tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSexcapades (or the Bare Window)

Sexcapades (or the Bare Window)


Dewey sat in his wheel chair, still feeling the dull buzz of the pain killers keeping his leg from hurting. He looked around his room, too hot and bored out of his skull. There were his award winning photos. Those headline generating snaps. All of more interesting places than here.

Feeling sorry for himself he wheeled over to the back window of his third story apartment and picked up the box his friend Sally had left him. He grinned to himself remember the glamourous and rather short dress she'd been wearing. Being down low in a wheel chair did have its advantages.

He idly scratched at his cast as he unwrapped the present. Inside was a brand new pair of binoculars. Dewey stared at it for a second. What did Sally think he'd do with it? Bird watch. He picked them up and did a scan out the window. Yep, just the block of apartments all the way around. One tree, long dead down below and bereft of leaves. No birds in sight.

Only... now that he was looking there were some interesting sights...


One Ms. Aguilera, an artist, was standing on tiptoes pulling down a canvas from somewhere out of sight of her wide open window. It was a hot summer day so she had shed all but a large smock. Her current posture left her cute butt very much exposed.

She managed to wiggle the canvas out and put it up on her easel facing the window. Dewey smiled as she scratched one of her cheeks. To his perverse pleasure from the apartment door came a young man, naked. Ms. Aguilera, Dewey had never gotten her first name but he'd passed her painting outside when he had been able to walk, did a quick sketch of the man posing in front of her.

Dewey noted the man had one... prominent feature. Ms. Aguilera clearly noticed as well and before long the artist and model had assumed new poses. Dewey promptly looked away as Ms. Aguilera's face was turned towards his own window as she was bent over the sill by the young man.


Dewey looked up at the penthouse across the square. Mr. John Smitheby lived there, a rich and fashionable tech guru. He'd had a startup or two to build and then sell and John had retired early. Rich enough to be poor in a fashionably rundown, yet glamourous apartment like this one, of course he owned the whole floor.

It seemed John had some guests. Dewey had been up in the penthouse once himself to photograph Mr. Smitheby for a magazine once. He had been nice, but rather boring. However it was clear the women who were up there with him didn't think so.

Two women, a redhead and a brunette wearing cocktail dresses had John up against the glass in his t-shirt and jeans. Soon those jeans were off and John's pale white buttocks were up against the glass, one girl's red hair bobbing against his crotch, the brunette kissing him passionately.


Bored of John's activities already Dewey ranged about for new subjects. He was interested to see another male neighbor across the way. The man had just moved in and Dewey didn't know his name, but he soon dubbed him "Nervous." The man was fidgeting and fussing. Dewey had remembered seeing Nervous with a wife when he saw them getting shown the apartment. However Nervous was alone on this hot summer day.

Nervous, a rather well built man in his late thirties was pacing back and forth in the apartment, keeping things tidy. He stopped and looked up quickly and ran over to the door, which to Dewey's dismay was hidden by the wall in between two windows. Then into the bed room Nervous led a handsome blond man, a little younger than Nervous and clearly very happy to see him.

The new man, who Dewey named Happy, produced a bottle of wine and soon nervous and Happy were half way through it and half way undressed on the bed. Dewey was getting bored, he wasn't inclined to this sort of entertainment. He began to look for new fun when he saw someone new in Nervous' apartment, his wife! Nervous clearly noticed too because he jumped up, pulled his shirt back on and waved for Happy to hide. Dewey watched in fascination as Nervous clearly ran out to keep his wife from going in the bedroom.

The wife looked rather suspicious, and made a b-line for the door as soon as Nervous thought he had succeeded. To Dewey's delight Happy hadn't hidden at all and had remained on the bed looking put out. When the door opened Nervous jumped in again and was animatedly shouting. Dewey could just make out the desperate tones of it from his own window. Just when it seemed the wife would storm out she cracked a huge grin and jumped on the bed.

After a great deal of tearing of clothes Dewey watched as the wife was filled on both ends by the two happy men.


Dewey heard a knock on the door. He jerked his wheelchair back from the window and put the binoculars in his lap to hide his bulge. He wheeled over and unlatched the door.

Sally was standing outside holding a bottle of wine and two glasses. She was in a yellow dress, flaring from the waist and ending mid calf. Dewey's bulge got larger. She gave him a wide smile.

"Hi Dewey, been enjoying the view?" Sally grinned. Dewey wondered if she had been looking out of her own back window. She walked into the room, clearly relishing the way his eyes stayed on the hem of her dress.

"Yes it's been a treat." Dewey drawled, looking her up and down. "Why don't you take a look?"

Sally happily walked over to him and bent down for the binoculars. She looked up at surprise as her hand grazed his erection but she scooped up the binoculars anyways and turned quickly, her dress spinning up revealing her complete lack of underwear.

She walked over to the window, still wide open and leaned out, giving Dewey a show. She peaked back over at him and winked suggestively.

"I always enjoy watching what goes on in this apartment, don't you Dewey?" She put the binoculars to her eyes and began looking around.

Dewey by now very much getting the hint undid the ties on his pajama pants and rolled his wheelchair towards her, ready for anything.

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