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Setup By My Wife


Last Thursday I had such a rotten day! You know when everything that could go wrong does. I got home and was starving, tired and grumpy. As I pull in the driveway, it is empty. A little unusual as my wife should be home by now, but now I have to cook for myself. I go to the front door and it is open with a card taped to it. It is one of those mushy I love you cards, which was very nice but just did not fit my mood. Inside the card, I found the following note;

"Honey you sounded very tired and frustrated on the phone this afternoon. So I want you to enjoy the evening without me, dinner is all prepared just relax and enjoy the night. I have taken the kids to my folk's house for the night. I also think you should call in tomorrow as you put in a long day today."

This really did not fit my mood either, as a nice kiss and hug would have done wonders for me. Nevertheless, I go inside and the table is all set with a candle burning. She must have just left cause the candle is burning and the taper is still there. I then notice four plates…. Wait!!.. Huh! Someone's in the kitchen! WOW!! This total babe, at least a size c, blond hair, tall, with even taller heels on and a set of legs that won't quit. She is dressed in a black and white maids uniform that barley covers any part of her and is bending over in front of the open stove looking inside the oven. "Hello?" I ask.

Still bent over she looks back at me and says "Ohh!! Welcome home Mr. Alan. Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes. Can I get you a diet coke?" She even knows my drink! When I get home from work, I always grab a cold Diet Coke! "I was able to find one just like you like." She opens the fridge and takes out, to my surprise, a Diet Coke in a glass bottle! I have never liked the plastic bottles it changes the taste, but that is all you can find. I am stunned. She reaches inside her cleavage, and there is plenty of it, and pulls out a bottle opener and pops it open for me. She tells me to go relax in the living room. "There is a brand new Hogans Hero's dvd there, go watch an episode before dinner." That may not seem like much to you, but that happens to be my favorite show. Ok, call me weird, but I like that show. Amazed and stunned at all the details that have been set up, I turn back towards the living room. I again notice the four plates. "Hey why are there four plates?"

The reply comes from the steps to the upstairs: "Well I hope you don't mind if I join you for dinner?" I turn and see a tall naked woman walking towards me. Well she did have on a nice pair of spike heels, but that is all. Her breasts, were not that big but for how skinny she was, they looked perfect! She is one of those women, who is possibly in her fifty's but you never even think about her age, because she is just totally sexy. She comes over and gives me a big kiss, and hug. Again, completely dumbfounded, I am standing there motionless. "I won't bite! Unless you want me too?" She then grabs my hands and moves one to her ass and the other to her breast. She sort of jumps into my arms and intimates that I should carry her to the sofa. "Do you like?"

"Well .. Yeah! I just didn't expect…"

"Didn't you get your wife's note on the door?" I nod as I sit down on the sofa, with her in my lap and my arms caressing her body. She continues. "My name is Linda and I am here at your wife's request, to fulfill a fantasy for you. I am yours till Monday morning."

At that moment the woman from the kitchen walked in. But she had changed her clothes, to a very elegant business suit. She looks over my shoulder and says, "Hi sis!" Looking back at us she says; "Damn if Claire's cooking doesn't always smell awesome." I turn and see the maid still attired as she was earlier. Again, I am lost! The new girl leans over and gives Linda a kiss. "Hi Linda, you're looking good as usual. And this must be Alan, the guy who loves to undress women?" She gives me a kiss as well and notices the astonishment on my face. "So Linda are you going to let Alan up long enough to undress me or what?"

Linda pops off my lap saying: "Anything to see more of your body Elise."

The girl who I have just learned is named Elise continues: "Feel free to take off whatever you like whenever you like."

"Th…. Thanks I stammer."

I slowly undo the buttons holding her jacket on, revealing a beautiful black bra holding up a set of breasts in one of those bras that has an undercup support with out anything over the nipples. She gives me a hug, and as she does I decide to unzip her skirt. She stands back and lets it fall to the floor. This shows no panties, just a garter, and stockings. "Wanna remove those too?"

"No, I.. Uh… think that look is just fine. Uhm.. You are related to Claire right?"

"No we just have the same plastic surgeon!!! Of course, we are twins; she is older by 90 seconds. She is the stay at home type, good in the kitchen etc. Not me, I need to be out on the work scene. Your wife asked us to help her out and we could not refuse."

"Sorry we're late!" This came from the newest entry to the room, a very hot short redhead with an XXXtreme body. Sweet short legs, a stacked body that says let's play. She had on a white blouse straining very hard to contain a very solid rack within, and long flowing red hair that just flowed all around her body. Then it was finished with a plaid skirt wrapped around a bottom women at health clubs spend millions on.

That was not all! A tall slim longhaired Asian goddess, in a long black coat with at least 9-inch platform heels followed her. The Asian states "I see you have already undressed the rest. Care to make us a little more comfortable?" I reach over and unbutton the coat to see she has nothing underneath but heat!

The little redhead reaches up on her tiptoes and gives me a tonsillectomy like I have never had before. DAMN! How long is her tongue anyway? I reach for a button, and she says "Please! Just rip it!! PLEASE!" I grab the blouse and tear, and as buttons go flying, she shutters into my arms. That actually made her cum! I then grab the wrap around skirt rip that off, again she shutters. This time to the point that she collapse in my arms. She has on a set of Dark green underwear that offsets her hair perfectly. The bra is one of those demi bras, with the straps coming up off the side of her breast while the cup of the bra only covers the bottom half. This is one of my favorite bra styles. I can tell she has been talking to my wife.

At this point, I am about to explode, when the maid comes out and tells everyone dinner is ready and hands me the phone, saying to me, "It's for you"


"Hi honey, enjoying your evening so far?"

"Hell yeah Hun! But why did you set this up?"

"Because I love you honey! Have fun! Enjoy! Do whatever you want. I think you will find the collection of women that I found should fill most of your fantasies. I assume you will call in sick tomorrow, so you have them until Monday morning. Hell, take off Monday too. Maybe I will join you after I take the kids to school. Oh and Hun?"

As I talking to my wife. The Asian was unzipping my pants and taking my hard on in her mouth. However, I managed to squeak out a: "Yes?"

"In the den is a new pool table, and video camera. My only request is that you do one of those ladies on the pool table for me, with the camera running of course. I want to watch my fantasy fulfilled too, ya know! BYE!"

By the time I say bye, she is gone. I turn to the ladies giving each a hug and kiss as I pull out a chair for each of them to sit.

Stay tuned for more

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