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She Makes Him


Lacey stretched out next to her boyfriend Chase one day in her bed. It was a typical, lazy Sunday afternoon.

They had both just taken a very big hit from the bong on the nearby windowsill and their plans for the rest of the day involved not doing much of anything at all.

Lacey was dressed only in pair of cute, dark gray booty shorts with a midriff revealing Queen t-shirt. Her short black hair was streaked with purple highlights and curled just below the edge of her ears. Her arms were decked out with tattoos of every sort connecting in unusually intriguing ways—hot air balloons were pulled by vintage light bulbs that were screwed in with six-shooters unloading dahlia bullets into collapsing stars. She was sexy and dangerous and fascinating.

She was the type of girl that most guys would've been too terrified to approach. She wasn't just sexy; she was a phoenix. Her body was a mix between an hour-glass Betty Boop and cross-fit athlete. She had natural C-cup breasts and an ass that she'd developed into a work of art over her years of training in gymnastic silks and trapeze performance. She worked as a stunt girl and actress in the WaterWorld show at the nearby Universal Studios Hollywood and her legs had benefitted greatly from her weekly action-packed aerobics.

Chase was the all-American poster boy: clean-shaven with a physique that he kept a very close eye on. His dark, brown hair parted perfectly on the side and he lightly flipped it up in the front. You could almost imagine him clocking out of his shift at the local soda fountain before driving over to pick up a poodle-skirted date that he'd then take to Lookout Point for a heavy round of making out and petting.

For her own secretive reasons, this was exactly the type of guy that Lacey had always gone for. You see, Lacey was VERY kinky.

She didn't ever reveal just how kinky she was when she first met these impressionable guy-next-door types, but she definitely hunted for them with a very specific kind of script in mind.

They were both 25 when they first started dating. He had recently gotten out of a long relationship and she was never really pinned down for all that long.

But here they both were, three months into their dating and fucking and things seemed to be going pretty well.

She ran her hand over his chest where he lay next to her on the bed. He was only wearing a pair of checkered boxers and she allowed her fingers to slip below the waistband and lightly dance along his cock.

"I'm feeling really good, are you?" She asked, as Chase enjoyed the way her hand felt on his cock as he buzzed on the strong pot.

"Yeah, that is some good fucking weed you brought over, damn," he said as she slowly began to jack him off.

"Are you happy with our sex life?" she asked as she kissed his shoulder. She was laying on her side while she jacked him off. He was on his back and enjoyed the way her boobs pressed up against his arm and chest.

"Yeah, you're fucking amazing in bed, you know that. I still can't believe that you approached me that night at the bar," he beamed as he remembered the night that this Valkyrie had appeared and asked him if she could buy him a drink. She was the type of girl that he would've never even considered as a possibility. He was the Abercrombie and Fitch Lacrosse poster boy and she was the punk rock sex queen. But for some reason she seemed to be really into him and that drove him wild.

She had taken him back to her apartment that first night and given him the best sex he'd ever had in his entire life. She was wild in bed and he loved it. The way she would choke him while they fucked. The way she'd spread his cum all over her body after he orgasmed, as if his hot seed alone was enough to get her off. She was tantric and demanding. She was a bucking bronco and he was just trying to hang on for all eight seconds of the ride.

And the roller-coasting in bed had never really slowed down.

"What about you? Are you happy sexually?" He asked back, as her fingers ran up and down along the length of his cock.

"I am, but I do think we should start having a little more kinky fun in the bedroom," when she said this he knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" He asked, pretending not to know. This was a naughty game the two of them played with each other now, and he knew his part well.

It had started just one month earlier while they were very drunk and very high—they'd been sixty-nining in bed for a couple of minutes. Chase was on the bottom and Lacey was on top.

While he passionately lapped at her pussy as she ground it into his face, he enjoyed the way her full, crimson lips slowly licked along his cock giving it full, yet delicate kisses. She had moved her hand to his balls, slowly massaging them. He moaned as her fingers explored all over his privates. She pressed them into the skin below his balls and he moaned again. She ran them further down and lightly tickled his taint as she bobbed on just the very top of his cock. He loved it, he didn't know why, but he absolutely loved it. It was a brave new world of whoa.

He felt his breath catch suddenly in his throat when she brought a finger down to trace small circles around his asshole. This was definitely something no girl had ever done to him before. It felt really fucking good. He was getting dizzy with excitement. Then he felt the finger go away for a second and when it came back it was two fingers and they were both dripping with her saliva. He had stopped sucking on her pussy now even as she slowly rubbed it over his face. All he could concentrate on was the feeling of her fingers exploring his asshole. She immediately noticed his tense excitement. She dragged her fingers around his ass and teased his hole for what felt like the most torturous eternity and then he winced as he felt her slowly push a finger into his ass for the very first time. This was DEFINITELY something new.

He moaned out loud as she lightly pushed her digit in and out of him, and then she added a second finger. He squirmed below her as his cock pulsated in the tip of her mouth. She'd never felt him so hard before.

She could hardly believe it. She had been right again. This was exactly the type of boy that she could have her way with. And she immediately knew that he would do whatever she eventually told him to do. Her pussy tingled at this knowledge as she slowly fingered his ass and teased his cock with the tip of her tongue. He was beginning to moan louder with her thrusts.

She sat up suddenly, her ass coming up to sit on his stomach. She looked over her shoulder at him.

"Baby, I love how fucking hot you are...why don't you flip over onto your stomach for me so I can play with this sexy ass of yours!"

Like he was in trance, Chase flipped over as she lifted herself off of him. He loved how she seemed to be sexually turned on by his ass, it was an unexplainable thrill. Then she sat back down reverse cowgirl on the small of his back. Her hands immediately began to rub all over his ass. She really did love his ass. It was toned but bouncy, like hers almost but with a little more muscle. She scratched her fingernails across each cheek as she slid her fingers back down towards his asshole.

"Ugh, you have such a sexy ass baby," she cooed as her fingers retraced his hole again. Chase moaned into the bed as he subconsciously thrust his butt back towards her.

"MMMMmmmm, I can see that you're really starting to get into this. It's really hot," she said as she licked her fingers again and immediately pushed them back into his virgin hole.

She took them back out suddenly and licked the taste of his ass off; then she re-licked her middle finger and forcefully pushed it all the way into him, tickling his prostate lightly.

"Ohhhh fuckkk," Chase moaned. He had never felt anything like this before. His cock throbbed as his boner pushed against the comforter.

She noticed how he pushed back towards her finger. She smiled secretly to herself, knowing that she had just successfully hunted another top candidate to be her completely submissive slut, and the thought sent a shiver running down her spine. Would this finally be the guy who would be her completely submissive cumslut? She tingled at the thought.

She slid her fingers out of him and leaned back towards the drawer in the nightstand. She grabbed her expensive six-inch, cock-shaped dildo and a small bottle of lube.

He felt her squeeze a big glob of lubricant out onto his ass where she spread it around. She did the same to her toy and she slowly rubbed the fake cock all around his ass.

"Hey baby, I think that you have a really sexy ass," she said to him in the sexiest fucking voice he had ever heard her use with him. He moaned into the bedspread as he felt his head spin from the combination of the high-grade weed they had smoked and the high-grade voltage she was controlling as she sat on top of him. "And I think that now would be a good time for me to tell you that I've always wanted to play with your ass," She was rubbing the dildo up and down his crack now, salivating as she looked down at the fly caught up in her web. He was completely under her control now.

"I want you to just trust me, okay baby?" She said, as he felt her straighten the tip of the fake cock in line with his well-lubed hole.

He felt her slowly start to push the toy in. He cried out in pain and grasped the pillow above him as the mushroom head was large. He yelped a little when it finally pushed past his sphincter and into him. She was smiling naughtily above him as her pussy grinded on his back while she did this.

He was so turned on by how much this seemed to turn her on. He melted into her kinkiness.

"Chase baby, I want you to listen to me very closely while I do this," She slowly started to push the toy into him, gaining half an inch every twenty seconds or so. His eyes fluttered like an astronaut going through warp speed for the first time. His entire body had goosebumps. "Your ass is really fucking hot for a guy, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the way my dildo feels inside of you," she said to him.

"Mmmmmmmm," Chase could only moan back as felt his ass filling up.

"And Chase, this doesn't make you bisexual or gay at all...it's just a sexy girl showing you a part of your sexual appetite you haven't ever been shown before," She finally pushed the last of the dildo all the way into him as the rubber balls pushed up against his own.

"Yeaahhhhhh," he moaned back in a voice that was very recognizable to Lacey. It was a submissive voice that she had wrung out of her sexiest conquests. She absolutely loved it. She felt like she was Khaleesi, Mother of Sex Dragons.

"But if this relationship is going to go further, I need you to understand something babe," she said as she slowly pushed her toy in and out of him. He softly moaned as his snake-charmer-girlfriend connected with every nerve ending in his body. "I need you to understand that my biggest sexual need in a physical relationship is a guy that has a very slutty ass."

He couldn't believe what she was saying, or the insane affect that it was having on his brain and his cock. He just kept moaning along to every word. She continued:

"I need you to understand that this is going to become a very regular part of our playtime," She fucked him harder with the dildo as he bucked underneath her, "and I want you to know that if you promise to be open-minded and willing to explore this type of play with me, that I'll never stop blowing your mind...I promise to take you to sexual places you've never even dreamed of."

He started to moan in a less self-conscious way now—like he suddenly wanted her to know how much he loved that she wanted to do stuff to his ass. He wanted his moans to deliver the message of just much he was loving this.

"So do you think you can do that for me, Chase? Do you think you can let me train your sexy ass to be my slutty little ass?" She was twisting the toy into his bowels with each new begging word.

"Yesssss," He moaned as he drove his cock into the sheets below him.

"Good boy," she said. And suddenly she began to roughly pound him as hard as she could with the toy. He could feel his eyes roll back in his head and all the way around again.

He only lasted a couple of seconds longer before his cock exploded below him into the bedspread; his mind blacking out into an ethereal Nirvana.

Now here they were only a month later, and Chase had gotten very used to the way his girlfriend liked to take charge on a Sunday afternoon. There was something about the intimacy of a Sunday, the last day after a long week of work and partying that made them want to just lay in bed and explore the wonders of each other's naked bodies and unlocked secrets.

"Baby can I dress you up today?" She asked as her fingers ran along his cock.

"Mmm, dress me up how?" He asked, as she took the game in a different direction than he was used to. Usually she would seduce him by finding some obviously silly excuse for him to roll over onto his stomach for her. But this was definitely new.

"Well, I was thinking I could dress you up in some really cute underwear...I wanna see my sexy boy dressed a little slutty for me tonight. Will you do that for me baby? It would turn me on soooo much baby. If you'd really get into that slutty role for me that I like so much," she said all this softly against his ear, her fingers dancing lightly along his throbbing six-inch .

She popped up from the bed and skipped over to her dresser. She grabbed a pile of lingerie it looked like out of it. Then she told him to follow her into the bathroom. He got up excitedly as his boner bounced along for the ride.

"Take a bath with me," she said as she dropped the items onto the toilet and had him get into the bath with her.

The best part of her apartment was that the bathtub was big enough for two people. They'd spent a lot amazing time here.

Lacey drew a sizzling hot bath and the two of them got naked and slowly allowed their bodies to sink in on opposite sides of the tub as their legs pretzeled in the middle.

"I feel really fucking good right now," Chase said. She picked up the bong from the side of the tub and each of them took another large hit. Chase coughed a little from that one, and she splashed his face and made fun of him for still being a little bitch when it came to really strong weed. They laughed together and then got quiet as he felt her feet running up the insides of his legs.

"Are you gonna be a naughty boy for me tonight, baby?" She asked, her voice sounding like a strict high-school teacher's.

Chase nodded as his lips dipped down below the water's edge and he felt the steam envelope his face. He got harder underneath the water as he stared at her half-submerged boobs and her colorful tattoos that glowed below the bubbles. She was so amazingly sexy.

"Why don't you grab my shaving kit bag behind you," She asked as she sat up towards him. He reached up to grab her black shaving kit bag and put it on the wide tub ledge for her. She reached between his legs to drain a little of the water from the tub and then re-corked the stopper when it was three-fourths full.

"Turn around for me and stick your sexy ass out of the water baby," Chase turned around on his knees as she pushed his round butt out of the hot water to face her. He got goosebumps as his ass felt the coolness of the surrounding air.

He never would've imagined just a month ago that he'd be presenting himself for his domineering girlfriend to shave his butt, but he said nothing as she instructed him. He loved this path she had set him on. He loved the way she'd commandeered his Kinsey Scale and shaken it up like an Etch-a-Sketch.

He smelled something unusually bright and he turned around to see that she had taken a can of Strawberry-Vanilla Skintimates out of her shave bag which was now being spurted onto his exposed ass. He was confused as Lacey had definitely never used such a girly scent—she would typically just borrow his Gillette when she had to shave.

"When did you start using a high school cheerleader's shaving cream?" Chase joked with her as his body tingled with the cool cream covering every inch of his ass.

"Oh baby, this isn't MY shaving cream," she clucked at him a little, "It's gonna be yours." He moaned a little under his breath with the implications of what she had just said as he felt her razor make contact and slowly begin to drag across his aroused skin. She was gentle and carefully brought the sharp blades down between his legs where she painstakingly made sure that his cheeks and ass and hole were as hairless as an Arizona State sorority pledge. He gasped with each new pass of the razor.

She held his ass open with her other hand as she shaved, and saw how he reacted to the sensations of being so smooth. The intimacy in that moment was the stuff of a Tesla Coil. She took such detailed care of him, making sure not to leave a single hair behind but also not to cut him even as his butt quivered with the pleasure.

When she was all done and his ass was completely smooth, she had him lean up on his knees and then turned him around so she could do the same to his cock and his balls. He giggled at her touch as she shaved his front side-the smoothness was incredibly ticklish.

Then she pulled the drain on the tub and got out to dry herself off first. Once she was dry he got out of the tub beside her.

She dropped to her knees in front of him and took out a bottle of Victoria's Secret 'Tease' body lotion, which she began to use to lather up his legs and ass. This too was something he had never seen from his Lacey before. The lotion smelled like black vanilla and frozen pear and other types of naughty enticements. It was way too girly a scent for anything she ever wore. He knew she must've bought it for him.

He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the way her hands felt working the sexy lotion into his bottom as she kneaded his cheeks. She poured more lotion onto the top of his cock and rubbed it into his balls and the space between his legs. As she did this she looked up into his eyes from beneath the deviant smoke of her own lustful glare.

"Good boy, Chase. Now I want you put these on for me," She reached over to the pile and pulled out a pair of lacey, white booty shorts with a navy blue trim. When he went to pull the underwear on, he realized that the back was made up of two sexy straps that went over the ass, leaving his entire ass crack fully exposed. His cock was barely being contained iniside them he was so hard.

"MMMmmm, these are REALLY sexy on you!" She said as she kissed his cock through the faintly sheer front fabric.

It was one of the softest things Chase had ever felt on his body and he shuddered from the way the fabric teased him. 'No wonder girls loved buying so many pairs,' he thought to himself.

Then she unfolded a pair of sexy cotton stockings. They were white lace with patterns running all the way through them and finished with blue bows at the top of each of the thighs. They perfectly matched the naughty panties.

Chase couldn't believe what he was doing as she moved each of his legs to step into them and then pulled each one up tight around his freshly-lotioned legs where they ended on his thigh.

His entire body was on pins and needles.

"God baby, you look so fucking hot like this," she said as she ran her hands over the brand new stockings she had purchased to go with the spank-able panties that she had picked out of her closet from her own lingerie collection.

The way his cock strained against the crotch as his precum leaked into the incredibly girly underwear turned her on so much.

"I have to confess something naughty to you," she said as she took his hand and led him from the bathroom into the bedroom. She herself had slipped on a sexy, black bra and panty lingerie set with her own black knee-socks. Her bed was pressed up to a floor-to-ceiling window where it looked out onto the busy nighttime buzzings of Colorado boulevard in Pasadena where she lived three floors up. She was barely shorter than him and she kissed him intimately as she pushed her body up against his next to the bed. She ran her hand down and traced the outline of his cock through the panties as she kissed along his cheek and up to his ear where she bit his lobe.

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