tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSchoolgirl Meets Rock Guy

Schoolgirl Meets Rock Guy


It was April and the weather had just gotten slightly warmer. Alyssa had just turned 18 and couldn't wait for the last few months of her high school career to be over with. Alyssa was a slightly rebellious young girl, rejecting much of her parents' authority. Despite making out with several boys her age at parties, she was still a virgin. She enjoyed wearing her schoolgirl uniform and rolling up the blue and white plaid skirt, knowing full well that she was an attractive young lady with a body that many admired. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches and 110 pounds with long blonde hair, she was one of the most objectively attractive seniors at her school.

School lunch had just started and she walked to the local coffee shop to get her usual sandwich and tea with her friend Sarah. When Alyssa and Sarah sat down with their food, a man seemingly around their age, possibly a bit older, approached them. He looked around 6 feet tall and had longish dark hair and blue eyes. Despite his unkempt appearance (wearing a black Slayer shirt and jeans), Alyssa right away found him quite attractive.

"Hey girls, I just wanted to let you know that my band is playing at the local pub tonight as part of our cross country tour. I can give you some free backstage passes if you girls want," he said. Alyssa found this interesting. As part of her rebellious nature, she was a fan of many punk rock and metal groups.

"That's cool," she said. "Do you have them on you?" Sarah, being Alyssa's best friend, also showed interest in this.

"I don't have them on me right now, but I can take you to my hotel room and give you them there," the man said. "And I'm Alex by the way."

"Thanks. I'm Alyssa and this is Sarah. We'd love to come." Sarah looked at her friend with a slight degree of uncertainty.

"Great, come with me. My hotel is only about a half a kilometer away." They began walking behind him.

"You sure about this guy, he could be some kind of freak?" Sarah whispered to Alyssa.

"What's the worst that could happen? There's two of us and one of him. Besides, he's fucking cute."

Within five minutes, they arrived at the motel and Alex opened up the door to his room. "I realize it's kinda sketchy, but we gotta cut costs. Our price for going on tour."

Alyssa let her attraction to Alex take over and sat on the bed,stroking her pretty blonde hair and petting her pleated plaid skirt. "It looks like Alyssa realized what I really brought you two here for," Alex said. "But I do have passes for you if you still want them." Alyssa smiled at him flirtatiously while Sarah stood near the door in disbelief of what was happening. She wanted to go, but she couldn't leave her best friend alone in a situation like this.

Alex put one hand on Alyssa's leg and another on her upper back, pressing his lips against hers. Alyssa kissed him back passionately, rubbing her hand against his chest. She didn't feel ready for sex, but she didn't wanna leave him as his touch felt so good and she was really attracted to him. Alex reached under Alyssa's skirt and pulled down her black panties. "Nice kitty you got," he said, admiring her tight virgin pussy. Alyssa was silent and uncertain now, but something stopped her from pushing him away. Part of her wanted him really bad. He lightly pushed Alyssa body onto the bed, lifted up her skirt and put his mouth on her pussy, licking it softly. Alyssa began to whimper in excitement. She had fingered herself many times before, but never had it felt this good.

After a minute of pleasuring Alyssa, he glanced at Sarah. "Do you wanna join in?" Sarah froze and said nothing. "A little shy, I get it. But me and Alyssa here are having a great time." He took his shirt off and Alyssa took her blouse off. Alex put his mouth on her titties while playing with her pussy with his finger, making Alyssa moan louder. She loved every second of it and she could feel her pussy getting increasingly wet. Finally, Alex removed his boxers, revealing a seven inch hard cock.

Alyssa still felt slightly uncertain about being fully penetrated by it. "I like you, but I'm not sure abou-". He stuck his cock in her, stopping the young schoolgirl mid-sentence. After initial discomfort, Alyssa immediately began feeling immense pleasure and her whole body seemed to feel amazing. "YES!! AW YESS!" she screamed in sexual pleasure. Sarah continued to watch her best friend willingly getting violated by this man they had just met. She soon became extremely jealous of Alyssa. Sarah was also fairly pretty, but Alyssa was one of the most sought-after girls in the school. Many times before, she had been jealous of Alyssa, but none more than this time.

When Alyssa reached orgasm, Sarah still didn't move. As much as she wanted what Alyssa was getting, something stopped her. Alex quickly pulled out of Alyssa and spilled his load onto the floor beside the bed. "Thanks for that, I'm too young to get pregnant," Alyssa said with pleasure.

"No worries, babe. I'm a nice guy. See you at the show tonight," he said handing the two pretty young ladies the passes and once again groping Alyssa's sweet skirted ass. He gestured them to leave.

"But I wanna stay longer. You're so great," said Alyssa.

"I'll tell you what, you can come back tonight after the show. Maybe come on tour with us in July when school is done." Alyssa was extremely excited. She loved the idea of leaving her bullshit mom and stepdad to have tons of fun with this hot rock guy.

On the way back to school, the two girls didn't say much to each other. Sarah deeply regretted not joining her best friend for the awesome sex.

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