tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSex Slave's Enormous Problem Pt. 03

Sex Slave's Enormous Problem Pt. 03


I spent the entire evening thinking about Dee. I couldn't even remember what I had done for the Client a few hours ago, it was all a crazy blur. I couldn't focus or sit still.

Was she okay? Would I ever see her again? God, I hated this place. Dee didn't deserve this, she was kind. Her disgusting, pathetic father was the reason she was here. Disgusting fathers, one more thing we had in common. I told her some of my life story but not all, no one could know it all, it wouldn't be safe, for me or them.

When she arrived, was it only weeks ago? She was just so positive, happy. I didn't want to like her, I kept my distance but she sucked me in. She always remained hopeful and it kept me going. I would save Dee. That's if she survived this. I would figure this out. I couldn't save my sister but I would save Dee.

I basically ran back to our room after my client. You try that in 6-inch heels. She wasn't there so I showered and changed and paced... a lot.

At 2 am there was a knock on the door. I ran to open it. An average looking male maid stood there with Dee in his arms. She looked, well, fucking horrible. My hands went to my face, tears filling my eyes.

"Oh, Dee honey..."I croaked out."Come in, just put her on the bed,"

I could smell the fluids, the overwhelming sweat scent making me gag.

The maid looked a bit worse for wear himself, the stress in his eyes apparent; he nodded and moved over to the bed I'd pointed at.

"She's been seen by medical?" I asked.

He nodded and looked at me. I was used to being looked at but not like that. The intense stare said all the things that he couldn't. We stood in silence for what was only a few seconds, conveying everything and nothing.

"She was brave. I've never...she was brave, strong." The maid said. "Tell her I said that. Please."

"What's your name?" I whispered.

"Bren." he murmured back.

He turned and strode toward the door. There was an unwritten rule with Silver, you didn't ask. The girls didn't come back, so nobody talked about it. I knew those rooms, knew the clients and knew what she was in for, though I really hoped it wouldn't be this bad. I felt shitty for not telling Dee but then I'd have to explain and well, I couldn't...she couldn't know that. I needed to know the client so I'd know what I was looking for, so I could help her heal.

"Bren." My voice halting him "Which client..." I trailed off; the implication apparent.

He paused as if wondering whether or not to tell me and stood so still that if I looked away I could have sworn that I was alone.

"The snowman." it was barely a sound, just a movement of his lips as if saying even his nickname would summon him.

My heart dropped to my stomach, my hands going to my chest as if I could stop the overwhelming pain growing there. The tears started in earnest as I moved over to Dee and took her hand. The door clicked closed behind me. I sat down on the edge of the bed and really looked at her. Her makeup was a wild mess and the only perfect thing was her lipstick, it almost seemed derisive of the whole thing that her lips were perfect.

Although medical and I assume Bren, helped to clean her up a bit, she still didn't look like herself. I couldn't leave her like this. Summoning the maids, I got them to help me lift her into the extended shower cubicle so we could lay her down. Once I'd washed her, being oh so careful, we got her back in bed. I sat and brushed her red tresses. Those fiery locks looked dull and lifeless without the spark of her personality to support them. I wished that she'd open her eyes and then thought better of it; sleep would be a slice of peace at the moment.

It would take days for her to heal.

As I sat there examining her bruises, remembering the wax falling from her skin and the tinge of blue that still lingered in her pallor, anger thundered through me. Mother fuckers, someone was going to pay. The Snowman, Christ, the monsters! How could they? I grasped her hand, avoiding the deep purple indentations on her wrists. My breathing became short and sharp, my brow aching from the frown I knew consumed my features.

A plan started to take root in my mind. I'd hidden long enough, keeping my head down wasn't worth this. Maybe the guy who Dee serviced the other night could help? He seemed to like her. I stroked her hair and whispered to her that everything would be okay. It was a long shot and I had no idea how to contact him but it was somewhere to start. It was time to pull out all the stops. I would sleep now and tomorrow there would be hell to pay.


Waking with a sense of purpose, I went over and checked on Dee. Some colour had returned to her skin and she looked like she was sleeping and not just passed out. Good sign.

I was dressed in my favourite silk, purple PJ's. So I popped the matching slippers on and did a quick check of myself in the mirror. My platinum blonde hair was high on my head and my clean face showed the distress of the last few nights. Dark bags and worry lines made me look older; I needed to pull it together. On my way out of our room, I instructed the maids to check on her every hour and if she woke up to try to get her to eat and take some painkillers.

Breakfast went as usual; I sat with a few of the others. They tried to ask about Dee, I just glared at them and they shut up pretty quick. Mother always used to say 'pretty nice on the outside, pretty awful inside', she was a bitch but sometimes it was true.

Towards the end of breakfast, the Superior arrived, so I took that as my cue to initiate my plan.

The Superior looked exhausted, that seemed to be her thing at the moment. Her clothes were smart and clean but there was something in her eyes that screamed jumpy, tired. This might work to my advantage. I approached her like a small child approaches an annoyed parent, with a large dollop of caution.

"Superior," I said softly. I hoped that she would take pity.

"Kinsey. How is she?" she jumped straight in, making this easier than I'd dared hope.

"Sleeping...Broken..."I choked on the words, the pain real.

"I'm so sorry...I know you're close. I couldn't..." She stopped, realising she was showing an awful lot of weakness. Even knowing me and that I'd probably take advantage she didn't end the conversation. I pushed on.

"I know. I just don't understand what happened. Dee, well she's Dee." I stopped, the implication hanging in the air. Either she'd elaborate or I was on my own.

"It has something to do with the Boss I think." She whispered, looking over her shoulder to make sure nobody was listening. "The Client that Dee had the other night, there is something there. I don't know much more but Kinsey, this is close to her. The Boss...she won't be lenient if you get caught doing whatever it is that you're planning." I hated how she could see right through me.

The Superior looked at me with her tired eyes and I knew in that moment she didn't agree with what the boss lady had done. If it had been any of the other girls then it wouldn't have mattered to her so much but Dee, she was basically an angel and everyone loved her. The Superior had taken this one personally. I pushed further, hoping she could make this easier for me.

"I was hoping to find out more about the Client? Maybe he can help as he really seemed to like Dee, I know it's not a usual thing but what he asked of her wasn't exactly normal. We both know once she's recovered that The Boss isn't the 'letting go' type. This won't end until Dee doesn't come back. That is not acceptable." I said the last firmly.

"I don't really know anything Kinsey, honestly." She looked sheepish and I knew in that moment she'd thought of something.

"Tell me. I know you know something. No matter how small, it could help..." I let my tone say the rest.

"I know your history Kinsey, most of it." She said quickly. I stood frozen. I didn't think anyone knew but I suppose the previous superior would have told her when she left a few months ago. She wouldn't know how I got here but she'd know what I used to do. "You know I can't contact a client directly for this... but you can get word." she added, leaning into me. I didn't know where she was going with this. Well, maybe I didn't want to. I wrung my hands together, my brow furrowing.

"Dee's client might return but I get the idea that there is something stopping him at the moment. Maybe he needs a push? Maybe if someone, one of his friends, for example, mentioned what happened to Dee? If what you're saying is true about them as I suspect it might be, then he'll return to investigate. That's the theory anyway." Her hands folded under her tits, pushing them to new heights. Her perfectly sculpted brows were raised, hinting.

"So if I can find a friend of his and mention it, it's a long shot but he might come back?" I reiterated, speculating. It's a reach but it might at least help us to get some info about what the hell was going on.

"Finding a friend is the easy bit." She added, grimly, her expression foreboding. "The clients get referred in and Dee's client was referred by a regular..."

"That's great, tell me who and I can get it done tonight! Why didn't you say anything?" I growled in a whisper so nobody would overhear my annoyance. She was dancing around this and I couldn't fathom why.

"Kinsey. It's Caleb, Caleb Winchester." She said softly, her eyes filling with pity. Fuck, I hated pity. I hated Caleb fucking Winchester more. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Silence filled the space while my brain imploded.

Every single emotion ran through me in about 5 seconds. The Superior just waited. Anger, rage, hopelessness...and worst of all...fear. I hated fear.

"I'm sure Dee would understand, she wouldn't ask this of you." The Superior ventured.

No, she wouldn't. Dee would never ask me to do this but for her, for the light that made me feel like a person again, I would.

"Make it happen." I said, clipped, all pretence gone.

"Kinsey...really-" she started.

"No. I need to do this. I NEED to do this." I took a deep breath, there didn't feel like enough air. "Make it happen. Please."

Who said I didn't have manners?

"Okay, only if you're sure." She added. Lips tight, she frowned.

"I am." My reply soft.

"Tonight?" she asked

I nodded. Otherwise, I'd lose my nerve. Who was I kidding? It was every addict's dream for someone to open the door to their drug of choice and say, here, have fun. To give them a reason to fall off the wagon and fall I fucking would, happily for this cause, well maybe not happily.

Looked like I was going back to Black.


I returned to my room, heart racing and more conflicted than, well, more conflicted than I'd been in a hell of a long time. Just the name Caleb made me sick and pitiful and ...wet. I couldn't think about it, not right now. My body seemed to disagree.

The room was free of maids when I got there, Dee was lying down but her eyes were open, watching me. A weak smile crossed her face. Those big blue eyes filled with sorrow and the blur of painkillers. Good, the less she had to feel the better. I would fix this for her; I would get that light back. I needed that light. Sometimes we had to descend into darkness to find that light. The irony of having to go to Black wasn't lost on me.

"Hey, you. Can you talk?" I said softly, trying to keep my tears in check. As long as she didn't cry, by God I wouldn't either. This was her suffering and I had no right to be more upset than she was about it. She shook her head and moved her hand to her throat. It looked swollen, make sense if she'd been with The snowman, that man defined girth.

"It's okay. I think I found a way to find out what's going on." I whispered, not wanting anyone to overhear and not wanting to think too hard. The room was so quiet, even my heart beat felt loud.

Dee went to sit up and winced. Clutching her moss green bed sheets, she relaxed back into the bed. She raised an eyebrow in question. I didn't want to tell her too much, some of the girls who had been here a while would tell her what it meant for me to do this and I didn't want her to have that burden while she was still hurt, she was going kick my ass as it was.

"I have to service a Client. Superior suggested that he was friends with 'Your Client' and that's when all of this started so it makes sense to try to get him back here." I kept my voice level, not giving any emotion away about anything. Just another day, just another Client...yeah, right.

Lord help me, she blushed. That's Dee, broken inside and out but mention lover boy and she blushes... Fuck, when I find out who ordered this I will kill them, so help me, even if it's the bitch boss herself. Damn the consequences.

Knowing that she'd want me to elaborate, I kept going and told her about my discussion with the Superior, leaving out the last few bits of the conversation. Dee raised her eyebrow again. I knew she'd be asking about how the Superior was doing, that was just the kind of person she was, even in her suffering, thinking of others. So I let her know she seemed dishevelled but alright, willing to help us. I stroked her hand.

Dee's eyes filled with tears. She started to shake her head and then thought better of it.

"Bren said that you were brave, coming from one of the Dungeon staff, that's high praise." I smiled, trying to make her feel better. The tears started then for both of us.

"Dee, I-I'm sorry." I started to sob. In between hiccups, she looked at me through tear-filled eyes in confusion.

"I'd heard so much awful stuff about the clients in Silver. I just didn't want to scare you...I just couldn't bring myself to scare you more." Hysterics started to rise in my chest. "They call him The Snowman. I just hoped you wouldn't -but you did...and..." I stopped gasping for breath, this so wasn't like me, "but Bren, he told me. I'm so sorry."

Dee shook her head this time in spite of the pain and took my hand. She mouthed 'not your fault'. I smiled weakly. I felt bad for freaking out for making her reassure me because it looked like it really pained her to move her jaw.

We stayed like that for a while and I finally convinced her to have a bath even though everything visibly hurt. The maid helped Dee and I showered while she soaked in the huge tub. I could only hide from my thoughts for so long and sat at my vanity. That's when it all hit home. I was going back to Black. A knock on the door. A maid with the confirmation. I froze. The paper just said: 'It's done' - The Superior.

Shit. The thoughts came in rapid succession. The straps, the pain, the ecstasy, the high. Shivers covered my body. This is why I didn't think about Caleb fucking Winchester. This is why I never thought about Black unless it was as in the colour. Oh, look at that lovely black skirt...argh...

I had been clean for eight months, four days and about 6 hours...not like I was keeping count or anything. Caleb had been the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. The pay increase in Black was substantial, unlike Silver, it was about consent, about both parties, so when I volunteered I didn't think anything of it. A bit of bondage, what could it hurt? I'd get paid more, more time knocked off my sentence and maybe I'd get a bit of something from it. I got way more than I bargained for. Way- way more.

I got addicted to a client. Cold turkey from an addiction is not fun, I can tell you. Dee thinks I'm really vanilla. I only do straight sex, I can't even tie up a client...memories...urges... you get the idea. I didn't want to do this... but oh, I so did. I had to be strong though and come back for Dee, I was getting intel... not indulging.

I couldn't lose myself. I steeled myself and started prepping. The maids helped Dee into the large, olive coloured overstuffed chair in the dressing room. I asked her if she wanted to go back to bed and she shook her head slightly. I really wished she'd go back to bed. At least she couldn't ask any questions. She was so going to kick my ass for this.

I put on more jet black liner than she'd ever seen me wear, it looked a little Goth. That's how he liked it. Oh, holy God. I was really doing this. I ran for the toilet as my stomach revolted on me. The porcelain was cool, it helped. Once I caught my breath, I cleaned my teeth, took some deep breaths and went back in to Dee. She sat like nothing was comfortable, her eyes wide in concern.

"Just nerves." I assured her. "Important client."

She nodded, wincing. All that hair tied back from her face made her look bare and childlike.

I double checked my liner, my grey eyes looked enormous. I added black lipstick with glitter. Extra long lashes completed the Goth doll look, well apart from the blond hair. I tied it up and braided it... just how he likes it. It felt like putting on an old pair of shoes, the routine easy and familiar. I moved to the wardrobe without thinking and took a box from the bottom shelf. I should have thrown it out with most of the others but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. This was the last one he had made for me before I realised what a huge problem I had.

Dee's eyes grew enormous, then quizzical. She was clearly confused.

As I dressed, her eyes got wider and wider until it looked like it hurt. The straps went around my neck, stomach, back, thighs but covered nothing. I pulled the shoes out from the back of the wardrobe, she coughed, loud. It looked like it hurt. I could see her issue, they looked lethal. The heels were curved like a blade, almost no point to balance on; the wedge at the front was ridiculous. The pieces that wrapped up my legs with the buckles were shiny, black PVC like the rest, going all the way up to my knees. Once on, I turned to my dresser and must have winced at the memories flashing through my mind because Dee knocked on the table to get my attention.

I glanced over at her, she knew something wasn't right. She'd never seen any of this stuff. I'd never mentioned I even owned anything like this. She was definitely confused. Ignoring her now that I was nearly done I pulled out a box from the dresser and stared at the gorgeous pieces of metal artwork. They were claws. A set of 5 fingers meant for my left hand. They were stainless steel with swirls over the finger covers and up to the sharpened tips. Just enough to scratch. What made my heart pound was the thumb, 'CW' engraved just where the nail set. I swallowed hard. I tried to control it but it was harder than I thought it would be. Just breathe. Dee had pulled a pad and a pen from somewhere and was writing something down.

'What's going on, Kins?' It said.

"Nothing. Well, obviously something but nothing you need to worry about. I've got to go, stay safe okay, get better and I'll be back later."

She grabbed my wrist. I looked into her big eyes, worry consuming her features.

"Don't Dee, I need to go. I love you girl." I whispered.

Shock registered and she let go. I never said that.

I left quickly but once out in the hall I slowed, taking my time down to the room.

I thought about Dee having to do this walk last night and the anger flared again and if I could just hold on to that maybe I wouldn't fall too hard.

I stood in the corridor and admired the decor. Not something I usually did, I was stalling. Our room was warm; Dee liked green so we had tons of green and then bits of purple for me. With the wood panelling and the large windows, that made it homey and relaxing. This place was made to put you on edge. Black on white, silver on white, white on black. Sharp, vicious. This place felt like home once, then like hell, then like regret and then...like fear and anticipation. My stomach rolled again but this time it was excitement. Dangerous. Two deep breaths and I walked over to Black. The swirly writing gave the illusion of something girly and feminine, nothing could be further from the truth.

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