tagBDSMSeductress & Daemon: Sissy Pt. 02

Seductress & Daemon: Sissy Pt. 02



A continuation of my initial story, the next morning...


Zombe: a black rubber o-ring type bracelet worn locally, either on wrists or ankles (or both in my case, I have an oversized one that I wear as a necklace too).


I wake early the next morning, Seductress and the sissy are still asleep, the sissy and I are snuggled in either side of our Seductress. I lay there running the events of the previous evening through my mind as the morning sun peeks through the curtains. My still cage dick straining in its confinement, as images of kinkiness turn me on.

Seductress stirs next to me, "Morning my dearest Seductress," I greet her.

"Morning Daemon, go under the blankets and wake the sissy."

"As you wish Seductress."

I crawl under the blankets over Seductress to the sissy. She has a large morning glory, which I duly swallow into my mouth and start sucking. After a few minutes the sissy drifts into wakefulness, releasing a soft moan as I gently suck and lick her cock and balls.

"Morning Seductress." I hear as I feel the sissy's hand touch the back of my head.

"Morning Dear, sleep well?"

"Yes thank you Seductress, woke up even better. "

"Ha ha, yes I imagined that you would enjoy your wake up call." the sissy stars fucking my mouth softly.

"Daemon, come I need the toilet. Sissy make us a morning cup of coffee."

"Yes Seductress." I say as I climb out of the bed and go to assume my position in the bath.

Seductress climbs in and straddles my face. "open wide," Seductress tells me as she starts peeing into my mouth. I swallow as much as I can to avoid choking, a little of it splashing out the side of my mouth and running down my cheek. After Seductress has finished her pee she sits on my face and starts to grind her wet pee covered pussy all over my face as I suck on her clitty.

"MMMmmm, that feels nice..." Seductress moans to herself, "Sissy, have you finished the coffee yet?" she calls out.

"Yes Seductress, just finished."

"Bring my cup."

The sissy enters the bathroom as Seductress gets up off my piss covered face.

"Do you need to pee?" Seductress asks the sissy as she helps me up to my knees and directs the nodding sissy to stand in front of me in the bath.

Seductress holds the sissies cock just in front of my wide open mouth, the tip barely touching my tongue.

The sissy begins to release a steady flow of pee into my mouth. Seductress watches for a bit the pushes the sissies butt forward, inserting her still peeing cock into my mouth. I swallow as frantically as I can but still some dribbles down my chin onto my chest and stomach.

Once the sissy is done peeing Seductress takes her by the hand to help her out the bath.

"Let's go enjoy our coffee." Seductress says to the sissy as they walk out the door, turning back to tell me to clean myself up.

As I clean myself from all the pee on me, I hear the sissy and Seductress chatting on the bed.

As I walk out of the bathroom, I see Seductress sucking the sissy hard again, she indicates for me to come eat her pussy.

"Put a condom on and ride his ass," Seductress orders the sissy as she lies back on the bed, me eating her out with my ass in the air.

The sissy comes and stands behind me and puts her cock against my ass. She gently pushes it in driving my face into Seductress' pussy. The sissy starts fucking my ass while I gorge myself on Seductress' pussy.

"Fuck his ass hard until you cum."

The sissy increases her pace, ramming her hard cock into my bowels, pushing my face up against Seductress' wet pussy with each thrust.

After a few minutes of hard fucking with wild abandon, the sissy tells Seductress that she is about to cum. "Good so am I," Seductress answers in a husky voice as she grabs my head and bucks against my face.

A few minutes later Seductress pulls me into her as her body rocks with orgasm, at the same time the sissy grabs my hips and rams her full length into me as she grunts and starts cumming.

"Take the condom off and tie it off and stick it in his ass," Seductress tells the sissy as their orgasms subside.

I feel my ass gape open as the sissy pulls out. Seductress hold my face to her pussy as I slowly lick her, I eventually feel the openness of my ass blocked as the sissy pushes her warm cum filled condom into my ass.

"Put his plug back in." Seductress says to the sissy as she continues to rub my face against her juicy pussy.

Once the plug is firmly in place Seductress tells the sissy to stand on the side if the room.

"Go clean the sissy's cock off," Seductress tells me as she let's go of my head and gets up.

I get up and move over and kneel in front of the sissy's softening dick, open my mouth and start licking the remaining cum off the sissy's dick.

Seductress comes round and binds first the sissy's hands then my hand behind our backs again.

"Once that cock is clean, keep licking and sucking, make it hard again." Seductress tells me as she goes into the bathroom to have a shower.

I keep sucking the sissy and she eventually begins getting hard again as Seductress finishes up in the bathroom.

"Balls Deep Daemon, Balls deep," Seductress reminds me as she comes out the bathroom wearing her strapon.

As I proceed to suck the sissy all the way down my throat, we hear a knock at the door.

"Ah, that must be breakfast." Seductress says as she goes to answer the door.

Seductress steps aside as she opens the door wide to allow the very sexy room service waitress where the trolley in.

"Oooh, it looks like you're enjoying your stay." the waitress proclaims as she looks from Seductresses strapon to me bound and on my knees sucking the sissy's cock.

"Yes we are, very much, thank you," Seductress coyly answers, then adds "Suck those balls Deamon."

I bend further down and suck on the sissy's balls as her wet hard cock flops across my face.

"He he he, wow, I've never experienced this before. Does it feel good?" The waitress giggles as she grabs hold of the dinner trolley from last night.

"Very good, it's an intense feeling of power and kinkiness." Seductress replies. "Do you want to try a bit?" Seductress offers, "you can't have Daemon, he's mine, but I don't think my sissy will mind. What do you say sissy?"

The sissy smiles and nods frantically with my face in her crotch.

"Really?" The waitress asked as she closes the open suite door. "That could be interesting..."

"Sissy turn around so Daemon can eat your ass." Seductress orders as she removes the strapon and hands it to the waitress. The waitress pulls it up over her panties up under her short skirt.

"Wow, it feels strange feeling this attached to me." The waitress comments, "Ha ha, I got a big black dick." She laughs as she lifts her skirt to look down at the strapon.

"Here, let's lube that up. No such thing as too much lube." Seductress says as she smears lube over the strapon.

"Sissy are you ready? Come bend over the side of the bed. Daemon you can come service me so long. " Seductress orders as she goes to lie on the bed. As I get up the waitress sees my cage, "I've never seen one of those before..."

"He's been locked in it for the last month, and I tease him sexually every day, but he doesn't get to cum. Keeps him frustrated and eager. You've never had your pussy eaten out until you've had it eaten by a man with a caged cock." Seductress educates the intrigued waitress.

I move over to between Seductress' legs and start licking as the waitress walks up behind the sissy and places the strapon to her ass. She slowly eases it in as the sissy groans with pleasure. She gradually builds up a steady rhythm. "I've got to hand it to guys, this is harder than it looks."

"Only at first, once you get used to it, it becomes second nature." Seductress informs her.

"It does actually feel quite empowering. Do you do this all the time?"

"Fairly often, yes, with my bitch boi" Seductress says as she looks at me and pats my head.

As she becomes more aroused the waitress speeds up her pace, "OMG. This is starting to feel really good!"

"It does, doesn't it?" Seductress smiles as she watches them.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, the waitress moans, "I think I'm gonna cum..." she increases her tempo even more. "Oh, fuck," she grabs the sissy's hips as she rams the strapon into her ass.

"I'm cumming..." the waitress squeals as she slams the strapon deep into the sissy's bowels. The sissy's dick dribbling a constant steam of precum.

"Damn, that was intense. I haven't orgasmed that hard in a long time, and that without even touching myself." The waitress tiredly says as she pulls the strapon out of the sissy's gaping asshole.

"Daemon, go eat the sissy's ass some more." Seductress tells me as she gets up.

I go to kneel behind the sissy as Seductress helps the waitress out of the strapon harness. Running my tongue around the sissy's gaping hole. She lets off a sigh as I tickle the rim of her freshly fucked asshole.

"Oh shit, I better get back to work," the waitress says as she moves to the dinner trolley. "They'll be wondering where I got to."

"You can tell them I asked you for help with a private matter, if they contact me I'll vouch for you." Seductress tells the waitress as she opens the door wide and pushes the trolley out. A couple walk past the open door and gasp as they see the sissy and I, but they continue walking.

"Thank you Miss, that was quite an experience. I must definitely do it again."

"That's Mistress or Seductress. No problem, always nice to see a woman meet her dominant side." Seductress says as the waitress walks off.

"Good bois," Seductress tells us as she unbinds our hands. "How about a breakfast break? Daemon come serve us, sissy come sit by me."

I serve them their breakfast as they lounge on the bed, I sit quietly at the bottom of the bed and eat mine as they chat and eat.

After we are finished eating, I clear away the dishes and pour a drink for Seductress.

"Come Daemon, I want to watch you suck some more cock..." As she positions the sissy to stand next to her.

I walk over and hand Seductress her drink, then get on my knees in front of the sissy.

I start by licking and sucking her balls, her semi soft dick bouncing on my nose.

Seductress sits back and watches, sipping on her drink, as I swallow the sissy's balls, her cock grows across my face, dripping pre cum in a snail trail along my nose and over my brow.

When the sissy's cock gets hard enough to start lifting off my face, Seductress puts her drink down and leans forward to grab hold of her cock in one hand and the back of my head in the other. She pulls my head off the sissy's balls and stuffs the rigid dick into my mouth. Seductress yanks my head back then shoves my mouth onto the cock again, and again, fucking the sissy's cock with my mouth.

She pulls me off the dick and lifts it up and shoves my face into the balls again, making me suck on them again. My cock fully engorged pushed up against the bars of its strong steel cage, sissy straining to contain himself, Seductress eventually bores of this, let's us go and reaches over and grabs another condom. She unwraps the condom and sticks it in my mouth, "Put on..." she orders. I put the condom up against the cockhead and lean forward, unrolling the condom as I go, unrolling it to the base.

"Come lie back on the bed Deamon, head here." Seductress tells me, pointing at the side of the bed nearest to her. I lay across the bed bed in the position indicated, Seductress straddles my face, 69 position with my caged cock by her ample breasts, "start licking."

Seductress turns to the sissy, "come fuck me." The sissy comes up behind Seductress, her cock millimetres from my face, "Daemon put it in, mouth only." Seductress orders me.

I lean up and take the sissies dickhead in my mouth and guide it to Seductress' dripping pussy. The sissy gently pushes her hips forward, slowly going in deeper and deeper, I continue to lick and suck Seductress' tasty pussy around the cock, Seductress tickling and playing with my straining cock and balls.

"Fuck me harder!" Seductress orders the sissy.

The sissy begins ramming her hard cock into my Seductress, her balls slapping against my forehead.

"Oooh, I going to cum, keep going bois, you're doing a good job."

"Seductress, I'm near to cumming." the sissy cries.

"Daemon suck his balls into your mouth. sissy, you can cum... I'm cumming."

I reach up and suck both balls into my mouth and suckle on them.

The sissy and Seductress groan in unison as the flow of orgasmic tides flow through their bodies. I feel the sissy's balls jerk in my mouth with each spurt of cum she squirts into the condom, each time I suck them they jerk again.

"Tie the condom off and give it to me." Seductress tells the sissy once she reaches the end of her orgasm.

As the sissy pulls out Seductress sits her freshly fucked pussy onto my nose and pulls my legs up exposing my plug. The sissy takes the condom off and ties it while Seductress pulls my plug out.

"Daemon can clean you off." Seductress tells the sissy as she takes the condom, lifting her ass off my face just enough to allow the sissy access. As I lick the sissies dick clean, Seductress pushes the cum filled condom into my ass, and slowly puts the plug back in.

"MMMmmm, that was fun bois, but unfortunately time for us to get ready to leave." Seductress tells us as she gets up.

"Sissy, go freshen up. Daemon help me pack and get dressed." Seductress tells us.

I assist with dressing Seductress, helping her to step into a skirt and blouse, doing up her boots. Meanwhile the sissy fixes her makeup, and her outfit.

I help pack our toys away and clean up the room a bit.

"You can get dressed now Daemon." Seductress tells me as the sissy comes mincing out the bathroom.

I put my T-shirt and jeans on over my zombe. I still have the plug in... with both filled condoms.

"Ok dear, that was wonderful, did you enjoy yourself?" Seductress asks the sissy.

"Loved it Seductress, thank you so much."

The sissy gives us both a hug goodbye and heads towards the door.

Seductress turns to me and says "Well done Daemon, you will be rewarded... let's go!"

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