tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSexing the Bride’s Mom Ch. 03

Sexing the Bride’s Mom Ch. 03


Thanks to all who provided great feedback, both supportive and critical, in support of this series. DkGy

Guilt filled Vanessa's psyche and large tears welled up in her eyes. She, a middle-aged housewife and mother, had just fucked a young man who was one of her son's best friends and acted like a wanton slut while she did it. He had satisfied her by fucking her like no one ever had. She'd never felt such passion and lust in her life. She felt thoroughly satisfied physically, but that did nothing to assuage her guilt. And she feared what she now knew - that she would always want and dream about Tom's cock forever.

"What am I going to do?" She thought. She'd never felt worse in her entire life as she lay there wiping away the tears. "What am I going to do?"

Meanwhile, Tom thought, "Damn, Mrs. J. is one hot fucking MILF! My boys are gonna love sexing this new MILF slut!"

About 20 minutes passed by before Tom touched Mrs. J's clit, causing her to jump.

"Tom, Noooooo . . .," pleaded the hot mature woman. "I'm still recovering and we need to stop . . .."

"Baby, I know this hot cunt," said the stud lasciviously. "And it can never get enough of being fucked!" as he played with the fleshy tuft of clitoral skin as it began to stand up with its and Vanessa's arousal.

"No . . . Noooooo . . .. Arggghh" moaned Vanessa as she felt her body becoming aroused again, her pussy quickly moistening. Her lust growing furiously, she could not stop the young stud as he turned her over and onto all fours on the bed. Pumping his cock once, he lined up behind her doggy-style and, rubbing the head against the cunt opening and lubricating it with her juice, slipped his cock into Mrs. J.'s well-stretched pussy. He was rewarded with a lusty moan from the MILF and knew that soon her body would be cumming again!

Vanessa's body started to move involuntarily and her animalistic grunts soon let the young stud know that his cock was in control of this hot mature woman again. She was so pre-occupied with Tom's fuck of her hot body that she hadn't noticed Akbar, Mike and Wendell enter the room. Their cocks grew another inch and they watched Mrs. J., eyes closed, enthralled in her lust, fucking their boy like she was his whore!

Tom looked up, saw the studs and smiled. "Thanks for the reinforcements, guys," he said. "Mrs. J. is a sex machine. She's draining me and definitely needs more cock!"

Vanessa opened her eyes to see the three young men in front of her, their cocks bobbing with lust. She opened her mouth to speak, but then her climax exploded inside her and she screamed with orgasm, knowing that this would be the first of a wave of orgasms.

"Plug her fucking mouth, Akbar," snarled Tom.

"Glad to, P," said the Middle-Eastern stud, lining his dark cock up with Vanessa's "O" shaped mouth. Her mouth open, gasping from her first orgasm, the stud simply thrust his cock into Mrs. J.'s hot wet oral cavity. The woman's muffled grunts turned the stud on as his cock grew between her full brown lips.

Tom withdrew from Mrs. J.'s cunt and Wendell took his place. His cock was ½ inch shorter than Tom's, but thicker. Vanessa felt the difference immediately, but her pussy was on fire and the orgasms were cumming and she needed the fucking to continue – she couldn't stop!

"Noooo . . ," came the mature woman's muffled groans, but the young studs were caught up in their lust and continued taking the lust filled woman. Vanessa's orgasms made her buck on the new cock inside of her and the forced fucking of her oral cavity was now arousing her in a perverse way.

Meanwhile, Tom grabbed his camcorder and focused in on the hot sex action.

"Fellows, the night's just getting started," he said with a lascivious grin!

Vanessa was so lost in passion, she was barely aware of what was going on. All she could focus on were the hard young cocks surrounding her, one in her mouth and another thrusting up into her inferno of a pussy.

Tom watched in amazement through the viewfinder as Mrs. J. began to hump back and forth, forcing her mouth and cunt onto the two blood-engorged cocks presented to her. Constantly moaning and groaning uncontrollably, the MILF had been transformed from a wife and mother into a hot sexpot, quickly becoming addicted to the perverse lust-filled attention the young men were giving her.

Strands of Vanessa's sex juice dripped from her cunt as she humped and sucked on these young hard studs. The young men were still swelling with lust. Wendell grunted, fucking her cunt with a cock that had to be at least nine inches long. Akbar humped Mrs. J's face with a large cock that was at least eight inches long, thrusting it down her throat.

Tom and Mike couldn't stand it any longer and both stepped up to Mrs. J. who, in her lust-induced state, grasped both cocks. Her small hands couldn't encircle the two shafts she was pumping, but she grasped and pumped the swollen dicks as best she could. Meanwhile the cameras were capturing all the hot sex action!

It was an erotic sight, a literal big dick convention with Vanessa's mature, succulent body being fucked hard, slammed by the young studs. Her tight pussy was being stretched obscenely around one massive pole while her beautiful, sensual face was being stuffed by another huge cock and her hands encircled two more cocks!

"Man, Mrs. J. is one hot little cougar slut," said Wendell as he thrust his enormous cock into her wide-splayed cunt.

"I ain't never fucking young coeds again!" said Akbar. "Mrs. J. swallowed my cock all the way down to my fucking balls!" moaned the stud, grinding his muscled pelvis against Vanessa's soft full lips. The studs watched in perverse lust as Mrs. J. deep-throated Akbar, fucked Wendell, and masturbated Tom and Mike!

Akbar slowly pulled his swollen organ from her stretched lips. The camera caught him slowly exposing inch after inch of glistening thick cock as he rubbed the large bulbous head against Mrs. J's face, while she licked and sucked the large tube steak hungrily.

Suddenly Akbar grunted and, gripping the back of her head, crammed his giant meaty tube into Mrs. J's mouth. The MILF gagged, her throat bulging with the stud's fat meat, and continued to pump the other two large erections, while getting fucked doggy-style from the rear.

"Damn, this bitch is experienced! Suck, Slut Bitch!" gasped Akbar, as his thick spurts of white, hot jism, shot out of the swollen cockhead and down Vanessa's throat. The young middle-eastern stud was used to dominating women in his native country and, grasping Mrs. J.'s thick blond hair, continued to jerk off in her hot, cock-sucking mouth, her saliva dripping off his cock and down her brown-skinned chin. Withdrawing from her mouth, the stud continued to shoot his thick love juice all over the hot woman's face and wide-ovaled lips. Ropes of cum fell on Mrs. J's facial cheeks and nose.

The other studs couldn't take this erotic sight and Tom groaned, exploding again. Cum shot out over the woman's hand and into her head, ropes of hot white sperm spreading across her champagne-colored hair. Mrs. J continued to massage the stud's throbbing cock eagerly!

Thrusting in one more time to clean his organ, Akbar withdrew his swollen cock with a sucking "pop" and Mike, who was about to cum, offered his cock to Sam's mom who opened her full brown lips obediently and was fed the massive penis. The stud buried his swollen member deep in Mrs. J's throat, causing her to gag, but she continued to deep-throat this newest invader. Akbar stepped up and offered his flaccid penis to Mrs. J. who grasped his cock involuntarily, gently massaging his softening member. The writhing, moaning wife and mom automatically fucked the two massive erections with her cunt and lips in rhythm while she gently massaged a third prong of man meat!

Suddenly, Vanessa's succulent body began to tremble with an explosive climax, the result of being well fucked by cocks on both ends. Mike groaned with pleasure as he added his strong cumshots to Mrs. J's beautiful face, using his big cock as a paintbrush, coating her sexy, mature face from side to side. Meanwhile, Wendell grunted with lusty pleasure as his big cock jumped, adding another pint of cum to Mrs. J's wet, juicy cunt! White, hot jism dripped from the mature mom's sex apertures and the sexually driven moans of a MILF were the sounds that all studs had gang-bang wet dreams about. The young men knew that Sam's mom wasn't going anywhere until they were done with her and her hot cunt, lips and ass!

Akbar loved Mrs. J.'s soft hand lovingly massaging his cock and, hardening quickly, was ready for more of Mrs. J, his horse sized member bobbing with anticipation. Wendell gave his cock a final thrust, withdrew from the mature woman's sex hole and the young middle-eastern man took his place behind Vanessa, slipping the dark head of his cock into the slimy opening of her cunt. The studs all watched the MILF's big brown eyes grow large as the depraved young man slowly stretched the cunt slit of Mr. J's wife, the base of his huge cock finally becoming tightly lodged in the snug mouth of her hot pussy.

"Oh, Akbar . . . You're too big!!! You're tearing my cunt apart! Ohhhhhh! Too biggg!" wailed Mrs. J. as her new young lover grabbed her mature hips and stuffed his enormous club inside her, fucking the Black MILF like a whore, her big light-brown skinned tits swinging obscenely in rhythm to the thrusts of his meaty member!

Her cries were stifled when Tom plunged his own swelling, bloated shaft back down Mrs. J's throat. The hot bride's 54 year old mom was getting her cunt and throat reamed with hard, massive cocks. Akbar jammed his huge cock deep into her slimy cum-drenched cunt, his young, heavy dark balls audibly slapping against her well rounded café au lait ass cheeks. Meanwhile, Tom looked down at his partner's hot mom and smiled as he pulled on the woman's inch-long, swollen, distended nipples while fucking her unwilling, cock-sucking mouth!

Vanessa knew she could not stop the young men as they took advantage of her wide spread thighs, feeling Akbar's long, strong young penis stretching and lengthening, hardening inside her hungry cunt as he fucked her. Suddenly the middle eastern stud grunted and thrust deep within the hot mother and Vanessa felt the pulsing spurts of thick white cum flooding her hot cunt. She groaned, listened to the young stud's grunts of pleasure as he emptied his balls inside the hot and helpless MILF housewife.

His jerking subsiding, Akbar pulled his dripping member from Mrs. J's sex hole only to have Mike move between her thick, shapely spread legs. The young stud looked down at her swollen cunt lips which unfurled like a rose, sperm oozing from her hot cunt. The young stud was bigger than most men as he pumped his thick penis, moved in closer and gently turned Mrs. J. over and onto her back. Placing his swollen cockhead at her opening, the stud gently slipped several rock-hard meaty inches into the well-lubricated cunt of his friend's mom.

Vanessa felt her cum-lubricated, well-fucked cunt quickly stretching to accommodate the young man's meaty monster as he began to fuck her with long deep slow strokes. She felt inches of cock entering her married pussy in places that Gary had never been able to reach and hated the lust that was now growing rapidly in her hot body! She felt her body starting to react involuntarily as her buttocks began to lift and rotate, forcing the cock of one of her son's friends into her needy body.

Mike felt the change in Mrs. J.'s body as she began to move against him, pumping harder and passionately. The stud thrust harder, each stroke designed to go deeper and deeper into the helpless MILF housewife.

Akbar and Wendell noticed that Mrs. J. had stopped struggling and was letting Mike fuck her willingly. Tom noticed it too as Mike took her shapely legs and pushed them up high onto his shoulders. The hard young stud began to pound deep and hard into the housewife's hot cunt. The studs all watched as watched as Mrs. J. thrust her shapely light-skinned black ass up to meet the stud's thrusts, her hungry cunt swallowing the entire hot, hard dick.

The erotic sight drove the other studs into a sexual frenzy and two of them converged on the MILF's hot body while Wendell recovered, massaging his cock back to hardness watching the erotic scene. Tom and Akbar both took a breast and began to suck and bite Mrs. J.'s hot inch-long nipples. Her moans became more pronounced as the three studs handled their sexual business.

"Fuck me, Mike," groaned the mature hot slutwife. "Fuck me hard!" as her orgasm began to overwhelm her, causing her to buck uncontrollably against the young stud's hard bodied frame.

Mike grunted as he started ejaculating uncontrollably, his rock hard tube steak releasing streams of hot white cum into the sex hole of his friend's mom. Mrs. J. continued to climax, moaning loudly as the young stud filled her hot cunt with white man juice while she enjoyed the two young mouths on her nipples. Finally, Mike and his friend's mom collapsed in each others' arms, grunting with breathless moans of emotion. After the stud drained his cock into the hot, mature slut, he pulled out of Mrs. J. and the young men all enjoyed the view of the mature woman's legs gapped wide, cum draining out of her pussy.

His young thick cock at full attention again, Wendell couldn't wait any longer. Moving between Mrs. J.'s still-gapped thighs, he pushed his bratwurst into the groaning woman and began to fuck her hard. Akbar moved to Mrs. J.'s right side and, gently grasping her head, turned it to the side. Wendell thrust at that very moment and the mature wife slut gasped, giving Akbar just the "opening" he wanted. The young stud grasped the MILF's chin and forced his cock into her wet, waiting mouth. Grabbing a handful of soft blond-hair, Akbar began to fuck Mrs. J.'s sucking mouth while Wendell fucked her pussy. The hot wife moaned with lust as her son's best friends fucked her pussy and mouth at the same time.

Meanwhile, Tom knew what he had wanted ever since he had seen Mrs. J. hot, well-rounded black ass. The MILF's rosebud was coated with her sex juice and white sperm. "Turn her black ass over," he said to Wendell, grinning. Wendell saw the look in his friend's face and grinned back lustily, knowing exactly what his friend had planned.

Pulling her to her feet, Wendell laid down and pulled Mrs. J. on top of him. Drained by multiple orgasms, the middle-aged mother could do nothing but submit as the young man slipped his meaty cock back into its comfortable position in her hot cunt. Mrs. J. gasped and moaned as Wendell's cock slipped deeply into her hot, cougar body, turning the stud on as he began to thrust deeply into his friend's mom.

Pumping his swollen cock as he watched Mrs. J.'s thrusting, rotating, brown-skinned humping ass, Tom again saw his "opening." Coating the head of his cock with the slick combination of cunt juice and cum in the luscious crack of the mature woman's ass, Tom placed his swollen penis at the opening to Mrs. J.'s asshole and rotated it slowly into the middle-aged housewife's virgin anus!

Vanessa grimaced with pain as she felt young man's huge monster forcing its way into her tight rosebud. She tried to scream, but her well-stretched mouth was full of cock as Akbar scull-fucked the sexy older housewife.

It was an erotic sight and the camcorders recorded it all. While Tom fucked her ass, Wendell fucked Mrs. J.'s hot cunt and Akbar fucked her delicious hot mouth. Mike stepped over and placed the woman's hand onto his cock and Mrs. J. involuntarily began to stroke it, its throbbing length creating an even greater erotic sensation for her.

Akbar's fantasies were cumming true as he fucked the mature, sensual lips of their newest cum slut. Unable to control it any longer, the Middle-Eastern stud's cock exploded into Mrs. J.'s hot oral cavity! Thrusting deeply into the middle-aged wife's warm mouth, the stud felt Mrs. J. swallow his white protein, gagging a bit as the warm gobs slipped down her throat. Jerking involuntarily, Akbar's spasms finally subsided and he allowed his softening sausage to finally just lie between Mrs. J.'s full lips as she gently sucked the cock lovingly.

Watching the erotic scene in front of him, Mike's cock suddenly exploded and he shot cum all over Mrs. J.'s hand, big breasts and facial cheeks. The warm cum dribbed down the sides of her face and into the corners of her mouth. The stud watched with perverse pleasure as the middle-aged slutwife's lips parted gently and her red tongue snaked out and licked several of the drops of his cum, cleaning the corners of her slut mouth.

Meanwhile, Wendell and Tom took their time with the hot MILF, slowly fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. Tom was in lust heaven, oblivious to everything else except the tight rosebud gripping his hard cock. The young stud grasped her soft, wide ass and pushed himself deeper and deeper into her anus. His thighs and balls were now firmly pressed against her soft full ass, his huge sex sacks bouncing off the backs of her brown thighs as he fucked Mrs. J.. Meanwhile, Wendell continued to thrust into her pussy hard with his steel rod of flesh.

Vanessa felt the young studs' swollen cocks touching places inside of her that had never been touched before. She had never had an erotic experience like this before and it felt so decadent to be taken by young men her son's age and arouse them into a lust-filled frenzy! The feeling of two long, thick, hard cocks up her pussy and ass were delicious and it was exciting to be taken like this, against her will, by the rock hard young studs.

"Oh, God, Yes! Keep fucking me with those young, big cocks! Damn, that feels so fucking good! That feels soooo fuucckking good. Fuck me, fuck me hard!" screamed Vanessa. She had never felt anything like it as the feeling of lust overwhelmed her. She felt both Tom and Wendell increasing their thrusts as their ejaculations began to build.

The studs worked their cocks inside the hot woman old enough to be their mother, her tight cunt gripping their cocks like a vise. Vanessa began to make guttural type moans, enjoying using the young men as her personal boy toys, her huge sexual tube steaks, and she could not get enough.

The studs heard the mature cougar groan softly, "Fuck me. Fuck me with those big cocks! Fuck me. Fuck me!" "Yes, Ohhhh. Baby! Don't stop, Wendell. Don't stop, Tom, Don't . . uhhhnnnn . . Stop," moaned their hot mature slut!

Vanessa felt the changes in the young studs' bodies and knew that they were ready to explode. Suddenly Wendell groaned, "Oh fuck! I'm filling your cunt, slut! Oh, damn, Bitch! Take your hot cum, slut!" as his cock became rigid, shooting its heavy load deep within her hot mature body.

Vanessa couldn't control herself and didn't want to as she grunted and pumped against him, sucking out all the cum she could from his young cock. Tom felt Wendell cumming in the hot slut's cunt and couldn't control himself any longer, shooting his load of hot, white cum, deep into Mrs. J.' Hershey highway!

"Oooohhhhhhh, yessssssss! Fuck yesssssss!" screamed Vanessa as, unable to control her body any longer, she exploded in the most powerful orgasm of her life, as the two studs continued to fuck her relentlessly. Her cunt juices began to run down her thighs as she climaxed uncontrollably. She shivered and quivered in the throes of mature sexual ecstasy, having never been fucked like this before by any man, much less men young enough to be her sons with the stamina to go along with it! The camcorders recording the scene of orgy lust with the writhing bodies moaning.

Finally spent, Mrs. J. collapsed on top of Wendell and underneath Tom, exhausted from the fucking she had received and the tremendous orgasms she had experienced. Tom pulled his spent cock out of her ass and Wendell rolled her off of him and onto her back.

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