tagBDSMSean Ch. 3

Sean Ch. 3


I was still adjusting to my long held fantasy becoming an exciting reality. There was so much to take in. It had not dawned on me that there might be a second occupant of the master bedroom. I had assumed that my status simply meant that I would be summoned as the Master of the house required me. The thought of how he would reward my obedience and service kept me in a state of moist excitement.

Over the next few days I cooked and cleaned and served him as a loyal and loving housekeeper. Cleaning the master bedroom I noticed that he obviously shared it with another person. I wasn't sure how to deal with this but knew that it was not my place to question.

About a week after my first morning spanking the door bell rang. I answered in my uniform to find a woman in her late twenties or early thirties standing there. She was plainly but attractively dressed and about my height and slender. Her hair was a smoothly coiffed auburn mane. She had a soft white complexion.

"Hello, you must be Karen. I'm Jillian and I'm very pleased to meet you."

Taken somewhat aback I took her proffered hand and ushered her in. I bent to pick up her suitcase but she declined my help.

"Sean would not be happy to know you were doing jobs that are properly mine. Thank you all the same."

Jillian came in and sat down. She asked me to join her and then the explanations began. She was Sean's wife and like me had the need to be dominated. She had been away for a week because she had disobeyed too many instructions and had been sent to a private training establishment for wayward women. She had returned home sorry for her misdeeds and ready to resume her role in the household. She hoped we would be friends. She knew all about me and told me I was very welcome.

Jillian seemed a pleasant and sympathetic woman. I was certain we would be friends.

Around luch time the front door opened and Sean surveyed the house. I came from the kitchen and stood before him my head bowed.

"The house looks wonderful you've done very well."

"Thank you, sir. I have done my best to please you."
"Is Jillian home yet?"

"Yes, Sir, she is in the kitchen waiting for you."

"Well we had better go and see her."

I followed as we made our way to the kitchen. In the two minutes I had been absent Jillian had lifted her skirt to reveal a pair of stockings and a small pair of silk underpants. She had beautiful legs and a magnificent bottom. Even I was taken with the sight and at that stage women were an unexplored territory for me.

"I assume Jillian has informed you of her misdemeanors?"

I nodded. Jillian made her way to the wooden kitchen table and opening her blouse to reveal her cherry tipped breasts, she leant across its cold hard surface and spread her legs. I was instructed to go and hold her hands to ensure she was stretched properly. She was breathing steadily and her hands were warm and soft as they gripped mine.

"Jillian, whom I love dearly, had been a very disobedient young lady. It is partly my fault for being too tolerant. We are going to start again the way we intend to go on."

Sean stepped forward and pulled her panties off her cheeks. I felt her hands tighten and as the first of 20 paddle blows rained down upon her, I felt her shake and her grip tighten on me. She took her punnishment silently. Only her shaking and increased breathing gave away any reaction.

As the punnishment ended I was instucted to release her but she was told to remain in place. I was told that it was my turn now but that I was only to receive 10 spanks. As Sean sat down I approached and laid myself across his knee. What there was of my skirt I raised and waited. My reward was swift. My pussy had already been wet but as the eigth blow hit my bottom I came. I had not been given permission and knew I had been very naughty but I had been unable to help myself.

Releasing me, Sean told me that a further punnishment for my disobedience awaited me that evening. For the moment I was to stand in the corner. As I did this Sean approached his chastised wife and opening the zip of his trousers entered her and in several powerful thrusts tended to the need which if she were anything like me must have been extreme.
He withdrew and told me to take Jillian and assist her. Unsteadily Jillian stood and taking my hand she shuffled along behind me to the bathroom her panties now at her ankles.

Sean sat down to the lunch I had prepared for him with obvious satisfaction.

In the bathroom Jillain wiped her eyes and examined her reddened bottom in the mirror. She winced slightly as she sat on the bidet to wash her pussy. She thanked me for my help and told me that she was so happy to have a 'friend' like me. She hoped that my punnishment later that evening would not be too severe. I brought her a towel to dry herself and found some cold cream for her bottom.

At five p.m. I was summoned from my housekeeping duties to atone for my illicit orgasm. I was ordered to strip; which, given my skimpy outfit took very little time. Sean produced a silk rope and called to Jillian to come and assist. I was to put my hands in front of me and Jillian tied them together. I was subsequently blindfolded and told to kneel and place my head on the floor with my arms stretched out ahead of me. Sean left the room having instructed Jillian to watch over me.

What seemed like an eternity passed. I heard Sean's steps in the hallway and then a 'swish' as what I took to be a riding crop cut the air and landed across my buttocks. I was in an open and stretched position. After each stroke and its delicious agony the soft leather tip would run along my open wet pussy lips and up across my rosebud before administering another of the 30 strokes I so richly deserved. I did all I could not to come and only succeeded because I'd been so bad on my master's knee earlier that day.

As my discipline ended I was untied and helped to my feet by Jillian. My blindfold still in place I was walked to the big double bed in the master bedroom. I could sense Sean waiting. I was placed on the bed bottom up and my head gently guided the familiar touch and taste of Sean's cock.. I was crying with the pain and arousal I was experiencing. As my tongue circled Sean's moist tip I felt a tongue run up the cleft of my bottom and kisses on each welted cheek.

A deep familiar voice told me that I was forgiven and should enjoy
the cure for my pain that Jillain had to offer. On my knees blindfolded sucking my loving master's cock as I sought his benediction on my tongue I felt gentle hands push my knees apart.

The result was that my bottom was in the air my sex opened and dripping and a woman I'd met only a few hours ago ministering to my blistered tail from rosebud to clit. I'd never been with a woman before and I'm not really sure that I was at this stage. All I had to do was stroke and suck my master as Jillian tended me.

My thoughts were interrupted as Sean told me I might cum at will. The thought that my master loved me so much that he would gift me control of my pleasure for a short while was in combination with Jillian's fingers in my pussy and her snaking tongue entering my rear enough to set me off.

I was desperate to serve Sean's needs. I was panic stricken that I might fail him. All this added to my erotic explosion as Sean pumped his cum down my throat. I trobbed from my deepest core. I thought my insides were being rearranged by some divine source.

Careful to fulfil my duties and properly clean my master's cock, I passed out with a sob. I don't know what time it was when I awoke but I was at the bottom of the huge bed. My hands and feet were bound with lovely soft but secure ropes.

The rope passed from my hands between my legs to my feet I was in some sort of little camp bed to which the ropes were attached in such a way that I could not move more than and inch or two. It was just enough for a sensual friction between my sex lips.

It was obvious that my tender parts had been carefully cleaned and I was covered with a warm blanket. I felt so loved and happy. In my bleary state it became obvious what had woken me. Jillian's head was hanging off the end of the bed only inches from my face.

Sean smiled at me as he pounded his cock into her from behind. Jillian's face was a silent scream. She reached out a hand to stroke my face but was brought up short with a loud smack on her rear.

"You and the housekeeper will only touch each other with my permission."

As my clit throbbed I tried to sleep and dream of the life of service that extended so enticingly before me.

I slept fitfully and the silky, soft ropes pressed at my clit each time I stirred. I was in a lather of excitement by the time that Jillian crawled naked from the bed to kiss me and give me the tantalizing aftertaste of Sean's seed which she held in her mouth as a result of her morning duties. My little bud was erect and pulsing.

I knew that my morning spanking was nearly at hand as Jillian unfastened the ropes from my ankles and allowing me to stand led me to the kitchen. With my arms still tied I was laid across the wooden table much as I had held her the day before. I was a whimpering mess. One touch on my pussy and I would cum.

Sean, dressed in a silk robe, found me there about five minutes later. I did not speak as I had not been spoken to. Jillian was on her knees head bowed beside me. She handed Sean a small paddle and asked if she had served him adequately.

My buttocks tensed in anticipation of my spanking. I so wanted to please Sean for the love he had shown me by letting my fantasy become the beautiful reality it had. Jillian was dismissed and we were alone.

There was silence and then the first stinging swat on my bottom. I grunted in ecstasy but made no more sound. I knew that if I were a good girl my loving master would reward me with his lovely cock.

The tenth blow hit me and as my buttocks glowed a hand brushed my exposed pussy lips. The next thing they were parted by the velvet yet steely hard cock head that could only be my loving masters. He pushed into me slowly and deliberately. I could feel his cock on every surface it touched in me.

I sobbed uncontrollably. Not with pain for all that was past leaving just a delicious warm sensation. Sean's cock sucked at my delicate inner lips as it nearly withdrew on each deliberate stroke. If my pussy could have I would have commanded it to swallow him whole and never let him go.

I wanted this man so much. I adored the way he let me be what I had always wanted. The ripple of his cock head as it passed along me robbed me of all reason. His balls crushing my clit as they were pressed hard up against me meant I could only breathe in gasps.

"You may come," broke the silence.

I did and as was becoming usual with such force that I thought I might need a doctor. I did not think such pleasure possible until this man put me in the place I longed to be.

Sean withdrew, having left only a memory of his cock in me. I heard the sound of Jillian sucking him from the dining room next door.

Sean having been tended to I was unbound and allowed to perform my morning toilet and continue my household duties. It was now my duty to wash Jillian's pussy. I had never touched another woman but I enjoyed the 'sisterly' relationship we had. Jillian was truly bisexual and had written to Sean confessing that she had wanton desires that centered upon me.

This confession was the trigger for the most erotic sensation of my life to date. Just when I thought that I had entered heaven things reached a new plateau.

Jillian and I were not allowed to wear clothing on Saturday. When the boy who did the lawns arrived to collect his pay we were ordered to sit on the sofa and display ourselves to him while Sean counted off the notes.

My breasts ached as the humiliation of displaying myself to a teenage boy burned into my sexual core. Jillian, I would learn later, stained the sofa with her excitement.

Sean gave Jillian permission to clean me that evening but not before she had been smacked and made to stand in the corner of the living room for all her impure thoughts.

After completing my duties I arrived to report to Sean who was sitting in a comfortable chair and sporting an obvious erection. How I wanted to suck it and taste his seed but it was not to be. I was about to submit myself to the gentle ministrations of Jillian.

There was a large soft towel laid on the Persian rug and some warm soapy water and a cloth nearby. I was instructed to lie down on my back, put my hands behind my head and spread my legs. I was open and exposed as Jillian was allowed to turn around and cleanse me.

Sean watched as first one and then another of my toes were sucked as if each were a little cock. My feet were washed tongued and dried and every other part of me was similarly tended. I was dripping wet from my own arousal. Jillian was forbidden to make me come. I, of course, awaited my master's word regarding my own release.

As my eyelids were given a kiss by Jillian's soft lips I was instructed to stand and come to Sean's waiting cock. I turned my back and straddled him as instructed and felt him part me. Jillian knew her role as I sat on Sean's cock with my legs spread she came to us on hands and knees.

With a nod from Sean she gave my clit a lick. Sean had pinned my arms behind me. My legs were obscenely spread and Jillian was lapping at my folds. I felt Sean begin to come. His cock was right up inside me and each throb sent a ripple through me. Jillian continued to lick me.

Again I heard the magic words. "You may come, Karen"

I obeyed my master. Jillian pulled Sean's deflating cock from me and cleaned it with her tongue As Sean began to drip from me she placed her mouth on my opening and took every drop. By the time she was finished there was no evidence Sean had ever spent himself in me.

Because Jillian and I had been so lewd, Sean insisted we be lashed together that evening for bed. My arms were tied behind Jillian's back and hers behind mine. We were in an involuntary embrace. For the rest of the evening as we lay at the end of our master’s bed either or both of our pussies were made available to him as he desired.

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