tagFetishSomething New Something Old Ch. 01

Something New Something Old Ch. 01


Sarah and her husband Ted lived at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in the heart of suburbia. Both were 38 and had been married for 10 years. Over the years they had become best friends with their neighbors Nancy and Josh, who were in their mid-40s. Ted and Josh had become golf partners, and Sarah and Nancy were regular exercise partners. They frequently had dinner together, and on this Saturday night they had all gathered at Nancy's and Josh's house for steaks and drinks.

After several bottles of wine, they were all quite tipsy, or drunk depending upon one's perspective, and had retired to the basement. Josh and Sarah were playing 9-ball at the pool table for a dollar a game, while Ted and Nancy stayed at the bar telling jokes and laughing uproariously. Nancy in her drunken state was quite handsy with Ted, and she kept touching his arm and knee as they laughed together.

"Hey, what are you two jokers laughing about?" Sarah called over after sinking a final 9 ball to clean Josh out of the $5 limit they had agreed upon.

"Nancy was just telling me about Josh's micropenis," Ted quickly replied, and they all started laughing together.

Josh quickly retorted, "Well, it's longer than the drives you have been hitting lately, jackass."

The banter went on like this for a while. Finally, Nancy teased Josh that maybe he should show Sarah and Ted his "micropenis." Strangely, rather than continue laughing, Josh blushed at this, a reaction not lost on anyone.

Seeing their advantage, Ted, Sarah and Nancy began really piling on Josh. Finally, when everyone had settled down, Nancy turned to Josh and said to him in a firm tone of voice, "Honey, show them that little penis of yours."

Josh looked chagrined, and in an almost whiny voice said, "Really, Nance?"

Nancy responded with one word, "Now."

It was clear to Sarah and Ted that this was not a request. They looked at each other and gave each other a look that said, "Is this really happening?"

Josh began unbuckling his belt, a little slowly at first, and then Nancy glared at him. He hurried his pace. Josh pulled his pants down to his knees, and Sarah and Ted were shocked to see that Josh was wearing a pair of pink satin panties. They could see a bulge in them that looked unusual. Josh slipped his panties down as well. Sarah and Ted were even more shocked to see that Josh's "micropenis" was more than advertised. Josh was wearing a metal, padlocked cock cage.

Ted shook his head, stunned that the friend he had known for so long had been wearing panties with his cock locked-up. Ted was aware cock cages, but he had never actually seen one. Sarah laughed out loud. Josh's dick looked so jammed up in this metal contraption, it did have the appearance of being small. Josh stood there, embarrassed, looking toward Nancy, who just smiled at him wickedly, enjoying his humiliation.

Sarah was the first to speak, "How long has he been in that thing, Nance?"

Nancy responded, "It depends what you mean, how long has he been in there since he was last released, or how long total? He hasn't been out of the cage at all for 2 months now, but he's been wearing panties and a cage for about 3 years. He likes it, don't you Josh?"

"Yes, Nancy," Josh responded weakly.

"You know better than that Josh," Nancy replied.

"Yes, Mistress Nancy," Josh said sheepishly.

"Damn," was all Sarah could say.

Nancy shrugged her shoulders and responded, "Every married man is a submissive at heart." Nancy's hand, which had been on Ted's knee, had moved up to the top of his thigh, not far from his cock. Ted was getting hard, and was silently praying Nancy didn't notice. He was stuck in place on the bar stool, both wanting to move and not wanting to move.

Feeling like he needed to say something, Ted said, "I'm not a submissive, and I certainly don't wear panties." He laughed a little, but it was nervous laugh.

"Ted, I'm willing to bet that every time Sarah tells you to do something, you jump right to it," Nancy responded.

"Well, eventually I suppose, but that doesn't make me submissive. That makes me married," Ted retorted.

Nancy ignored this. Her hand was now at the tip of Ted's hardness. Ted was growing increasingly uncomfortable by the direction of this, but he somehow couldn't pull himself away from Nancy.

Sarah, who had been quiet, asked Josh, "Doesn't that thing get uncomfortable?"

Josh, who was in full submissive mode now, responded meekly, "Not really. I mean sometimes, after I've been in the cage for a while, it gets difficult, but I've learned to concentrate on other things. I like taking care of Mistress Nancy and making her happy."

Sarah stifled a laugh again at this display by Josh, but she was becoming more interested. She even felt a little turned on by it, the dominant and submissive roles being displayed by Nancy and Josh. Sarah wondered what Ted was thinking.

Nancy spoke up again, "Josh, turn around and bend over so Sarah and Ted can see your plug, then you can pull your panties and pants up."

Josh responded, "Thank you, Mistress Nancy." He turned around and bent over as instructed. Sarah and Ted caught a glimpse of the end of an anal plug in Josh's ass before Josh quickly covered himself again.

Nancy's hand was now on Ted's cock, and she was rubbing him. Sarah, who had turned away from Josh now that he was covered, noticed this. She wondered for a moment if she were having some kind of drunken dream, but it was no dream. Her best friend Nancy, or Mistress Nancy apparently, was rubbing her husband's cock through his jeans, and Josh was standing behind her in a pair of pink panties, a cage, and an anal plug. Sarah was surprised to find herself increasingly turned on by this display.

Nancy, seeing the bewilderment of her neighbors, decided to take full advantage of the moment. She loved Sarah and wanted to help her. She knew from many conversations that Sarah was frustrated with her and Ted's sex life and Ted's typical male behavior. Nancy had remained silent about her own kink relationship with Josh out of fear that Sarah would be put off by it.

As Nancy continued stroking Ted through his pants, she whispered in his ear, "Good little sissies like Josh always wear a plug when they have their cage and panties on." Ted struggled not to cum on the spot.

Speaking to both Ted and Sarah now, Nancy said, "I'll tell you what. I've got another cock cage upstairs that Josh used to wear before we upgraded him. I think it would fit Ted quite nicely. What do you think Ted?"

Nancy unbuckled and pulled Ted's pants down slightly as Sarah watched. She reached into his boxers and wrapped her hand around his cock. She had stopped stroking him, knowing he was close to the edge. Nancy just held his hardness in her warm hand.

"I'm not wearing that thing," Ted said, more forcefully than he felt. He was on the edge of losing his load all over Nancy's hand, and the last thing he needed was to give her that advantage over him. Summoning the last of his will, Ted extracted himself from Nancy, pulled his pants up and poured himself another drink. Ted's head cleared slightly now that Nancy was not jerking him off in front of everyone.

Nancy retorted, "It's really not up to you, Ted. What do you think, Sarah?"

Sarah, feeling overwhelmed by the surreal nature of the conversation and her own increasingly wet panties responded, "I'm not sure, Nancy. I'm not sure it's my place to tell Ted to wear that."

"Oh, it's entirely your place Sarah," Nancy responded, "if Ted ever wants to fuck you again. You're in control of that every day of the week. Isn't she Ted?"

Ted stayed silent on this point.

Nancy continued, "I'll tell you what; let's settle this the easy way. We have a pool table here, and we have two good players. Ted wins, and he gets to fuck me, on that pool table. Sarah wins, and you're going in that cage Ted."

Ted was too stunned to speak. He had always wanted to fuck Nancy. She was pretty and fit and eminently fuckable. But, she was also Sarah's best friend, so he knew to stay silent. His dick was doing the thinking for him, but this was Sarah's show now.

Sarah, who had managed to recover despite being so turned on, said, "I'll take that bet, but there's one more thing. If I win, not only does Ted go in the cage, but Josh comes out of his cage. And he fucks me. On the pool table."

Ted was stunned again by the words coming out of Sarah's mouth. He could hardly believe she had agreed to this, let alone suggesting that Josh fuck her. Ted felt as if he were in an alternate reality.

Nancy smiled. Without hesitating, she said, "Game on. Josh, rack the balls."

As Josh was setting the rack, Ted and Sarah chalked their cues. Both of them were struggling to regain their concentration. A lot was on the line. Ted wanted to fuck Nancy very badly now. And not softly. His male ego wanted to give Nancy a good hard fuck to put her in her place and show her he was no panty-wearing submissive. And the rest of him was just turned on by the whole fucking thing.

And Sarah needed a cock in her. Any cock would do, even Josh's. Sarah was half tempted to throw the pool cue down and drag Ted home for a long, hard fuck, but she was in the game now and wanted to see how it played out.

Nancy flipped a coin for the break, and Ted won. He broke and dropped three balls in a row, the 3, the 1, and the 5. He missed on his next shot, and Sarah sank the 4 before missing. Ted ran off two more balls, the 2 and the 7. The 6 and the 9 were lined up for him perfectly, and Ted could almost feel his dick sliding into Nancy's moist pussy. That lack of concentration cost him. He missed, and it set Sarah up perfectly. She did not miss, sinking the 9 ball. It was over. Ted groaned thinking of the lost opportunity.

"Great shot, Sarah!" Nancy called out, a little too gleefully for Ted's taste. He had believed for half a second that she was rooting for him, the way she had been handling his cock. "Josh, be a sweety and go get the extra cage. And bring Ted that pretty pair of blue panties with the bows on the side. He can borrow those for tonight. Oh, and Josh, bring one of your small plugs and some lube."

"Yes, Mistress Nancy," Josh replied, and he took off at a run. He really had been in the cage for two months and now he might actually get out to fuck Sarah. It was too good to be true for him.

"You'd better have another drink, Ted," Nancy teased, "you'll need something to take your mind off of watching Josh fuck your wife. Oh, and Ted, from now on you will be calling me Mistress Nancy and your pretty wife Mistress Sarah, do you understand?"

Ted did not respond as he poured himself that drink.

"Come over here Ted, I have something for you before we get you all set up," Nancy said.

Ted walked dejectedly around the counter, drink in hand. Nancy looked him in the eyes, and then, shockingly, smacked him hard in the face with her open hand. "Listen, sissy. When I ask you a question, you respond. When I tell you to do something, you do it. When Mistress Sarah asks you a question, you respond. When Mistress Sarah tells you to do something, you do it. Do you understand now?"

Ted's eyes were wide open. The slap had stung, but mostly it hurt what remained of his pride. Not wanting to make Nancy any angrier, he responded, "Yes, Mistress Nancy."

"Good, Ted. You have to learn your place now. From now on, you will do everything you are told, or Mistress Sarah may never let you out your new cage," Nancy said.

Josh had returned and was standing and watching as Nancy upbraided Ted. Nancy saw Josh with his supplies, and instructed him to put them on the bar counter. She pulled a long necklace from between her breasts with a key on it. "Come over here, Josh, and get your pants off." She unlocked Josh's cage and instructed him to go clean himself up.

Nancy walked over to Sarah, who was standing and watching by the pool table. She kissed her and pushed her tongue into Sarah's mouth. Sarah was so turned on she didn't resist. As Nancy was kissing her, she unbuttoned Sarah's pants and slipped her hand down them. Sarah's panties were soaking wet, and Nancy pushed them to the side and slipped a finger into her. Sarah moaned loudly. Nancy stroked her, then pulled out and began rubbing Sarah's clit. Nancy said, "Are you ready for Josh to fuck you now, Sarah?"

"Yes, please Nancy," Sarah breathed, and she pulled her pants the rest of the way down and slid her panties off. Sarah climbed onto the pool table.

"Ted, come over here," Nancy called, "you have a job to do before we get you in that cage."

Having learned his lesson, Ted immediately responded, "Yes, Mistress Nancy." He was in a half-trance now, not quite understanding the sudden submissiveness that her slap across the face had brought out of him.

Josh stood next to the pool table waiting, still in his pink panties, but the outline of his hard cock was pressed against them now. After two months without an orgasm, he was more than ready to fuck his neighbor and his friend's wife.

Nancy grabbed Ted by the hand and pushed it onto Josh's panty-covered dick. "Stroke Josh for me, Ted, make sure he is nice and hard for your wife," she said. His submissiveness growing, Ted did as he was told and stroked Josh over his panties. The tip of Josh's cock popped over the top, and Ted continued stroking him, now touching his skin. This was no micropenis after all, Ted realized. Josh was packing at least 8 inches. Nancy stood behind Josh and slipped has panties down. Knowing what to do, Ted stroked all of Josh's cock, from base to tip.

"Ok, Ted, let's not get carried away. We need to make sure Josh has a full load for your pretty wife," Nancy said, "Josh, get on the table; it's time to fuck Sarah while Ted watches you."

Josh climbed onto the table. Sarah spread her legs for him, and Josh climbed between her.

Nancy whispered in Ted's ear, "It's time to put Josh's dick in your wife's pussy. You need to understand that her pussy doesn't belong to you anymore. You need to understand that you will rarely be fucking Sarah from now on. And she may even need other men to fuck her, while you are locked up in that little cage. It's just the way it is going to be now, Ted."

Nancy's words were making Ted hotter than he had ever been. He moved to the table. Josh's cock was positioned between Sarah's legs, ready to enter her. Ted grabbed Josh's cock, and, as instructed, pushed the tip of him into his wife's waiting pussy. Sarah cried out as Josh pushed the rest of himself deep inside her.

Josh fucked Sarah fast and hard. Josh knew he was not allowed to cum until Sarah did, although it was exceedingly difficult. Sarah's pussy felt incredible swallowing his cock.

Ted watched all of this as Sarah reach between her legs and begin rubbing her clit as Josh entered her over and over. Sarah reached her orgasm and cried out. Josh immediately groaned and filled Sarah with two months of his seed. Ted watched as Josh's cum spilled out of his wife's pussy onto her thighs.

"Josh, clean Sarah up, then come over here and help me get Ted ready for his new cage," Nancy instructed. Josh went down on Sarah's gaping pussy and began licking his own cum out of her. When he was done, he climbed off the table, pulled his panties on and moved to where Nancy and Ted were standing.

Nancy had removed Ted's pants and underwear and was stroking his cock. Josh got on his knees in front of Ted and took over the stroking of his cock from his mistress. Without needing to be told, Josh licked Ted's shaft from the balls to the tip. Josh parted his lips and took all of Ted into him, deep throating him, sucking him off.

Nancy whispered in Ted's ear as Josh blew him, "This is what submissive husbands who wear panties do, Ted. They suck cock. You'll be learning to do this too. You can practice on Josh when I let him out of his cage again. I'm sure he won't mind shooting his hot load into your mouth." Ted went over the edge and he exploded into Josh's mouth. Josh never removed his mouth, drinking all of the warm cum as Ted fired it into him.

Now that Ted was spent, he seriously wondered what he had gotten himself into. Josh retrieved a cold wash cloth and wiped Ted's cock down. When he was soft, Nancy put the cage on Ted. She called over to Sarah, who had finally recovered from Josh's hard fuck and was climbing off the pool table.

"Your mistress needs to snap the lock shut, Ted," Nancy said. Sarah did just that. Ted was locked.

"Bend over, Ted," Nancy ordered. He did. Nancy slid a lubed finger into Ted's ass and then slipped a small anal plug into him. Ted moaned and his cock filling the cage.

Nancy said, "Sarah, Ted needs to be plugged as often as possible. That and the cage reminds him who is in charge."

Speaking to Ted now, Nancy said, "Eventually, we will have you ready for the strap-on because all submissives need to be fucked regularly while in their cages. It's deliciously frustrating for you." Nancy and Sarah both laughed.

"Oh, and Sarah, for Ted's first time in the cage, I recommend 6 weeks," Nancy said. "I'll bet you haven't gone without an orgasm for six weeks ever, have you Ted?" she teased. "Put your panties on, Ted. Tomorrow, you will go buy some of your own and you can wash and return these to Josh," Nancy said.

Ted slipped on the blue satin panties. They felt amazing.

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