tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe's All That Ch. 02

She's All That Ch. 02


Note: All characters in this story are of legal age. All of the characters are well over eighteen years of age.


Surprisingly she was in her usual spot the next day studying profusely without a care in the world, eating her pre-made lunch of what appeared to be a cucumber sandwich and some kind of soup in a small plastic container. Malaya Padilla always seemed to be wearing some sort of prep school uniform and I chalked it up to lack of style and personal preference.

"Hey that was some fucked up shit you did Malaya?" I didn't even feel like playing any games with her after she'd caused me to be branded as a pervert and got me paddled by my coach. She didn't respond and never shifted her gaze from her book. It was like she couldn't hear me and I was fast getting pissed at her attitude.

"Yeah, that's real cute; so you're just going to ignore me and hope I go away?" She put her book down and turned her gaze towards me while pushing her glasses up on her cute button nose. She seemed to be looking me up and down finally removing her thick glasses and asking "So, where exactly do I know you from?" I chuckled face palming myself and put my hands on my hips staring her down.

"Really; you gonna pull that shit with me?"

"You say that like it's supposed to mean something to me. I simply asked where I know you from after you've had the audacity to interrupt my studies." Her tone was even and measured making me even angrier.

"The library where you left me high and dry with my cock out Malaya." I saw the beginning of what was becoming her trademark smirk. For some reason my manhood twitched in my jeans becoming aroused by the monotone sound of her voice.

"Really? That does sound quite humiliating but I do keep quite a busy schedule and I'm preparing for an academic triathlon uh, sir. Please take your unchecked emotion to some other young impressionable girl elsewhere." She had pushed her glasses up on her nose and was packing up.

"Are you really gonna pull that shit with me?!!" I was livid as she stood up and began to walk out. I noticed her smirking as she fished around in bag finally pulling a small thin periodical from its confines.

"What then have I done What, except yield to a natural feeling, inspired by beauty, sanctioned by virtue and kept at all times within the bounds of respect. It's innocent expression prompted not by hope but by trust." She tossed me a book as she made her exit with no further regards to me whatsoever. I looked at the book -its title was "Valmont". I chuckled angrily knowing full well what she meant by giving me the book.

Later in the day I was hanging out in the gym with my good friend John and of course I knew it would be wise not to mention my episode with Malaya. I didn't want to give him the wrong idea, more importantly I didn't want to hurt him. He seemed to think that he had some sort of chance with her due to her status as a uber' nerd.

"What are we doing here man; I thought we were gaming today." John had the new Madden and I really wanted to play because my parents frowned on video games not allowing me to own a console.

"I'm just checking something out man; chill for a minute." His gaze was glued to the gym floor and I followed it to the girl's class filing out of the locker room. In moments true to form, Malaya emerged in a gym uniform that fit snuggly around her surprisingly curvy body. To be more accurate, I'd describe her figure as having similarities to that of a swimmer. Her torso looked a little stunted but she made up for that with very prominent hips and powerful looking legs. The gymnasium had numbers on the floor that students were supposed to stand on in order to be counted present. Malaya ended up standing at the far end of the gym behind two rows of students.

"Aw fuck; screwed again." John looked disappointed and I was even more curious.


"I was trying to get a good look at that ass." He explained that Malaya was known to hate her butt and went to great lengths to hide it. I looked over as the girl's class ran out on to the gym floor for volleyball and noticed Malaya immediately sit down on the bottom bleacher. One of the female gym teachers approached her and it appeared they were having words when Malaya produced what appeared to be a note and handed it to the gym teacher. The teacher read the note and waved her off looking irritated at her student. I watched Malaya meekly bow her head and stalk off back towards the girl's locker room. True to John's words she strategically had her trusty backpack placed in front of her butt obscuring it from view of anyone who would even care to stare.

"Fuck I missed it again; we should have been sitting on the other side but we got here too late." I felt a tiny sliver of guilt knowing what had occurred twenty four hours earlier I'd seen that ass that he desired so much. I'd seen Malaya's oval shaped bubble butt and been with her if only for a little while; but I still yearned to finish what we'd started in the library twenty four hours prior. Before I could reminisce further John was called out by one of the gym teachers for cutting class and taken to the office. Watching the teacher drag him off to a chorus of student laughter freed me up and I hopped down the bleachers making sure no one was paying attention as I cautiously moved towards the girl's locker room.

I found Malaya standing just outside of the girl's locker room conversing with some fat girl and seemingly giving her some advice. She still had her butt covered up with only the backs of her muscular thighs exposed. The sight had my cock stirring in my jeans and I was feeling a little more excited than usual. After about five minutes of incomprehensive chatter, the fat chick left and I watched Malaya slip into the girl's locker room. I really can't explain the charge I got from slipping into the girl's locker room after checking that the coast was clear.

"Are you serious?" She didn't even seem surprised to see me as she dug around in her bag and produced an air horn?!!

"Do you know what I'm holding in my hand?" She held the medium sized horn in her hand pointing it at me like a weapon.

"Yeah, look I know how this looks but I really just wanted to talk about what happened yesterday." I tried to appear non-threatening but I knew that I'd fucked up the minute I followed her into the girl's restroom.

"SHUT UP; you KNOW what it is I'm holding in my hand right?!!" She questioned me again and I simply nodded like the idiot I was.

"Good you're slightly smarter than I thought you were and you know that if I push the button on this air horn, everybody's gonna run into this locker room. You don't want that do you monkey boy?" Malaya seemed to relax slightly when I nodded my head in agreement.

"Take your pants off." She suddenly ordered shocking me with her aggressive demeanor.


"You heard me asshole; lose the pants and your fucking underwear. You did all this shit because you wanted some pussy and now you're gonna get it. HURRY UP!!" Her aggression was turning me on for some reason and I quickly got out of my pants and boxers becoming nude from the waist down. My cock stood out in front of me like a flag pole.

"Toss everything on the floor over here monkey boy." I complied tossing her my clothes and she kicked them five feet across the floor behind her before straddling on of the locker room benches facing me. She had an evil sneer on her face that gave me pause. Malaya slowly squatted down on the bench leaning back as she opened her legs.

"Get on your hands and knees and crawl over here to me." Her voice went all husky as I knelt and crawled across the cold concrete floor until I was eye level with the bench she was sitting on. I could look directly at the crotch of her gym shorts and they appeared to be damp. I considered making a play for the horn but was more intrigued by what she had in mind.

"Lick my pussy." She reached down and hooked her fingers into the damp cotton of her shorts drawing them to one side and exposing her slit to me. Malaya had a pronounced camel toe and barely any hair on her sex. She was visibly wet and her pungent smell assailed my nostrils. Things were getting kind of heady and I couldn't believe that I was in this situation and decided to make the best of it and give the lady what she wanted. I ran the flat side of my tongue over her puffy lips and she instantly shuddered. I could see the slight tremor run through her body and an audible gasp escaped her juicy lips. I lapped at her entrance for a few minutes before she let out an exasperated sigh of frustration and thumped my temple with her pointer finger.

"Wow, you are so incredibly inept at pleasuring a woman and I must say that this is rather disappointing to say the very least. Must I teach you everything monkey boy?" Malaya spread her virtue open with her fingers giving me a really good view of her womanhood. I stared at the visibly moist confines of her sex and looked up at her exotic nerdy face finding her brow furrowed in anger.

"Okay listen to me very carefully, I'm going to talk you through this so that I can get off. Pay attention goon and follow my directions explicitly. You see the nub at the top of my cunt? [I nodded with my tongue at the bottom of her slit.] That's called a clitoris; now don't try to think too hard. Idiot like you might go into a fucking coma from the exertion. Now I want you to softly put your tongue on it okay?" I touched her clit as lightly so I could elicit another moan from her. I can't explain it, I couldn't tell you why but I wanted her approval for some unknown reason. The way she talked to me was so fucking monotone and demeaning.

"Use that tongue to right the letters of the alphabet on my clit." I deftly began inscribing the twenty six letters on the surface of her button causing her to respond cupping the back of my head lovingly. Her almond shaped eyes were shut tightly and she was biting her lower lips as I worked on her sex like a madman. I alternated my efforts by dipping my tongue into her vagina and licking her inner walls. I could have sworn that I heard a slight chuckle as she scooted forward a bit driving my head further into her crotch.

"OOOH YEAH; you're such a fast fuckin learner asshole. Snack on that pussy boy; get me off loser." She had mashed my face into her sex and I could barely breathe at this point knowing that she was close to climax. Malaya's eyes were still closed and she was licking her lips making them glisten and shine. I had visions dancing in my mind of going balls deep in this haughty Asian bitch. Visions of railing the snot out of her small cunt until she was begging me to stop fueled my actions. I tried to lightly take the air horn from her.

"WATCH IT ASSHOLE!!" She quickly held it out of my reach brandishing it in a threatening manner and tightening her grip painfully on my hair. I dove back into her crotch licking and slurping on her outer lips. I made sweet love to her pussy while my unattended cock leaked copious amounts of precum on the locker room floor. Malaya began humping her muff against my mouth actually face fucking me as she tightened her grip on my scalp. I could feel the tremors starting up again signaling an impending orgasm and redoubled my efforts to get her off.

"Uh-oh YEAH SUCK THAT CUNT MONKEY BOY!!" She started gasping and seemed on the verge of screaming as I pulled on her outer lips and nibbled at her clit working hard to get her over the apex of her oncoming climax. Hey thick hips were pumping hard on my lips while I tongue fucked her and her gym shorts were completely drenched.

"C-CU-CUUMMING; AAAAWWWW SHIT!!" I suddenly found myself with a mouth full of her cum as she squirted a thick jet of her liquid lust into the back of my throat. She brought her muscular calves up around my face locking my head into place and I had no choice but to ride it out and hope for the best.

"Oh yeah, that was-uh, rather adequate." She was lying on her back staring up at the ceiling while I knelt beside the bench looking at her flushed face. She was nearly beet red in complexion as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

"Malaya?" I was going to ask her if "IT" was good for her but she bolted up into a sitting position straddling the bench and pointed the air horn inches away from my face pressing the button and the resounding blare from the small horn could be heard for miles.

I was shocked as she jumped up snatching my pants and underwear with a wide grin on her face. I was confused and started yelling "WHY?!!" as Malaya backed away blowing the air horn a number of times. I barely had time to scramble into a janitor's closet before the locker room was filled with students, teachers and our resident security guard, this big ass black guy known as Stone. My naked ass was wedged into the small cubby hole and I watched as Malaya explained how she had "accidentally" blown the horn. The girls remained behind dressing and cementing my predicament. Malaya went into one of the stalls and emerged a short time later fully dressed. I noticed my pants folded neatly under her arm as she winked at me through the grate and slung her backpack over her shoulder leaving the locker room.

A large sink cut into my butt and my still erect cock poked against the metal door knob. I was fucking stuck for the time being and had no way of getting out without my pants.

She'd done it again; Malaya had played me for a fool.

...to be continued.

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