tagLetters & TranscriptsSMS 3: Texting Fiona

SMS 3: Texting Fiona

byWill Scarlet©

Me: Hiya. I'm horny. Can you make me cum?

Kerry: I'm at Rea's and she's having a minor emotional crisis. Sorry, baby.

Kerry has known Rea since she was nine or ten. Now Rea is 19, and at art college. Rea and Kerry are very close, almost like sisters, and I know Kerry tells Rea everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! They've discussed waxing my bum, the shape of my cock, and the details of each of my kinks. Rea always seams to be full of questions, although she'd never ask me directly. Occasionally she can be convinced to be an audience. She leads a troubled life.

Me: Oh, okay. What's up?

Kerry: Can't discuss it at the moment. I'll tell you at the weekend.

Me: Ok. Later?

Kerry: Sorry. Why don't you text Fee? She did say she'd like to play.

Me: I don't know. It seems a little weird.

Kerry: You said she was good when she did it last time. I don't mind. Honest!

Me: Ok. I'll think about it.

Later that evening:

Me: Hiya. Is Rea okay?

Kerry: She's fine. We watched Friends and ordered pizza and now she's kicking hell out of me on the Xbox.

Me: Good. I'm still horny. Are you still not up to texting?

Kerry: I'd rather not. I phoned Fiona earlier and she said you hadn't texted her.

Me: Do you think she'd have minded?

Kerry: Not at all. In fact she sounded a bit disappointed.

Me: Why? What did she say?

Kerry: She said she thought it would be a good laugh and that she could tease you about stripping for us on Rose Street.

Me: Do you not think this is a bit freaky? Like being unfaithful or something? Are you sure you're cool about it?

Kerry: Not at all. It's just a game. It's only Fiona. She doesn't fancy you or anything. She just wants to see if she can get you off.

Me: And that doesn't seem in the least bit screwy to you?

Kerry: No more screwy than you getting your jollies by stripping outside. It's up to you.

Me: Ok. I'll think about it. Maybe next time.

Kerry: Ok. Love you.

Me: ILU2. NN. Big hug for Rea.

Kerry: Rea says good-night.

And so I sent a text to Fiona:

Me: Hello, beautiful. Kerry suggested I text you.

Fiona: I know. She just called.

Me: Kerry said you wouldn't mind playing text games with me.

Fiona: Are you gonna wank?

Me: Yep! If that's okay?

Fiona: I want you to. Kerry said if I did this for you, you'd strip outside for me again?

Me: Anywhere in particular?

Fiona: I've not decided yet. She said I could ask you to do anything I wanted. Like you'll get hard or I could whip you, if I want?

Me: She didn't tell me any of this. But I don't have a problem with it 'cos you're such a babe.

Fiona: Did you like stripping for us last time?

Me: It scared the hell out of me. That was way more risky than anything I've done before, or since.

Fiona: Well then. That's something we can build on, isn't it?

Me: I certainly hope so. Did you enjoy it?

Fiona: I thought it was quite cool. It was funny knowing you were round the corner, all nekid, while we were waiting for the bus. Did anyone see you?

Me: No, thank God.

Fiona: That's something else we can work on, isn't it?

Me: I don't like the sound of that. It seems like you want to get me seen.

Fiona: I do! :o)

Me: Ah. Now seems like a good time to ask for a scenario.

Fiona: If I invited you over, would you turn up naked?

Me: Now?

Fiona: No. Just if I phoned you up sometime?

Me: Provided Kerry didn't have a problem with it, and she knew, then I'd be fine coming over. ;o)

Fiona: So I phone you up one night and tell you I'm gonna pick you up at your flat at eight. You're only allowed to wear trainers. Nothing else.

Me: Ok. I'll be ready.

Fiona: Before we leave your flat I put a blindfold on you. Then I walk you down to the car.

Me: Is it busy outside?

Fiona: You can't see anything, but you can hear people talking and some wolf whistling from across the street. Cars are honking their horns.

Me: Ok. I'm a bit stiff now.

Fiona: You can't cum until I say so.

Me: Ok. Sometimes these things just happen though.

Fiona: If you do, I'll make you wish you hadn't, next time you're naked. I can promise you that. Remember when we dragged you to the corner? What if we dragged you out onto Hanover Street?

Me: Yes, Misress.

Fiona: Okay. We're driving and I pull up at the side of the road. I wind down your window and call some people over. Girls shriek with laughter when they see you, and come over to the window.

Me: Ok.

Fiona: They ask why you're naked and I say your my slave and your not allowed clothes. Then you feel hands touching you and they laugh at you being shaved saying you look like a little boy. One of them says her little brother is bigger than you are, and that makes everyone notice how small you really are. I wonder if you'd get hard?

Me: Probably not, but I'm making up for it now.

Fiona: We also stop at a garage so I can buy some snacks. I leave the light on in the car so everyone can see you. When I get back in I take your blindfold off. Then we go home.

Me: Ok.

Fiona: We can't park outside the flat, so we have to park down the road a bit. You'll need to get out and walk up the road naked!

Me: How far? What time is it? Is it busy?

Fiona: It's now nine o'clock. There are people about, but not too many. I park outside Vicky Wines next to McColl's, about two blocks down the hill.

Me: I'll run.

Fiona: Okay, but you won't be able to get into the stair until I get there with the key. Let's hope there's somewhere to hide. :o)

Me: Now I'm really hard.

Fiona: You can wank but you're not allowed to cum until I say. Is that understood.

Me: Yes Mistress.

Fiona: Why does stripping outside and getting caught turn you on? I have nightmares about that sort of thing?

Me: It's a humiliation thing. I like it if people find my predicament amusing.

Fiona: So it's not like a macho look-at-my-cock thing?

Me: Not at all. It's best when they laugh at me.

Fiona: With your willy I don't know many girls who wouldn't laugh.

Me: Explain?

Fiona: God you're a masochist. It's not exactly big now is it? And because you're shaved it just looks like a little boy's. When you're nude it's like here's this nude bloke but look, he can't be a real man 'cos he's got a tiny willy!

Me: There's this scenario where I get stripped somewhere very public but hidden, and so I'm safe, but I can't go anywhere 'cos I'm naked.

Fiona: Like when you stripped on Rose Street?

Me: Yes, but it doesn't have to be quiet if I'm well hidden, like if I was in a train toilet.

Fiona: Okay. I need to go get something to eat.

We both to a break to grab a drink and a snack and then continued;

Fiona: Kerry brings you in to my work on a Saturday. Anita's off so I'm the duty manager and we only have the Saturday girl's on the floor, so it's really, really busy.

Fiona: While Kerry looks around I take you into the changing rooms, to a cubicle in the middle of the row, and I strip you naked. Even your trainers. I take all your clothes out in a bag and tell you they'll be at the checkouts when you want them.

Me: Woaw! All of a sudden I'm hard again. I'd just stay there.

Fiona: I thought you might. Someone might open you're curtain by mistake. What then?

Me: I'd probably be holding the curtain shut.

Fiona: I could handcuff your hands behind your back, or above your head to the hook above the mirror. That would be best because you'd be facing the curtain and wouldn't be able to cover yourself.

Me: Keep going...

Fiona: I might send some of the girls in to check on you from time to time.

Me: How old are they? Wouldn't they mind?

Fiona: They're all over sixteen, and I'm sure they'd find it a hoot. They'd probably just laugh at you and tease you about your dick. If you're lucky they might give you a quick handjob.

Me: I think I'm starting to get blisters from all this wanking. How long would you keep me there?

Fiona: Kerry asked me to look after you while she went shopping on her own. Probably a couple of hours. What happens if one of the girls forgot to close the curtains properly?

Me: There's not much I could do about that. I'd have to trust you.

Fiona: I wouldn't trust me. Like I said, I don't care much about you being seen. I'd probably come and open the curtains myself if it got quiet.

Me: That'd be too risky. It's your job on the line.

Fiona: I suppose, but it's just a fantasy remember. Ofcourse, if you came in in the afternoon, you could stay until closing. After we've locked the doors you can run the hoover round while the girls tidy the stock. I'm sure they'd love that :o)

Me: Would you actually do that? In real life?

Fiona: You'll have to wait and see, won't you?

Me: I'm starting to ache. I mean I'm really hard and my balls are aching. You did this to me!

Fiona: So stop playing with yourself you little pervert.

Me: What next?

Fiona: How about if I pick you up at your flat and we drive around for a while, until I get bored with you. Then I just turf you out of the car and drive off. You'll need to figure out where you are and how to get home.

Me: Nice idea. Where would you drop me off? What time? Day? What would I wear?

Fiona: Now that all depends on how dangerous you wanted it, and on how I was feeling. You'd be naked though.

Me: Gimme some examples?

Fiona: I could drop you off at the car park at Arthur's Seat. It wouldn't be busy, and getting home would be okay if it was late at night. Say midnight on a weekday.

Me: And what if you were really pissed off with me?

Fiona: I could leave you on Lothian Road outside Revolutions on Friday or Saturday night. There would be queues of clubbers at most of the pubs and waiting to get in to Revolutions, as well as all the usual restaurant and cinema goers. And there'd be no chance of a taxi at that time.

Me: Ooh. Extreme.

Fiona: Don't you worry. We'll get you there, Kerry and me. :o>

Me: Not a chance! How about a more reasonable one?

Fiona: I could kick you out at the UCI at say 10pm on a Saturday. The car park would be packed! I turf you out and you'd have to hide between cars. I wonder how long it would take for you to realize the predicament you were in and figure out what you had to do?

Me: I don't know.

Fiona: But it is possible. Your biggest problem is getting out of the car park. The place is massive and it would be mobbed.

Me: I'd probably just run for it.

Fiona: Streaker! Then you could go down past Asda and Big W and follow the cycle path all the way to the playing fields in Joppa.

Me: Yep. And from there I could follow the path through the industrial estate and along by the cemetery and then up by the hospital and around to Kerry's.

Fiona: And getting from Kerry's to your place is just a quick jog through the back streets.

Me: Not at that time it isn't. You said Saturday, and it'd be about 11.30 and I'd be knackered.

Fiona: You'd also be naked and have no choice seeing as Kerry would probably be in the car with me.

Me: Fair point. You know, all that planning has made me go down.

Fiona: That's ok. I doubt you're that impressive when you're hard. I've not seen all that many willies, but of the ones I have seen, yours is deffinately the smallest. How do you hide it at the gym?

Me: I use my towel mostly, and shower in a cubicle.

Fiona: Kerry says that's why she makes you shave. To make you feel more self-concious when you get changed.

Me: Yep. And it doesn't help going commando either.

Fiona: Well we could get you some panties to put on. Little satin ones. And then afterwards, strip you in the car park to make sure you'd put them on. Kerry said you like wearing her knickers.

Me: Oh did she? You sure know how to keep a guy hard. Do you think you could surprise me by stripping me sometime unexpectedly?

Fiona: Not unless you'd strip when I told you to like you do for Kerry.

Me: I could do that if it was okay with Kerry. I don't think it will be though. It'd be like giving up some of her control. You'd also need to be more forceful.

Fiona: I can be forceful. Like I give a shit if you're seen naked.

Me: Ooh. I'm so hard it's sore.

Fiona: Don't you dare cum! Don't touch you're cock anymore.

Me: Ok, I won't. Can you think of another long distance scenario?

Fiona: I need time to think, and you need time to go down.

Me: On you?

Fiona: Oh please! You know what I meant.

Me: Sorry. I'm a bit turned on at the moment ;o)

Fiona: Would you want to?

Me: I would love to. You could always make me?

Fiona: You do like to be dominated, don't you?

Me: I love it!

Fiona: Ok. New scenario. I'm having a girlie night and I need a waiter. I pick you and Kerry up in the car. Kerry makes you leave the house naked leaving all your clothes behind. Even your shoes.

Me: Ok.

Fiona: At about eleven everyone starts to go home. It's a weekday night and they've got work in the morning. We get you to see all the girls to the door as and when they leave. The door at the bottom of the stair that is. Lets hope no-one's coming in.

Fiona: I've been drinking so I can't drive. Kerry needs to go home, but you can stay over and sleep in the spare room.

Me: Ok.

Fiona: Once Kerry's gone, I handcuff you're wrists to the top of the bed so you won't jack off during the night.

Me: You might take advantage of me?

Fiona: Yeah, right! With that little thing? I've got to be at work at seven to take a delivery, and when I wake up a six I see that it's really foggy outside. I can't even see the block across the street. Even the cars on the road are hazy until they're right outside.

Fiona: So when I leave the flat I take you with me, but I leave you outside the block. You've got to get home all by yourself and you're nekid!

Me: Ooh! That's like ten miles!

Fiona: I know! You better get going before people start leaving for work, and hope the fog doesn't clear.

Me: That might be a little extreme.

Fiona: Well we could always strip you in the fog and see. Rose Street Lane like we did last time, except this time we leave your clothes a few blocks away and you've got to go get them?

Me: Naw. I'm still recovering from the last episode. That was too dangerous in real life.

Fiona: Rubbish! I thought it was great.

Me: Are you gonna let me cum? What next?

Fiona: All in good time.

Fiona: Here's another one. I get you to meet me at work just before it closes. I say I've still got to cash up, and all the rest of the staff have gone home.

Me: Ok.

Fiona: While I'm in the office I get you to strip and make you hoover the shop floor. You've also got to do the front, and don't forget there's a bus stop outside. At six o'clock everyone's gonna see you naked!

Me: Then What?

Fiona: After I'm done I come out to see how you've done. The front is still dirty 'cos you didn't do it, you just said you did, or you did it too fast. Either way it's not acceptable.

Me: You know me too well, Fiona :o>

Fiona: I take you up to the shoe department and get you to lie along one of the benches there, straddling it. Then I get belts and tie you down.

Me: Ooh!

Fiona: With another belt I give your arse a really good whipping.

Me: Jeez! Will you make me scream?

Fiona: I think so, so before I start I take off my knickers and put them in your mouth. Once I'm finished you're all red and sweating. I take some photos for posterity.

Me: How would I explain the marks to Kerry? Did you tell her before hand?

Fiona: I didn't tell her so you'll just have to hide it. No sex for you two for the next week :o)

Me: Nasty.

Fiona: Then I untie you and flip you over and tie you so your arms are under the bench and your ankles are on either side. Your bum is stinging on the seat.

Me: Ooh.

Fiona: Now I'm gonna thrash your cock, but before I start I'll stand and watch you flinching.

Me: Ouch! You wouldn't would you? That's TOO sore!

Fiona: No. Instead I lift my skirt up and slowly lower myself onto your face.

Me: Oh, baby!

Fiona: I'm not going anywhere until you make me cum.

Me: I'll take my time.

Fiona: Once I'm finished with you I'll let you get dressed and send you home, but you're not allowed to wipe your face. I want you to smell me all the way home. Let's hope Kerry's not waiting for you, or you'll be in for another whipping!

Me: Wow! I really liked that one. I'm getting tired now. Aren't you? You've kept me hard for three whole hours.

Fiona: Did you just cum?

Me: Sorry. It hit me in the face! You were amazing!

Fiona: Did I say you could cum? We had an agreement that you wouldn't unless I said you could.

Me: I know, but I couldn't help it. You were so good.

Fiona: I trusted you not to cum. I promised Kerry that I'd leave you hanging. If we're gonna play these games, you need to understand, and follow the rules.

Me: Ok. I'm sorry.

Fiona: You will be!

Me: Seriously, I am sorry.

Fiona: Don't bother. You're pathetic!

Me: Ok. Thank-you anyway, Fee. You were brilliant. Night Night.

And then I pissed the other one off too...

Me: Hiya. I took your advice and sent texts to Fee. I made a mess :o)

Kerry: That was four hours ago. You didn't need to tell me that.

Me: I thought you'd want to know.

Kerry: That my best friend just made you cum. NO!

Me: Sorry. It's not like that anyway.

Kerry: I'm not talking about this. I'm going to sleep. We'll talk about this tomorrow.

Me: But it was your idea.

Kerry: That you play the scenario game with Fiona. Not that you text me when she makes you cum!

Me: Ok. Sorry.

Kerry: Is it okey if I go back to sleep now?

Me: Ok. NN. I love you. Your my baby.

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