tagNonConsent/ReluctanceScratching An Itch Ch. 5

Scratching An Itch Ch. 5

byBob Peale©

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She went back down the hallway to the bathroom. Linda was slumped against the wall whimpering and mumbling, but barely audible over the sound of the vibrator.

"Time for us to have some fun," Tania said lightly, slapping Linda's ass playfully.

Linda was a quivering mess from the constant stimulation, almost to the point of being in pain. She actually dreaded the next orgasm. It had taken Tania forty minutes to deal with Ron.

Tania unfastened one handcuff from the bar and attached it, behind Linda's back, to a link in a chain she'd retrieved from her bag. She did the same with the other hand and led Linda unsteadily back to the bedroom. She really was in no condition to put up any sort of a fight. Picking up a final pair of handcuffs, Tania attached the end of the chain to one cuff, and the other cuff tightly to the bedroom doorknob. Then she walked back over to the bed and crawled between Ron's legs, reached into the fly of is pajamas, and licked him until his magnificent cock stirred.

"Oh yeah, that's what I remember," Tania purred.

When he was rock hard, she climbed off the bed and walked over to Linda, who was lying on her back near the door.

"Would you like me to turn off the vibrator, Linda?" she asked, looking down at her.

Linda nodded her head as vigorously as she could manage.

"Ok, here's the deal. I'll turn it off, and even take the gag off if you do exactly what I say. Understand?"

Again, she nodded.

Tania reached down and felt between Linda's leg to find the base of the vibrator and switched it off. She heard an audible sigh, even through the gag. After removing the gag, she walked back to the bed.

It was time to get Ron totally in the mood. When she'd gone to get Linda, she'd taken her bag with her into the hallway, but she'd purposely left her knife by the bed. Now she picked it up and walked toward Ron.

"Wha...what are you going to do with that?" he asked wide eyed, his hard on subsiding a little as the fear overtook him.

"I guess that really depends on you,: Tania answered, slipping the blade under the waistband of his pajama bottoms.

She felt him flinch.

"Careful, Ron. This thing is very sharp; I'd hate for you to lose anything."

She moved it around to his side and slid it down the outside of his leg, cutting the material away like it was made of spider webs. Then she returned to his waist and positioned the knife on the outside of his other leg, repeating the process. Once the knife was safely away from his body, Ron pulled at his restraints trying to free himself. Tania watched for a while, amused, while he worked up a sweat.

"I've been doing this a long time. I'd be real surprised if you got free before I wanted you to."

She looked over at Linda, slumped on the floor and only semi conscious. It was finally Tania's turn for some pleasure. She walked over and bent down, flipping the vibrator back on.

"Oh God, no!" Linda moaned hoarsely. "Please, please make it stop."

"I will, dear," Tania said soothingly. "I will. But first, you have to do something for me."

"Anything! Just please turn it off," she begged.

"Well, I'm going to fuck your husband. But in order to do that, I really need your help. I'll never get that thing in me without you. I need you to get me really wet, then I'll turn it off."

At that moment, Linda started to shake, caught in the grip of another orgasm. Her face contorted in a mask that was part ecstasy, part terror. Tania squatted over Linda, then dropped to a kneel, her crotch touching Linda's partially open mouth.

"Lick me Linda; eat my pussy."

There was no movement. Tania rubbed a pussy firmly over Linda's mouth.

"I said lick it. I'm not turning off that damned thing until I'm wet."

Slowly, Linda stuck out her tongue and tasted Tania. Her pussy was salty and musky from the hours of masturbation back at the motel, and would take some getting used to. Especially for a woman that had never been with another woman, who had never tasted anything but cock.

Ron craned his head to see what was going on on the floor. Because of their position, all he could see was an area from Tania's face to the bottom of her tits. She smiled and licked her lips seductively, squeezing her nipples as she rocked back and forth on Linda's face. Linda was panting under her, right into her pussy, and it felt wonderful. It wasn't long before Tania was moaning, her nipples two pink little rocks pinned to a gorgeous pair of golden tits rising and falling much more rapidly now. Caught up in the action, Linda tried to stuff her tongue in Tania, forcing it rapidly in and out, doing anything she could to please her and stop the torture. Tania was on the verge of a truly powerful cum. With the last of her resolve she stood up, albeit shakily, and broke the contact with Linda's mouth.

"Oh shit that was good. You sure you haven't done that before?" she asked weakly.

Looking over at Ron, she saw that he was deliciously hard again. His cock looked even thicker than she remembered it, as impossible as that seemed. He must have really enjoyed what he could see.

As promised, she bent over and switched off the vibrator. Linda gasped at the sudden respite, and Tania thought she heard a mumbled thanks. She unsnapped the both sides of the panties to expose Linda's pussy. It was swollen and crusted with the results of almost constant stimulation. The smell of sex was so overpowering that Tania started to drip from its strength. She reached down and slowly withdrew the vibrator. Linda's pussy still flexed lovingly around it, gripping it as she pulled. It figured; anyone married to a piece of meat like Ron had to LOVE sex.

With the vibrator still dripping with juice from Linda's pussy, Tania climbed back on the bed between Ron's legs and gave his cock a long lick from his balls to the ridge of his head. His cock twitched in anticipation of what else awaited, and he sighed deeply, despite being restrained. During one of several subsequent licks, Tania placed the tip of the vibrator against the opening of his ass. His eyes flew open.

"Oh Shit Tania, no!"

He tried to clench his ass against the invasion that he knew was imminent. Unfortunately, the vibrator was slick enough that the tightened muscles only aided with insertion. One firm push was all it took for Tania to lodge over a third of the vibrator in his ass.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!" he screamed, squeezing his eyes shut and bucking his hips.

She delivered a few well-placed licks to ease his pain while she paused, waiting for his newly stretched asshole to adjust.

"Look on the bright side, sweetie. It's not nearly as thick as you. Think how I felt!"

Slowly she slid the vibrator in and out of his violated ass, fucking him deeper with each thrust. His cock stood rigidly up from his body; clearly he was responding to the abuse, whether he wanted to or not. His breathing was uneven now, and his eyes were squeezed tightly, tears spilling out of the corners. He was whimpering with each thrust; the pain must have been damn near unbearable. Still, she continued until it was buried all the way in his ass. Throughout the entire ordeal, she licked and sucked his cock head, sending tremors of pleasure through his body to compete with the pain.

With the vibrator firmly embedded, she crawled over him, her pussy brushing his cock and causing him to tense in anticipation. This made his ass clench the vibrator tighter, and a groan escaped. His forehead was covered in beads of sweat, which had mixed with the tears and soaked the pillow under his head.

"What's the matter, big boy? Don't like how the other half lives?" she asked tauntingly, gently kissing his cheeks and lips.

She continued kissing him, making her way down his to his chest, licking and chewing hungrily on his nipples, something totally new for him. He wasn't prepared for the feelings of intense excitement that it brought. She alternated between trapping his nipple tightly between her teeth and covering them with quick wet strokes. His hips humped the air violently, forcing the vibrator in even deeper.

"Ugggghhhh!" he shuddered. "Oh Jesus, Tania, please stop!"

Ignoring him, she resumed traveling down his body until his cock was in her face again. She swirled her tongue around the base and shaft, getting it nice and wet.

"Methinks the man doth protest too much," she giggled. "From the taste and feel of your cock, you love this!"

She'd been careful to keep playing with her pussy while she worked on him, keeping it wet but avoiding cumming. She knew that if she had any chance of actually mounting him, she'd have to be wetter than she ever had been before. With Austin, it was more a matter of length; every time he drilled in, it felt like he'd slap her tonsils. She'd almost cum two more times, but eased off in time. She couldn't hold out any longer, though. She had to have him in her!

Rising up, she quickly straddled his waist facing his head. Carefully, she scooted back until her pussy came into contact with his cock head again. It twitched so hard when it felt the warm softness of her pussy that it actually slapped against her, sending what felt like electricity through her.

"Oh shit I need this bad," she moaned.

Her pussy, sloppy from over stimulation, admitted his enormous cock head easily. This was a far cry from the ass fucking she'd endured yesterday. Although he was stretching the shit out of her.

With him chained so tightly, he wasn't able to get enough leverage to thrust up into her, so she totally controlled the pace. She felt so warm, so wet, that all he could think about was her walls swallowing him, squeezing him, as he gave her the fuck of her life. But it was hard to concentrate; every time his throbbed, the vibrator in his ass made him wince.

She took her time working him in, shuddering as each bloated inch slid deeper inside her. It felt so fucking good! She was frustrated because it was taking so long, but he was so thick that whenever she tried to move faster she saw stars and couldn't catch her breath.

Finally, he was all the way in. Now she needed to distract him, because there was one more thing she had to do before she could let herself cum. She brought her legs under her until she was basically squatting. This allowed her to rise up, almost letting his cock slide all the way out. There was no way in hell, though, that she was letting his cock head out. She didn't think she'd survive working it back in.

When she'd gone as far as she dared, she lowered herself back down, panting as his cock filled and stretched her pussy past what she thought were her limits. He was wincing less, which she took to mean that he was finally getting used to the vibrator.

When their crotches mashed together the next time, she dropped back on her knees and took several short strokes. On the last one, she reached under and switched the vibrator on. Ron screamed long and loud; the neighbors probably heard him. Incredibly, it felt like his cock stretched even bigger as a result of the sudden invasive stimulation; the reality was that her pussy was contracting, signaling that her orgasm wasn't far off.

With newfound enthusiasm she fucked him, fueled by his pleas that she have mercy and turn off the vibrator. They now had conflicting goals; her to cum, and him not to. In spite of the pain he began thrusting into her, driving that monster cock deeper, setting off explosions in her head and in her groin.

"That's it baby, time to give it back," she grunted.

She was slamming into him now, simultaneously numb and on fire. Her orgasm was so close she could see it, imagining what it was going to be like when it broke. She picked up speed, grabbing handfuls of mattress on either side of his head. His pubic hair tickled her clit as she pounded him. Without warning, something inside her burst, like a balloon, and before she knew it an intense heat rushed over her.

"Fuck me!" she screamed, covering his cock and hips with juice as she came.

The intensity set him off. The first stream of cum shot so hard and deep that it made her tremble, starting a new orgasm. She fell against him, her tits covering is face. Subconsciously he latched onto her nipple, sucking it hard as her pussy continued to milk his cock, making her squeal with delight.

Exhausted, they finally stopped cumming. Her pussy was so sore she couldn't even imagine having sex ever again right now. Gingerly she raised off of him, letting his still rigid cock pop free. Standing wearily, a mixture of her and him dripping steadily down her leg, she bent down to pick up her knife and looked over at Linda. She was passed out, exhausted from her ordeal.

Tania walked over the bedroom door and opened it wide enough for her to slip out.

"Tania!" Ron called after her, his voice broken. "You can't just leave us like this!"

"Of course not. I'll call the police from a pay phone in a little while and tell 'em I think someone's hurt. Maybe I'll tell 'em I heard gunshots; that usually rates a few squad cars," she said from the hall.

"What about this vibrator?" he yelled hysterically.

"Batteries won't run more than another twenty or so hours," she chuckled, closing the door to the garage behind her on the way out.

The End...

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