tagSci-Fi & FantasySisterhood Ch. 04

Sisterhood Ch. 04


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2011

This story is continued.


I moved back to the diamond and bent over again, spreading my legs a bit and holding my ankles in my hands. My twice-fucked orifices were tender and oozing semen, my sex still engorged and sensitive, and that was what the eldest studied with gentle, tactile exploration as she stood behind me.

She glided her fingers across my sex, now plenty wet unlike before, swirling them slowly around the ring of muscle at my backside. I sighed and relaxed; honestly if she chose to penetrate me now, it would hurt, but I wasn't about to refuse the eldest Red Sister in the chamber anything. Her status was all it took.

I had a good understanding of power games, despite my youth, and I knew where I stood: exactly as I was, bent over and gripping my ankles in a secret chamber within the palace, surrounded by assassins in the dark. I realized if she whipped my buttocks and ordered me to do so, I'd say without hesitation, "Yes, Mistress, may I please have another?"

Pride is real enough for any Drow, but it will only take you so far before it gets you killed.

"How do you feel about your visitors, Sirana?" she asked, still playing idly between my legs. She had yet to penetrate me.

I decided to be honest. "It was fun. None of the three gave up the Game easily. The two Drow were poor losers, though."

The eldest chuckled. "You figured out pretty quickly they wouldn't do anything permanent to you. Did that spoil the intensity for you?"

"Not at all, Red Sister. I thank you for the gifts."

I think she nodded, standing behind me as she was, but regardless, she paused before speaking again. "So you've proven you can and will couple with a Draegloth. And you even figured out how to control him to an extent. Did it disgust you?"

"No, Red Sister. I shall remember the coupling fondly."

She grunted softly. "You can also turn a male dominant situation to your advantage, even if temporarily." Then she laughed, and I was surprised to discover that I liked the musical sound. "If they had been allowed to kill you, I believe the wizard probably would have strangled you himself!"

A smile definitely twitched at the corners of my mouth. "With all due respect, Red Sister, he would've had to prevent my hands from reaching him first."

Her voice took on a softer, more probing quality. "Yet they both forced you to take their seed...here." She finally pressed that teasing finger into my sore and throbbing orifice and I winced. "You could submit to their acts and still call it 'fun'?"

I swallowed as I felt a tremor; I wanted to tighten up. I took a breath and responded forthrightly. "The warrior had a simple understanding of the challenge and no understanding of my signals. I could tell him whatever I wanted, and he had no idea what to do except hump away like a mutt at my whim. It even felt good later on because that's what I wanted. Yes, it was unplanned, but that didn't mean it couldn't be made fun."

"Indeed." She removed her finger and I tried not to sigh audibly. "What about the wizard's manipulation of you? What of his final penetration? I know he was deliberately causing you pain. You were completely silent."

I gave that some thought. At first, I'd been about to say that he gave me the perfect justification to kill him later. But I knew a wizard took a long time to develop to any power; they were expensive investments. While a competent general in the army might still bring down a dominant female's wrath and she could kill him at her whim...a wizard's execution was not taken quite as lightly. I would never be allowed to just go kill him later, like I could the soldier—about whom no one would question my right.

I realized after a moment that I knew why I had allowed the magician to have his revenge on me for taking the control from him twice in one encounter.

"I knew he couldn't kill me, Red Sister, and if he had simply backed off after losing the Game, it would have ended with him nurturing the grudge against me. I let him indulge in his instant gratification, because now he will fear me coming after him someday, make him paranoid, perhaps. It will make the finding of a faceless wizard easier.

"I know I cannot kill him, either, Red Sister. That is the Valsharess's word whether a wizard lives or dies. But I will find him and return the favor. We can continue the Game beyond today...on my terms." I grinned broadly at the floor. "That will be fun."

The eldest Sister listened without interrupting then let the silence stretch a bit, having taken her hand away and circling around me until she stood in front. I could see her fine, black leather boots that wouldn't make a sound unless she willed it, her black leather leggings and the tip of her sword sheath. I could not see, however, the blood red sash I knew to be at her waist.

Finally she spoke, but not to me. "Qivni. Clean her."

My collector gasped softly and balked, sounding shocked and a little disbelieving. "Elder D'Shea?"

"I said clean her. She is coming with us."

Qivni stiffly walked over to where I still held my position and kneeled behind me. I felt a very soft tongue start lapping hesitantly at the folds of my sex and I truly felt bewildered as to my reaction.

Strictly as a sensation, it was soothing and pleasurable after the rough sex. My emotions, on the other hand...I was struggling to keep images of my blood sisters, Juarinia and Kaltra of House Thalluen, out of my head lest I scream from pure hatred.

The invisible marks were still there.

Elder D'Shea must have sensed the slight change in my posture. "Qivni, stop. Gaelan, take her place."

My collector stood up very quickly and gratefully left her post at my backside, and the youngest glided forward and knelt down. The youngest, Gaelan, started tenderly licking my anus, collecting the oozing semen onto her tongue and swallowing it. She also hummed as if in pleasure, though I wasn't sure because memories of my eldest sister still crowded my thoughts. I wanted to spin around and push her away from me, jump on her and start striking her with my closed fist over and over again. I stiffened and trembled instead; I wasn't ready to die for attacking a Red Sister....

"Sirana." It was Elder D'Shea; she sounded like she had just discovered a soft spot in an otherwise firm fruit. "Tell me who you are thinking of right now."

I hesitated.


"My eldest sister, Juarinia," I said through clenched teeth.

Gaelan was still licking and sucking between my legs. The slurping sounds were definitely distracting and my internal armor that I hadn't realized I'd built so painstakingly was crumbling fast.

"Indeed. Why?"

It was the enormity of the question that made me hesitate this time. How to even explain it? I risked a glance upward, realized how my head was pounding from the blood pooling, and looked back down. "Because I hate her."

"She's dead, is she not?"

I nodded, scowling.

"Well. Perhaps her body is. Your hatred gives her life to you, though, it is very clear to me. What did she do to you to earn that degree of immortality?"

"What didn't she do?" I responded then both gasped and flinched when Gaelan stiffened her tongue and pushed it into my nether hole, licking me on the inside, too. Oh Lolth, it felt good and yet I....I....wanted to—


I attempted to get my stream of thought back; Elder D'Shea acted like we were sitting down in a parlor talking over taze, I had to follow suit. "She wanted to be a Priestess. She was practicing since before I was born."

"Interesting. Let me guess, you became her altar?"

"As soon as I was more grown and placed under her care, yes. Kaltra was already broken by then and played her assistant."

"And your Matron did not stop it?"

I swallowed. "Juarinia was never caught and I couldn't speak of it. She gave me some kind of magical draft, a compulsion against accusing her."

"Which apparently has expired upon her death, as you are speaking of it now." Elder D'Shea approached me again; I couldn't see her eyes, only her boots again. "Where did she get her inspiration?"

"The public sacrifices. Younger Priestesses she befriended or slept with to pump them for details. Any book she could find."

"Did anything unusual occur during any of her 'rituals'?"

I shook my head, felt Gaelan close her lips over my pleasure nub and gently start sucking and flicking her tongue. The unexpected spasm of pleasure that resulted wasn't entirely unlike from the wizard's technique. "Ah...! Um...not that I-I noticed, Red Sister."

Elder D'Shea stopped talking all together; she simply watched me and watched Gaelon working me. Qivni stood somewhat behind her, the stance of her legs seeming antsy to me. As the chamber grew quiet except for the sounds of the youngest Red Sister eating me, I found myself drawn inside my head, alone with my resurfacing memories of Juarinia.

I'd been penetrated with an object the first time without being able to defend myself; I didn't understand what she was trying to do. I'd bled, and my sister nearly panicked, afraid of being found out by the Matron. I'd healed though, and I'd swallowed that draft.

She taught me to pleasure her with my mouth and tongue, convinced that her climax was her strongest energy flow; all the rituals had to end with it unless I could escape. When she brought in Kaltra, I could never get away. As the altar, I was always naked. And then Juarinia had the new idea that if the Priestess and the Altar peaked at the same time, the power released would be incredible. It took a long time and many tries before that happened, with Kaltra's head between my legs and Juarinia squatting over me. The details of the 'rituals' always varied, became more or less harsh or trying, depending entirely on her mood and her 'inspiration,' but the ending was always the same.

And nothing ever happened. No attention from Lolth whatsoever. My sister was such a foolish wannabe who could never be sated.

Gaelan hummed against my sex again and I groaned at the vibrations. I had taken so many male lovers since, but never a female one that anyone knew of, certainly not at Court. It was considered unusual. At the same time, my skill and boundless experimentation with the males was well known. For me, the images of the new experiences helped push out the memories of the old ones.

"Is Gaelan doing a good job, Sirana?" the elder Red Sister asked.

I nodded, quivering a little. It was a slow rise because I was fighting it and I didn't think I could—or wanted to— ever climax from a female tongue again. But I wasn't lying to Elder D'Shea, either; Gaelan's lavishing attention on my sex was causing my heart to pound harder, causing my breath to shake.

As D'Shea gave me another moment to ponder, I finally heard that underlying thread of steel that had been in her tone. I realized the question had also been a warning: refusing to climax under such good and generous care as I was receiving after being forcefully sodomized would be an insult to Gaelan...which was an insult to the Red Sisters. I needed to let go; that's what was expected.

It was really quite simple now. Orgasm, or die.

Regardless of my distaste for the memories of my sisters.

Curse it.

I started swiveling my hips a little, helping Gaelan find the right spots and pressure points. I allowed myself to moan more, encouraging her and focusing on the softness of her lips and tongue on my sore and well-used flesh, on the intense sensations as she closed her mouth over my nub to gently suck me again. The pressure in my head was building as I stood bending over, and something like a coiled spring was forming in my lower abdomen. At last.

"Harder," I gasped. "Please press harder...."

Gaelan flattened her tongue on my most sensitive point and pressed as hard as she could, moving it just a little bit back and forth. I cried in relief as the spring uncoiled inside me and my body flushed with heat and pleasure. My vision seemed blurred with red for a moment and my head suddenly hurt quite a lot. My knees buckled and I fell forward, landing on all fours though still within the diamond. Gaelan followed me down and quickly thrust two fingers inside my sex, causing me to shriek as an aftershock swept through me. I felt my pelvic muscles clutch eagerly at her fingers before riding the wave down, barely braced on my forearms.

After the rush had subsided, I stayed where I was, gasping, as Gaelan got up and moved around in front of me. She kneeled and took my chin to raise my head, leaning down and letting her lips hover just above mine. I could smell my own scent, see my own lubricant glistening around her mouth. I didn't hesitate; I kissed her, tasted myself, licked around her mouth to clean her as she'd cleaned me. A slight smile touched Gaelan's young face as she stood up and joined Qivni a few paces away.

Elder D'Shea made a sound of satisfaction. "Stand up, Sirana, and come with us. You've shown promise on these trials. Now we'll see if your demons can be exorcised. Red Sisters have no demons except each other."

The words of her last sentence echoed over and over in my head as we walked toward the candles. I finally understood what I was doing here. They were considering me for acceptance into the Valsharess's elite guard. The skilled assassins, the best anyone knew of and that everyone feared, the ones I'd heard about since I started weapons training. The Red Sisters!

Oh, Lolth... I was thrilled, oh Goddess, the power I could attain was more than I could ever hope for being a mere third daughter of my House! I was elated! ...but then quickly sobered.

I'd never heard even one rumor that a Red Sister's initiation started with mating a Draegloth, or that Drow males were turned loose to rape and dominate her as they liked. Not one word.

That really only meant one thing: the ones that failed the trials never lived to tell about them.

It was all or nothing, then. To live, I had to become a Red Sister, and to become a Red Sister, Juarinia and Kaltra had no room in my head anymore. Red Sisters have no demons except each other.

Elder D'Shea walked up to the same section of candles where Kerse had flung his glanced; she stood before them for a few seconds, then drew in one breath and blew out at least thirty-five of them. Smoke and soot rose in dancing twists and curls, and slowly my eyes were able to make out the additional room beyond them.

I could see no less than thirty figures, all female, all wearing the same assassin's uniform. The ages ranged the entire gamut of able-bodied Drow and all of them wore a different expression; of stone, of eagerness, of deceit, of hatred, envy, jeer, distain, calculation, and contempt. I found the absolute oldest one, easily older than D'Shea by a few centuries, and studied her lined and wrinkled expression. She merely looked contemplative.

"This is your offering, then, Varessa?" the eldest asked Sister D'Shea. "If she survives, she will be your new apprentice?"

My apparent benefactress looked at me, a smile touching her lips. "She bends, Red Sister Prime, she doesn't break. She will prove it."

The Red Sister Prime nodded. "We will need an altar," she murmured, turning around and the other Red Sisters parted to let her through as she headed for the granite door that finally made itself seen.

Fear touched me for the first time; real fear. I was still naked, sweaty, disheveled, and sore. I'd seen sacrifices placed on the altar in exactly that state, and my sister had forced me to experience it over and over again.

I didn't want to do this, I simply didn't want to and for an instant the animal, mindless terror almost overrode my better judgment. I started to balk, to pull against my sponsor when she took my arm.

"No demons but us, Sirana," Varessa D'Shea hissed into my ear. "You will live or die by that truth, so accept it now. Or is my confidence in you misplaced?"

I started walking, being guided by the Sister Prime and D'Shea and followed by every one of the Red Sisters present—Qivni and Gaelan directly behind me— through the granite door and along clear, private passageways. They were intermittently lit with elegant candles so our vision didn't revert to true dark vision but gave me no indication where we were in the palace, if we were even still within the palace.

We passed many doors on either side though no one seemed to come or go out of them. After perhaps ten minutes, the Red Sister Prime seemed to choose a door at random and waved her hand. It opened, and she entered. We all followed her.

My vision remained in the color spectrum thanks to smokeless torches that lined the walls, though such colors as there were in this new chamber were somber at best. A high ceiling proved to be black, as black as the walls and the rougher textured stone beneath my bare feet. No polished, reflective surface on this floor.

There were nine grey steps leading up to a platform with a backdrop of Lolth's Crest in colors of deep purple, red, white, and black. On the platform there was a marbled white-and-blue stone pedestal only large enough for one body to lie on it. Well, not a pedestal, if I was honest with myself. I knew it was an altar, one that has been used for real by Lolth's Maidens of the Web. The top of it was still stained with dark blood that could not be easily scrubbed out by the slaves.

I forced one foot in front of the other as we walked across the basin floor to the steps and there we stopped. By some invisible signal, four Red Sisters unknown to me stepped out from the crowd and the rest moved off to kneel on the floor in a circular web design on the floor facing the altar. They had all taken on the same expression: reverence, as they looked up at Lolth's Crest.

Varessa D'Shea, Qivni, and Gaelan kneeled at the front edge of the web, closest to the altar. I thought I saw her eyes flicker and small nod from D'Shea, though she didn't make direct eye contact with me. Meanwhile, the four Red Sisters surrounding me all started removing their weapons, effects, armor, and clothing until they were as starkly naked as I was, setting their uniforms neatly off to the side.

The Red Sister Prime stood nearby, watching everything; I wanted to quail under her gaze but dared not show more weakness than I already had.

All or nothing. I would become a Red Sister, or I would die in this chamber.

We waited. I wasn't sure for what until I heard the whisper of a hem trailing along the ground somewhere near the altar.

From out behind Lolth's backdrop came a Priestess, but not the wannabe that Juarinia had been. This one wore her deep violet robes that lovingly held to her curves, her black spider headpiece framing her beautiful face and holding her long, flowing hair back from her eyes. A ceremonial dagger in its sheath rested at one hip, a black leather pouch at the other. She was adorned with silver jewelry; delicate webbing covered the backs of her hands and shining rings encircled her elegant fingers. A necklace of Lolth's spider nestled between her breasts and multiple studs and glittering dangles pierced her pointed ears.

This Drow held herself with more grace and confidence than any Priestess I'd ever seen at the more common public sacrifices, and it was her presence to draw every eye in the room that I finally recognized: she was the Guide present at the one Priestess initiation of which I'd been a part.

A new Priestess had to complete her own ritual, but there was always a Guide of considerable power present in case the new one's control of the demon she summoned faltered and he became a dire threat. The Guide had been the only one not participating in the orgy. What was her name...? I didn't know it, but I knew her title, which was almost as good.

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