tagIncest/TabooSibling Reverie

Sibling Reverie


(All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age.)


I awoke with a jolt and was instantly aware of the full circumstances that found me laid in this familiar yet not from this angle bedroom with a familiar but not from this angle slender feminine figure curled up with her head resting upon my chest. I couldn't see her face, buried as it was in a tangle of red hair, but I didn't need to, it was a face I'd known all my life. My senses reeled with the impact of the situation; that the memories that had been churning around in my head hadn't been a twisted dream but stark reality. I had corrupted my sweet, innocent 18 year old sister in the very worst of ways, not only taking the virginity of her mouth, vagina and anus in the space of one demented morning but doing so as part of a Sado-masochistic frenzy where I had made her my sex slave and used bondage and beatings to heighten the depravity. The blood was thumping in my brain as I considered the train of events that had led us to collapsing in her childhood 4 poster bed exhausted from the exertions, just as the blood was pumping back into my rising cock.

She was mine; my beautiful, pale sister was my fully Owned possession, her lascivious passions having been set free when she willingly surrendered herself to her wayward older brother's Domination. She had been nurturing these demented desires for years and my recent return to the parental home had been the trigger for her to finally succumb to all her carnal compulsions and give herself eagerly to me in order that I educate her in all the erotic possibilities of the BDSM lifestyle. My erection strained up as I mused on the realization of the perverse prize I had gained this day and as if by telepathy my sister stirred slightly, turning her head so I could look into her angelic face, a blissful smile playing across those talented lips that had served me so well recently.

Desire swept over me afresh and I wanted to be back where I belonged, inside my submissive slave sister. Gently so as not to fully awaken her I lifted her head enough for me to wriggle upwards, when I laid it back on my body it was positioned level with my hard cock, bobbing clear of my body for attention. Without hesitation, although still more asleep than aware, my slutty sister enveloped the bulbous purple bell-end into her warm welcoming mouth and began to swirl her tongue around the sensitive flesh still sore and sticky from the earlier incestuous violations of her virgin teen perfection. My natural born cocksucker gave a sleepy murmur of happiness as she devoted herself to her taboo task and I stroked her whore red mane of hair the way one would encourage a good and faithful pet.

I laid there a while and luxuriated in the exquisite oral attentions of my personal whore, the sensations of electric excitement that her agile tongue and nuzzling lips elicited a mix of relaxation and exhilaration that was easy to wallow in, but then I glanced at the bedside alarm clock...it was approaching 3:30 in the afternoon; we must have dozed longer than I thought. Today was the first momentous one of our new way of life and I'd wasted precious hours resting when I should have been cramming every perversion possible into it to mark the occasion.

My sister was now fully awake if the way she was trying to cram as much cock meat down her throat as possible was anything to go by so I took a hand full of her hair and pulled her clear from her oral impaling and she gave a disappointed moan; it hadn't taken her long to acquire a fondness for her Master's cum but I had to deny her that treat for now. She crawled up my body as I pulled on her red mane until we were face to face and I could force her mouth to mine...Kissing my sister was so delicious that even the fact her lips were coated with a copious coating of my pre-cum didn't hold me back from embracing them with my own and delighting in feeling her tongue dance against mine.

The deep lingering kiss was doing nothing to quell the rising lust that same sisterly mouth had been inspiring when it was wrapped so lovingly round my cock, so once again I had to summon all my willpower to break the connection. This time however my slave was better positioned so without warning I gave her arse that was now within striking range a sudden hard slap that brought a gasp from my little pain whore, those taut and tender round buttocks having already been harshly punished earlier in the day by both my spanking palm and a hard wooden 12' ruler.

"Up, slave," I ordered as she scrambled to her feet obediently. "You've rested long enough, time for your training to recommence." It was a strange side effect of becoming my sister's Dom unexpectedly, but I'd started using words like recommence instead of begin like I would normally; I suppose it was an attempt to add gravity to my Domination since I was only a couple of years older than her...I just hoped this overwhelming position of power didn't completely go to my head and I ended up striding around wearing riding jodhpurs and calling myself Baron Top-Bollocks or something like a complete nonce. Oh well, it was a chance I'd have to take because I had no intention of relinquishing my control over my intoxicating slut sister. Already she'd assumed a servile stance by the bed as if inviting inspection which I was bound to do because she was a vision of violated perfection that I could still barely believe was my perverse possession.

She stood there naked and shameless as I admired her slim pale lithe body with its small high breasts perched provocatively above her ribcage and well defined flat belly. Between slender hips her hairless pubic mound drew my eyes to the glistening lines of her neat cunt, as always signs of her arousal betrayed by the juices seeping from engorged lips; my novice slave was learning fast because she had deliberately positioned herself with shapely legs apart enough for me to see exactly how wet she was as the freely flowing fuck juices trickled unrestricted down her inner thigh in a sight that made me want to fall to my knees and lap up the nectar from her creamy skin and bury my face in its source. To add to the breathtaking portrait of perversion that she represented her white upper body was still covered with the contrasting splatters of red candle wax that I'd tormented her with when I'd tied her down over the dining table and defiled her so memorably earlier in the day. All in all it had been a busy day.

"You really are a beautiful slave," I told her honestly and she positively blushed with smiling slut pride, her eyes bright with this simple compliment in a charming display of innocence and pure deviancy that had my erection swelling even harder in a lewd compliment all of its own. Seeing my lascivious sister in all her naked glory like this reinforced my determination to make the most of her and our parent-free house, but the improvised spontaneous lust that had driven the day's events so far bothered my perfectionist nature.....A pain whore as promising as my sweet sibling deserved only the best in depravity and whilst the wooden ruler and dining table candles had been acceptable under the circumstances now that the more urgent of our lustful compulsions were temporally sated it was time to plan for the next stage of my sister's training; she still had so much to learn and be trained in and the proper implements would be needed. Trying to suppress my all-consuming desire for my newly acquired slave I rose from the bed.

"We are going shopping, my dear sister, this fresh start to your life deserves the proper equipment....Run and take a shower and you can drive me into town."

"Please, Sir. Can I wash you first?"

This voluntary offer of service had never occurred to me, but of course I accepted in good grace; I kept forgetting that whilst this unexpectedly torrid turn of events had taken me by surprise it had been a fantasy of my sister's that she'd cultivated over the years since she'd discovered the life shaking pleasures of masturbation. Devoting herself to solitary gratification had honed her day-dreams of unlimited adventures in Domination and depravity and now she was determined to give herself fully to them.

We walked hand in hand to the bathroom and she diligently started the shower running and stood in its cascade waiting for me to join her whilst I marveled at the total naturalness of allowing her to serve me in this way....This wasn't just sex game we were acting out, she really had given herself to me fully and I wanted her as my possession, to selfishly Own and use for our mutual satisfaction. This line of thought and seeing my teenage sister all wet and shining ready to serve brought yet another upsurge of desire coursing through me and I quickly joined her in the firm warm jet of water.

I stood still whilst she efficiently lathered the soap and ran slim fingers briskly across my chest and upper body, a delightful look of concentration on her face as she applied herself to the task. I allowed myself to be turned away from her so she could rubbed the soap on my back and boldly her hands moved to my buttocks in a pleasantly interesting sensation but this passiveness on my part was difficult; when she turned me once again and with a twinkle in her eye that might have been due to the steamy confines of the shower she brazenly cupped my testicles in her soapy grip and gently massaged them in a vaguely clinical washing way.

Enough was enough...I pulled her slippery body to mine and enjoyed the sensation of our skin sliding against each other's as I found her up tilted mouth and our tongues also slid against each other's in frantic lust. I ran my searching hands down her back and held the familiar firm curves of her buttocks as her arms wrapped round me and held me hard to her softness, the fervent urgency of the embrace being added to by the fact my aching erection was trapped happily between our two soapy bodies and my slutty sister was already grinding her genitals against its solid girth with obvious intent, my balls sensually slapping against her punished labia as she found a pleasing rhythm to her undulating.

"We are never going to get shopping at this rate," I teased her with as I sharply pulled her head back with her wet hair breaking the kiss, but before she could register her disappointment I bodily lifted her up with the grip on her rear keeping her forced hard against me and with a little effort guided her leaking slit up the length of my straining shaft until my cock head was once again nudging at the tight entrance of her streaming cunt. My sister was taking no chances as I held her there and I felt her arm leave my neck where it had rested and reach down desperately behind her rear and between our conjoined thighs, sharp female nails clumsily catching hold of my cock and pushing it into her cunt as she wriggled down to firmly impale herself with incestuous abandon.

I too was reaching fresh levels of lustful frenzy, but taking note of the potential for accidents I turned our meshed bodies to the side of the shower stall and slammed my pain whore back against the tiled wall so I could get a proper purchase on her slippery body. This action forced my cock hard and deep into her velvet tightness and she gripped me round the neck once more holding on grimly and she thrust herself against me in tandem with my brutal pelvic movements, my fingers digging deep into her arse cheeks as I held her suspended and we fucked each other mindlessly.

My sister's damp face was leaning against my grunting head and I could hear her whispering incoherent obscenities of encouragement into my ear as she rode her brother's cock with unrestrained exhilaration...the words being replaced with sobs of ecstasy as yet another climax rose steadily in her young frame...Seeking to spur her on I simultaneously bit down on her neck hard and slide a probing finger smoothly into her tiny anus; her body spasmed uncontrollably, threatening to knock me off my feet but I held her firmer and her tight sphincter clenched against my finger mirroring the way her cunt was milking my jerking cock...With a final thrust I began my own orgasm, shooting great blasts of jism against her cervix and deep inside my faithful fuck-puppet.

My senses returned to my steamy surroundings and I became aware that I was crushing my poor sister against the wall, although she seemed oblivious to the fact judging by the contented look of deviant bliss on her face, half hidden by tangles of wet red hair hanging down most appealingly. I lifted her gently out of the shower stall, still nestling my cock inside her and she reluctantly unwrapped her shapely legs from the small of my back and allowed herself to be disengaged from me. I perched her sat on the edge of the bathroom dresser and withdrew my sticky cock from her internal embrace, stepping back to admire her bedraggled and beguiling appearance. She stretched her shining wet body languidly and as I admired her I noticed the heated encounter had dislodged the majority of the red wax that had decorated her pale body so perversely; it almost seemed a shame, they were a testament to my taboo Ownership of my determinedly demented sister.

I watched her with pride as she gave me a happy smile and shifted her buttocks in an odd way...Then she splayed her legs wide to show me that the cum I'd deposited inside her was beginning to trickle its way from her body...Looking directly into my eyes she began greedily to capture the heavy seeping with her fingers and greedily transfer it to her mouth, lapping it up with debauched relish.

I waited until her probing fingers had exhausted the supply then ordered her to apply her cum hungry attentions to her Master. Without hesitation she hopped off the counter and dropped to her knees to lap and my only half flaccid prick. After a few minutes letting her clean her brother with affectionate swirls of her talented tongue I reckoned that this was as ready as we could expect to be today for a shopping expedition and I gave the order to dry herself off and get dressed. I took her hesitation for reluctance to leave my sore cock unattended, but she had some further depravity on her mine.

"Please Sir, I want a mark of belonging to you before we leave the house. I don't want to lose the feeling of being your slave....I need to know I belong to you when we are out in public and I can't serve you like a proper slut."

I could have pointed out that her arse was still adorned with the red welts from the earlier chastisement she'd braved under the wooden ruler, but I was intrigued by this latest expression of her need for sexual subjugation to her brother and I inquired what form this mark of possession should take.

"I want you to cut me Sir; I want you to carve your Ownership onto my body so I can feel it under my clothes when we have to be acting normal."

It was a tribute to the effect the day's events, but the thought of taking a blade to the smooth creamy perfection of my sister and defacing it as a constant reminder to her of her sexual subjugation to me seemed entirely reasonable, in fact, desirable, and without preamble I told her that would be an acceptable form of displaying her complete sexual Ownership by me. Grabbing a bottle of hydrogen peroxide solution and cotton wool from the bathroom cabinet I ordered my inventive little pain whore to get on her hands and knees and crawl to her bedroom so I could christen her properly and she obeyed instantly.

My sister looked so cute and corrupted as I followed her tantalizing naked body on its journey back to the familiar surroundings of her room, her buttocks swaying in a most arousing way as she moved on all fours as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Once again my cock was beginning to stiffen in anticipation and the sharp primitive desire to mount her filled my mind but I had to compose myself and retain what was passing for reason....My ambitions for my slutty sibling would never be realized if I fucked her every time she got me hard. Once she arrived at her 4 poster bed she remained on her hands and knees waiting further instruction like a good pet and I looked around for a suitable blade to perform giving the mark of possession with.

The straight razor I'd used to cut the ropes into convenient lengths still lay on the bedside table but I knew it wasn't sharp enough for precision carving, so I took a feminine pink disposable razor from my sister's dresser drawer having spotted their location the day before when I'd searched the room; just yesterday I was looking for evidence of my sister's depravity and now I Owned her and that depravity was all mine.

I snapped the flimsy plastic razor apart and quickly poured peroxide over the freed blade, the overspill deliberately splashing down on my pain whore's back and making her gasp in surprise. Reaching down I once again took hold of her hair and used it to direct her to climb up onto her bed and lay face down. Laid there all vulnerable I noticed she was trembling visibly as she awaited the first cut and so I knelt beside her and stroked her hair to comfort her, softly murmuring endearments about how beautiful she was and how much I wanted to debauch her and make her my perfect slut and slave....Well, she was my sister and seeing her scared brought out my brotherly protectiveness. Not so much that I had any qualms about holding her head tight and making the first stroke into the unspoiled flesh at the small of her back. My sweet sister winced under the sting as blood showed in a line so vivid red against the milky white skin, but I knew from experience that a sharp blade didn't really hurt much as it parts the flesh and I continued to carve the lines that when connected made up the nine letters that I decided my sister should carry with her as perverse recognition of her status to me.....

The blood welled up masking the word carved into her and I let it bleed whilst I picked up my sibling's prized digital camera and worked out how to work it. Once it was switched on I paused to run my tongue along the freshly carved title to savour the taste of my sister's wounds. I then carefully swabbed the fresh scar with cotton wool and peroxide and took a photo of the cleaned up cuts.

"Look at your new mark of Ownership," I gently told my sister who seemed to have recovered but still looked a little pale, or paler. I showed her the screen and she gave a happy exclamation as she saw P O S S E S S E D boldly cut into her.

"My slave name....now I really belong to you, Sir," she purred contentedly and I was proud of my brave sister and the obvious joy at this physical brand I'd given her. I gave her back another cleansing swipe with the cotton wool but the cuts were not deep and the blood was already clotting nicely.

"There, we can leave the house and you'll carry my mark on you," I remarked, playfully slapping her cutely rounded arse.

"I hate to think it'll fade as it heals," she said pouting most adorably. "I heard that if you pour ink into an open wound it leaves a permanent mark."

"Yeah, well maybe but we ain't going to do that," I told her...Apart from anything else I wasn't satisfied with the hurried job I'd done on her and couldn't bear to think it would be a permanent feature.

"Besides would you deny me the pleasure of having to keep re-carving you every time you heal?" I said mock sternly and she admitted she hadn't thought of that.

"Right, now make yourself decent for the outside world, Possessed, I am in urgent need to get some shopping in...You've had an easy day of it so far but once I'm properly tooled up your training begins for real."

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