Son Controls His Mother Ch. 04



The next morning Ellie woke up slowly to an incredible sensation in her pussy. As she came around she realized that her son was between her legs licking her pussy. Ellie reached down and caressed his head as he brought her to an early morning climax.

"What a wonderful way to wake up," Ellie thought but didn't dare say to her son.

Joey smiled at her and spoke, "Good morning mother. Did you miss me last night?" he teased as he held up the dildo in his hand.

Ellie was embarrassed as it was the first time that Joey had ever seen her toy. Joey playfully slapped the rubber cock in his hand. Ellie could only imagine what was going through his mind.

"Did you miss the real thing last night mother?" Joey asked as he stroked his erect cock.

Ellie just stared at her son's impressive cock and compared it to her fake one. Joey held the fake cock next to his as if to compare them. Joey was clearly bigger than the dildo.

"You know mother it would be great to have two cocks. That way I could fuck your pussy and ass at the same time," Joey said as he moved his hips and the two cocks bobbed in front of him.

Ellie was speechless as she watched the bizarre behavior of her son. Joey then put the dildo down and moved between his mother's legs. Ellie opened up for him as his cock made its way into her love channel. Ellie gasped as she always did when the large dick penetrated her quim. Joey fucked his mother slowly and tenderly that morning until he came in her pussy. Ellie had multiple orgasms as she usually did before her son ejaculated.

Ellie was a little surprised that her son only fucked her once that morning before they showered and dressed. Over breakfast they discussed what was planned for the day. Joey told Ellie that his friends Bobby and Kenny were coming over again after lunch. Ellie learned that the girlfriends would not be joining them today. Ellie told Joey that she had an evening house showing and that she should be home by about 8:00 PM. Ellie then dressed in her business suit and left for the office. Joey straightened up around the house and then went in the family room and read the newspaper.

After lunch Bobby and Kenny arrived and the three boys hung out by the pool as usual. They talked about a number of topics and then it got around to sex. Bobby brought up what happened yesterday.

"Joey, Kenny and I want to talk to you about yesterday," Bobby began sheepishly.

"Yeah that was hot wasn't it? The girls really got into it didn't they?" Joey answered.

"Yeah we all did but Kenny and I never expected you to fuck our girlfriends," Bobby went on.

"I didn't either it just happened but the girls went for it, so I did too," Joey replied.

"Joey what Bobby is trying to say is that you fucked them without clearing it with us first," Kenny said.

"I don't think the situation allowed for seeking permission. What's the big deal after all you guys switch partners all the time?" Joey countered.

"It's just that now you have something of ours and we think you should share something of yours with us," Kenny replied.

"Is that right? So what would you like to do, fuck Sharon? I don't think she would go for it but if you can, go right ahead," Joey snapped and than added, "Or maybe you guys would like to fuck my mother. I know that you think she is hot."

Bobby and Kenny were stunned when Joey mentioned his mother. Joey realized what he had said and then he thought about it for a minute. "Why not?" he thought to himself, "She would probably enjoy it."

Joey imagined his mother with his two friends and himself. He was sure that his mother would love to have three cocks in her at the same time. After all she had already taken his cock in her mouth, pussy and ass. Why not have all her holes stuffed with cock at the same time? Joey envisioned his friends and he cumming in his mother's holes at least three times. He was getting hard just from thinking about her having nine loads of spunk in her. Bobby and Kenny stared at Joey as they thought he was pissed at them.

"Okay guys, here's the deal. Remember when I told you that I was banging an older woman?" Joey asked.

Both Kenny and Bobby nodded in the affirmative.

"Well I am now banging two older women and they are friends. So I am willing to share one of them with you guys. How does that sound?" Joey asked.

"Oh man I can't wait. When do we get to meet her?" Bobby asked excitedly.

"Tonight right here at the house. We'll call out for pizza later and you guys can clear it with your parents so that you can crash here tonight," Joey told them.

"But Joey what about your mom? Isn't she going to be home?" Kenny inquired.

"She sure is after all she's the older woman," Joey announced.

Bobby and Kenny were stunned by Joey's statement and just stared in disbelief. Then they smiled and laughed as they were sure that Joey was putting them on.

"Yeah right Joey, it's your mother that you have been seeing all this time," Kenny mocked.

"Guys you will believe it tonight I promise you. My mother and I have been having incredible sex together all summer. What better arrangement could there be then to have sex in your own home anytime, anywhere and any way that you want it?" Joey replied.

Bobby and Kenny were still in shock as they listened to their friend. It had to be true, Joey would not make something like that up. The two boys could only imagine what it would be like to make it with Joey's mom. She was so hot and the image of her in her two piece swimsuit crept into their minds. As they anticipated the evening ahead it was their longest afternoon of the summer.

Ellie arrived home about 8:00 PM that evening very tired and very much in need of a drink. Bobby and Kenny were still there when she arrived home. Ellie went into the family room and sat down in the easy chair. Her mini skirt slid up to mid thigh and put her shapely legs on display. Joey brought her a drink and the three boys joined her in the family room. Kenny and Bobby could not take their eyes off her shapely legs and they both were sporting boners in anticipation of being between her legs.

Ellie downed the first drink and Joey fixed her another one. Ellie smiled at the two boys as they seemed fascinated with her legs. She had no idea what was on their minds and she had no idea what Joey had planned for her. Ellie finished her second drink and Joey fixed her a third.

"That's okay Joey, two is my limit," Ellie said.

"Nonsense mother, you had a tough day you deserve another," Joey said handing his mother the cocktail that he made extra strong this time.

Ellie accepted the drink and smiled as she said, "Just this time then."

Ellie slowly sipped the drink and the alcohol was clearly affecting her. Bobby and Kenny couldn't take their eyes off of her and continued to stare at her shapely legs. Ellie was getting warm and she squirmed in the chair causing her skirt to go even higher up her shapely thighs. Bobby and Kenny strained to get a peak up her skirt and Joey laughed to himself knowing that they would see all they wanted before the night was done. Joey asked her if she was a little warm.

"Yes, I am I think it is the alcohol," she replied.

Joey suggested she take off her suit jacket and he offered to help her. As Ellie stood up it was clear that she was feeling the effects of the alcohol and she leaned against her son for support.

"Guys I don't think just the jacket will be enough, why don't you help me take off the rest of her clothes," Joey said to them.

Ellie just stood there balancing herself against her son as Kenny and Bobby moved toward her. Kenny began to unbutton her blouse as Bobby worked on her skirt. Ellie weakly protested but she was too far gone to be taken seriously. Bobby had removed her skirt and Kenny her blouse as she stood there in her bra, panties, and garter belt and nylons.

Kenny next unclasped her bra freeing her tits and Bobby unsnapped and removed her garter belt. Both the guys were sporting erections pushing out their pants like tents. Bobby and Kenny each removed one of her nylons and then they both slid her panties down and off her legs. Ellie's pussy was sopping wet by now. The guys played with her fingering her pussy and tweaking her tits and nipples.

"Let's take this up to her bedroom guys," Joey said leading the way. Ellie walked to her bedroom supported by Kenny as he played with her tits. Bobby walked behind them fondling Ellie's ass.

Joey had Ellie lay on her back as the guys removed their clothes. Kenny fucked Ellie first and then Bobby. They were so hot Joey knew they would cum quickly. Ellie was in heat and all of a sudden she couldn't get enough cock. Joey fucked his mother next knowing that he would last longer bringing Ellie to multiple orgasms while the guys recuperated. Ellie was moaning and cumming all over the place when Joey finally filled her pussy with the third load of cum.

Kenny and Bobby were ready to go again when Joey told them that we were going to treat Ellie to her first triple penetration. Kenny and Bobby were both about the same size and coupled with her son's cock, Ellie would be filled with 2 feet of cock. Joey lay on his back and had his mother straddle his cock taking it all the way in her cunt. Joey told Bobby to lube up her asshole with the cream from her nightstand and then he told Kenny he could take her mouth. Bobby buried his cock in Ellie's ass as Ellie sucked Kenny's dick into her mouth.

The three boys got a rhythm going and Ellie began moaning on Kenny's cock, "Oh this is incredible, fuck me, fuck me in all my holes."

The three of them fucked Ellie for hours with each of them cumming in her mouth, ass and pussy. She lay on her bed almost lifeless with cum leaking from all three of her holes. Joey sent Bobby and Kenny to the guest room to shower and hit the sack. He told them they would have another crack at his mother in the morning. Joey went to his own room, showered and turned in for the night. It had gone easier then he expected and he was pleased that his mother was so responsive to the triple fucking. Ellie fell asleep with her asshole and pussy overflowing with semen and the taste of cum in her mouth.

The next morning the three boys had individual fuck sessions with Ellie with their morning erections. Neither of them came in her pussy but they brought her to countless orgasms. Ellie didn't need any alcohol this time and was more than willing to take on the three young hard bodies.

Joey told Ellie to lie on her back while he ate her pussy and Kenny and Bobby sucked on her tits. She went wild and came all over her son's face. Then Joey had Bobby fuck her pussy until they both orgasmed. Joey then flipped his mother over on her stomach and told Kenny to fuck her in the ass. Bobby put his cock in her mouth and Ellie coaxed him back to an erection. Kenny shot a load in her ass and then Joey put his mother on her back and fucked her pussy.

The boys kept this routine going most of the morning. Next was Bobby in her ass, then Kenny in her pussy and finally Joey in her ass. All the time Ellie had a cock in her pussy or asshole there was a cock in her mouth as well. Ellie once again had three loads of cum in her pussy and asshole. Joey decided that it was time for her triple treat again and Ellie once more was filled with 2 feet of cock. Bobby was in her mouth, Kenny in her pussy and her son in her ass. The three boys were surprised that morning with their stamina as they rotated through all of Ellie's holes once more. Joey's mother was sexually drained, exhausted and almost lifeless as she lay on her bed dripping with cum.

Bobby and Kenny showered, dressed and had a light breakfast while Ellie was still in bed. Joey just threw on a robe as he planned to bathe with his mother after the boys left. Kenny and Bobby left after breakfast with their balls emptier than they had ever been and they were thankful that they didn't have plans with their girlfriends that day.

Joey drew a bath for his mother and helped her into the Jacuzzi tub. He dropped his robe and joined her in the tub and his mother leaned back into his body as she soaked in the hot water and soothing jets. Joey reached around and fondled his mother's tits and firm tummy as the jets bubbled around their bodies. Not a word was spoken between them as their thoughts were elsewhere.

Ellie thought about what happened. The very thing that she fantasized about came true. She still couldn't believe what she had done and how much she enjoyed it. The young vibrant bodies were tireless as they fucked her in every way imaginable. She would have to call Ally later and tell her what happened. She needed Ally's counsel more than ever now that she had slid into a whole new world of debauchery.

Joey on the other hand had other thoughts. He was planning new adventures for his mother. He would invite Bobby and Kenny to share his mother's charms again. Then he wondered about Jackie and Amanda, should he include them. He knew his mother ate Ally's pussy so why not eat Jackie and Amanda's pussies. He pictured his mother eating one of the girl's pussies while her boyfriend fucked his mother in the ass. Then he thought of Ally and the possibility of bringing her into the action. He knew Ally would love to eat the young girl's pussies and he would love to get her into a foursome with all her holes stuffed with cock. The possibilities were endless but first Joey wanted to get his mother and Ally in bed with him at the same time.


Joey and his mother were talking one afternoon several days later about the orgy with Bobby and Kenny. "Joey I am so humiliated by what happened. How can I ever face those boys again?" This can never happen again," Ellie stated.

"Oh mother, come off it. You enjoyed it as much as any of us if not more. You should have seen yourself. I have never seen you so sexually charged," Joey replied.

"Joey I know that I was caught in a moment of weakness but to do it with your friends, how shameful. Why did you allow that to happen? Promise me you will never allow that to happen again," Ellie pleaded with her son.

"It won't happen again unless you want it to. So let's leave it at that," Joey said curtly.

"By the way I am up for another trip to the drive-in. I want you to wear the mini-skirt with no hose or panties and the halter top with no bra. We will leave about 8:30 PM tonight," Joey announced.

Ellie thought about refusing but she knew better. So she resolved herself to be manhandled in the back seat of her son's car at the drive-in theater. She knew she would be sucking on her son's big cock once again and she could only hope that no one would spot them at the drive-in.

It was almost 8:30 PM when the door bell rang and Ellie secretly hoped it was someone who would keep her from going to the drive-in with her son. Joey answered the door and let Bobby and Kenny in the house. Ellie was thrilled that Joey would now be too occupied with his friends to go to the movie.

"Hi guys right on time. We are good to go," Joey said to his friends and then, "Come on mother its time to leave."

"What about your friends Joey?" Ellie asked.

"Oh they are coming with us," Joey replied.

"Oh no, Joey please no," Ellie begged.

"Stop being such a baby. We will all have fun together," Joey said scolding her in a way.

The four of them got into the car and Joey had his mother sit in the back between his two friends. On the way to the drive-in Joey encouraged Bobby and Kenny to have fun with his mother. He told the guys that she wasn't wearing panties or a bra and that they should play with her tits and pussy. Ellie was beet red as the boys put their hands under her halter top and her skirt. By the time they got to the drive-in the boys had raging erections and Ellie's pussy was dripping wet.

Soon after they found a good spot to park at the drive-in, Joey told his friends to take their cocks out so that his mother could suck them off. Both Bobby and Kenny were so ready that they came in Ellie's mouth minutes after she took their cocks in her mouth. Bobby then leaned back in the seat and pulled Ellie against him. He pulled her halter top up over her tits and he fondled her tits and played with her nipples. Kenny pushed her mini-skirt up and stroked her firm thighs and fingered her wet pussy. Ellie was going mad with the titillation and the probing of her pussy. Ellie desperately wanted something in her pussy beside Kenny's fingers.

Joey told his friends that they were not allowed to fuck his mother's pussy or ass in the car and that would have to wait until they were back home to do that. Ellie begged for relief so Kenny lowered his face to her pussy and sucked on her clit as he fingered her pussy. Ellie came quickly after the first few swipes of his tongue. Then the boys moved Ellie around so that Bobby could have a go at her pussy while Kenny played with her tits. Bobby slipped his fingers in her pussy as he sucked on her clit and then he added a finger to Ellie's asshole lubricated with her own juices. Ellie came again and doused Bobby's face with her love juice just as she had to Kenny.

Joey decided that it was time to head back home. Kenny and Bobby continued to play with her body on the ride home. They loved sticking their fingers in Ellie's pussy and her ass and they loved playing with her rock hard nipples. By the time they arrived back at the house Ellie was ready for as much cock as they could give her. She dashed up to the bedroom, stripped off her clothes and waited in bed for the three boys.

Ellie sat on the side of the bed and she was told by her son to suck each cock until they were hard. Then Joey lay on his back and his mother straddled his huge cock. Ellie's pussy stretched easily to handle her son's girth. Ellie eased herself down on the big dick and after several strokes and humps she had the entire cock in her vagina. Kenny knelt behind her and lubricated her asshole. Ellie liked the feel of the cool lubricant and presence of Kenny's fingers moving in and out of her asshole. Kenny then lined up his hard cock and slid it in easily into Ellie's well used ass. Kenny loved how easily Ellie took his cock in her ass. Next Bobby moved to her head and offered her his cock which Ellie immediately gobbled up. Bobby was impressed with Joey's mother's oral skills.

Ellie had been here before so she just enjoyed the erotic coupling with the three energetic young men. She came several times herself before she felt the first load enter her body. Kenny tensed and dumped a large load in her ass. He kept on fucking her though and his cock pushed his semen around inside her rectum. Joey came next and blasted his mother's cunt with an enormous amount of spunk. Ellie felt the warm liquid splash off her inner walls and fill her pussy. Finally Bobby shot in her mouth and he too let loose with a big load. Ellie swallowed every drop as she always did and then she too had another orgasm. Ellie rolled off of her son and then lay on her back as the boys moved around the bed.

Ellie took Kenny's and Bobby's cocks in her hands and alternated licking their dick heads. Joey got back in the bed and lay down on his back and instructed his mother to straddle his cock again. Ellie did not hesitate and she moved into a very familiar position and lowered her pussy onto her son's huge cock for the second time. Bobby then moved in behind Ellie and eased his cock into her hot ass. His cock went in easy given her recent ass fucking with Kenny's sperm still in her ass. The two boys soon established a smooth rhythm as they fucked Ellie in both holes. They were getting good at this.

"Don't you love this mother?" Joey asked as he reached up and tweaked her eraser hard nipples.

"Oh yes, I love it. Fuck me in both holes fuck me and cum in me!" Ellie pleaded.

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