tagGroup SexSexy Seniors Ch. 01

Sexy Seniors Ch. 01


Tired of reading about the young and beautiful swingers? The Ken and Barbies? This is about the rest of us that love sex so much that we love to share with others. We that are older and still like to fuck. If you have any ideas for future chapters let me know. Love any feedback!

"That's it baby, suck my hot cock, suck it, suck me." I groaned to my wife as her mouth worked wonderfully up and down on my stiff prick.

Sue raised up. A string of saliva still connected her sweet lips to the head of my cock. "It's hard enough now to fuck with, so put that lovely hard cock deep into me and lets fuck." She moaned. "I need you to fuck me, NOW!"

Quickly I moved over her eager body. As soon as I knelt between her legs she grabbed my cock, guided it to the parted lips of her pussy. I pushed forward, sinking quickly, gratefully into her dripping wet box.

"That's good baby, give me your hard shaft. Fuck me the way you used to. It's so nice, so very nice to have your hard cock back in me again."

This was the first time in over a year that we had been able to have a real fuck. Last year I started having trouble getting a hard on and when I did it didn't last long enough to do any real good for her. We tried everything we could think of but no good. I would eat her pussy, she sucked my cock, fucked my ass with her finger and a dildo a few times. Nothing worked. I could make her come using my tongue, fingers or using a fake cock but now as good as the real thing.

"I'm Jim, 57 years old, partly bald, what's left is grey. Weight 225, 5'11". Married for 12 years to my wife Sue. She's 52, 5' 8", red (bottle) hair. 40-d tits, weighs about 185. What is referred to as a BBW. Big Beautiful Woman. We both had been married once before. 4 kids, 2 each, grown and gone on their own. We had met at a dance one evening, had sex that night and had been together ever since. Life was great. Both had good jobs. Liked being together. Sex was fantastic, we fucked in every room of the house, even in the yard and the pool. This sexual dysfunction was totally devastating to us. We were deeply in love with each other but she wanted and needed a hard cock at least once in a while.

After about two months of frustration we discussed several options. What to do? The drastic solution we finally decided on was that Sue would find a part time lover to satisfy her craving for hard cock about once a month. But how or who? Where could we find a safe stud for her that would go along with this radical idea?

"Hun. I think I found the answer to our problem." Sue told me the next week. "Our friends Alice and Mike were having the same problem. They invited his younger brother, Jack, move in with them. He took over Mikes bedroom duties. He fucks her steady, several times a day. He's in his thirties so he's able to get it up a lot. Sometimes to often for even Alice. She offered to share him with me if I wanted some of his cock. What do you think?"

"I don't know, have you met him? What's he like?

"Don't know. I did know that Alice was complaining about not getting enough lovin for a while but she perked up a couple months ago. Now I know why. We chatted on the phone today and we talked about our problems and she told me how they fixed things. She told me about how good he is and how great it is getting fucked steady again. She's been getting a hell of lot new cock in her pussy. Almost too much, that's why she offered to share him."

I told her that maybe she should meet this Jack.

"OK! I'll call Alice and see if I can go over for a visit."

Several hours later Sue called me saying that they were getting acquainted and she would be home later. Much later!

Some time after midnight I felt Sue slide in bed next to me. She wrapped her arms around me, pressed her ample tits to me and kissed me. "I love you darling." She said.

I kissed her back and asked if she was alright. "Did you get along with Jack? What kind of guy is he? Do you think he might be interested in helping us with our problem?

"Hun. He already has taken care of the problem."

"What? You and he did? He fucked you?"

"I have been thoroughly fucked for the last several hours and feel great. Thank you for letting me go and get some great cock to fuck my needy pussy He was great."

"He fucked you over there? Where was Alice? Or Mike? Were they there? What happened? I want to know what happened."

"Alice let me in. She was wearing only a skimpy robe and her hair was messed up. Taking my hand she led me into the den. There in plain sight was a naked man sitting on the couch with his hard cock in his hand slowly jacking off."

"Sue meet Jack. We have been waiting for you." Alice said. "Get undressed and join us." As she dropped her robe and now naked, knelt before him and started to suck eagerly on that beautiful, stiff cock of his."

"Mesmerized, watching her lick and suck on Jack's cock, I couldn't move for a few moments. I then quickly stripped naked and pushed Alice away. I wanted that cock for myself.

"Alice sat back with a big smile on her face, her hand holding that lovely hard cock out to me to suck as I lowered my lips to kiss the tip and slowly let it slide into my waiting mouth. OH, it tasted so sweet. I licked and sucked it, loving the feel of a hard prick in my mouth again. But I wanted more, much more. I wanted that raging hard cock in my hot pussy to make me come again and again. I wanted fucked."

As Sue told me of her adventure I reached to fondle her cunt. She spread her legs allowing me access. My fingers slid easily in to her wet box, she was still full of cum. His cum, she had brought home proof of her activities with Jack. A fresh fucked pussy, filled with another mans cum.

"SUE!!! Your soaked, soaked with cum. How many times did he cum in you?

"Three, three wonderful times he fucked me and shot loads in me. I must have climaxed a dozen times. He has a nice cock. Not big, about 5 inches or so but nice. He's uncircimised, I've never had a cock like that before. His foreskin has a different feel to it. So nice."

"Oh baby, I wish I could do you like that. I miss giving you my cock. Are you going to visit him again?"

"I would like to see him again. If you don't mind too much. I had fun. I wish it was you fucking me instead but he did the job ok."

The more she talked the more excited I got picturing her getting fucked by some strange guy. I started sucking on her sensitive nipples, switching from one to the other. Sue starting moaning with desire.

"Oh, oh, oh. That's it hun. More, suck my titties, suck them. OH, oh, yea. Do it. Please hun, eat my pussy. Eat me. I want your tongue in my cunt."

I slid down her body as she opened her legs and spread her pussy lips with her fingers. Her pussy hair was soaked, her inner thighs were wet. I could smell the residue of her lovers cum. As I nibbled at her clit I tasted him on her. Licking more and more I drove my tongue deeper. Cleaning out her pussy of all the cum. Sue climaxed from my licking several more times. Exhausted she fell into a deep sleep.

Over breakfast we talked more about what had happened and Sue said that she and Alice switched back and forth with Jack. "He fucked me three times and did Alice twice. We both sucked him and he ate our pussies a couple times. I was on my knees with Jack fucking me doggy style when I heard the door open and Mike walked in."

"Hi everyone, having a party? Can I watch?"

"Sure dear, get undressed and sit anywhere. We're just getting started. Sue came over to help me out with your brother. She's having a fucking good time with him as you can see."

"Jack was pounding me hard and fast. I was coming for the Nth time. I didn't care who was watching. The whole world could watch or even join in as far as I was concerned."

"Mike stripped and Alice knelt in front of him and started playing with his cock. He was half hard just like you get. Enough to suck on but not fuck with."

"He likes to watch while Jack and I fuck. It gives him a thrill to know that I'm enjoying a stiff cock in my pussy." Alice said. "I like being watched, now he can watch you too."

"I can't tell you how great it was to know that they both were watching me get fucked by his brother. I was thrilled knowing I was the center of attention. Getting a hard cock in my pussy and putting on a show for Alice and Mike. I wish you were there too, watching us fuck. Maybe the next time." "Jack started pounding deeper and faster and I knew he was ready to shoot his load. I was ready, I wanted to feel his hot cum blasting into my willing cunt. He rammed one last time and I felt his cock throb, shooting me full of spunk."

"Jack pulled out of me and laid back on the floor. His cock still hard and glistening with our moisture. Alice leaned down and starting licking it from his shaft. Then lifting her leg over his body she lowered her pussy to his cock and started fucking him."

"First time to be fucked while being watched and now the first time to watch others fucking. Wow, what a thrill. Would you like to be there and watch me get fucked?"

I told her that I would love to be there and watch her take Jack's hard cock deep in her hot pussy and get fucked. It would turn me on. Plus I would have a chance to see Alice naked and getting fucked too.

Sue called Alice and made arraignments for us to get together the next evening.

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