tagInterracial LoveSisters' Misters Ch. 05

Sisters' Misters Ch. 05


Mom's Surprise for Dad

After fucking Trey one last time, Katie passionately kissed her new lover and said goodbye, promising that she would be back for more as soon as possible.

On the four-hour drive home Katie had plenty of time to think. She thought about how her new black cock obsession was sort of like her friend's religious rebirth. Her friend had a profound religious experience and was "born again." After that, the woman couldn't stop waving her arms in the air, professing her faith and trying to get everyone to go to her church with her.

Katie thought about which of her friends she could confide in, and which ones were likely candidates for black fucking. She relished the thought of turning a couple of them into black cock sluts! Wouldn't it be great to see them get pregnant with black babies!

Katie thought about how she would handle her husband, Bill. She made up her mind that she wasn't going to sneak around behind his back, fucking black guys in motels or her place while Bill was golfing or working. She would tell him tonight. If he had an interracial sex fetish, as Jennifer suggested, he might actually be receptive to the idea. It would be nice if they could continue their mundane but comfortable married life while she fucked black cocks a few times a month, or whatever. If Bill had a problem with her fucking around they would just have to make some serious life changes.

When Katie arrived home she found Bill in his recliner, watching golf on television. She gave him a quick hello kiss, then she put her left foot in his lap and said "look what I got when I was out with Jennifer! It's a tattoo - my good luck charm!"

Bill saw the tattoo and immediately recognized it from his many hours of perusing interracial porn as a Queen of Spades.

"So that's a good luck charm, you say," Bill said, "well I'm a little surprised that you would get tattooed at your age, but I'm glad you're happy with it."

"Oh, I'm very happy with it!" Katie said, grinning. "I think it looks just great on me. I hope everyone sees it! I've never been happier about anything!"

Bill thought to himself that Katie won't be so darned happy if she ever learns that the Queen of Spades signifies a white woman who likes to fuck big black cock. She'll want to get it removed, or at least cover it with something else. Bill also decided that he was going to scold Jennifer for playing such a mean trick on her mother.

Katie then headed for the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet seat Katie noticed that the panties at her feet were soaking wet with Trey's cum, which had been oozing out of her pussy during her drive home.

She picked up the panties and sniffed them deeply, taking in the scent of Trey's cum and the smell of their sex. She licked the underwear, reminding herself of what his cock tasted like in her mouth. She wanted to remember the taste and the smell to hold her over until she could fuck him again. After peeing, Katie sadly tossed the soiled panties in the hamper and put on a clean pair.

Katie rejoined Bill in the living room, and after the golf match ended, they talked more than usual as she gave him a full report on her visit with Jennifer and Jamal, leaving out the part about getting fucked repeatedly. Bill was glad that Katie was no longer mad at him for not going. In fact, she seemed to be in a great mood and went on and on about what a nice guy Jamal was and how handsome he was and how happy they were. Bill was a little surprised by Katie's turnabout in attitude because she had never seemed to like the idea of her daughter living with a black man.

Later that evening, after watching some TV, Bill said he was going to go to bed. He always went to bed fairly early, unless he was on the computer (probably looking at porn). Katie announced that she was ready to turn in too.

Bill climbed into bed in his boxer shorts and Katie slipped on a nightgown, changing in front of Bill and hoping that he would see her freshly shaved pussy and her battered boobs. Bill overlooked Katie's tits but did notice her smooth pussy and what looked like a hickey on her neck.

"What happened to your neck? And did you shave your vagina?" Bill asked in shock.

"Oh, it's nothing," she answered, referring to her neck. "And yes, I shaved it. Everyone shaves now and it's better than having a big old-fashioned bush between your legs. I really love it this way, don't you?"

"Well, it does make you look younger, in a way," Bill mentioned while turning on the nightstand light to do some reading

Katie thought to herself "my husband is an oblivious moron," then she turned toward him and put her hand on his flaccid four inch cock.

"I'm not really in the mood, honey," Bill said quietly.

"Just lie there," Katie said quietly, "I missed you and want to talk to you," not really being honest about missing him.

Bill tolerated Katie's hand resting on his penis. Katie began to move her fingers back and forth very slowly.

"Jennifer is real happy with Jamal," Katie said, "because she loves him so much and because he has a big black cock."

Bill's dick began to twitch. He was surprised to hear Katie talk that way but he liked what he was hearing.

"You know, Chelsea likes black guys too," Katie said.

"Little Chelsea?!" Bill exclaimed. "How do you know that? She's just a baby." Bill's small cock was quickly getting bigger as he formed a mental picture of his youngest child in the missionary position with a huge black guy on top of her.

"We just have to face it," Katie said, "both of our daughters like to fuck niggers."

"I'm surprised," Bill began, "and I'm surprised at you for talking that way."

"Oh, I'm full of surprises," Katie said, smiling and stroking Bill's cock a little more.

Bill's cock was now fully erect as the interracial sex talk got him excited - as excited as he ever got.

"Sweetheart, I'm in the mood now," Bill said, lifting his butt off the bed and pulling off his boxer shorts. His penis was stiff, pointing at the ceiling.

Katie sat upright and pulled her nightgown off over her head.

Bill then saw Katie's boobs and said, "Your breasts are all bruised up."

"Yeah, I guess they are," was Katie's only response. She could tell from Bill's expression that he was beginning to wonder why his wife would have obvious bite marks and hickeys on her breasts.

Katie told Bill to lie on his back so she could be on top. She wanted him to see more of her black-and-blue boobs and neck. She also wanted to be in control so that Bill might last a bit longer than his usual "wham bam thank you ma'am."

Katie straddled Bill and reached between her legs to plug his compact penis into her pussy. Bill noticed how Katie's cunt just swallowed his cock, as if the hole had grown larger. Unbeknownst to him, her pussy was still a bit stretched out after servicing Trey.

Slowly, Katie lifted and lowered herself on Bill, just once or twice, before pausing.

When Bill closed his eyes Katie said, "Look at me, honey. I want to talk to you while we fuck."

A few moments later, Katie looked down at Bill's face and asked, "So, what do you think about our Jennifer and Chelsea fucking big black cocks?"

"Well, they're officially adults now, so I guess we can't stop them," Bill responded, "I guess I'm okay with it."

Katie gyrated slowly on Bill and said, "To tell you the truth, I just love the idea that Jen and Chelsea are both crawling into bed with black guys, getting their juicy young pussies fucked by big, black, nigger cocks. I really couldn't be happier for them. Right now I'm imagining that I'm fucking a big black cock!"

Bill got more aroused and started trying to fuck harder, but Katie put a hand on his chest and told him to slow down.

"Would you really like to screw a black dick?" Bill asked demurely.

"I think so," Katie began, adding, "no, I don't think so - I know so! Yes, I would love to fuck, and I mean really fuck, a big black cock!"

Katie continued with, "Billy, would you mind if I fucked a black man some time?"

Bill's head was spinning with this new information. He answered Katie, saying, "I guess it would be okay if you wanted to be with a black man. I might even want to watch you doing it some time."

Katie pumped Bill's cock a couple more times, then asked, "So, just to make sure we agree, you would have no problem with me fucking a black man?"

"Yes, I guess it would be okay with me," Bill said a bit sheepishly. "I would want to know, maybe before or after you do it. That way you wouldn't be cheating on me. Are you telling me that you're getting ready to fuck a black cock?"

"Honey, I'm telling you that I did," Katie said with a smile.

"You did?" Bill almost shouted. "You fucked a black guy? When?!"

Katie didn't answer immediately, but jacked herself a few more times on Bill's cock, enjoying the "shock and awe" expression on his face. Then she answered matter-of-factly, "This morning. Last night. Yesterday. One time in a nightclub. Seven times, altogether. I had to drive home or I would have fucked him some more. Well, you could say eight times if you want to count a blow job. He came in my mouth but not in my pussy, so I don't think that counts as fucking."

Bill began to thrust his cock into Katie as her words excited him even more than the most explicit porn video.

"Did he ever cum in your pussy?" Bill asked.

"Oh yeah," Katie answered laughing, "He came in me a lot. I mean a whole lot! I told him at first that he had to pull out, since he doesn't believe in condoms, but once I took him bareback I couldn't let him go. I wanted him to stay in my pussy. It felt so good to feel his creamy cum shooting deep into my womb!"

With that, Bill shot his cum too. "Uh, uh, uh, ohhhh," Bill grunted as he blew the biggest load in a long time.

Katie stayed on top of Bill after his orgasm, telling him more and more about Trey, whose name she began to mention, and giving Bill more details about her experience and her newfound sexual awakening. She said that Trey persuaded her to shave her pussy when they fucked the first time. She said Trey really liked her tits and he said she should get her nipples pierced with nipple rings. She said she was going to do it, for sure. She said she knew what the Queen of Spades tattoo meant when she got it, and Trey said it made her more beautiful. She told Bill that Jennifer and Chelsea both have the same Queen of Spades tattoo in the same location above their left ankles, because they love fucking big black cocks, just like her.

Bill asked Katie if she had any black guys in mind and whether she was in a hurry to find another partner.

Katie said, "The sooner, the better! I have never cheated on you, Bill, for the whole 22 years of our marriage, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to scratch this itch! I never knew sex could be so great! I don't have that many good years left, so I'm not going to waste any more time."

Katie continued, "There's a black guy at work who's been bumping into me and flirting for months. I should be able to fuck him this week. But, I promise you Bill, I won't fuck anyone behind your back. I'll tell you about them all, and I could show you their cum in my pussy, and you could eat it out of me if you'd like. That might be nice for both of us. I could even fuck some in front of you, if that would make you happy."

"Of course, I'll be going to visit Jennifer and Jamal at least once a month, but I might not be sleeping at their place!" Katie said with a big grin on her glowing face.

Bill then spoke, "That's all well and good, honey, but I think you better see about some birth control. You should also see about that 'morning after pill' tomorrow. We don't want to see you pregnant with a black baby at our age."

Katie said, "Right. I'll probably run by Walgreens on my way to work."

Bill did not sense that birth control was much of a priority for Katie. In fact, she seemed pretty laissez-faire about the whole thing.

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