tagIllustratedSelf Service Ch. 04

Self Service Ch. 04


After the sticky session, I snuck into my hosts shower & washed the 50 or so loads of cum from myself. I emerged from the shower clean, and on a kind of delirious high! I had never imagined anything like this happening to me. Within 2 months I went from a good, normal sex life with my wife, to being a party toy, sucking my own cock for the entertainment of a crowd, and thus being the receptacle for the masturbatory pleasures of dozens of trannies.

As I toweled off, the door opened and in came Pam with Sonja, and trailing them came in my beautiful wife Dawn! Even though she said she was ill, she actually followed Pam and me to this party, and secretly watched as I entertained the crowd.

All were nude, Sonja's she-male cock half hard. Sonja broke the ice and said "Wow, do you know how to get a party rockin!" dawn said "Yeh Baby, that crowd is going at it like rabbits out there, and I think we need a chiropractor for all the sore backs of the cock hungry "girls" trying your maneuver!" Sonja said "Yeh, I want you to coach me. I've always wanted to be able to do that, but figured it was impossible! Now I know better!" Pam spoke up "Yeah, we have a proposition for you, if you'll demonstrate for us on video, giving tips on your technique, we'll sell the tapes! Everyone here will want a copy! Sonja works at a production company that specializes in porn. She says they're always looking for the next hot thing, and I think you might be it!"

"I'm sure they'll want this! The only catch is that you have to adhere to current trends, and right now it's hair free everything. Would you object to being shaved?" Sonja asked. "We could do it right now" Dawn suggested. "Well, I am fresh out of the shower... I guess it wouldn't hurt, can it?" I asked.

Pam smiled and said " We'll be very careful, besides, I think Sonja has a little experience shaving these things."

We proceeded to trim off my pubic hair to a short stubble, then a hot towel was applied to further soften my hair, and finally a thick lather was rubbed into my groin. My cock was continuously swelling, & was now throbbing at it's full 8" length, my scrotum had contracted into a tight ball. Sonja was working my rod with her soapy hands, and suddenly swallowed my cock down to it's lathery base, then released it with a lick across the head. She then gripped me firmly with her left hand and began shaving with a triple blade razor. In about 10 minutes I was as hairless as a 10 year old, and my cock was as hard as steel! The absence of my bush made my 8" cock look about 3 inches bigger!

Now all 3 girls began licking me all over my smooth and hairless cock and balls. I had never experienced such ecstasy in my life! The sensation was overwhelming, and even though I had cum just an hour before, I found myself struggling to hold back from the inevitable. With my cock in Sonja's mouth, Pam and Dawn were licking my smooth balls and shaft, I unloaded a powerful orgasm into Sonja's mouth and watched as most of it leaked out of her tight lips and ran down my cock to be lapped up by Dawn and Pam.

Sonja raised her head, smiling at me through cum bubbling around her lips and said " God! I am so horny! Now I want to suck my own cock bad! What do I do first?" "well" I instructed," first lay down on your back and do some side to side stretches". As Sonja stretched, her massive cock bobbed around, drawing invisible doodles in the air. All 3 of us stared, mesmerized by the provocative scene. Dawn and Pam exchanged looks and Pam said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Dawn replied "If you're thinking about teaming up on that throbbing meat, then yes!"

Then my 2 ladies did a very UN-lady like thing and went down on Sonja's cock, blowing her as they did me just moments ago. The sight was so hot that I dove down with them and ran my tongue across Sonja's smooth scrotum, knowing exactly how it feels, I proceeded to suck her balls & ran my tongue all over her hairless crotch until Sonja cried out "Please stop! your going to make me spurt, and I want this one all to myself!"

I grabbed a couple towels and made a small stack for her head, then lay her perpendicular to the tub, head about 2 feet away, neck on the towels. I had Dawn and Pam each hold an ankle, and slowly raised her legs up over her head. As her feet made contact with the edge of the tub, I instructed Sonja to push her feet against the tub, thus putting pressure on her hips, driving them down. As she did this we all watched as the she-males leaking boner came within inches of her painted lips. Her pre-cum was flowing freely and Sonja reached her tongue out to lap up a strand, her tongue coming into first contact with her pee-hole. She moaned " yum, but I need meat! someone give me a push!"

Pam &Dawn both leaned gently on Sonja's ass and I climbed into the tub, leaning down to knead Sonja's tits while getting a close-up of this extraordinary beauty stretching her lips around her own thick cock for the first time. Dawn bent down & began lapping at her balls dragging her fingernails lightly down her shaft. Pam came around the side , knelt down and started licking Sonja's ass, grabbed her cock firmly and started hammering furiously on that fuckstick until Sonja started to moan around it. I don't think she ever got more than 2 inches in her mouth when she tensed up, opened her mouth for a scream, and her cock popped out. Pam continued pumping the prick as it exploded, sending a steaming stream of cum directly at me as I was kissing Sonja's ear.

A glob hit me on the nose, and a good amount went right into my mouth. Sonja quickly recaptured her squirting cock with her lips as Pam squeezed the remaining cum out, directly onto her tongue. I wiped the dripping jizm from my face and smeared it onto Sonja's lips. Sonja then started to unfold, and Dawn helped her ease onto her back once again. Sonja lay there breathing hard, cum smeared across her face, smiling. The 2 girls moved up to Sonja's face and proceeded to clean the sticky mess with their mouths. I was surprised to find myself once again with a hard erection, and moved around behind Dawn as she was kneeling, ass up, and stuck my hard rod into her very wet pussy. In no time she was squealing with a powerful orgasm and I fucked her until I couldn't take any more.

We showered once again and went to say goodbye to our hosts, and thanked them for a great party!

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