tagIncest/TabooSisterly Bonds Ch. 02.5: Bad End B

Sisterly Bonds Ch. 02.5: Bad End B


Note: All characters are over 18

The younger sister quickly undid the screw holding the back in place, removing it so that she could escape the chair and have more movement in her arms. After that, she stood up, moving the seat of the chair away from the legs, overturning the legs so that she could move her legs independently of the chair.

"There." She thought, chuckling softly into her gag. Her lips had become dry due to the handkerchief that was bulging out of her mouth, making a small lump in the cloth gag. "I can focus on escaping and making sure she doesn't take pictures of me."

She began to scan her dimly lit room to see what she could use to escape her predicament. Suddenly, something on the wall caught her eye.

"Wait, what's that on the wall? I can't exactly remember..." she thought as she hopped over to the wall to look. What she discovered was one of her college uniform skirts, which she had received when she was deciding on a college, on a hanger, which hung on a knob above her bed and about a foot away.

"Hmm..." she thought. "Maybe something's in the pocket of this stupid skirt I can use."

She sat down on her bed so she wouldn't make noise by jumping on it, swinging her legs around to stand on the bed. She stood up, turning her back to the wall to reach the hanger, leaning over her bed. However, even standing on her tiptoes, she was unable to reach the hanger, almost falling off several times.

"Maybe if I use my feet." She thought. "Can't be any harm in trying. Gotta be less harmful than what I just attempted."

She knelt down, switching to a laying down position and threw her legs up to try to push the hanger off of its knob.

Unfortunately for the nineteen year old, the loop around her ankles, which had already presented itself a problem earlier, got caught on the knob, pulling tight when she tried to remove it.

"Crap!" she thought. "It's stuck! She's gonna be back any minute and I just got stuck! Maybe if I twist..."

Even as she twisted, she couldn't remove the loop. However, what she did succeed in was almost falling off of her bed again, now barely on it, not moving for fear of hurting herself.

"This isn't good!" she thought. "If I had my arms free, I could escape! Now, I guess I have to wait... hopefully, mom finds me before my sister does..."

However, as her bad luck would have it, the door opened an hour later, her sister walking in. The shock and confusion was evident on her face as she looked at her sister.

"So, my dear sister..." She said, regaining her smug, seductive composure. "It seem you've gotten yourself into a bit of a jam."

"Crap crap crap!" the younger thought, struggling to remove the loop.

"You look so cute like that." The older cooed slyly, stroking her sister's face. "I guess I should take some commemorative photos. My camera's got enough juice for a while."

She took a few pictures, her expression turning to a thoughtful one.

"These could be so much better." She smirked slyly. She ripped open the younger's shirt and skirt, leaving her in her panties and bra.

"Much better." The older said, taking more pictures. "But, I feel like it's still missing something..."

"Mmmhrmph! (it's missing my dignity and your morality, pervert!)" the younger shouted into her gag.

"Oh well." The older shrugged slyly. "I could just leave you here... but, I think I have a good place for you. One where you won't get out so easily."

She loosened the loop around the knob, holding it tightly as she began to drag her struggling sister by the loop down to her room. Once in her room, she opened up her closet, pulling down a hook from the ceiling.

Tightening the loop around it, she hoisted her younger sister upside down to dangle in the middle of the large walk-in closet.

"This will be a good angle." The older smirked. "But, you'll get hot in here. I'll fix that."

And, with that, she removed her sister's panties and bra with a small knife she produced from a drawer in the closet. The younger sister began to struggle anew, her body held four feet off the ground.

"That hook can support three times your weight at least." The older giggled. "But, I do love your nice, full breasts."

She squeezed them, her younger sister bucking her body to move.

"Now, stop moving." The older sister slapped her breasts. "Actually, on second thought, keep moving. I'll even help you."

The older sister produced three egg vibrators from her pocket, showing them to her younger sister. The younger sister's eyes widened, her face paling a bit as she realized what they were.

"I'll bet you can guess where these go." Her older sister smirked as she taped two on her breasts one over each nipple and put one in her vagina, putting a small bit of tape over her slit to prevent it from coming out.

Once she was done, she set up her camera on the door, setting it to record.

"I'll see you later, my dear sister." She smirked. "I'm sure you can just feel those working once I turn them on. Of course you won't cum from them. You were very naughty, so you need a punishment."

She pulled the remote from her pocket, setting them all three on medium, her younger sister bucking with them and moaning into her gag, several profanities being uttered.

With that, the older sister closed the closet door, leaving her younger sister in the dark, save for the red light of the camera filming her sister's punishment, the nineteen year old shuddering in both arousal and fear of what her sister would do, hoping she could find a way to escape.

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