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Skimpy Dress


Abla rips the pretty wrapping from the box Alex has just given her. She loves surprises and she loves presents and she just can't wait to see what he had got her. She opens the box and smiles to herself when she sees what's inside.

"You sneaky..." she playfully punches her boyfriend on his extremely toned arms. Alex throws his head back and laughs heartily. He expected the exact reaction from her and he is amused at how well he knows her.

"You went ahead and bought it?" Abla laughs as she holds up the skimpy little number.

Alex had found the miniscule, see-through, strapless cocktail dress on the web and told her she'd look sizzling hot in it. She'd said she wouldn't know where to wear it to and she'd thought that was the end of the matter.

"Just wear it darling, you'll look ravishing in it. Even if you don't wear it anywhere, just seeing you in it will make me happy." Alex gives her his best pouty expression. Abla laughs out loud and acquiesces.

"Well, I am all about making my man happy." She takes the dress and heads to the bathroom. Alex slaps her playfully on the bottom as she passes him.

Abla is in the bathroom. Changing into the sheer fabric turns her on. She smiles at her reflection,

"Damn girl, you do look hot!"

She gets an idea and bites her lip mischievously.

"Uh, Honey, you might want to sit down for this," She says to him from the bathroom.

Alex licks his lips and smiles excitedly. He sits in the large armchair in their room and calls out to her through the bathroom door,

"I'm sitting, babes. Come out let me see how gorgeous you look."

Abla slowly opens the door. She's wearing one of Alex's shirts over the little black number. Leaning against the door jamb, she bites her lip. The twinkle in her eye tells Alex he's in for a very, very pleasant evening.

Abla pushes herself off the door jamb.

"Music," she says in her sultriest voice. Alex obediently reaches over and turns on their iPod. Robin Thicke's 'Sex Therapy' begins to play. Moving just a little slower than the slow tune, she starts to dance. She runs her hands through her hair, allowing them to slide down her neck to land on her breasts; she fondles them for a second before her fingers slowly undo the buttons on Alex's pale blue shirt. First button, second button, third button, by now Alex can see the black dress peeping out from under the shirt Abla's wearing.

His anticipation escalates as she deliberately eases off the shirt while her hips swing and sway sensually to the music. Just before the shirt completely falls off her shoulders though, she turns her back to him, her hips still sashaying. With her arms bent, the shirt falls down to her elbows. She straightens her arms and lets it slide all the way down to her wrists. Then as she moves her hips she pulls the shirt, the sleeves firmly held in both hands and the rest of it hanging just underneath her nicely rounded bottom, to and fro in time with her hips.

Alex can see her thong through the tight, flimsy dress and he feels his dick harden. She lets the shirt fall down unto the carpeted floor just as she bends over forward and seductively juts out her butt, causing the extremely short hemline of the black dress to rise up, revealing the bottom part of her butt cheeks before standing up straight again. She continues the slow movement of her hips.

Alex draws in a sharp breath at the flash of soft, inviting flesh and licks his lips with his very wet tongue.

Abla slowly turns around to face her boyfriend again. Her hands are slowly making their way over her soft breasts, her eyes fixated on Alex's. She notices the bulge in his pants and stifles a satisfied smile. She slaps both hands on her hips and grabs the hem of the dress and slowly moves towards Alex as she gently pulls up the hem so that by the time she's standing between his wide open legs the dress is sitting on top of her hips. She kneels down in front of her man and gently runs her hand over the increasing bulge in his pants.

She licks her lips and looks up at him as she opens his fly and releases his massive erection from its boxer prison. The hardness of him sends a shot of pleasure from her pussy to the rest of her ending up in a moan that escapes her throat.

She caresses his manhood ever so gently before sliding her hand all the way down his shaft to hold him just above his balls. Her other hand takes his balls and massages them as her warm, wet mouth encases his head.

Abla sucks on the pink apex like she is sucking the sweetness out of a Popsicle stick all the while playing with his balls. Then, spreading the tiny hole on his dick with her fingers, she blows a little air over the opening and flicks her tongue over it. Alex gasps and moans and clutches the arm rest of the arm chair. After a few more flicks of her adept tongue, Abla slowly takes all of him into her mouth and blows him.

Alex throws his head back and savours the pleasure she is giving him. When she finally comes up for air, he bends down to kiss her deeply on the mouth and gets up from the chair, pulling her up with him. He rips off his clothes with Abla's help and they take the two steps from the chair to the bed.

He sits down on the edge of the bed and helps Abla to sit on her knees across him. They kiss again before he pulls down the strapless dress to reveal her breasts. Her nipples are taut and inviting so he descends on them, gently kneading her breasts, urged on by her moaning and her fingers in his hair. He knows her breasts are her most sensitive part so he takes his time to work them until she's writhing and pressing her thong clad pussy unto his manhood.

He pulls her thong to one side to investigate her pussy with his finger and finds her extremely wet but he massages her clitoris anyway, making her moan even louder and writhe even more.

"Fuck me, Alex," Abla whispers into his ear as she grabs a hold of his hard dick and guides him into her warm wet place. A gasp escapes her throat as he enters her. Then she begins to rock, slowly, smoothly moving her groin in a circular motion, then up and down.

Alex is also moaning as they do their erotic dance. Then Alex pulls himself further unto the bed and lies down on his back bringing her with him on top of him then he deftly turns them over so he's on top of her. She's still moving under him, arching her back as he thrusts into her taking all of him in. she grabs his butt with both hands and pushes him in further as she moans.

His thrusting is driving her wild. She can feel him in all of her, from her head to her curling toes. He's moving in and out faster now. Faster, and she changes her tempo to match his. Alex moans; Abla moans, grabbing him, the sheets, her hair, anything to steady her on this exhilarating ride.

"Alex," she gasps, "Oh Alex."

"Abla," Alex grabs one of her hands pulling at her hair and their fingers interlock

"Alex, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm ah, ah, ah, ah..." She goes over the edge a second before Alex himself comes and releases his load. They shake in each other's arms in the aftermath of their orgasm. Breathing hard, spent and content.

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