SlutWife's Seduction Recorded Ch. 02


"Ohhhh Baby . . . .! Ooooo!" panted 'Darla'/Rhonda lustily.

"There you go bitch," grunted Carl, "Told you this shit was gonna be good."

Meanwhile, Mike has increased his rotations and thrusts to match Rhonda's and Carl's rhythm and was now fucking Rhonda hard. He reached with both arms and grasped both on Rhonda's heavy hanging mammaries, grasping and manipulating the wife's fleshy round nipples while he fucked the asshole of Melvin's moaning wife like a whore she now was.

"Damn, Slut's cunt is still wet! Hot ass bitch!" grunted Carl as 'Darla'/Rhonda's hips ground into his crotch and Mike's cock ground into her ass!

This scene on the screen in the room was hotter than any XXX rated flick imaginable. A man's conservative, dedicated wife had been seduced by two studs and was now moaning in ecstasy as she now picked up the pace and was now fucking the two studs as if her life depended on it!

"Fuck me!," groaned the hot Slut. "Fuck me hard, you bastards!" as Carl and Mike rammed their huge cocks in and out of Melvin's wife hard

Suddenly 'Darla'/Rhonda screamed, "Fuck me Carl! Fuck me Mike! Fuck me with those big fucking cocks now! Pleeeezzzeeee Fuuuccckkk Meeeeeeee!!!!!"

Melvin looked up and saw Rhonda's big tits were swinging back and forth violently as Mike had grabbed her hips and was thrusting in and out while Carl jammed his cock up into her sucking cunt!

Melvin couldn't control his cum that was quickly rising to the top as he watched his wife arch her back, moaning and panting hard like the hottest slut ever.

"Fuck that hot wifeslut!" yelled Aaron, "Make her pretty Black ass cum!"

As if they heard him, Carl grabbed Rhonda's waist and Mike grabbed her shoulders, locking the MILF Wifeslut up between the two studs and began pumping their cocks in and out of her pussy ass fast and furiously.

Every stud in the room could tell that both studs were ready to unload large loads of cum, using another man's wife as their hot semen receptacle. Carl was still pounding on her wet pussy and Mike began to move his hips faster and harder. Suddenly 'Darla'/Rhonda screamed like Melvin had never heard her scream before and he knew that this orgasm was the mother of all orgasm for his wife as he watched his horny bitch writhe uncontrollably, screaming at the top of her lungs with sexual satisfaction.

Both studs could not control their cocks any longer and began ejaculating into Melvin's wife, filling her up with cum from both ends! Carl rammed his cock as far as it would go up in the drenched cunt of 'Darla'/Rhonda, moaning with lust and uncontrollable spasms as his cum flooded the wifeslut's hot, well-stretched cunt, dripping down onto his cock and balls. Simultaneously, Mike grunted and groaned loudly, thrust deeply into the sexy MILF's ass and began to spasm as well, unloading a huge quantity of sperm into the wife's anal passageway.

Melvin could take it no longer and, grasping the back of Marie's pretty head, groaned and pulled her down onto his now ejaculating cock, exploding with white, hot cum deep into her mouth. She moaned too, swallowing the thick warm protein that the man fed her while Melvin continued to come harder than he ever had in his life. Through the fog of his powerful ejaculation, he heard several other men cumming in either their whore's mouth, cunt or ass. Clearly they had enjoyed his wife's degradation as well.

Marie continued to suck until she felt Melvin go limp, then gently cleaned his deflating penis off with her talented lips. Looking up at him, she smiled and said, "Did I do good, Baby?"

"Damn," Melvin gasped, "You already know the answer to that."

The beautiful whore with the hazel brown eyes smiled, then leaned upward and gently kissed Melvin's lips before standing up and stepping away.

Melvin watched the screen as Mike and Carl lie in bed with his wife, her orgasmic spasms waning until she was completely spent. After sex, Rhonda was normally exhausted and this was more than she was ever used to. Her gentle snores soon filed the room. The two studs got up, got dressed and took some digital pics and video of 'Darla'/Rhonda, her long champagne-blond hair all over her head, her beautiful brown legs spread wide and cum draining from both her cunt and anus.

"Another loyal wife slutted out by yo boyz, Carl and Mike on behalf of DkGy Productions!" said Mike as he picked up Rhonda's bra and panties and put them in his jacket pocket.

"And remember, playas," said Carl, "Every man's woman is a slut in the right man's hands!" Keep your married bitches close unless you want them trained by DkGy Productions!"

The screen zoomed in on 'Darla'/Rhonda, panning up and down her luscious body and ending with her lying in a large wet spot on the sheets of cum and pussy juice. It then faded to black.

Melvin looked around. All the other studs had cum and were now in recovery mode, each being cleaned up by his call girls

"Damn, P," said Aaron, "This shit was on full blast tonight! I'm ready for another one of Myron's parties anytime he throws one! And while I could take any one of these bitches home with me and fuck her the rest of the week, the one I'd really want was that slut on that screen tonight. Darla is a fine-ass motherfucker and sexy as hell, plus the bitch got mad skills!"

"Yeah, but just think of the nigga whose stuck with that slut," Melvin played along, still recovering from Marie. "He's married to a slut who's easy and sleazy."

"Get it right, playa," said Aaron, "that bitch got turned out by two pros. These studs been doing this shit for years and they got their game down to a science. Even with that, they acknowledged that she was a loyal wife and they had to get her inebriated and drunk to get her into bed. She'll have the memory, but that ain't who she is. Trust me, I know women and I know sluts." This one is a keeper as long as her old man handles his business. In fact, she might had learned a little about her own skills and Homeboy might benefit from that if he handles his business right. If he falls down on the job, she'll start remembering about being turned out by those studs. Then the husband's got problems - that truth that an idle mind is the Devil's playground goes double for a unsatisfied wife. I'm out. Later, Playa," said Aaron as he straightened himself up, fist-bumped Melvin and left.

Melvin finally straightened himself up and went to check in with Ron to thank him for what would forever be an unforgettable experience. He caught up with Ron, just as one of the strippers was leaving his room, her big tits still hanging out. Ron smiled and said, "Yo, Big Playa, just trying to get the 'wild' out before settling down."

"I understand, Brotha, that was one fine piece of ass that just walked up out of here."

"Yeah, but I got a finer piece of ass that I'm marrying in less than a week and she's as buck wild as that woman we saw tonight on the screen. I got to make sure that I keep her away from those two brothas and Myron!" laughed Ron. "Those niggas could probably turn Sister Teresa out."

"That video is the shit," said Melvin.

"It's hot off the press, Bro. They usually edit their shit, but because my party was moved up, they just gave it to Myron raw. It was fucking hot, Right?"

"Damn, straight, P. I'd stand in line for a copy of that one."

"Tell you what, P," said Ron with a wink. He went back into the room and came back out with the video. "This is the master copy and, from what Myron told me, the only copy. In addition to the party, Myron gave me the video as my bachelor party gift. Fucking bastard laughed and told me to always take care of my women and I'll never see her in one of these videos," laughed Ron.

He handed it to a surprised Melvin. "I can't take this shit home," said Ron. "My lady is cool, but she already thinks this party was suspect for all the things she suspected WOULD happen that actually DID happen tonight. It's yours, P."

Melvin couldn't believe it. "You sure, Partner?"

"Like I said, Playa, I CANNOT take this shit home. Yeah, I'm sure, Playa. Just make sure your wife never finds it. She'd wonder what you were doing with a video of another man's wife being slutted out."

"Trust me," said Melvin, "She'll never know I have it," inwardly breathing a sigh of relief that he had it in his possession. Fist-bumping Ron for a good time, he left the house and headed back to his hotel.

On the way, he reflected upon his wife's seduction and his own behavior at the bachelor party. He asked himself a question that he already knew the answer to -- which was the greater betrayal: His wife's inebriated seduction and unintentional indiscretion at the hands of two playas or his intentional indiscretion at the hands of a sexy call girl. He came to the conclusion that, unless she chose to tell him, she could never know that he was aware of her seduction and he would not hurt her by making her aware of his. Two things were certain -- (1) no woman was as beautiful and/or sexy as his Rhonda and he looked forward to exploring her inner "Darla."; (2) Every man in the room agreed that no one was more sexually exciting than his Rhonda and he knew that there would never be a need to explore this with any other woman -- he was married to the fantasy woman and he remembered Aaron's words - "This one is a keeper as long as her old man handles his business." He would never forget that because he never wanted to lose the reality that was Rhonda.

When he got back to his room, Melvin called his wife. She picked up on the second ring and her voice sounded strained.

"Everything alright, Baby?" asked Melvin, already knowing it wasn't.

He heard her hesitate before starting, "Melvin . . .," and felt in his gut that Rhonda was about to confess. He cut her off.

"Baby, you know what. Call in sick for a few days and let's get away. I've been traveling much too much and I want to spend some time alone with my wife and remind her of how much I love my Baby. I'll get home late tomorrow night. Be packed and we'll head out for the resort in the mountains near Phoenix the next day. We'll stay at our favorite hotel along the way and I want to just want to hold you in my arms and give you much love. What do you say?"

There was barely a perceptible hesitation before Rhonda responded, "I love you, Melvin. I love you so much. I can't wait for you to come home!"

Melvin got back to Tucson late the next evening. By the time he got home, Rhonda was already asleep. She had fallen asleep on top of the covers wearing one of his v-neck undershirts that clung to her curves like a second skin. Melvin undressed and then stood over her, looking at her lush, sensual body, remembering the sexual animal 'Darla' in the DVD that he had destroyed after copying it to his passworded Netbook. He suddenly realized he had a raging hard-on. He gently kissed Rhonda who opened her eyes and smiled a little girl's smile in a mature woman's body. Melvin got in bed, took her in his arms and kissed her gently.

They looked into each other's eyes searching one another, and found nothing but love, love that would forgive all mistakes. Rhonda kissed Melvin again and this time the kiss grew passionate very quickly. That night they made love like passionate lovers and fucked like porn stars. And their relationship has been great ever since.

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by Ezrollin04/29/18

First story I've read with a "black point of view."

Don't know if you're white or black but enjoyed the story from that point of view. It was erotic and had a reasonable story line with a good flow. I'm giving it four stars.

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You did not have to read the stories if you do not like them.

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