Sis, Mom & Me Makes Three


So now I got behind my sister, lifting her bottom up to expose the creamy target of her cunt, all slick and easily visible from behind.

"Yeah, Jimmy!" mom barked looking up at me as I knelt behind my sister. "Fuck her! Slam it up inside her!"

"Aw shit!" my sister yelped, pulling her tongue away from mom as she felt my rigid thickness entering her body, filling her to the hilt.

"Keep eating that pussy," mom insisted, pressing Amy's face back against her snatch. And so my sister resumed grazing on our mother's eager vulva as I held on to her hips, looking down to see my cock disappearing into her body, then reappearing again as I fucked my sister with deep, smooth, slow strokes, just the way I knew she liked it. Mom preferred a faster, rougher rhythm. That was another thing that was so amazing about all this, that I was fucking my mom and my sister, and noting every little contrast between them, every nuance, how they went down on me, what their cunts felt like, the motions

they preferred when they were being screwed.

"Baby, baby, baby...." my mom swooned, "Your tongue feels so good! You're making your mother feel so absolutely wonderful!"

Mom was taking hold of her own breasts now, rubbing her nipples. I could hear her panting more and more loudly, the skin on her neck reddening. And with that I knew she was close.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum, honey, you're going to make me cum with that beautiful tongue of yours!" mom shrieked, thrashing her head side to side, running her hands wildly through Amy's hair.

"Oh yes, mom," I said, staring at her. “Enjoy it, you deserve it.”

"She-- she-- she's-- doing it!!!" mom groaned, her body heaving, almost lifting off the bed in a series of uncontrollable spasms.

Finally my sister pulled her tongue away from mom and I thought I'd save it, so I pulled out of Amy's pussy.

"Oh honey, that was great!" mom said holding her arms open, urging Amy to come up and be embraced. Now I watched my mother and my sister kiss and cuddle, mom luxuriating in the aftermath of her pleasure, sis reveling in the recognition that she had just brought her own mother to a climax. I know I felt a twisted sort of joy the first time I made my mother get off, and I knew my sister was now feeling the same thing.

"You must still be horny as hell, sweetheart," mom said to Amy, "I got off, but what about you?"

"The night is young, mom."

"I want to taste you now, honey, it's mother's turn to go down on you," mom said.

"I want you to, I really do, and I also want to eat your pussy some more, I just love eating pussy, especially yours, mom."

"Have you ever heard of the number sixty-nine, honey?" mom asked with a wicked smile.

"Mom! That happens to be my very favorite number in the whole wide world!"

Moments later the two of them were locked into that renowned embrace, mom on top of sis, getting her pussy eaten, while Amy resumed feasting on mom's.

I just sat back and watched the scorching sight, lazily fisting my own aching dick. And then I knelt right over my sister's face, right behind my mother. Looking down I could see Amy lapping away at mom's clit, the slick, open entrance to mom's vagina invitingly exposed and vulnerable.

"I'm coming in," I said, suddenly plunging my cock inside my mother

"Oh God, Jimmy, look at you!" Amy hissed. "You're fucking mom."

Amy's face was inches away from the torrid sight. And she now took advantage of the proximity by starting to lick my balls, dangling right over her face, then licking my cock as it plunged in and out of mom. Man, that extra bit of stimulation sure felt good!

I leaned over and brought my face down next to mom's as I fucked her, watching her lick Amy's pussy, whispering in her ear.

"Licck her, mom,”. "Lick your daughter’s cunt!

"Yes, yes!”" mom panted breathlessly, then dug back in.

Amy's tongue was all over me, going back and forth between my balls and my cock, even moving back a few inches, spreading apart my buttocks, and digging up in there to have a taste of my ass, something Amy hadn't yet done to me today

"Oh mom, mom!!!" Amy suddenly shrieked. "You're getting me off!"

And though I couldn't see my sister, I could feel her body squirming and thrashing beneath me and my mother.

"N- n- n- nnnn- now!!!!!!!!" she screeched as she took her turn exploding in pure carnal bliss.

Mom and I stopped moving altogether as Amy shook beneath us like a ragdoll, quivering uncontrollably as the jolts of her climax continued to shake her. Finally she calmed down.

"I think I better chill out for a while," she panted breathlessly, squirming away from beneath us as I also pulled out of mom.

"Whew! That was really something!" Amy gasped, catching her breath, turning to mom. "I thought I would never stop shaking. You really got me off mom, do you know that?"

"Yeah, I had a feeling I did," mom said, smiling proudly, a mother having satisfied her child's needs in a very unconventional way. But my achingly rigid cock needed some attention now, and I didn't feel like my fist was quite enough.

"I could use myself some more pussy, which one of you is going to give it to me?" I asked smugly.

"I'm beat," Amy said. "How about you, mom? Feel like having Jimmy screw you some more?"

"Sure," mom said cheerfully. "How about I get on top, honey?"

And so I stretched out on my back as mom mounted me, straddling my body, reaching down to work it inside again, rocking up and down on my stiff prick now, twisting her pelvis, shaking and swaying her big tits, making a real show of it. For a few moments my sister just sat back opposite us and gazed, spellbound, at her mother fucking the shit out of me, mom really prodded on by having my sister watch like this. Amy was still getting over her climax and I knew she was always a little weak-kneed for a few minutes after that.

"Oh wow, mom, look at you go!" Amy said appreciatively as mom, knowing she was being watched made it all extra vivid. All I had to do was lay there, making sure my thick eight inches stayed nice and stiff, which, with mom riding me and Amy enthusiastically looking on, was no chore at all.

"I can't stand just sitting here," Amy finally said, getting up on the bed to join us. She went right for mom's huge tits. With her tits being as big as they were, when mom was on top they just about filled my field of vision, and now filled Amy's as she lay next to me.

"Here, baby," mom said, lifting a tit and bringing it over to Amy's mouth. "I know how much you like to suck these."

It hadn't take mom very long to figure out that her bisexual daughter had a special fetish for her oversized breasts. And now the sight of my sister sloppily sucking on mom's big, corky nipple inches from my face now gave our coupling extra zest.

"I want to taste something else," Amy said, suddenly disappearing out of sight behind mom.

."Oh baby, kiss me!" mom said, excitedly bringing her open lips down to mine, tongues reaching for each other, hot, wet, breath mixing in a deep passionate kiss as we fucked and mom's ass was again devoured by my sister.

"Hey mom?" we heard Amy say, interrupting our kiss. "What do you and Jimmy use when you do it back here?"

"Look in the drawer over there, honey," mom said, pointing, as Amy retrieved the familiar tube of lubricating jelly, always in that drawer for just this purpose, mom had told me the first time I had done it to her that way.

"I should get some of this, it probably does the job real good, huh?" Amy said.

"It sure does," mom purred.

Now, looking over mom's shoulder, I could see Amy squeeze a big dab onto her fingers.

"Ahhhh!" mom gasped as she felt the cool jelly slapped in her crack. "Getting your mother ready for something new?"

"You bet, mom!" Amy told her.

"I think your sister wants you to fuck my ass now, baby," mom said to me with a lewd wink.

Now Amy pulled my cock out of mom's cunt and rubbed some of the cool jelly over its taut surface. It felt good.

"Here goes," Amy said, grabbing hold of my prick and pressing the tip against mom's lubed, slick asshole. And then mom just bore down on it, smoothly taking inch after inch of my cock up into the depths of her ass.

"Oh shit, this is too much!" Amy hissed, holding open mom's buttocks so she could see every detail, see mom's anal ring obscenely dilated around the intrusion of my stiff thickness. Mom looked over her shoulder at her daughter.

"Like the view now?" she purred, twisting her pelvis, making another real show of it as she fucked me with her ass now. Soon mom did something new. Staying impaled on my cock, she pivoted around one hundred eighty degrees so she now had her back to me, and was facing Amy.

"And here's an even better view," mom said, and I knew exactly what Amy's eyes had in store -- mom's asshole gripping my cock and, an inch above, her red, inflamed pussy exposed and on view.

"Oh shit, this is beautiful! This is too much!" Amy gasped as she took in the obscenely vivid panorama. And that panorama wasn't just good to look at. In this position mom's pussy was sitting there, begging for attention, and mom knew it. So did my sister.

"Let me have some of that," Amy said, disappearing below.

"She eating your pussy, mom?" I whispered in her ear, pulling her body flat back against mine, reaching around to squeeze her nipples, just another extra bit of welcome stimulation.

"She sure as shit is!" mom said.

"Bet it feels good too, huh, a tongue on your clit, a dick deep in your ass?"

"And not just any tongue and any dick, honey, but my own daughter's tongue, and my own son's dick!"

I could feel mom breathing harder and deeper, and the sweat breaking out on her skin as I kept slamming it up inside her rectum and Amy kept eating up her cunt.

"This is too fuckin' much" mom gasped. "I can't take it!"

Then, suddenly, she let out a howl that could've awakened the dead as her body started twitching uncontrollably.

"I'm cummmming!!!" she yelped at the top of her lungs

A few moments later mom was lifting herself off me on shaky legs.

"Oh wow, that was the best!" mom announced, a big, happy smile betraying her deep satisfaction.

"Now I want it in my butt," my sister cooed, staring at my suddenly exposed cock, as rigid as ever. Then Amy squeezed out some jelly and worked it back between her buns.

"I want you to lick my pussy while Jimmy fucks my ass too," she said. "But I also want to give you some more head at the same time, is that okay, mom?"

"Sure, baby."

"So how about we sixty-nine it again, I'll get on top," my sister proposed as mom and sis assumed the position.

It didn't take very long for me to figure out just how this anal assault of my sister would proceed. There was sis's bottom right over mom's face, mom reaching up with her tongue to lick Amy's pussy. And right above that pussy, my slick little target, Amy's cute 'poophole,' as she sometimes put it.

So now I knelt behind my sister's raised bottom and right over my mom's face, taking hold of my cock and wedging it into Amy's crack. The tip now in position against her greased hole, I just pushed it in nice and slow and easy.

"Yeah, honey, up her ass! Up your sister's ass!" mom shrieked from below. From her vantage point she had a perfect view of my cock entering her daughter's bottom, disappearing into her bowels. And just below, mom had Amy's tender young pussy there to devour. Which she did, eagerly, as I now started sodomizing my sister in earnest.

"Oh fuck!" Amy yelled. "That is so wild, it feels so crazy, both of you working on me like that!"

I lowered my head so it was next to my sister's, whose butt I was fucking and who was gobbling up our mom's cunt.

"Feeling good, sis?" I asked cockily.

"What the fuck do you think!" she hissed at me, looking back with blazing eyes.

"I want you to cum, I want you to fuckin' cum!" I hissed in her ear. My sister really loved having me talk to her like this when we made love, real blunt and lewdly.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum right now!" she barked and, true to her word, her body exploded like a simmering volcano on the edge of eruption, and then finally releasing all its pent-up pressure.

When her spasms eventually subsided, when the volcano temporarily went dormant, I slowly pulled it out of my sister's rectum. She stayed up there, on elbows and knees, showing off her wide-open asshole, proud of the way she knew it must've looked now that it had been so thoroughly fucked.

Mom and I stared at that hole in wonder, and with mom's face still behind Amy's bottom, mom decided to lick the rim of that hole as I looked on in amazement.

Then the both of them noticed me holding on to my cock.

"Poor Jimmy," mom said to Amy. "He's been fucking us, feeding it to us, making us both feel so fuckin' good. Now I think it's finally time to get him off."

"Yeah, mom, it's Jimmy's turn now," Amy said, whipping around to join mom, the two of them crowding around my cock. They began by licking the shaft, then sucked it all down, really greedy for the taste of it.

"Here goes you two," I said, suddenly pushing their mouths away, taking hold of it myself. And then, with a few strokes of my fist, I got myself off. I'd been saving it up for days, looking forward to this evening, so now as I felt the feelings surge in me, my climax imminent, I knew I'd have quite a lavish treat for them. And then, suddenly, it came out of me, jet after jet of thick semen, exploding out of me like white, hot lava, splattering all over their faces as they squealed in surprise and delight.

"Oh yeah, Jimmy, give it to us!" my sister begged, her face dripping.

"More, more!" mom pleaded as I squeezed out every last drop, soaking their two faces.

No sight could have been more delightfully intimate, and yet more obscene. There they were on their knees below me, my mother and my sister, both their faces smeared with my cum, their bodies worn from the endless pounding and hammering of my fuck-crazed cock. Who ever knew incest could be quite this much fun!

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girls CAN NOT fuck girls PERIOD!!! shoving plastic up her ass isn't fucking, it takes a real dick jethro...

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