tagSci-Fi & FantasySleeping with Beauty Ch. 01

Sleeping with Beauty Ch. 01


It was high summer in this yellow, parched, baking hot land. With a hot glaring relentless sun ablaze, where, at first a blue eye framed under a wispy blond upturned brow stared high into the dark blue cloudless sky. Prince sat, undecided upon whether he was up to the task. He had after all, only just turned eighteen, like yesterday.

Could he truly rescue a damsel from her distress? Was the haranguing question. But finally he decided to brave the challenge and rescue the now eighteen year old birthday girl from her hundred years of sleep. Ok, so he was two years off the hundred years that the curse by the old hag had stipulated. She had fallen asleep on her sixteenth birthday and should have been awoken exactly one hundred years later. But he had after all only had the fairy tale read to him for his school homework by his aged nanny yesterday. Come to think of it, the poor old woman was looking a bit of a hundred or so year old hag herself recently, 'I wonder' he bemused.

Straddling his horse, foil in hand, he checked out his map for the final time, 'Cock Lane? ''Tis but incredulous!', he shouted out in disbelief, shrugged his shoulders, folded it, tucked and zipped it into his codpiece side pocket, touched the hilt of his foil to his head, shouted out 'To Beauty!' and then headed off in the right direction.

He rode out towards the castle, totally missing the small signpost which read, 'Castle, easy entrance this way, only five yards'. With a painted hand pointing towards a quaint little, bright red painted wooden gate. Instead, and many hot sweaty hours later, he finally found himself facing the metaphorical huge monster of a bush.

The castle covered in thick dark green leafy brier to hack away at. A hedge, which needed more than just a quick trimming. 'Well Fuck me'! He yelled, and started to attack it with his foil before he finally decided to use his axe instead. Slash!, slash!, Hack! Hack! and cut! Six hours later he found himself at the bolted doors to the forsaken castle.

'Oh! Fuck!' he exclaimed in exasperation. Expecting a reception party, looking around, he saw guards asleep instead, took their rusty keys and then found the locks to rapidly disintegrate in his hands. Posing heroically, hands on hips before swinging his head back to flick his long blonde locks from his face. He looked upwards with raised eyebrow, boldly kicked the door ajar and then desperately ran rapidly up the never ending, long winding spiral staircase to be greeted at the top by the lift door, those crass silver helium balloons printed with a huge number 18 and the sleeping damsel. Oh thank god! He gasped.

Dizzy, after the spiral staircasing, stopping to catch his breath, Prince bent down, panting with hands upon his thighs and then looked up to see a large four poster bed in the center of a soft white marble room. Draped, with a bright yellow, dotted with pink flower motifs, embroidered into a thick, heavy brocade. Rosy pink silk sheets, plump cushions and pillows. Small shiny ornate bracelet like silver rings adorned the four intricately carved silver posts. And there in the middle lay his damsel awaiting his kiss.

Prince arose proudly to stand erect, thrust his chest out and strode up to look upon her youthful, serene, silent and asleep face. Now all he had to was to kiss her, right? Well, that's what he had read and heard from the local folklore. Suppose she didn't like him? Suppose he didn't like her? Was that a possibility he had considered?

Pulling a small throne up to sit beside her, he quietly contemplated his next step. She looked incredibly beautiful, fair complexion, rosy cheeks, long dark blonde eyelashes, all he'd really ever dreamt for. Eyes lowered, he couldn't resist a quick passing peek at her chest, gently rising and falling with her breath.

Her fine white silk voile dress, favored him with the reward of allowing sight of her two small flat mounds, barely hiding the rose coloured areolae surrounding her nipples. 'Well', he told himself, 'one day, very soon, like today, even, I'm going to touch those nips, caress, kiss and nibble on them, gently, just as I read on all those porn sites, so what the hell! Now for the kiss!'

Prince's face lowered to fulfill the quest but stopped mere millimeters short in a sudden gust of indecision. 'Er, maybe I need to er wait, erm, maybe I'm being impatient and hasty here? and need to check up on things first, where shall I start?.' Meanwhile, his gaze had already meandered it's way down towards her waist, from where he followed the outline of her dress to the mound just above where her legs met, and then further down, to her thighs and feet. 'Kiss her now!'. His mind ordered, 'No! Not yet! Let me first touch, feel her skin.' Prince brushed the back of his finger along her cheek, and then gently across her lips, gently tugging her lower lip down for it to softly flip back. It felt so soft. He allowed his finger to follow her contours, down her neck, to her chest, to make gentle contact with her breast. Did it do anything to awaken her?!, No, not yet.

He could hear his heart pounding in his ears, and feel it thumping in his chest with butterflies in his belly, guilt and fear of getting caught red handed. 'No no! For Fuck sake! I know everyone's asleep' He reassured himself.

His hand moved further down, to the mound above her crotch gap, where he allowed it to rest lightly while he gauged for any response. Suddenly she took a sharp inhale and let out a deep sigh, only to continue in her slumber. He could feel a pleasant moist heat waft through the fabric into his palm. It felt even more pleasurable when he considered it's origin. Gazing up, he observed what appeared to be glimmerings of an inquisitive expression start to develop on Beauty's face then watched it recede to a smile of peaceful serenity. Prince felt the build up of warmth under his palm and what felt like a faint twitching of awakening.

His hand moved further down, along the inside of her thigh, to finally reach her ankle.

Prince had often thought about sucking the soft pink toes of a beautiful young thing, but then, that might be construed as a kiss. 'So now, I really, really need to feel her legs', allowing his right hand to touch her ankle and then move up under her see through dress along her calf. He could feel her warm, soft, smooth skin under his fingers and palm which now, seemed to take on a will of their own. His fingers curved around her smooth soft thigh, following his thumb with its soft slow strokes on it's forward and upward venture.

'Dare to go higher!', He dared himself. He felt the sensation along his thumb as it met and felt along the smooth gentle dip of her young skin at the top of her legs. Prince then stopped to check if all was fine, well, at least her eyes were still shut he told himself. His thumb now slid along the dip. His fingers slowly following up and along it's gentle fold to touch and feel her creamy, tender, warm, sensitive tummy which quivered under his touch before descending to her mound on their return journey to her thigh. She felt so welcoming. 'Shall I make the crossing, across her cunt gap?' He thought and then allowed his thumb to proceed it's softly caressing crossing across her crotch. He could now feel her smooth, soft, silken underwear. He could feel the warm firm flesh underneath. Without thinking, his thumb made the return journey and decided to pause half way along. She moved!, Her legs moved, ever-so slightly apart, as she took a long deep breath before letting out a quiet sigh.

Prince waited for things to subside before his thumb pressed into and moved side to side to ease open a groove in the fabric whose contours it then followed. First upwards, cautiously, while gently moving up in small circular movements, up towards it's apex. 'Under this', he thought 'Ssssss!' breathing in through his teeth in desire. 'Just under this soft taut cover, lies what I truly seek. My hearts desire. He breathed in deeply as he felt his cock's sweet ache, throbbing in it's longing to stretch free from its trappings. His heart pounded in his ears, chest and tummy and as he felt his caressing thumb push further into her groove. Now using his finger, as if strumming his lute, he dragged his nail along the fabric inside the groove, with a long slow upward movement, and then downwards with an equally long and slow movement.

He breathed in deeply, and felt her cunt lips part under his gently applied pressure. The next upward stroke applied a slightly firmer pass over the apex, a stroke which lingered, as if it sought to elicit and find a response from the recipient. A stroke which sought to feel a slight buildup of pressure within the flesh beneath. Which sought to find, the awakening and arising of a small bulbous nub. The brush of his movement was almost brought to a halt by the engorgement. His finger climbed over the nub, to descend on its other side. And then reclimbed it on it's return into her groove. Haaa! he gasped in pleasure as he turned to look upon her face again. 'Wonder if she feels it?, Does it feel good to her?, Does she want or need more?'

The Beauty's face began to wear a curiously slight smile. Her eye brows bunched to curve up. It seemed as if she was entangled in a painful sense of intense longing. Her mouth opened as she licked, bit and pulled her lower lip into her mouth. Her white teeth bared as she pulled and stretched her lower lip up with her scrunched up nose, indicating an aching building of desire. The lusty ache for soulful pleasure filled her being as she positioned her thighs wide apart, totally opening her crotch to his mission of gentle exploring touch. Her butt tightened, raising her crotch to meet his hand, her legs straightened and stretched out, as if building up tension in anticipation of an even greater pleasure of release. As if giving Prince instruction to proceed even further, in fact much further he told himself.

Prince gently lifted the hem of her dress to clearly expose her shimmering white, silk panties. Panties which clung closely to her skin to follow the contours of her crotch. He could see Beauty's tight groove being expressed clearly by them. He noticed how the fabric followed the contours of her enlarged nub, allowing it to be visible. He eased the thumb of his other hand under its edge to push aside and reveal what he hoped to be her virgin rosebud. The side of his finger now slid along the edge of her lips, to barely part them savoring the thin moist skin just inside.

Prince could now feel a wet slipperiness seeping along the slit allowing him to dip in just enough to gently ease her lips apart. Apart to reveal a thin transparent film stretch into thin web like strands crossing the pink open folds of her soft inner petals.

Prince placed his fingers on either side of her lips before easing them apart and take a closer look. 'Hmmm, I wonder if your hymen is still intact?' He thought to himself. He saw a thin pink translucent membrane lining the bottom of Beauty's opening, indicating that nobody had ever trespassed this way before!

Beauty's breathing grew deeper as his thumb now gently stroked along her petals, first outside, along their sides, then along their edges, and finally, between them, feeling their slippery grool covered fine crenulated skin. The finely crinkled grooves and peaks felt so different to anything he'd felt before. Her love petals seemed to draw his fingers deeper within their folds. His middle finger touched and rubbed up and along the underside of her nub, before pushing downwards into her opening to return again. Prince gently felt for her G-spot with his fingertip. Curving his finger along her cunt to avoid her hymen he gently felt, stroked and pulsed her inner wall. Continuing with his slow movement he watched his fingers glistening in her wet slipperiness. The wet lips made soft squelching sounds as they opened and re-closed around the passes of his finger and stroked firmly along her meaty engorged clit. He could hear Beauty's gasping turn into a moan.

Prince could now smell the fragrant musky aroma of her cunt. At first he inhaled slowly, just enough to savor her in his nose prompting his mouth to water. And then deeply into his lungs to fill his entire being with it's heady scent. Now he could even make out the faint sensation of his Precum drops rolling into and along his codpiece entrapped cock. He could feel the tense tremors of blood rush at the base of and along his cock rippling into his perineum, tremors which turned into a gentle pulse as his cock stirred and began to harden. He could feel his cock's rising desire. It's longing to be touched, squeezed and milked whilst resting engulfed, enclosed and enclenched by the soft, warm moistness of a cunt. A loving cunt which would seek to learn, understand and fulfill the needs of his cock. A cunt in which his cock could lie at ease and the muscles of which would massage his hard member, massage it deeply to relieve it of all it's built up tensions of the day. His foreskin parted by the peeking engorgement of his glans, brought its wet tip to press against his thigh. His abdomen clenching in anticipation squeezed precum drool onto his leg as he felt his body tighten and spasm in pleasure.

He brought his nose up close to her love petals. Again inhaled to hold and savor her delicious aroma within his nostrils then inhaling deeply to fill himself with her intoxicatingly delicious scent. Before nuzzling along and into it's pink, soft, moist warm folds. He decided upon and then hooked his thumbs under both sides of her panties at her hips, inching and tugging them down before finally pulling them off and away to finally get to see her delicate pussy neatly framed by its wisps of fine dark blond hair.

His index finger slid up along her groove as his thumb and middle finger pushed her lips apart, then gently withdrew bringing his fingers and her lips close together before the next slow up and apart movement. Prince heard Beauty's gasps and moans of pleasure. He watched transparent beads run along strings of grool hanging and swinging from her cunt as his finger made small circles around her nub, pushing her hood back to expose and coat her glans in her juice while his fingers circled her soft petal lips, sliding around and between them.

Prince lowered his face to touch her cunt. He felt her heat on his cheek as he drew it along her opening, leaving it's slippery trail along the side his face. He pressed his cheek along her clit, before again nuzzling within it's folds, coating his face and lips, with the slippery film of her nectar.

Unng! he heard her soft whimpers aah! aah! aah! aah! aah! yess! yess! oooh! yess! of pleasure, before kneeling like a knight to eat between her legs and lick, taste and drink her nectar. His tongue touched her lips and moved slowly along them, enjoying every moment of contact within her before moving in between them to enjoy her fleshy folds. Widening his tongue in its movement up from where her lips met, making slow circular movements around her clit with the bottom, before lapping up across it and finally flicking it side to side with the tip . His lips sought out and encircled her clit, sucking on it to further engorge it's head. The film and strands of her slippery love fluid now stretched across to his tongue, lips, nose and chin. Prince revelled and gorged himself like a glutton. Feasting upon her flesh and nectar grool, as if he couldn't get enough, as if to fill an insatiably deep seated hunger.

The sound of the slurping, sucking and licking of Beauty's fleshy folds accompanied by his groans and her moans filled the room. He clasped her waist and drew her butt up high to rest against his chest with her legs splayed open wide, allowing his tongue to delve even more deeply into her. Encircling her waist in his arms to hold her close, her smooth skin felt soft and warm against his arms and chest. With his left palm upon on her mound, his right thumb made light circles on her button while he kissed, held, pulled, stretched and sucked out her inner petal lips, stretching them to either side of her engorged mound before running his tongue and nose deeply into and along her slit. His other hand finding its way down her chest to encircle her sensitive areole further increasing her deep pleasure. He held, squeezed and pinched her hardened nipples between his thumb and fingers, rolling and tweaking them as he sucked on her clit.

Prince ate hungrily to fulfill his hunger for utter pleasure and now sought to bestow this intense feeling upon his Beauty. Beauty, whose hips rose in rhythm to his movements, gasped Uhhhhh!..., Ahhhhh! ..., Uhhhhh! ... Hahhhhh, Hahhhhh, Hahhhhh, as she pressed herself onto his wet, grool drenched slippery face and mouth to gain pleasure for herself in her soporific dream state. Her body undulating rhythmically with his tongue, first rising and falling in waves, then arching her back to press her cunt over his mouth, until her movements became less fluid, generating angular spasmodic judders lifting her off the bed as she orgasmed deeply.

Beauty's legs stretched out straight into the air, before she brought them down, to wrap her calves tightly around the back of Prince's neck. She pressed his gasping mouth and nose hard and deep into the folds of her wet pink flesh, making it difficult fo him to breathe. She slithered her grool onto and over his face and lips and then into his mouth, an offering for him to enjoy and swallow. Her hands rose and grabbed his hair to push him even harder inside her folds before collapsing into the tremors of her orgasmic release. Glancing down to her face he saw her eyebrows collect and lids flutter in deep sensation.

With one hand, Prince pulled the hood of her clit back against her mound, stretching her skin to free her clit from all enclosing folds While the fingers of the other pulled and stretched her petals apart so that her glistening love pearl appeared as a head of a love angel with outstretched arms, standing alone and naked.

He watched waves of contractions rippling up to the head of her love angel, the tremor of her pussy lips, rhythmic, spasmodic, throbbing contractions, which repeatedly pushed outwards holding her love hole open like a gasping mouth before pulling in to clench it shut again. Her love button juddered, being repeatedly forced up and out before getting pulled in to sink back into her flesh again.

'Well in that case, I guess that wasn't considered a kiss then' he said to himself. 'In which case, guess that kiss on her lips can wait for a little longer then!.' He smiled to himself as he proceeded to unclasp his belt.

Prince felt the urge and need to cum badly. A sense of urgency rose upwards from his balls, into his abdomen, and from there to his heart and mind. He dislodged his semi erect, thickening cock from his codpiece to watch as a large gloop of Precum suddenly emerged. Appearing out from the cock-slit of his foreskin peeking glans. He gathered the Precum quickly with his finger, before it landed on the stone floor and decided to moisten Beauty's lips with it. Beauty licked her lips, which glistened with the stretched strings and film of his precum strands between them, before she whispered a faint, desirous, welcoming hmmm of approval!

Prince decided he needed a break from all this action especially since all that hacking of the brier and running up the staircase had made him so hot and sweaty. He paused a while and decided he needed a quick shower. Looking around him he saw a sign with the words 'On-suit shower this way.' With a painted hand, pointing out the direction to him. Good, he thought. Taking off and throwing all his clothes in a pile before walking nude fearlessly in the direction indicated.

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