tagInterracial LoveSophia Gets Taken

Sophia Gets Taken


Sophia sat in the bar patently waiting for her husband to show up or contact her about when he would be there to meet her! They had scheduled their dinner around his plane schedule, and he was already 30 minutes late! He had been out of town on a business trip and they had set up a diner date for when he returned home. They were meeting at a restaurant near the airport, and then having dinner together, before heading home after his four day business trip.

Sophia and Greg had been married for just over a year, having met through some mutual friends. Greg was a pharmaceutical rep and Sophia worked in a law office as a receptionist and also doing some minimal clerical work. She had hoped for a better position with the firm but they were not impressed with her academic achievements and had only brought her on in the receptionist position because of her looks and one of the partners knowing her father.

Sophie had started to get a little tipsy! She had now been waiting an hour! Being placed at the bar at the hostess's suggestion until Greg showed up, when she could seat them at a table. She had bought her own first drink, and then afterwards drinks just randomly appearing before her, long before she had completed the last one. Asking the bartender where they were coming from, he casually informed her that some of the gentleman at the bar were buying them for her, pointing to a bunch of black men in business suits at the end of the bar!

Two of the black men came down and started talking to her, explaining that they didn't want to be forward, but just couldn't let anyone as pretty as her buy her own drinks ---!

Sophie kind of smiled to herself thinking; "That would be a great pick-up line for somebody that wasn't married---!" Then adding to them "I am supposed to meet my husband who's flying in from a business trip out of town ---! But that was a great line ---!" She said smiling as her phone started ringing.

It was Greg ---! Then saying to them that she had to take the call and stepped away from the bar and out of ear shot.

"Where the fuck are you ---? I have been sitting here for over an hour waiting ---! She exclaimed.

"Honey, I am so sorry, I missed my flight and won't be able to get home till tomorrow ---!" Greg said.

"Wait ---, what ---? You missed your flight and are now calling ----!" She was saying before being cut off by Greg!

"Honey ----, I have to go! I will call you in the morning and let you know when I will be in! Love you ---!" Click.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now ---!" She stammered to herself out loud! She was extremely agitated that Greg hadn't bothered to contact her earlier, having been sitting at the bar waiting for over an hour and him probably having known an hour before that even! "I am in no shape to drive home!" She thought to herself. "Maybe I will call Sherri and she can come meet me and take me home!" she continued to think.

Sophie called Sherri and she was more than willing to come join her and take her home, although Sophie could have sworn that Sherri's words sound slurred, like she had been drinking also!

Returning to the bar, she was greeted by more drinks and informed the guys what was going on when asked about it! Sophie continued drinking and even dancing with the guys until Sherri showed up, then leading them outside as she wanted to go home.

"I have probably had too much to drink and shouldn't be driving ---!" Sophie said, as they escorted her outside. "I will call a cab ---, and then I can come back tomorrow and get my car ---!" She continued.

"Don't be silly, Trevor is one of our DD's and he will drive your car, Andy and I will go with you. Jack and John can follow with Sherri in the other car ---!" Sam added.

"OK ---, you guys sure you don't mind doing this for us ---? We both have had too much and shouldn't be driving ---!"

"Of course not, whatever we can do to help out two pretty girls!"

Sam steadied Sophie as they walked to her car, then opening the back door for them to get in! "Ah ---, don't you think I should sit up front to give directions ---?" Sophia asked.

"No Trevor can handle getting us there safely!" Sam responded sliding her into the back seat. As she slid in, her skirt hiked up well above mid-thigh with Sam getting a quick shot of her nylon covered pussy! Sophia gave Trevor the address and then leaned back against the seat.

"God I really shouldn't have drank so much ---! I just don't understand why that asshole couldn't have called earlier so I wouldn't have had to be there so long!" she said.

Sam put a reassuring arm around her shoulder and gently patted her knee; "Don't have to worry about a thing we will get you home safe and sound and you can deal with him tomorrow ---!" he said as he squeezed her shoulder for reassurance, but at the same time started massaging her inner thigh above her knee!

"Really --- you guys have been so helpful, if you hadn't done this we probably would have had to take a cab or something ---!" Sophia slurred out, not even thinking about his hand.

"No problem ---, again anything for two beautiful women in need!" he snickered, then moving in to really lay it on! "I can't believe that jerk left you sitting there all alone for so long! There is no way such a beautiful women should ever be left unattended for that amount of time ---!" he whispered to her as he turned his head towards the side of her face; "There should be some kind of law that prevented that from happening ---!" he continued as his hand rubbed further up her thigh.

"He's right ---!" Sophia thought; "he really shouldn't have let me sit there all alone ---, I am beautiful ---, and got all dressed up for him ---, he left me sitting there ---, and some pervert could have come along ---! Glad these guys came to our rescue ---!" continuing to think to herself as her thighs unknowingly parted more and more from his caresses!

"You're so pretty ---, that beautiful face, that long auburn hair, those blue eyes, those large firm breasts, these very shapely legs, and then, the way you dress --- are you a model ---?" Sam said smiling as his hand had now found the damp spot between her parted thighs!

"Ah ---oh thank you ---, I ah, no --- I work in a law office! But I love clothes and to look nice --- and I work out to try and keep my figure ---, and ---!" Sophia was trying to say, as she realized that his hand was rubbing her legs, and for some strange reason it was having an effect on her; "You really shouldn't be doing that ---, I am married and we really don't know each other ---!" she stammered.

"Oh ---, I am a leg guy ---, so when I saw these beauties I just had to feel how firm and defined they were! I can tell that you run or probably do a lot of leg work in the gym --- right?"

"Ah --- well I don't run as often as I should, but I do run sometimes ---! Oh ---!" she gasped as he touched her nylon covered pussy with the back of his fingers on his way to running his hand along the other thigh ---!

"I can tell ---, I can really feel the well defined muscle of your thighs and those heels really make your calf muscles pop ---, I love women that show off their legs, wear sexy heels to make them look good! Like you ---, look at these sexy legs ---! Hard to believe he left you there all alone ---!"

"Thank you ----, I try to stay -----Oh god ---!" She moaned and gasped as his hand traveled back across her pussy, but lingering a moment to brush against her clit with his fingers before landing back on her other thigh!

Sophia was staring straight ahead, with a stunned expression on her face before stammering; "Ah ---, you really shouldn't be touching there ---, ah ---, I am married and it really probably isn't appropriate ---, I don't think ---?"

"Yeah ---, married to the guy that left you alone in the bar --- right? Ah ---, do you know your thighs are really symmetrical ---! Sometimes when people work out they tend to favor their dominate side and then that one becomes the bigger one, but yours seem to be pretty much matched ---! Which is your dominate side ---?

"I ---ah, well I ah ---, I don't know ---! I guess my right side ---, I am right handed ---, ah ---, so would that be my dominate one --- right?" she moaned.

He pulled her right leg up and over his knee, her skirt ridding up and leaving her nylon covered pussy completely exposed; "Yep ---, that would be the dominate one! Now let's get a good look at it --- kind of see if there are any areas you need to work on ---!" He said while running his one hand up and down the inside of her thigh and his other hand started caressing her lower leg before traveling up and joining the one at her thigh ---!

"Oh god ---, ah --- married ---!" she moaned.

His one hand now started caressing the crease area between her upper thigh and her pussy ---! Doing it without ever touching it ---! His other hand traveling up behind it and massaging the back of her upper inner thigh, his finger tips rubbing lightly against her ass cheek; "Know what else I really like about stylish women like you ---? They always wear stockings or hose that really make these beautiful legs look so much better!"

"Oh god ---, please ---, ah shouldn't be touching there --- oh god!"

"Now let me ask you a question as long as we are on the subject of these pretty hose ---! Did you spill your drink in the bar ---, cause right here it's all wet?" He said as her grasped her pussy, using his thumb to rub across her clit while his fingers worked up and down her slit! "Yep ---, sure got a soggy mess here! So did you spill ---? Cause your dress isn't wet ---, and it sure doesn't smell like wine ---!"

"Oh god ---, oh god shouldn't ---, oh god can't ---, oh god!" she moaned as she withered on the back seat, her ass unknowingly rising up allowing him better access!

"Sure hate to see a pretty pair of these hose to get all ruined because of a spilled drink! Especially a pair like these that are all silky, and shinny, and so sheer ---! Now they must have been pretty expensive --- right? But they should be --- for a beautiful woman like you ---! Nothing but the best for someone as sexy as you ---! Sure does make it a pleasure to be able to feel those defined muscles through them ---!" He continued on, while working his fingers and the material of the hose further into her pussy!

"Oh god ---! Yeah expensive ---, but I love the feel ---, oh god I am so wet ---, oh god shouldn't be doing ---, oh god ---!

Trevor shouted back; "We are here ---, well I think ---? Is this your house lady ---?"

"What ---? Oh god ---, yeah ---! Sophia said through half closed eyes. "Well thank you guys for making sure that I got home ----!"

"Oh we are coming in with you ---! You know, have to wait for the other car, and besides Trevor here likes studying muscles too, so kind of wanted him to be able to take a look at yours also ---!" Sam said cutting her off from finishing.

"Oh yeah ---, ah forgot about Sherri and the other car ---!" She mumbled, totally missing the reference to Trevor.

Sam escorted her from the car as Sophie dug in her purse looking for her house key; her skirt was bunched up around her waist, leaving her ass and pussy exposed through her hose! Sam had his hand on her ass cheek rubbing and squeezing it ---, her not even seeming to notice! "Wonder if any of her neighbors saw that ---?" Sam thought as they walked through the door into the house.

"Do you have anything to drink ---?" Sam asked as they guided her towards the couch.

"Uh ---, oh ---yeah! I didn't realize that you were going to be staying or I would have ---!"

"Where is it ---?" Sam said cutting her off.

"Ah --- in the kitchen, --- I will get ---"

"No need ---, will have Andy get it ---! I want to have Trevor take a look at them muscles, see if he agrees with what I think ---! Kind of have him make sure they are OK too ---!" He said to her as he guided her onto the couch.

"What ---, ah ---, is there a problem with them ---?" She naively asked, as they sat down and they pulled her legs up onto their knees.

"Don't think so ---, always nice to get a second or third opinion though ---!" Sam said winking at Trevor; "Just kind of making sure we are all on the same base ---, so to speak! As his hand went directly to her pussy ---! You know what I am talking about there --- right Sophie ---?"

"Oh god ---, I think so ---, oh god ---, I think I know what you're talking about ---, my thigh muscles --- right ---? OH god ----!" Sophie stupidly said.

Trevor's hands had started rubbing and working on her other thigh, as Sam continued his assault on both her thighs and her pussy ---! Sophie was becoming very excited, although she wasn't really aware of it yet. Her little pussy was leaking all sorts of juices out onto the nylon fabric of her hose, forming little drops on the outside of the fabric.

"So Sophie ---, do you also do upper body when you workout ---?" Trevor asked.

Sophie was having a hard time figuring out what was going on, let alone being able to answer questions. Her head was thrown back against the couch, her eyes closed, mouth hanging open, with a totally lost expression on her face! "Ah ---, what --- upper body ---? Ah --- I guess ---, I ah, really don't know right now ---, you guys got me --- oh god ---!"

"Maybe we should check the muscles under her blouse too ---? You know just too kind of make sure everything's good there ---!" Trevor said winking at Sam.

"Yeah ----, your right, I never thought to check there too ---! See Sophie ---, always good to get another set of hands in on it too ---, so to speak ---! Kind of making sure we check all those muscles ---!" Sam snickered.

They both worked at unbuttoning and removing her blouse and bra, as Andy came back in with the drinks! He sat theirs on the coffee table while he grabbed his beer and took a seat in the chair across from them to watch!

Each of them grabbed a breast and started needing and rubbing them, with Sam being the first to start licking and sucking her nipple ---!

"OH MY FUCKING GOD ---!" Sophie screamed as what seemed like an electric jolt shot through her body! "Oh god ---, I'm so ---, oh god married ---, shouldn't ---, oh god shouldn't be doing ---!" Sophie was cut off by the front door bursting open! Her eyes bolting open, thinking for a second that it may be her husband ---!

What she saw were two large black guys on each side of Sherri whisking her into the house. They were holding her under her arm, her high heels almost not touching the floor ---! Her hair was a mess, her lipstick smeared, and there was white stuff all over her cheek and hanging off her chin ---!

"Sherri are you alright ----!" Sophie tried to say, but only seeing Sherri look at her with a panicked expression on her face as she was whisked through ---!

"So fucking big --- they are fucking huge ---! Sherri screamed on her way through.

"What ---, what just happened ---, what's big ---, I don't understand ---?" Sophie mumbled as she leaned back against the couch! "Is she OK ---, I really don't understand ---, what just happened right now --?"

"You'll see in a little while just relax ---!" Sam said as his hand found her sodden pussy again ---! Trevor started licking and sucking her breasts now!

"Oh god you guys shouldn't be doing that anymore ---! Oh ---god ---guys! Guys ---, married ---, not suppose to be doing that ---, guys ---, please you are making her get all ---, oh god ---, guys ----!" Sophie saying as her voice was trailing off.

All the while this was going on Andy had taken his clothes off and was now sitting watching Sophie get worked over as he stroked his cock to full length!

As Sophie opened her eyes to tell them again that they really needed to stop ---, that is when she saw it---! "Oh my fucking god ----, what the fuck is that ----, holy shit that's not his penis is it ---? Oh my fucking god ---, that thing is huge ----ah ----ah ----! Oh my god, is that what Sherri was talking about ---? Penises ---, oh god was she, was she talking about their penises ---? That thing is more than twice the size of my ----!" Not completing what she was saying thinking that for some reason she may not want to say any more!

"First little boys have penises ---, men have cocks ---! Now why don't you show us where you and your husband sleep ---! I think we would all like to see that ---, you know---, see the bed ---!" Sam said.

"Ah ---Ok!" She replied, then thinking; "I wonder why they want to see my husband's bed ---?"

They guided her to her feet and as she stood up, Trevor noticed it ---! "Look at you ---, you fucking horny slut ---! You got pussy juice dripping down out of you ---!"

Everyone including herself looked down at it --! God he was right, there were strands of her juice hanging down off the nylon material covering her sodden pussy ---!

"Come on bitch; let's go check out that room ---!" Sam said pulling her towards the hallway.

As they entered the hallway, they heard Sherri screaming. Looking in the door Sophie saw her friend on her knees on the bed, dressed only in stockings, a garter belt, and heels! Her dress, panties, and bra were lying on the floor ripped and torn! A huge black guy was behind her trusting his big black cock in and out of her dripping pussy as she held the cock of the other guy next to her face.

Looking back over her shoulder she was screaming "fuck my white pussy ---, fuck it good ---, open that little thing up ---, make her take that big black cock ---!" Turning her head back to the other guy, she screamed; "Come on big boy fuck my face ---, make me suck this big black cock ---, jam that monster down my throat ---, make me gag ---!"

As Sam pulled Sophie back into the hallway, she looked up at him with a puzzled expression --- like wanting to ask a question ---, but never getting the chance before Sam replied; "Guess she likes black cock now ---! Most girls get that way after they have had it ---!" He said leading her into the master suite!

"Now I am not sure what you guys want to see in here, but this is my husband's and my room, and we have our bath over here ---!" Sophie naively said as she showed them around.

"Now where is your closet ---, I would be guessing a girl as pretty as you has to have a lot of sexy clothes and her own closet ---, right? Andy asked as he walked beside Sam and her.

Trevor had held back and was getting undressed in the bedroom as the other three walked into the closet. After finishing he propped his phone up on the dresser so that it was pointed towards the bed and hit record on the video mode!

Back in the closet Sophie was explaining to Andy about all her shoes, while Sam was back rubbing and massaging her ass cheeks with his hand, and it must have been working as she subconsciously shifted her weight back and forth between legs!

As Sam lowered his head down to her ear, he whispered to her; "Why don't you show him all your fancy hose, he would probably like to see that too ---!" At the same time slipping is other hand under the waist band of her pantyhose and plunging his fingers down and into her soaked slit ---!

Sophie trust her head back on Sam's chest, chin down, eyes wide as saucers, and her mouth forming a little puckered circle--- a series of pitched moans coming from her before finally saying; "Oh -----, Oh god ---, Oh god --- you shouldn't be touching --- your touching my little exposed pussy ---- Oh god really shouldn't ----!" Her not being able to speak after Sam's figure hit her spot ---, just one long moan ----!

"Fuck --- dressing her up in sexy shit ---! We need to fuck her now ---!" Andy said, as Sam half pulled half carried her back to the bed using his imbedded figure to take all her weight ---!

"Oh god ---, Oh god what's happening right now ---, what are you guys doing ---Oh god what's happening ----?" She moaned out as they threw her up on the bed!

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