Seeing Triple at the Exodar


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Soft sighs and moans from the elf only served to bring Zoranaya closer and closer to release as all three cocks fucked the fattest, juiciest pair of elf-tits this side of Azeroth. Precum and cum and all manner of juices leaked abundantly from between Shalendris's breasts as the orgy of cocks pounded them savagely, hips smacking brutally against them, sending ripples of titmeat around the huge, bouncing mountains.

The Zoranaya clone closest to Shalendris's breasts leaned in just as the true Zoranaya leaned in, the two of them kissing overtop the elf's tits. Had her view not been blocked by a pair of fat, juicy, cum-laden draeballs, she would have witnessed Zoranaya effectively making out with herself, though she definitely felt the two pairs of hands atop her tits. Six hands, it seemed, would not even have been close to enough to fully encompass those gigantic breasts. Ten times that amount would have stood a better chance.

The clone behind the first reached up to grope the first clone's tits, fingers digging into the plentiful purple boobs, pinching nipple between thumb and index. The two Zoranayas making out moaned against one another as they both felt the pleasant sensations at their nipples, their robes having long since been discarded in the mayhem of that lustful romp.

Hands groped and caressed flesh and cocks pummeled elf-tits mercilessly, precum and juices flowing plentifully. Suddenly, in a symphony of moans and groans, all three Zoranayas seized, their bodies lurching forward, fingers digging even harder into whatever titflesh they could find. Their cocks spasmed in perfect synchronicity and, as the perfect copies of each other they were, all three dicks came as one yet again.

Enormous jets of nature-magic-fueled cum burst forth from between Shalendris's breasts, erupting like some sort of creamy volcano, raining semen down on the lustful quartet. The rapid titfucking did not end there, for all three Draenei kept on pounding and pounding away at the gigantic elf-breasts with such force and vigor that the skin of them became slightly numb from the repeated impact of flesh upon flesh.

Shalendris moaned and begged for more, however, as more and more cum coated them all, oozing out of her cleavage and rolling down her neck. Some of the delicious semen ended up in her open mouth, the Draenei cumming all over each other as well.

When all were spent, they remained there, sitting for a long moment, just panting and staring at one another. The three clones pulled their deflating dicks from the elf's enhanced chest, long strands of goopy seed still connecting them to those lavender melons.

"So... what do we do about the clones?" Shalendris asked, looking to whichever of the three Zoranayas was closest, unsure of which was the original. She stood up on the massage table.

All three of the horned women shrugged, looking to each other for answers. "If it's anything like a mage's illusory magic, it'll most likely be temporary," all three Draenei said at once, sitting down on the ground, their shaking legs barely able to hold their cum-and-sweat-covered forms. A wet sound resonated in the room as their plump rumps landed in the cum that had accumulated on the ground.

"They definitely felt real. Are you sure this is illusion magic?" Shalendris asked, trying to appear more knowledgeable than she truly was on the topic.

"Huh, you make good point... I hear some illusions can be how to say... tangible? I'm not an expert, I just hang out with too many mages," Zoranaya said in that thick yet adorable accent of hers. "I'm more of a totem slinger."

"I definitely noticed." Shalendris scooped up a bit of cum from her gigantic breasts, the two orbs so enormous now that they rested firmly upon her thighs as she sat, nearly reaching her knees in this position. "Well, I don't feel as backed up as before and my back seems to be better, so I think you did something right."

"Barely massaged you," Zora remarked, blinking.

"I am not opposed to another treatment," the elf noted. "And you'll have help." She glanced at the two clones, grinning.

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AnonymousAnonymousover 1 year ago


Even I’m exhausted after that chapter;)

Another great story.

Two thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻.

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