tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSkinny Dipping On The Lake

Skinny Dipping On The Lake


The weather here had been rainy all spring. Finally we started getting some sunny days. Mid 80s, blue sky with a few clouds. Hardly any humidity. I called Zoe and asked if she wanted to go on a picnic with me at a lake I used to go to when I was younger. She said it sounded great. We could pack a lunch for the picnic, getting food near the lake. I picked her up early. I told Zoe, she looked great. She says, “Oh stop” giving me a kiss. Flowing dark hair, hazel eyes, pretty smile, 34c-24-34, 5’4’, 120 lbs. terrific personality. She was wearing a top with those thin straps, and tight shorts, showing off her sexy figure. Wearing a bikini underneath. She was excited; she had not been to this lake before. Was looking forward to us being together all day.

We got in the car and headed north to the Catskills mountains in mid New York state. In the car I sneaked peaks at her as I was driving. Looking at her breasts and tight shorts. She admonished me to keep my eyes on the road. I got hard and she casually moved her hand over and was petting it through my shorts, as I tried to concentrate on driving. It was hard, driving. Cars that passed us did not know what she was doing to me. A few truck drivers may of seen us. She giggled when she thought someone saw us.

We pull off the Thruway at New Paltz, and stop at a food store. After getting the food and ice we headed north on Rt 32. I went on a back road to get to a spot I knew where I could park the car.

We parked near an old abandon kiln, next to the railroad tracks. We locked the car and walked to the tracks. Walking the tracks, she would walk on the tracks, showing me how good her balance was. I helped her keep her balance, by putting one hand on her firm butt. I love looking at her body. I had told Zoe, that I used to come here to skinny dip, and we may meet others here skinny-dipping. She had never skinny-dipped and said she wanted to try if she was comfortable with the place. Looking to our right we see the lake between the pine trees.

We go to a rock I knew of on the south part of the lake. It slopes down into the water. We reach the rock and she marvels at how beautiful the lake was. It’s about 1 ½ miles long, and over ½ mile wide at it’s widest. A peninsula juts out across from us hiding us from the houses on the other side. I open a sheet and lay it on the rock. We take our shirts and shorts off, and look around. Cannot see anyone else. The sun is hidden in the trees as it is still early and shade covers the rock.

Zoe hugs me and says this spot is lovely. I tease her, saying since people come here to go skinny-dipping; we should go skinny dipping also. Smiling, she goes down the rock and looks around. Turing back to me, she has this devilish look in her eye. Winks at me and says “Last one in naked, has to do a dear”, as she whips off her top and thong. I pull my trunks down, fast. She jumps high off the rock into the water. But, I go straight over the side into the water beating her by a split second. Coming up, she knows I beat her.

She is laughing and her eyes are sparkling. I try to reach for her but she is an experience swimmer and easily gets away from me. I try a few more times to grab her but cannot. We swim to the rock, and hug. Feeling her hard nipples on me excites me. My penis is standing at attention and touches her. I feel her hand go around it and stroke it. We kiss, deeply. Our tongues intertwine. Zoe says, “Since you won, what will your dear be, Master?”

Mmm I like the sound of this. “I’ll have to think of one, in the mean time lets go on the rock and get some sun.” Of course I look at her as she climbs onto the rock in front of me. Very distinct tan lines as she only went nude in her back yard a few times, never in the open like now. She starts to reach for her bikini, but I stop her, telling her, as my slave she will have to leave it off. Laughing and smiling she sits down, and opens the cooler, bringing out the food. As we eat, we notice some other people further down this side of the lake and 2 canoes on the other side. But they looked like ants they were so far away.

After eating she is laying out enjoying the spot, with her eyes closed. I see a long thin piece of grass. I get it and use it to touch her body, lightly. She moves her hand to chase away the annoying insect. I touch her foot and she flinches. Then up her legs and she batters the insect away. To her tummy, and she swats at it. Then around the curvature of her breasts, to her nipple. I look up and she is looking right at me. Busted. She holds her hand out. I quietly give it to her. She throws it into the lake with a smile.

After a few minutes I tell Zoe, I had a dare for her. She looks at me with sparking eyes. I say your dare is to walk around to the tip of the peninsular, naked! Her eye get wide and says she could not go that far nude. What if someone sees her? I say, that’s the dare. She moves closer to me and rubs her tits on me as she talks. Puts her leg over me, rubbing her shaved clit on me. Trying to get me to rescind my dare. I get hard and her hand wraps around it. Stroking me. She asks again, if she has to do the dare. It’s so hard to think while she is touching me. I finally say, yes you have to do the dare. Immediately, all contact is removed. Talk about a let down.

She gets up looks around. There are people quite a ways away, like before and 3 boats in the water on the far side. I get up and say I’ll walk with you. She looks relieved. We go off the rock, into the thick underbrush and trees. There is a narrow path around the lake, only one person at a time could use. I let her lead the way walking in the trees looking at the calm water of the lake. Seeing the sunlight in the treetops. Listening to the lake sounds. Looking at her naked body walking ahead of me gives me a hard on. She looks back and sees me, and wraps her hand around my penis, pulling me as she walks.

We reach the U of the inlet where the water gets shallow and the trail is more open. We walk out of the thick tree line and into more of a meadow. Vegetation in certain spots, open in others with some weeds. We look and see the rock we were just on, and out into the late. It’s beautiful here. I come up behind her and hug her. She lets go of my penis, turns around, and kisses me. My still hard penis is poking her. She reaches for it and moves it up onto her belly. Rubbing her body on me, keeping me hard. My hands are moving over her naked body. Feeling her ass. She is kissing me with such gentleness. She says. “Lets find a nice spot.” We see a spot with soft grass. Zoe, tells me to lie down. She then straddles me, taking my penis in her hand. She rubs it all around her vagina. She feels so wet. She puts my penis head on her vagina and, pop, she goes all the way down. I reach for her tits, cupping them. She is impaling herself on me, with abandon. Her hair looks so silky and sexy flying all about. She is groaning and telling me how much she wants my cock. I can feel her vaginal muscles pulling my cock into her. She leans over and kisses me, as she is riding me. My fingers are feeling her body. Her firm breasts. Down to her legs. To her shaved clit. I finger her clit as she rides me. She is telling me how much she wants me to cum, as does she, together. We are fucking about 15 minutes like this. I am obvious to everything.

She stops suddenly. I keep bucking into her. She says something. When I don’t answer, she pulls the hair on my chest. “Ouch.” Gets my attention. She says, she heard something and saw a canoe, turning the peninsular and it was coming down the side. She is looking but does not get off. I look but the canoe must be hidden now from view. I say the canoe may have a good view of us, through the reeds, if we stay where we are. I can feel her juices flowing down onto me.

She gets up, and straddles my face. Lowering her self. Now she is facing the water.

I stick my tongue up, licking her butterfly lips. I am in ecstasy. I can now hear the paddles, as the canoe comes closer. My hands are touching her legs. I feel her heavy breathing. She tells me later, as the canoe came in view; there was a woman in front and a man in back. As the canoe is directly opposite us, the women looks right at Zoe, and realizes what we are doing. The women smiles, as the canoe passes us by.

Zoe is smashing her pussy on my face. I never saw her this way before. She arches her back; and cums in the most intense orgasm. She gets off and lays next to me, we hug. Kissing her, she is in her own world. She says that’s the most erotic thing she has ever done. She never thought she’d let another person watch as she was having sex. We hold each other as she comes down from her high, watching the canoe move past the rock and head up the lake. I cradle her for a while.

She finally says she is ready to continue. We’re both sticky from all of our cum. We walk into the lake and wash up. She is so vivacious; she was before but more so now.

We hold hands and continue along the trail. As we come to the tip of the peninsula, the trees and brush are absent; it’s just a bare piece of ground with a lonely solitary tree right on the tip.

We look around, see some people to our right, they are on air mattresses. Some more people further up that side. It looks like they all may be skinny dipping as we are. To our front and left, we see a few canoes and powerboats out on the lake. We go to the side away from the houses.

We swim around some. I sit on the shore and Zoe swims to me. She starts playing with my penis, while she is still in the water. I become hard. She puts my penis in her mouth and tongues my head and my slit. She licks it up one side and down the other, like an ice cream cone. I look around, and think some people can see what we are doing. I tell her people are looking. Right away I can tell that excites her, sucking harder pulling me into her. An incredible feeling, sitting on the shore naked and a beautiful young woman sucking my cock.

I tell her I’m about to cum. In the past she would pull off and let me shoot on her face or between her breasts. She just looks at me with her beautiful eyes and continues to suck. I know people are over there looking. I feel my ball sac fill up, can’t hold back. I cum in her mouth. Zoe, swallows all of my cum. I lay back, drained.

Zoe lies beside me. She hugs me. Kissing me. I can taste my cum in her mouth. If she can taste my cum then I should be able to as well. I kiss her back. We lay in each other’s arms, looking at the lake, the sky, the other people around us.

I tell her how pretty she looks. She say’s “Oh, go on” not realizing how pretty she really is. It’s so peaceful there. We watch as 2 girls and a guy, on air mattresses paddle to the peninsula and climb out of the water. They are nude. We wave and they return the wave. We stay another half hour, then get up and walk back to the trail.

She holds my hand all the way back to the rock we left our clothes on. We jump into the water and cool off. After getting back on the rock, I tell her, I want to walk up the shore to an outcrop of rocks further up the shore with her. She smiles, and asks,” Will we be in our suits?” No, I say……………………………

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