tagIncest/TabooSister-In-Law's Panties

Sister-In-Law's Panties


That first time we fucked is still fresh in my mind. I had done some work at her house a few days before our first fuck and since I was home alone I helped myself to her panty drawer. Before I left I made sure to leave a deposit in a very sexy pair of her panties, then helped myself to two more pair. One I put on and wore under my jeans, the other pair I wrapped around my dick before stuffing it into the panties I was wearing. She had so many pair I did not think she was realize I had taken any. So it was no concern when she called and told me she wanted to see me at her place. I went by there totally unsuspecting what happened.

My sister-in-law (SIL) opened the door dressed in her business suit minus the jacket. Smiling she grabbed my hand and lead me into the living room. She had me sit in a chair that faced the center of the room. Then the unexpected happen. Without any warning she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. That left her standing with her legs spread in sexy high heeled sandals, thigh high stockings and... and... ut ole, oh my... sexy, black, cum stained panties.

Oops! She found them.

Looking at the size of the stain in the panties I guess they were not hard for her to find. It was a whitish crusty stain right over front of the sexy panties over the crotch, and covering her clit that was visible through the cum stain and sheer material of the panties. She pulled her blouse up out of the way to give me a clear view of the panties then slowly did a full turn pausing when her back was to me showing off her beautifully shaped ass covered in those sexy panties.

The panties are very sexy, high cut bikini, black, with a lace panel across the top front from the waist till about 2 inches down. Below the lace, the panties where almost transparent so I could see her cleanly shaved pussy through the cum stain and the material of the panties. The material on the back of the panties is as thin as that of the front so I was able to see the full length of the crack of her perfectly shaped ass through the panties when she had her back to me.

My sister-in-law is about 5'4, 115 lbs, 34B-23-35, with a flat stomach and perfectly pear shaped ass that she keeps tight and firm with running and weight training.

She was facing me now and asked pointedly for me to explain how the cum stain got on a pair of her favorite panties. Before I could say a word, she told me to stand up. When I did she ordered me to take off my jeans. When I paused, she reached to the table to pick up her cell phone. She showed me the number of my wife that she had already dialed on the screen. She then told me that I had better take off my jeans and explain how her panties got cum soaked. Even though I knew I was busted I was scared to take off my jeans because under them was another pair of her panties. These were blue silk, high cut bikini, with lace trim on the legs from the crotch to the waist. Silently I started unfastening my belt. My sil, obviously growing short on patience, stepped over to me, pushed my hands out of the way, and unfastened my belt, unsnapped my jeans, lowered the zipper then pulled my jeans down to my ankles. As she was pulling my jeans down her head brushed against my dick that was hard as a rock bout to bust the threads of her silk panties.

She stood up straight now ordering me to pull my shirt up. I did as she told me as she backed away to get a better look.

Denise, I am so... I started an apology but was cut off by her putting her finger to her lips and shushing me. I did as I was told.

She told me to turn slowly to model her panties for her. I completed the turn just as she stepped up to me, put her hand inside the leg of the panties where my erection was almost bulging out, wrapped her hand around my dick and the blue silk panties then guided me into her bedroom.

We got into her room where she had several pairs of sexy panties laid out on her bed. It looked as if she had taken her drawer and dumped on the bed. She confirmed my thoughts when she told me she was trying to get dressed this morning and had to change outfits because she could not find the blue silk panties that she had recently bought along with a matching blue silk bra.

She told me that whenever she dresses her panties have to coordinate with her outerwear.

I said that I am the same way. She told me to shut up.

I did.

She then told me that since she could not find her blue silk panties she selected a green silk dress because she was gonna wear her green silk panties that have a matching bra and garterbelt. "I could not find the green silk panties either, perhaps you know where I might"? She cut off my answer.

Today she wore a black skirt suit with a black silk somewhat sheer blouse that clearly showed the sexy, lace, black, Victoria's Secret balconnet bra that matched the cum stained panties which so NICELY covered her, smooth, sexy, ass and completely shaved pussy.

She told me that she was running late by the time she decided on the black suit that she ended up wearing. She saw the black panties and had already had the bra, thigh high stockings, and blouse on when she stood in front of her full-length mirror to pull the panties up. By the time she noticed the cum stain in the panties she had them half way up her legs. The stain was clearly visible from where she stood, but she walked up to where she had sat me down on the bed and pushed her crotch within inches from my face.

As close as she stood I could see the open pores of a fresh shave around her mound and pussy lips easily visible through the material of the sexy black panties. On top of that I could smell the aroma of her sexy perfume combined elegantly with the scent of her sexuality emanating from between the beautiful lips of her bald pussy. I looked up to find her looking down at me. When I got ready to speak she put her finger to my lips then asked me to explain how the stain got there. When I opened my mouth to speak she grabbed my head and pushed me into her crotch.

"Lick the cum from my panties" she ordered!

I started licking around the cum stain on the panties sometimes brushing across the hood protecting her bulging clit. My SIL started moaning but was still able to give me orders. When my tongue brushed her clit again she put both hands behind my head, saying "right there, suck right there". I did as I was told. I took her panties covered clit between my lips and sucked like my life depended on it.

This was like a thousand fantasies cum true and I was not about to do anything to screw it up. I had no idea how far we were going but I was already high in the clouds as I sucked and licked her clit through the sexy panties stained with my cum.

My SIL legs grew weak and she slowly wiggled her way to the floor holding my head in place all the way down.

When we made it to the floor I took that as an opportunity to do what I had dreamed of so many times. I started biting and nibbling on her clit and running my tongue with firm pressure up and down the crotch of her panties. The crotch was thin enough and the pressure firm enough that I could feel heat and puffiness of her swollen pussy lips. I used my tongue to push the panties up into her wet pussy as if they were not there.

SIL was obviously enjoying my actions. Her hips started pushing off the floor to get my tongue and her panties deeper In her hot pussy. She was grinding hard against my face. SIL then put one stocking covered leg, and heeled foot on my back and the other foot flat on the floor and raised her ass off the floor at the same time pulling my head deeper into her crotch with the stocking covered leg she wrapped around my back that was now around my neck.

I could tell that my sexy SILs orgasm was close. Her ass was bouncing off the floor at various heights and the pressure of her leg behind my neck was ever increasing. I moved my lips, teeth and tongue up to the panty area that covered her clit. I could feel the hard nub pushing through her panties and I teasingly bit down it, pulling and twisting her clit through her panties as I ran my tongue over the tip of the hard bulb.

That did it. Denise's ass lifted high off the floor. The momentum of her move caused us to rise high enough that I was now kneeling as I bit down on her clit. I put both my hands on her panty covered perfect ass and squeezed hard driving her to a shattering orgasm.

She wrapped both legs around my neck and squeezed almost as tight as my hands were squeezing her tight ass. As her orgasm continued her juices soaked through her panties. I took in every bit of her sweet tasty juices as I continued to eat her juicy erupting pussy.

As the orgasm passed SIL relaxed her body and settled her plump as on the floor with my hands under her squeezing her tight ass cheeks. When her orgasm completely settled I used my tongue to pull her panties aside and put my tongue deep inside her pussy only long enough to get it covered with her juices. I pulled my tongue out then used it to spread her juices all over her blood engorged pussy lips. I licked her juices onto her lips, then put my lips to her pussy licks to suck the juice back in my mouth. Gently I kept repeating the process until SIL began to move her hips and ass in my hands.

Convinced she might be ready for my tongue to take her to another orgasm, I moved the process up to her clit. I dipped my tongue into her tight pussy to get more of her juice covering it, then I locked my lips on her clit, drowning her clit in her hot molten juices. SIL body jumped high again as her next orgasm started. With my lips holding the juices around her clit I used my tongue to paint the juices all over her clit. That drove her to an exhausting orgasm causing her to demand a break.

During the break she explained to me how my wife, her husband's sister had told her about my panty stealing and my sexual abilities. While she had been curious for years she said she never thought she would experience sex with me. That was until she was able to confirm that I was actually stealing her panties and sometimes leaving them stained with my cum. She said she knew when she asked me to go by her house what would happen and she had made mental notes of her panty drawer before she left me alone in her house. Upon her return she notice things were not the same and knew it was me but was only certain after she talked to my wife. They talked about the new green panties I had brought home and the sexy blue panties I put on that morning. She told my wife that I had on her panties and she would see to punishing me. My wife agreed.

I asked her about the punishment, what did she have in mind? She said her and my wife had decided on the perfect punishment for me and that I was sure to get it before I left, in the morning.

SIL told me to go get her glass of wine. I stood and turned to leave but she stopped me. She blindly reached on the bed grabbing a pair of panties from the pile and throwing them at me. The panties, a thong, were a sexy pair with a flowery lace front panel and strings on the waist and down the back to go between the cheeks of my ass. I was told to change panties before I left the room.

Panties in place she had me model them before I went to get her wine.

When I returned she had removed the covers off the bed and spread out ALL of her sexy panties, pantyhose, slips and stockings to completely cover the bed and she was laying on the bed still wearing the stockings and heels, but without the panties that I had eaten her through.

She called me close to her on the bed and told me to stand there. She then picked up the phone and called my wife. While I stood there she talked on the phone giving my wife all the details of what happened between us and assured her that I had not yet been allowed to fuck her or relieve myself in anyway. As they talked she would stroke my dick through her panties and use her other hand to take sips of her wine then past the glass back to me to hold for her. One time she took a larger sampling of the chilled wine as she pulled my dick from the side of the panties then leaned forward opened her mouth and took my dick in her wine filled mouth all the way down until her lips contacted my bald, shaved groin. Then she slowly moved back until my dick was released. She motioned with her hand for me to put my dick back. After swallowing the wine she told my wife what she had just done.

The wine was finished and so went the phone call. I was allowed to put the glass on the night table by the bed where I noticed a bottle of the newest, warming lubrication.

My SIL opened her legs and used her fingers to tell me to climb on the bed between them.

I did as I was told.

As I kneeled between her stocking encased legs she used both her hands to squeeze and caress her c cup breast and ½ inch nipples. All the while keeping her eyes locked on mine to make sure I was giving her my full attention.

Denise gripped her tits, squeezed them together then pointed her nipples up at my mouth. That was my instruction to lean forward in my kneeling position and suck her nipples. I started with the left nipple by licking around her perfect areola before putting the tip of my tongue on the tip of nipple and licking around the hard nub. This had an immediate affect on her and she let go one of her firm tits and pulled my dick through the side of the thong panel. SIL stroked my dick as I sucked her tits. She was squirming under me and started to slide down pulling her tits out of my reach. She slid between my legs until she was under my balls. Pulling on my dick she guided it into her mouth causing me to fall face forward into a bed of slips and panties and hose that covered the bed. As she sucked my dick my face rubbed around in the soft fabric of her underwear while my nose was filled with the sweet scent of my SILs sexiness locked in the fabric of her underwear. All those things going on at the same time it did not take long before my balls were filled and ready to explode in her mouth. She most of realized I was close because suddenly she stopped, smacked me on my ass, and then had me raise up so she could slide back to the head of the bed.

Once in position she pulled her legs from between mine then wrapped them around my body pulling me down on top of her with the shaft of my hard dick pressing against the hot lips of her pussy. The heat of her skin combined with the hot juice leaking from her pussy had my dick feeling like it was on fire.

SIL whispered in my ear for me to grab the lubrication from the counter. As I did as I was told she grabbed my dick and guided it between her hot pussy lips then increased the pressure of her legs around me to drive my dick past her pussy lips and into her hot, wet, tight pussy until our groins almost melted together. Her pussy felt so good I collapsed on top of her as I reached for the lubrication. Our chests were perfectly aligned and I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest like dull needles.

I looked into her eyes as she looked into mine. Then she started smiling as she began to tighten and loosen her pussy muscles on my dick. She pumped me my dick with her pussy until we both started to share our orgasm. She kept on pumping her pussy muscles until both our orgasms passed. Even when my dick was completed limp she was still pumping her pussy muscles holding me in her pussy and talking until I was completely hard again.

When she was satisfied that I was as hard as she wanted me she told me to roll us over so she could be on top. With my dick buried in her pussy my SIL put both knees up and both feet flat on the bed on either side of me. Denise reached down to run her clit and spread her pussy lips, then without warning, as she held her lips open she started peeing on me. The pee flow started out just a trickle, then a soft stream then that became and heavy and hard stream of pee that shot into my groin like little needles of pleasure. The hot pee, the sensation of the hard pee stream and my dick buried in her hot pussy had me quickly shooting a load of cum deep into her pussy. As I started shooting into her pussy Denise continued to pee and even started cumming herself. Denise started raising and lowering her pee flowing pussy up and down the length of my dick as we both shared another orgasm.

When we were both settled Denise led us both to the shower. We washed each other, dried off then went back to the bedroom. We went back into the room, cleaned up the bed, then she gave me a pair of panties to put on. It was late now, we were both tired from all the fucking and sucking, so it was no surprise that we both fell sound asleep not long after we settled in the fresh sheets.

With Denis's ample tight ass snug against my panty covered dick morning seemed to come pretty quick. Denise was still asleep when I woke up. Her ass felt so good I was not about to move and break contact. Eventually SIL woke up and started grinding her ass against my dick. With my panty covered dick snug in the crack of her ass, she turned to me and bout knock me out of bed with she said. Apparently my wife had told her that not only do I use my tongue well in her ass, but she sometimes enjoyed having my dick buried in her anal passage. Denise said that she had not had anal sex before but was going to change that before we got out of bed. She reached over, grabbed the KY Jelly, passed it to me and told me to be gentle.

I squeezed some lube into my hand and covered by dick then put and ample amount of lube on her asshole and used two fingers to put some lube inside her anal passage. SIL told me she wanted to be on top. We kicked the covers away to allow her to climb on top. SIL grabbed my well lubed dick then rose up and pointed the head of my dick at the well lube rosebud entry of her anal passage. SIL told me to play with her tits and pull her nipples as she began to lower asshole onto my dick. I did as I was told while I felt the head of my dick pushing open her rosebud and sliding in the tight walls of asshole. She took her time working her ass down on my dick until her ass cheeks where firmly down on my thighs. With her legs open as there were I could see her pussy juice oozing from her pussy down to her dick filled asshole, then onto what of my shaft was not in her ass and my balls. It was so erotic

The phone rang.

My wife called and my SIL sat with my dick buried in her asshole as they talked on the phone. SIL told wife about last night and then told her how we got to this point with my dick in her ass. They continued to talk as SIL started moving slowly up and down on my dick. She moved short distances barely exposing any more of my dick at first. But as they talked and I played with her tits she relaxed more and at one point pulled up high on my dick then looked down to tell my wife what she saw. SIL described my every detail of my dick as she held little more than the head in her asshole. After she finished the description she smiled as she started lowering her ass until my dick was again buried in her asshole.

SIL hung up the phone.

She looked down and me and whispered that she is ready to feel my dick slamming into her asshole. SIL tried to change positions and keep my dick in her ass, but as we tried to get to our knees my dick slipped out. It did not take us long to get into the doggy style position. Nor did it take long for SIL to grab my dick and guide it back into her tight asshole. She started pushing back but I grabbed her cheeks and held her off while I poured more lube onto my shaft and her dick filled rosebud. Once again well lubed I grabbed her hips on both sides as she looked back with a stern look on her face and demanded that I fuck her ass good and hard.

I did as I was told.

As first I used long slow strokes, pulling my dick almost completely out of her ass before I would slam it QUICKLY back into asshole until my balls slapped against her burning hot pussy. I did this for several strokes before I grabbed her hips and start slamming harder with short strokes that rocked her whole body and the bed as I fucked her tight asshole. She was screaming and demanding that I keep fucking her ass just like that. I fucked her ass harder and harder with every stroke following SILs commands.

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