Sophie Ch. 03


This is Chapter 3 of a series and makes a lot more sense if you read them in order. Love Hayli

Wednesday (more green lace)

Doctor Smith walked into his classroom, no, more than walked, he had a slight skip to his step. His heart felt light and happy. He hadn't felt like that in a very long time and he decided that he liked it. He dropped his folder on his desk and went back to the door. The students were roaming the halls. They were all so young and bright. He found it amazing to look and see so much potential and energy. It made him feel a little better about his future and the future of the country, or the world, for that matter.

"Good morning, Doc." A female voice broke his trance.

A cute little girl was waving as she passed in the hall. He thought she was in one of his classes but he wasn't sure. He watched her smile and then continue down the hall.

"Hey, Doc." A male voice from his right.

He turned to see a black boy start to enter his class. He looked at him and saw his eyes smiling. He smiled back at him.

"Good morning." He said to the boy. He would have to pay closer attention to names today. He felt a little stupid that he didn't know any of their names.

He thought a little, he couldn't remember any of the names from last semester. How was that possible? He spent numerous weeks with those kids. How could he not remember them? He felt a little sad and embarrassed.

"Good morning, Doc." A familiar female voice rang in his ear.

He looked down and saw Sophie passing him on her way into the classroom. He saw that familiar sparkle in her bright green eyes. Yes, they were green again or had they always been green? She smiled at him and he felt his heart get full. God, she was so damn cute. He smiled back and she turned to walk into the class. He watched her and noticed she was wearing a jean skirt today. It was frayed at the bottom and was incredibly short. Her tanned legs were gorgeous. She was wearing sandals so it made them look even longer. Her shirt looked simple and light blue from the back.

He looked back in the hall and the kids were heading off into classes. He looked at his watch and saw there were 4 minutes until class. He looked into his class and saw it was just about full. He walked back in and sat on his desk. The young faces looked at him. He felt a surge of panic as he looked at all the eyes. They looked like little sponges all of a sudden and he knew it was his job to saturate them. How could he possibly come through on that responsibility? He took a deep breath and he saw a small hand raised up in the back.

He tried to see who was back there but he was blocked by the large boy who was sitting in the front of the person raising their hand.

"Yes, is there a question?" He asked.

"Doc, can you explain the concept of the probability matrix at the top of page 7, I read it over and over but I can't seem to get it." A familiar sweet voice rang from the back.

He smiled as he realized she had served a lob up right in front of him. He loved probability and he loved talking about it. How did she know? What was the real story with this girl. He shook his head slightly and began to speak.

He explained it thoroughly and answered a few more questions until there were no more raised hands. He looked out and saw a lot of note-taking.

"Thanks, Doc. I knew you would be able to explain it." That small voice came from the back.

He felt his chest fill with pride as he looked out at the faces. Everyone was smiling, he did not see any strange looks that he usually saw when people made comments like that. He would normally see a few sly smiles and some snickers. He didn't see any of that. They seemed to all be genuinely agreeing with her comments. How did she do that?

He turned and picked up a stack of papers. He handed them to the pet girl in the front and she bounced up to hand them out. He explained that this was a synopsis worksheet of the first chapter that they had read and discussed. He watched them grab the paper and start to work on it. He started to walk around and watch.

He helped a few kids and answered a few questions. He found himself in the back of he classroom and he looked two rows over to see Sophie bent over her paper. Her hair was in a ponytail and he noticed her pretty legs coming out of her short skirt. He wandered closer and walked behind her. He looked over her shoulder and watched her work. She looked like she was on the right track.

"Doc, what is this right here?" He heard her ask.

He looked down at her paper and saw her finger pointing to a ratio. He noticed she had leaned back and he noticed for the first time that her shirt was a simple button up shirt. He saw there was one button undone and he saw a little glimpse of her cleavage. The second button was straining very hard to hold onto its button hole. He shook his head clear and answered her question.

"Thanks Doc." She said and smiled up at him.

He was again blown away by the perfection he was staring at. Her face was brightened by her smile but her eyes seemed to be shining like a sun.

"You're welcome, Sophie." He answered and walked to the next row.

He continued to wander around and was very excited that almost all of the kids were really getting it. He felt very proud and walked back to the front.

"Ok, let's go over all of these problems. Who would like to show us number one?" He asked.

The pet girl in the front ripped her hand in the air. He smiled at her and nodded. She jumped out of her chair and ran to the board. He watched her hold her paper and start to write on the board. He looked out at the class and saw most of the girls were looking at their books but all of the boys seemed to be staring at the girl at the board.

He looked at her again and saw that she was wearing a short plaid skirt. She was reaching high on the board to write and her skirt would pull up as she reached, exposing more of her thighs. He felt a little tingle in his pants as he watched her. She would shake a little as she wrote. He felt himself getting a little warm. She finished and turned to face him.

"Very good, Nancy, thank you so much." He said and she walked back to her desk, smiling at him as she passed.

He took a deep breath and went to the next question. He went through the entire worksheet and numerous kids helped with the explanations. He looked at the last question and he asked who would be interested in that one. It was the hardest on the sheet so he was not surprised to see no hands in the air. He looked for a second and then turned to walk to the board.

"I'll do it Doc." He heard his favorite voice ring out.

He turned to see Sophie walking up the aisle. She looked like she was glowing and he noticed all of the students were watching her walk to the front. She got to the board and he handed her the chalk. She smiled at him and then turned to write. He looked out at the class and something looked different. He couldn't figure it out and then it hit him. Not only were the guys staring at her but the girls were also looking up, watching her every move.

He looked back at Sophie and saw she was almost done with the problem. He saw her turn around and look at him. He looked at her work and it was perfect. He turned to the class and asked if anyone had any questions. He saw numerous hands pop up. He looked at one boy on the front row and he immediately asked a very good question.

He started to answer but Sophie jumped in and answered the question before he could respond. He smiled and looked at her. She shrugged and smiled a shy little smile. He looked back at the class.

"Does anyone else have a question for professor Sophie?" He teased.

Numerous hands shot up. He glanced at her and sat on his desk, waving his arm slowly towards the class. He watched with wonder as she pointed to student after student and answered each question carefully and accurately. She was amazing as she worked the room. The discussion and energy was remarkable as she fielded all the questions. He noticed eventually there were no more hands and she turned to look at him.

"Thank you for your help, professor." He teased her with a smile.

She shrugged and walked back to her desk. He saw everyone watch her walk and another thing hit him. Everyone was looking at her but they were all looking at her face. He saw no one looking at her cute legs or anything else that was incredibly cute on her. They were staring at her face and she was smiling back at all of them. She slid into her desk and all eyes moved back to him.

He noticed the time was almost up and he dismissed the class. Everyone started gathering their things as he sat behind his desk. He couldn't believe how productive the class had been. He felt like he was dead on today and the kids seemed to respond perfectly. He felt proud as he watched them leave, all of them telling him goodbye. He watched the last group go though the door and he turned to see her standing directly in front of his desk.

She looked a little scared and tentative. He felt his face fade a little as he looked at her.

"What's wrong Sophie?" he asked.

"I'm so sorry Doc, I feel like I took over your class. That was rude." She said in her soft voice. Her eyes were still bright but they showed worry.

"Sophie, you have no reason to be sorry. What you did was incredible. I couldn't have done it any better and I was very happy to watch the exchange between you and the other students." He said.

"Really? Are you sure you aren't just being nice?" She said, her eyes looking a little more hopeful.

"Really." He answered.

He saw her eyes light up and a big smile rip across her face. He thought he felt heat as he marveled at the light coming from her.

"Thank you so much, Doc." She bubbled and jumped up on his desk.

He saw she had left her sandals on the ground as she scrambled up on his desk. She crossed her legs and sat right in the middle. She put her elbows on her knees and put her head in her hands. She looked right at him. He was stunned as he looked at her. Her skirt was stretched across her thighs and her panties were completely visible between her spread legs. He found his eyes drawn to the pretty green lace and the gorgeous thighs coning out of them.

"Do you like them, Doc?" he heard her ask.

"Umm, yes." He mumbled and tried to pull his eyes back up to hers.

"I bought them just for you. I didn't have any green ones but these are very pretty. Thank you so much for having such a great favorite color." She said.

"You're welcome?" He answered hesitantly, working hard to keep his eyes focused on her face.

"It's ok, Doc, you can look at them. I don't mind." She said, looking down between her legs.

"Sophie, why doesn't that bother you?" He asked before he realized what he had asked.

"Doc, they are pretty and shouldn't they be visible if they are so pretty? Why would it bother me for people to see them?" She said, her face reflecting her questions.

"But, don't you worry that someone will get the wrong idea?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" She said and he saw the pure innocence of her expression.

"Some people may take your actions to mean more than you think they do?" he said.

She looked at him with a pure sense of confusion. He noticed she really didn't understand what he was trying to say.

"Sophie, I'm just afraid someone may hurt you." He said, trying to force her to understand.

"Doc, the things I do are to make people happy and nothing more. I think I pretty much make that clear to everyone and I have never had anyone take it the wrong way." She said with a serious expression.

"Sophie, you mean to tell me that no one has ever taken it the wrong way and approached you for something else?" He asked.

He saw the revelation hit her and she smiled at him.

"Doc, would you ever think of hurting me? Have you ever for a moment had any evil thoughts about me?" She said.

He stopped for a second and thought. He had noticed her but it had always been just about beauty. He realized he had never had any sexual thoughts about her whatsoever. How was that possible? She was freaking cute as a button, she had shown him her bra and now was sitting cross-legged on his desk, her panties clearly visible to him and he wasn't thinking of anything but how pretty she was. He shook his head and wondered if something was wrong with him.

"I take it that the answer is no." she said and broke his train of thought.

He thought some more and he remembered the pet girl with the plaid skirt. He thought of her for a minute and he could picture himself bending her over her desk. He felt relieved in a way as the image flowed across his brain. He saw himself flipping her little skirt over her back and ripping her panties down. He pulled himself from the fantasy and looked back at Sophie.

"Yes, I mean no, oh damn, girl, how do you do this to me? No, I have never had an evil thought about you." He said.

He couldn't figure it out. He knew her panties were right there in front of him but he couldn't stop looking at her eyes. Why was that?

"I didn't think so. You are a good man and would never do that no matter what I did." She said.

"Yes, Sophie, but all men are not nice." I said.

"Really?" she said.

"Yes, really." He said.

"Hmmm, I guess I will have to start looking closer, I have never met one that wasn't." She said.

He shook his head as he looked at her. He did find it hard to understand how anyone would ever think of harming her but he knew there were people out there that were not right and he was truly worried about her.

"Enough of that. Tell me now what you did to make someone happy." She said.

He looked at her and she looked like a child, staring at him with anticipation. He panicked a little. He had done something but it was so insignificant that he felt dumb to even mention it.

"Well, there was this lady leaving the building yesterday. She was carrying a large box and a bag across her arm. I offered to carry the box for her and took it to her car." He said and felt himself look down.

"That is wonderful!!" He heard her exclaim and he looked up quickly.

Her face was absolutely glowing with a huge smile. She was sitting up and her hands were on her knees. He couldn't help but catch a glimpse of those beautiful panties again as he looked at her knees.

"Do you realize what you have done?" She said.

"What?" he answered quickly, unsure of what she was talking about.

"Doc, open your eyes. That lady was carrying a box out of the building. There is a good chance that there was a bad reason for that. She either lost her job, her office, or she needed the box to bring an incredible amount of work home. You restored her faith in good. You could have ignored her as she struggled with the heavy box, sort of extra pain added on to the reason she needed the box in the first place. You helped her and I guarantee you it made her feel better. She went home with a restored faith in people. You did that!! Good for you!" She said.

He stared at her with a weird look on his face.

"Doc, did she smile?" She asked.

"Yes." He answered.

"Did she seem happy that you helped her?" She asked.

"Yes, she thanked me profusely many times." He said and he remembered the woman's face. It had looked like she was very happy.

"See, silly, you are amazing and you don't even realize it." She said.

He looked into her eyes and he was hit again with the blast of happiness. He could not help but smile. She was definitely a unique girl, he thought.

"You did it again today, too." She said.

"When?" He asked.

"When I was at the board I saw the pride in you for me. It made me very happy to know I was able to make you proud. Of course, it was easy, I was just doing what you had taught me." She said.

He was blown away again as he did remember the intense pride he felt when she was "teaching" the class. He did feel a little responsible that one of his students was able to do that. Yes, this girl was incredible and he felt a surge of happiness that she was sitting on his desk. He wished that he could just freeze this moment but he realized it would eventually have to end.

"It's ok, Doc. I'll come see you tomorrow." She said.

How did she know what he was thinking? He stared at her.

"It's written all over your face, silly. I saw the happiness fade a little and it was pretty obvious you were sad that we both would have to go home eventually." She said.

He shook his head and smiled. She continued to amaze him. He stood up and faced her. She held her hands out to him. He took her hands and pulled her to the edge of the desk. She uncrossed her legs and opened then as she slid into him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. He touched the top of her head and ran his hands down her ponytail. Her hair was soft and felt like silk in his hand.

"Thank you Doc." He heard her say.

"For what?" he said, looking down at her.

"For being so warm." She said and hugged him harder.

He hugged her back and he felt her pull away slowly. He looked down to see her looking up at him. He stepped back and pulled her off the desk. She stood in front of him and then walked to the side of the desk to get her sandals. She slipped them on her little feet and then picked up her bag.

"Can I come see you tomorrow after your class, Doc?" She asked.

"Certainly Sophie, you can come by here anytime you want." He said and wondered if he had ever said anything more truthful.

"Thanks, Doc, you are fun." She said and turned to walk away.

He stared at her and he saw the short skirt, the pretty legs and feet. He tried very hard for a second to process what he saw but he could not create anything but the pleasure he felt from looking at her. He looked up to see her looking over her shoulder at him as she walked away. He saw her stop close to the door. He saw her hand move to the back and lift her skirt up in the back. He saw her pretty green panties as she held her skirt up. He looked at her face and saw she was smiling wide. She put her fingers to her lips and blew him another kiss. He watched her turn and disappear through the door.

He started to gather his materials and began to think how he was going to make someone smile tonight. He got to the door and saw it was pouring rain. He tried to figure out how he was going to get to his car relatively dry. He put his briefcase over his head and ran to his car, a vision of green lace floating in his head.

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