tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSecret Photos of My Wife

Secret Photos of My Wife


As I was preparing to write this story, I discovered on the top shelf of my closet an old file I'd lost track of, inside of which was a sealed envelope. When I tore it open, I was pleasantly shocked to see I'd saved the photos of my young wife naked in a river.

There were others as well, her lying face up on the bed, smiling shyly, and swimming naked in the ocean, and one from behind, through open shutters in a cabin, as she stood in an outside bathtub toward the bay, a towel held in front her semi-demurely (there were boaters out there) but her brown back and legs and white bottom completely on display to me.

I'd almost forgotten that I'd taken these. She'd been so reluctant to ever appear naked in public that it had taken me years and many rounds of gentle persuasion before she started to let go.

But when she did, our life together started changing as well, in ways that we never could have anticipated. What's that story about Humpty Dumpty?

As I write this, I have two of the old photos that I have uploaded to my computer screen to inspire me. One is very grainy because all I had to work with was a black-and-white contact sheet thumbnail – it's her in the river.

I re-photographed it with my digital camera, blew it up to normal size, and re-touched it in iPhoto. The result is still far from the quality of porn images, but somehow that seems fitting, as it has a vintage feel now and is rapidly re-igniting feelings that I've long repressed.

There she is, completely naked in the river, the water up to her waist, standing on a bit of sand among many round, smooth rocks and stones in that mountain setting. She is tall and slender, 5'7" and 120 lbs. with her long blond hair behind her back.

From her pretty shoulders, her arms are spread out and her hands are touching the surface of the river as if she is caressing it. Her face is looking down at her left hand, away from my view.

I see her ear, her cheek, and her left eye.

But also I see her lovely bare breasts standing out at attention.

White from the bikini normally hid them from the sun during our frequent trips to beaches, lakes and rivers, they are perky.

Even in this hazy rendering it is obvious her nipples are erect.

Looking lower, I can see her flat tummy and where her lower body enters the river water. I see the bush above her pussy and the hint of her white behind. Nothing obvious, just hints. Just suggestions of what could be seen by someone else from a different angle.

We'd been hiking next to this river for hours. It was in a remote part of the west coast, but we'd encountered a fair number of other people along the way. Most, like us, were young. We were both 27 at the time.

As we hiked, I took off my shirt and just wore some shorts, socks and shoes. My wife wore one of my shirts unbuttoned as a coverall over a bikini and flip-flops. The bikini had a flowery pattern and was just big enough to cover her breasts and bottom.

I loved looking at her body as she hiked in front of me and imagining that she would eventually get naked out here in nature. I have no idea why the idea holds such power over me but it always has, and apparently always will.

Eventually we reached a spot we deemed remote enough to settle in for our lunch and the adventures that would follow. She laid out a towel and I unpacked our food and wine from the backpack. She went into the pool nearby for a swim. As always she kept on her swimsuit.

Skinny-dipping, as she told me, was too risky for her. What if a stranger came and saw her naked?

The funny thing about that is that often after we got back home to our third-floor apartment in the city with the curtains open, she would relive our days outside with me on a futon in our living room, where a number of neighbors might be able to see.

She would drink some wine and then lay back, while I touched her and asked her how she felt about what we did that day. Invariably, what we always did was hike, swim, apply sunscreen to each other's bodies, and notice others nearby, some of whom (given where we live) were naked.

Then we would have sex. During the lead-up to intercourse I would query her about what she had seen and how that made her feel.

"Did you see that pretty Asian woman undress up by sand dune?"


"Did you see her boyfriend or husband start to touch her?"


"Did you wish you were her?"

"At this point she just kissed me deeply, her signal that the answer was more than a 'yes' it was her moment to begin fucking.

As she came out of the river I again appreciated how lovely she was. What makes her especially sexy is she simply does not know it, or if she does, she pretends not to know.

Her nipples were pressing against her tops and her bottom was clearly outlined, covered in flowers.

She dried off and we ate lunch, and then I poured her a glass of wine. We'd bought all of our supplies from a little market in a nearby town. As we checked out, the cute girl ringing up our bill looked me in the eye and said, "Going up to the river?"

I blushed a bit and said yeah.

"Have a good time!" I think she them winked at me.

As my wife lay beside me after lunch and sipping her wine, I started talking to her.

"You know, nobody is around us here. Wouldn't you like to take your wet suit off?"

"I'm okay."

I continued. "When my suit is wet I am always uncomfortable. I need it to get dry before I feel 'okay.'"

"You have a point," she told me, "but someone might see."

At this point I poured her another glass of wine and whispered in her ear, "So what?"

She drank the wine and reached over to me, touching my chest lightly.

"Maybe you should take a swim and cool off. You seem a bit hot and bothered,"

I obeyed her command and stepped into the river. It was much colder than I had anticipated, but I splashed around for a few moments and then rejoined her at our towel.

I allowed myself my first drops of wine, which on the west coast is our elixir of love. As it slipped down my throat, I knew what to do next.

I stripped off my suit and hung it on the rock next to us. We were truly in a fairly secluded spot but there were trails on both sides of the river and anyone could come along at any time, my wife was right about that.

It felt luxurious being naked out in nature. I have never known how to feel about my own body but I think it is pretty nice. I am 6' tall, 180 lds. My bottom is white because I usually keep my shorts on but everything else is golden brown.

My penis is probably not the biggest, maybe six inches erect but thick and straight and nice (according to my wife) to look at. She also likes my ass and has taken pictures of me naked, which she has in our photo album at home.

She says she has showed them to her friends, which embarrasses me but also excites me.

In any event, back on our towel, I started trying to caress her but she rejected me. "Not here," she commanded.

After a bit, around mid-afternoon, we started hiking back to our car.

We were both dressed in our hiking clothes again, except she had lost her bikini and was just wearing my shirt over her naked body. Knowing this, I was sporting an erection that I could not control.

About halfway along the trail we spotted a deep green pool below.

Without speaking she led me down to it, gently holding my hand and indicating this would be where we would be doing whatever she had in mind for us next.

I was shocked that when we got to the edge of the pool that she stripped off her shirt and dived into the pool naked. As I watched her cavort, my cock again got hard. I wanted to play with myself, but I somehow couldn't.

I suddenly felt protective and urged her to get out of the pool. After all, we were now in a zone where many people might see us. I admit that I was scared about what might happen.

She came up and wrapped a towel around herself. Suddenly out of nowhere, a guy came up to us, stripped off his shorts, jumped into the pool naked and yelled "Yahoo!"

Afterward, he kept swimming downstream, his shorts in his hand.

By now, I wasn't sure what my wife had in mind. We'd been experimenting with exhibitionism and voyeurism for some time, but her extreme reluctance in confiding how all of this made her feel troubled me.

What happened next changed everything.

"I liked that boys' body," she breathed into my ear. "I liked seeing his bottom and his penis."

As she said this she started stroking my cock through my shorts.

"Do you think he saw me naked?" she asked.

"Yes, I know he did" I said.

At that she opened her shirt and told me to start touching her. I caressed her naked breasts, one after the other. As I did so, both nipples stood out hard like tiny penises and she moaned her pleasure.

We continued this for maybe 15 minutes before my hand drifted down to her pussy. All I can say is she was very wet, she I did my best to satisfy her before she abruptly sat up, covered herself with the shirt and said, "Enough!"

Wow. At this point I no longer knew what kind of woman my wife was. But she clearly was determined to direct this experience to its conclusion.

As we continued back to our car, she said, "Let's walk in the river."

At this point it was much shallower than before.

"You go," I said. "I'll stay up here on the path."

As she made her way down the hill I saw her remove her shirt, bunch it up, and throw it onto rock next to the river. The she stepped naked into the river.

That is when I shot this picture.

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