tagGay MaleSharing Secrets Pt. 03

Sharing Secrets Pt. 03


I can't believe this is real, Hoshi says to himself.

I am naked in bed with my best friend Dion who is also naked. I was carried by my Dad, who at the time was also naked and put into the bed.

It felt so good to feel my Dad's bare skin against my own, and it feels so wonderful being naked in bed and cuddling up to Dion's naked body. My own tiny penis is all hot and hard and rubbing against Dion's bare butt. He drank more than me last night and he is a bit out of it this morning. Besides, it is like the crack of dawn. I just couldn't stay asleep, I'm so excited. Dion doesn't seem to notice my body rubbing softly and slowing against his. It feels sooooo good!

Oh God! Last night! I watched my Dad and Dion masturbate! My Dad has a big huge and fantastically sexy cut penis. I want it so bad! Well, almost as bad as I want Dion's penis! I love Dion, his face, his butt, his chest, his penis, Oh my God he is this gorgeous Greek God, my Greek God to have and to hold and to touch and play with all day long! That is the deal Dad made with Dion yesterday. Oh My! All these thoughts making me so excited and I keep pressing my hard penis up against Dion's ass crack, I just naturally want to slide it up and back against him....ohhh that feels so good...pushing against him and then pulling back causing my penis to rub against the soft firmness of his butt.

I hear Dad approaching he must have just woken up and is getting ready for work. I guess it isn't really that early. It just seems that way with my sleeping beauty. I want him to see me naked! I'll toss the covers off of us. There now, he can get a good look at us.

I'll pretend to be still asleep. The door opens and oh my God he is naked! Oh my look at those big balls dangling between his legs and his large penis bouncing around like's it teasing me saying 'Go ahead, I dare you touch me!' I sooo want to touch and play with it.

"Son, are you awake? Dion?"

No response. They're still out cold. I hope they didn't get sick from the wine and the beer? But there doesn't seem to be any evidence that anyone threw up. Good. I approach the bed and look down at the two of them, their young sweet naked bodies, so inviting. And, look, my son has a little hard on and its pressed up against Dion's ass. Now that is a pretty sight, it makes me start to get hard.

Look! Dad's getting even bigger! Oh wow!

Was Dion being truthful when he said he was Bi? He seem to enjoy looking at me, and I know that look so well. I wonder what my son is? Ohhhh...seeing the two of them makes me want to take off work and spend the day taking them both over and over again...or better yet having that Dion take me. That would be nice. Oh my God what have I just thought! My own son! It's wrong. I want to but it's wrong. Dear Lord can I say it? I want my son to be a fucking fag.

He's leaning over us with his so very hard and big penis, it almost is touching my skin....oh yes...please...

No. I have got to stop. I have got to let Hoshi find his way and his true self on his own. I need to go and leave them. Get dressed and just think about work. Not their naked warm and inviting bodies....stop! I need to go and leave, and get my vibe and use it on my ass right now!

Dad abruptly turns and leaves. Wow, he has a nice butt. I'm all flushed and so excited, my penis is so hard and twitching...Oh my what's happening??? OhHHHHHH! I begin to leak and it feels so good. Is this what it feels like to.... What did they say last night...oh yes...cum. I think I am cumming and spilling it all against Dion's bare butt. OOHHHHH it feels so goooood...YES! OHHHHhhhhhh......mmmm. Oh noooo I'm flooding Dion's butt with all this warm goo....ohhhhhh...soooo nice....yesssss....ohhhhhhh.....

I drifted off. I hear the door shut. Dad left. The house is so quite. Dion is being to wake up.

"Hello beautiful," Dion says as he turns to face Hoshi, as he does his piss hard prick rubs up against Hoshi's prick and he puts his arms around him and cuddle up closer. (Oh God...I need to take a piss soon, I am so damn hard.)

He called me beautiful! He looks so beautiful to me as well. Hey...I feel his hard penis against my bare skin. It's so hard and so warm. It feels like it's huge! And it feels good there. It's making my penis get hard again. "Hello there. This is like a dream that I never want to wake up from."

"Me neither. You feel so good me naked and you lying next to me all naked," Dion says.

"And..." Hoshi says blushing, "And your SO BIG."

"Oh yeah. Sorry about that. I get that way..."

"When you're around me?"

"Well...(Kind of, but I'm not going to say that now,) at the moment it's just piss hard."

"What is that?" (For some odd reason at the mention of having to piss, fills Hoshi with a tingling sense of excitement. He realizes he is getting turned on once again. He's surprised at this.)

"You know...in the morning you're filled up with piss and it's all filling your balls and prick waiting to come out and man I'm so damn filled with piss! I need to go like right now! Damn, I'm not sure I'm going to make it to the bathroom!"

Hoshi is excited and fascinated at the size of Dion's hard 'piss filled cock'. All this talk of peeing he finds arousing.

"Hey..." Hoshi says as he spots one of those big empty sport bottles, the one's that can hold hot and cold drinks with the flip sipping top lying on the floor in between my desk and my bed and grab it. "Don't flood the bed if you really think you're not going to make it you could piss in this bottle."

"Oh man...oh man...I got to go...yeah...give it here...oh good I got to go...like now...can't hold it much longer...uhhh..."

Hoshi hands Dion the bottle and Hoshi's little penis is all hard, hot and erect as he watches with anticipation Dion going to pee. Dion untangles himself from Hoshi's and there embrace and scoots up against the head board with his legs apart. He grabs his penis and squeezes it tight and them with his other hand pops off the whole top of the bottle and brings it up to so that his penis's head is pointed into the empty bottle, and then whoosh! Hot golden steaming and bubbling piss bursts out of his prick and begins to fill the bottle. "Ohhhh man that feels good....oohhhhh...."

Hoshi watches in amazement at Dion's hard penis acting like a firehouse shooting out golden warm piss and filling the water bottle. "Damn! I'm glad that this was one of those really big one's Dad got me. Damn! You weren't kidding about having to go bad. You're filling it to the brim!" Hoshi is all turned on with seeing and thinking about Dion's hot wet golden streaming fluids. Hoshi realizes he feels the inkling of needing to pee as well, but he suppresses the urge easily and enjoys that feeling.

"Ohhh...yeah..." Dion says sighing with relief as he pees that last of his piss into the bottle. "Hell yeah I just about filled it to the brim. Quick give me the top!"

Dion pulls his prick head out of the bottle as the last dribble comes out and he carefully lifts the bottle as Hoshi takes it and screws the top back on it.

"Damn Dion!" Hoshi exclaims looking at the warm golden fluid in the clear sport bottle. "You filled it to the brim. Hell, if you had any more in you, you would have flooded my bed." Hoshi is embarrassed when he realizes that he doesn't find the smell of urine as bad, it's kind of nutty and interesting. He still feels the warm glow of urine building up in his bladder.

"Hey, if you didn't think quick as you did I might have flooded us! But now I feel much better."

"Hey but your penis is getting all hard again what's with that?"

"Well...ah...I'm all excited about being here with you and stuff."

"Yeah, what about this stuff?"

"Well...I should let you in on a little secret between your Dad and me."

"Oh is it about trying to find out and teach me all about sex?"

"Yeah, how do you know that?"

"I was listening in to Dad and you talking all the time last night."

"Why you little sneak! Did you hear everything? Hey did you see everything?"

"Oh yeah I heard everything and saw it all!"

"Damn! Is it okay to say that your Dad has a really hot looking cock and ass?"

"Sure. I didn't know the words before yesterday and today, but yes. I agree he has a what did you say, oh yeah, 'hot looking cock and ass." Hoshi blushes. "Is that okay? I mean he's my Dad and all."

"Hell. I don't know. But I sure have the hot's for him."

"I think I do too."

"But, I really like you as well. Damn, you look so good, different than your Dad. He's all macho sexy and you are all kind got this androgynous sexy thing going. From the back you look like a really sexy girl! I told your Dad I was an omnivore, I was joking since I have to confess I'm still a virgin..."

"Me too. I mean I'm a virgin as well."

"I kind of figured that. Anyway. Though I like looking at girly porn but man...seeing your Dad and you all naked makes me so hard and hot I realize I really wanted to reach out and suck the two of you last night. Oh god yes!"

"I wanted to reach out and touch both of you all night. Seeing your naked pen...what did you call them, oh yeah, cocks. A much sexier word. Yeah it was hard to not grab both your cocks."

"Well any time you want to grab mine you're welcome to do it!"

"But he's my Dad. Is wanting his cock a bad thing?"

"Well, technically I think that some people would call it bad, it's incest."

"What's incest?"

"Ah it's having sex with your sister or your mother. It might be the same for Dad's. But Hell. It's not like you or he's getting banged up or anything from this stuff."

"Banged up?"

"Oh you know, pregnant. Since your both guys it just a guy thing so it can't be all that bad. But, I'm not sure. Don't know if it's legal but Hell wanting and doing it are two different things. So, just wanted to suck your Dad is cool with me. I know I want to."

"You're right we've not doing anything wrong." (Not yet anyway. But if sucking is what I think it is, then I do want to taste him and Dion's cock as well.)

"Hell we have all day alone to play together! And I really want you, Hoshi, I really do. I think that means I'm queer."

"I think I've always loved you, so if that makes me queer than I guess I am. I've never felt this way about girls."

"Yeah, you are definitely gay."

"Is that okay with you?"

"Hell yes! Man I want you so bad. That must be why I'm all hard and hot for you. I want to hump you so bad. I like looking at hetero porn but give me your adorable little cock and your Dad's big hot piece of meat and I'll go to town and the two of you!"

"Hump me? What's that?"

"What you did to me this morning when you came all over my ass. Man that was hot! I faked being asleep like you did last night. I didn't want you to stop and I was afraid if you knew I was awake you might not have done it."

"Well...to be honest I didn't know what I was doing. It just was like my body took over and if I knew you were awake I probably would never done it."

"Man oh man, I'm so glad you did."

Hoshi blushes again. "Me too."

"Well now it's my turn. I want to hump your butt so damn bad it hurts."

"You want to like rub against my ahhh...ass... with your cock and cum on me? Is that it?"

"Oh Hell yes!"

"Oh good! I want you to do that as well."

With that, Hoshi turns around and wiggles his butt up against Dion's big hard cock, he feels all hot and excited at this.

"I know...I'm all horny being here all naked with you and hell you shot your load all over my ass and now it's my turn to unload and cream your crack, so you better get ready! I'm going to cream your cute ass really good!"

Hoshi's all embarrassed about cumming on Dion's butt and yet proud as well, and all excited that Dion wants to rub up against him and cum all over his butt. Hoshi wiggles his bare butt up against Dion's hard on as it settles into his ass crack. They are both all flushed and sexually excited and Dion begins to hump Hoshi with his hard cock sliding it up and down along the warm valley of his ass.

"Ohhh...Hoshi...you feel so good...oh man...oh man...."

"Oh God Dion...ohhh...yes....you...feel so good....hump me!...Yessss..."

Dion gets into the rhythm of sex as he pushes and pulls his hard and hot cock up and down his best friend's ass crack. Hoshi's cheek's seem to squeeze his cock and it's like Hoshi's ass was giving Dion's cock a hand job. The sensations are fantastic to him and he's deep in the throes of sexual ecstasy. The two of them moan and assist each other's sexual play as they push up against each other getting into a synchronized motion to simulate the sex act of anal intercourse. Their moans of joy and pleasure fill the room and soon they both can't contain their feelings. Hoshi begins to spurt cum in his own climax just as Dion gushes forth with a flood of hot streams of cum pouring all up and down Hoshi's ass. Dion gushes thick hot burst of white cream. The two are in sexual heaven as their climaxes shake their bodies. The energies rumble through them leaving in their wake two very messy and exhausted first time gay lovers recovering from their first act of gay sex.

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