Anna decided to clean the house while Dana took a bath after their birthday party with some friends after their parents had left for a dinner half a state away. They decided to hit the sack but Anna wanted Dana to make dinner before they did that, so she went to find her.

Unbeknownst to her, Dana was a bit shy and was masturbating alone in the shower because wasn't able to get in on the action at the party. They were two pretty, skinny brunettes with A-cup tits and tight curvy asses because both worked out to maintain their hot figures. Dana had a different curly hairstyle unlike Anna's bob hairstyle.

Anna went to her room with her headphones on and didn't hear the water rushing down in the shower and stepped inside the bathroom to see if Dana was there. The latter suddenly stepped out without anything on and her sister was stunned to see her sister's petite beautiful body dripping from the head to her feet. When she opened her legs to step out from the tub, Dana's brown pussy was a thing of marvel for Anna.

Eventually, Dana and Anna's eyes met and both stood quiet for a few seconds. Dana got angry and started lashing at Anna even though she was aware that she was completely nude. Anna was slightly turned on and kept blocking Dana's slaps. Anna ended up tracking back into the room where Dana managed to shove her on the bed.

Before Dana could do anything, Anna tripped her, grabbed her hands and put a scissors lock around her waist. She clamped her legs tight and Dana cried in pain as she swung away at Anna. Their midriffs rubbed against each other and Anna started feeling horny with her naked sister's wet body on top of her and dripping on her like that.

"What the fuck are you doing Anna?" asked Dana.

"I was just checking up on you bitch!" replied Anna.

"Well, you could've just called me out you know."

"You could've not slapped and thrown me on the bed you know." said Anna.

Before Anna could add anything more, Dana quickly got up on top of her and pinned Anna's arms beneath her soft wet legs. Anna shoved Dana off, but her sister landing right across her body. With the temperatures and eroticism rising and the sisters failing to avoid noticing their bodies yearning for sexual pleasure, Anna slowly moved her hand around Dana's wet crotch and grabbed her thigh with the other hand. Dana looked at Anna in a strange way and gently stroked her sister's hair and gave her neck a little smooch from the tip of her lips.

"Are you sure?" asked Anna.

"Now or never... unless it's your first time."

"No it's not. I'm just anxious that's all, but let's not waste time on talking."

"Yeah, let's enjoy the after-party." said Dana.

So, after some light wrestling Dana laid on top of Anna and took off her clothes. Anna grabbed Dana breast and wrapped her lips around it. Dana's tits quickly got erect as Anna sucked on them like a baby. Dana slid her hand behind Anna's thighs and rubbed her pubic region and ass from back to front.

Dana got up and moved ahead and sat on top of Anna's face. She opened up her pussy and showered Anna with her cum who in return gladly licked and kissed the insides of her sister's smooth trimmed pussy.

Anna put on finger inside Dana's behind which made Dana let out an erotic scream. Seeing her sister's eyes light up like that encouraged Anna more as she ate out Dana and poked her butthole. Dana soon got off Anna and both of them wrapped their legs around each other and got into a scissors position.

Both fondled and continued humping their juicy wet vaginas together. They changed positions yet again because Dana wanted to love Anna's boobs now.

Now Dana lied on her back as Anna went on top and put her tits on Dana's face. Anna practically smothered Dana with her tits even though Dana was not as keen Anna to continue having sex. Dana tried to get away because she had enough but Anna urged her to continue sucking her breasts.

Anna didn't let up and Dana passed out by the pressure of her small but tight tits with pointy brown nipples. Anna quickly got after noticing Dana was done for and trashed her room. She made a mess of the living room too and the next morning, Dana ended up taking the blame for the mess in the house.

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