. And, I mean, considering that he's just put you into an exclusive popularity contest..."

"Oh! Of course! I'll go!" It was impossible to deny these men, even as she was already trembling softly with dread. Professor Bawson, with his grey looks and indifferent but stern manner, was the type of teacher who, at a normal college, would fail her on a lot of tests and refuse to give her extra credit. But here, where he could humiliate and degrade her at his whim, she found herself disarmed and frightened.

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