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Serving Together


Sandy stared into the mirror. She adjusted the leather bodice once more. Was too much of her boobs showing? She laughed at the woman she saw in the glass. "Too much boob? Sweetie, you're supposed to be seducing three men while your husband watches."

How had she ended up in this position? After fifteen years of marriage and two children, how had the good girl, wife and mother become such a slut? Truth was that there was not much she would not do to try and save her marriage.

After a decade of Tim spending more time deployed in one war zone or the other, he was on the verge of retirement. Forced retirement, due to a back injury. The past six months had been damned near impossible, between the debilitating pain that caused him to be so grouchy that she and the children walked around on egg shells and the medications that left tired and less than functional as a man.

But Sandy still loved her husband. Oh, it might not be the lust filled adoration that she found in the stories on her e-reader, but she cared deeply for the man that had been her partner for the whole of her adult life. The man who had fathered her children. The man, beside whom she served her country in her own way.

It was just that he had changed so much over the past ten years. Even before the accident that dislocated two vertebras, he had been been quieter, more withdrawn. Gone was the laughing, care-free young football player that she had married right out of high school. Oh, she supposed time itself would have grown them both up, but there was more to it than that.

Her reverie was interrupted by the ringing of the door bell. Both of the children had been picked up already, they were spending the night with friends. That meant the front door could only be Tim's men. Three of the guys that he had served with for the past couple of years. His friends, men who knew this new Tim better than she did. Men, she was supposed to seduce tonight.

"I'll get it. You bring the beers," she heard him call as the rat-a-tat-tat of his crutches sounded on the wooden floor in the hallway. With a final glance in the mirror, she shook her head. Damned book, she cursed the novel and author that had gotten her into this predicament.

She was bent over the refrigerator pulling cold beers from the shelf and opening them before placing them on the tray that went with this ridiculous maid's outfit. Tonight was to be another of their poker nights. Except she was the pot. The winner of each hand got to do something to her. Something sexual. She should have been disgusted and a part of her was, but thanks to that silly book another part of her was more than a bit excited.

And the way that her D-cup breasts exploded from the white peasant blouse, her dark nipples straining against the almost transparent material showed just how excited she was. Of course, the wetness between her thighs was an even clearer sign and Tim had not allowed her to wear even a thong tonight. From the very beginning her most intimate part would be exposed to everyone. Her dark hair was for once left down, falling about her shoulders and back in gentle waves. She even wore a smattering of make-up to match her Southern California tan.

She tugged at the tutu like skirt as she took the last bottle of beer from the fridge. She had just begun to wonder how she was going to get the damned things out to the living room when he appeared in front of her. Staff Sergeant DeSean Williams. The man made her more nervous than any of the others. It was not just his size either. From the moment he had joined her husband's command three years ago, there was something about the way he looked at her that made her both excited and frightened.

"May I help you with those, ma'am?" he asked showing a row of perfect white teeth against his dark chocolate skin. Like of them, his head was shaved almost completely bald, but it looked better on him somehow. This night he wore jeans and a t-shirt that he filled out to perfection. He was bulkier than the other men too, she knew he had been a football player before enlisting.

He took the laden tray from the counter top and held out his toned arm, "May I have the pleasure of escorting you, sweet lady?" Something about the way his dark eyes scanned her full curves from the five inch heels that she wore to her boobs that were popping out of the tight corset caused her heart to race as she nodded and took his arms.

When they walked into the living room, the other men turned to look at her. She knew them all, some of them for years. Master Sergeant Trevor Armstrong was in his early thirties, a good old boy with a broad grin that was focused on her now. Lance Corporal Manuel Gomez was the youngest, they had celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday just before the last deployment.

And of course, her own husband, Captain Timothy Wright. She looked at his smiling face. When was the last time, she had seen that carefree smile? Hell, when was the last time, he had looked at her with total and utter lust the way he was now.

"Good evening, ma'am," smiled Trevor.

"Mamacita," winked Manny.

Tim stood and with the obvious limp crossed to stand in front of her, "You look perfect, Sandy."

He kissed her cheek and took her arm from DeSean, who placed the tray of beers on the table. "All right, gentlemen, since this is to be our final poker game as a team, tonight we have a special prize," one of his hands tugged firmly at the elastic that held up the peasant top while the other lifted the fluffy layers of her skirt. Sandy blushed a deep scarlet at how exposed she was before his men. "Tonight, boys, we play for my wife's favors."

The guys lifted their bottles of beer and hooted loudly. DeSean stared directly at her crotch and shifted in his chair, "What are the limits, sir?" he asked.

Tim shrugged, "No marks and safe sex only."

"So if we want to fuck her?" asked Manny. Tim nodded as Sandy shivered at the idea that this night she would experience sex for the first time with someone other than her husband. It was not an idea that had fully sunk in.

"Her ass too?" Sandy's eyes went wide at DeSean's latest question.

Tim looked at her for a moment, then cleared his throat. "Yes, her cherry ass too." The men groaned as he explained the rest of the rules. "The winner of each hand gets the pleasure of a single sex act with my lovely wife. Either her performing it upon you, a hand or blow job. You performing it on her, eating her pussy for instance. Did I happen to mention that Sandy is multi-orgasmic? Or something you do together, like fucking." He turned to DeSean, "But since her ass is virgin that should be the grand prize."

DeSean nodded, "I thought double penetration would be the jack pot?"

Sandy's knees practically gave way at the idea of two cocks inside of her at the same time. Of course, that damned book had a scene like that, the heroine sandwiched between two of her beefy baseball players, one inside of her ass and the other her cunt. Actually a third had been standing over them, his cock in her mouth. She looked up and saw Tim looking down at her. After so long together she knew he was thinking the exact same thing.

What did it matter? In a few days, they would be gone. Might never see these men, who had been so close to her husband. To whom she owed his very life. Without the intervention of these men, carrying her injured husband from the vehicle before it exploded, she would be a widow. Her children orphans. Was this too much to ask? Too much to show their gratitude?

"Let the games begin," smiled her husband as he brushed a tender kiss on her lips. He hobbled to the table and took his seat as Trevor dealt the first hand. She shifted nervously from foot to foot as she felt all four pair of eyes upon her.

DeSean caught her nervous gaze over his cards, he cleared his throat. "Sir, don't you think a prize like that should be on display?"

Her husband chuckled, "What do you have in mind, Sergeant?"

"I don't know, maybe sitting on the couch," she sighed a bit too soon as he continued, "with her creamy thighs spread nice and wide so we can all look at what we're fighting for." Her heart sped up even more at the outrageous suggestion. She looked to Tim, ready to protest but the stern look on his face made her think better of it.

"You heard the man. Get to the couch and spread those legs nice and wide," he commanded.

She almost stumbled getting to the couch. She watched the game as she arranged herself on the cushions. Poker was a relatively fast paced game, especially with so few players. Her husband soon folded, followed by Gomez. In the end, it was down to DeSean and Trevor. She swallowed hard when DeSean announced his full house that beat out Trevor's pair of aces.

Tim smiled at her as he turned to the man, "So what is it going to be my friend?"

The man looked right at her as he stood up. She could tell that his cock was larger than husband's by the way it tented his jeans and a niggle of fear and excitement surged through her at the thought. But as he stood over her, he smiled, "I've wanted to taste that sweet white pussy since the moment I laid eyes on her."

Her heart stopped, stuttered to complete halt at his bold words and the intense look in his eyes. But it restarted with a loud pounding that drowned out everything else as the man dropped to the floor between her thighs. He gave her a devilish grin as he lowered his dark face between her open legs. His eyes held her gaze as his tongue licked her from the top of her exposed clitoris to her ass that she knew he coveted and then back again. She shivered as he kept licking, sucking, and even nibbling. She felt herself winding tighter and tighter with each stroke. But it was always just out of reach.

"Play with her tits, Sergeant," it was her husband's voice that offered the sage advice. "She doesn't come that way unless you play with her titties."

She felt DeSean groan against her clit. "Then do it, man. Play with your wife's sweet tits while I eat her pussy. Let's make her come together."

Sandy arched up against his mouth as Tim joined her on their couch, he looked deep into her eyes as he kissed her. His large hands came up to knead and squeeze her breasts. She moaned into his mouth with the intense sensations that were assaulting her. The idea that her loving husband was holding her, kissing her gently as one of his men knelt between her legs eating her out was mind blowing. That was all it took to send her over the edge. She cried out into Tim's mouth as her hips jerked off the couch, flooding DeSean's dark face with her clear cream until it glistened.

As she came down, she looked up into her husband's face. She was frightened at what she might see there, but rather than censure and condemnation that she had feared for her slutty behavior, it was love, the same spark that he had first looked at her with. "That was beautiful," he whispered as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

DeSean kissed the inside of each of her thighs, "Perfection."

Tim sighed, "But, gentlemen, the night is young. We are just getting started." Sandy shivered at the meaning behind his words.

Manny won the next hand and requested a blow job. Sandy dropped the floor in front of the couch and took the young man's hard cock form his jeans. It was not quite as large as Tim's but what the young man might have lacked in size he made up for with vigor as he wound his hands through her hair and guided her mouth up and down his cock. His hips pumped at her face until she found herself gagging.

He used the opportunity to slide his cock even further down her throat where he unloaded several jets of thick jizz. As he loosened his hold on her hair and his withering cock popped from her lips with a loud smack that echoed around the room, she licked her lips, comparing it with the only other taste she had ever known. Slightly saltier, but not unpleasant was her final call.

Sandy sighed with relief when her husband won the next round. She thought perhaps he would play with her pussy for a bit, give her another orgasm. But when he spoke, her blood froze, "Trevor I want you to fuck her." Of course, she knew this would likely come at some point, but his next words were what she had never expected. "Bareback."

She shook her head. It was their hard limit. They had discussed this. It was not as much as disease, they knew the guys were all checked regularly. It was the fact that since Tim had returned there had been no need for her to restart her birth control pills. His pain medications were much more effective, making her husband virtually impotent.

Tim stood at the same time that his senior non-commissioned officer did. Together they crossed the few feet to where she reclined against the cushions. "Tim?" she questioned, but he just shook his head. He kissed her softly as he took a seat beside her.

The men lifted her adjusted her body so that her husband held her on his lap, toyed once more with her breasts as the man that had served under him for the longest positioned himself between her legs. He looked up at them both as he began to unbutton his jeans. "You certain about this, sir?" he asked.

Her husband looked into her eyes as he nodded, "Yes, Master Sergeant. Very sure."

Sandy's eyes remained locked on her husband as for the first time in her life she felt herself stretched, filled with a cock that was not his.

She sucked in her breath as she tried to focus on the feeling. He was not quite as thick as Tim but just a tad longer. She jumped in her husband's arms as the man bottomed out inside of her, hitting a sensitive spot that she never knew existed.

Tim brushed back her hair and kissed the side of her face, "Beautiful, baby. You look so beautiful with his cock inside of you. Does it feel good?" he whispered as he tweaked her nipples.

She could not find her voice as the head of the man's cock continued to stroke that sweet spot so deep inside of her. She just groaned and lifted her hips higher, drawing him deeper as she felt her body tense and pulsate once more. She cried out as her orgasm began to flow over her.

"Fuck, she's hot when she comes," she recognized DeSean's voice, but it seemed far too close. Then she felt a rough finger stroking her clitoris just above where her body joined with the other man's and she was soring even higher. Coming harder than she ever had before. It seemed to just go on and on in never ending ripples of intense joy.

Then she heard the strangled roar like a wounded animal. She felt the short, almost stabbing thrusts of her lover between her thighs. The man stiffened above her as she felt the warm, wetness flood her unprotected cunt. Her eyes flew open, but her husband was there. His smiling face filled her vision as the sun burst inside of her.

"It's all right," he whispered as he kissed her lips. His large hands continued to knead and squeeze her full tits as he smiled at his men. "Think we can dispense with the fucking pretense of the poker game, guys?"

They all laughed at DeSean leaned down and kissed her. "As long as I get the grand prize. I've wanted that sweet ass for so fucking long."

He got it too. But by far the most intense sensation was not losing her anal virginity, but when DeSean orchestrated the ultimate naughtiness, double penetration. Not as she had thought, one in each hole, but rather both her husband and Trevor's cock in her stretched out pussy as Manny and DeSean stroked their hard cocks and watched the three of them fucking.

It was almost dawn and she could barely keep her eyes open when Tim told them that the party was over. DeSean had carried her up to the bed that she shared with her husband. Trevor had pulled back the covers as they settled her against the pillows. Each of them had bent and kissed her softly, thanking her for an unforgettable night before turning and saluting the man under which they had served with honor.

Tim stripped out of his clothes and joined her in bed after letting them out. He drew her into his strong arms and stroked her hair. Tears glistened in her eyes as she looked up at him, "Are you certain that you are all right with this? I mean are we going to be okay. With everything that happened tonight."

He beamed down at her, "I'm more than okay with it, sweetheart. I've never been prouder of you than I am right now. You were so fucking gorgeous when you opened yourself up to them. I've been through hell and back with those guys. Now thanks to you, we've enjoyed a taste of heaven too. Thank you, baby," he said as he kissed her good night.

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