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Southern Belle Gets Hers



This is a story set in the American South during the period of slavery. As such, there ARE racist attitudes and racial slurs embedded in the descriptions and dialogue of the characters. This is for STORYTELLING and plot development purposes. If you read the story, you will see that while this is a prominent part of the story, it is NOT the entire point to it. I am NOT a racist person myself. I am just trying to RECREATE a potential fantasy from the time period. I also note that this story does have a "forced" scene, however with consensual elements as the act progresses.

If you are not comfortable with the topic of slavery, racial supremacy/subordination, or even seeing the n word used in demeaning way, I urge you NOT to read on. Thank you.

**Thanks to Amela for the editing and April for the inspiration.

Charleston, South Carolina. 1859.

The Southern sun mercilessly beat down on the field as the slaves attended to rows upon rows of rice. Susannah Lynah and her father James Lynah stood at the back door of their home overlooking their family establishment. Men of stature from the county stood near them conversing on the day to day affairs of the city.

"Why, I do believe this is the finest rice establishment of Charleston!" The older Lynah proclaimed.

"You've done well, daddy!" responded the 20 year old Susannah as she flashed her sparkling blue eyes and pearly white smile behind her ruby red lips. Her blonde curls peaked from under her green bonnet and swayed slightly in the warm breeze. The ambitious lacy green dress fit her slender upper body perfectly. The huge circumference of the hoop skirt hid her slender legs completely.

She truly was a spoiled southern belle. The vast wealth amassed by her father allowed her the possession of anything she wanted. The latest fashions were hers. The finest foods were prepared to her exact tastes. She, of course, had a slave servant at her side whenever she required her, including today, to wait at her every whim.

"They really do work like dogs, it's remarkable," James Lynah uttered. Of course, the slaves lived and worked under the constant threat of violence against them.

Susannah Lynah giggled. "That's because they are dogs, daddy!"

In particular she gazed one disgusting fellow who was harvesting the rice crops. She once heard his name was "Nate" but was not sure if it was true. In any case, he did not deserve a name in her eyes. The white loose fitting linen clothes were a great juxtaposition with his dark complexion. His rough facial features indeed reminded people of a canine-like brute. He was not human at all. Human was so much more than whatever this nigger was. She thought of the savage conditions that surrounded him and praised her own fortunate, superior position. How could anything like such a monster? They were definitely made to be subordinate.

Susannah did note how this nigger worked however. His powerful stature made the hard labour easy on him. His thick biceps were well equipped to cope with the heavy lifting. By her observations he had a very potent figure. The plantation owner's daughter shuddered and proceeded to fan her fair skin as a result of these considerations. That was an animal; not a man.

She turned to her slave maid. "Ronda, I'm parched. Get me some water."

The discrepancy between the two women was striking. The slave girl was worn down, physically and mentally. Her pupils were constantly downcast. Her mind was weary of constant verbal barrage. Her body also had been overworked. With clothing in tatters and scars from beatings marking her skin, she had seen better days. Meanwhile, it was obvious that Susannah had never broken a sweat in her young life. She was always well put together and smiling with her beautiful face held high in the air. The dresses made her sophisticated and elegant in appearance. She was a proud woman from a proud family name. She enjoyed her privileged position. Having this slave to attend to her reminded her of how great she indeed was.

The stocky black woman just gazed at her mistress with curious eyes. She didn't even budge at the request. This prompted a hostile response from Susannah. "WATER! Do you negro women not understand anything?!"

The woman still remained idle so Susannah decided to use a language she would understand: pain. She slapped handily across her face. The slave woman fell to the ground due to the great momentum behind the shot. Applause was handed to Susannah from the company of gentleman who had witnessed the event.

Susannah and Mr. Dinah both revelled at the action. "Good show my daughter!"

"Thank you, daddy!" She beamed once again. She was on a high from striking down the slave woman. "Someone has to punish these negro bitches for their insolence. Perhaps she will fetch me my water with haste next time."

The slave woman fearfully looked up at her towering masters and then proceeded to pick herself off the floor and scurry into the household with noticeable speed and shame. Just as she did however, the plantation slave, the same one Susannah gawked at earlier, rushed the blonde belle.

Susannah and her father were busy watching the downed slave woman and did not see that the man had been watching the entire time. He furiously raced up to Susannah and grabbed her body, specifically her bosom. In the brief moment she was trapped in his clutches, the younger Lynah gazed back at his eyes and his gnarly fangs. The intensity in his face signified unknown mal-intentions.

Before he could do any damage, a few of the loitering gentleman, numbering eight in total, scurried over to aid her. The slave was determined in his grasp and took a little extra effort to pry his claw like hands off her dress. When they did, Susannah stumbled to the ground. Half the men attended to her dazed form. She was in shock. "Susannah, Susannah?" They consoled. But it was nearly on deaf ears.

Her cloudy mind processed the sound of her father some feet away. "Restrain that beast!" His raspy voice ordered. "No nigger in my fields touches my daughter!"

Slowly, the men looking after her brought her up to a vertical basis. Susannah held them as she tried to get a grip on what just happened. The men continued to ask inaudible questions. The front of her dress was in ruins. Her hat had fallen off her head and exposed her blonde curls which were now less than picturesque. She looked over and saw the other four gentlemen and her father grounded around her attacker. Two men held his arms while the other two took turns jabbing at his face and torso. All the while Mr Lynah barked orders at them.

"Make that bastard suffer!" He asserted quite bluntly.

Susannah watched as the gang of her defenders contorted the black man's face with their fists while uttering every insult in book at him. "Nigger, dog, demon," they said while firing another shot to his abdomen. While at first he thrashed in their restraints and remained livid in his demeanour, gradually the group assault reduced him to a limp, half-conscious state. He just hung there in their clutches, forced to take on this brutal assault. The sight of seeing the slave physically dismantled excited Susannah to the point of chills running down her body. She developed a slight sense of bloodlust in wanting her attacker to suffer. It was a turn on to see his power dissipate right in front of her.

Eventually, Lynah put an end to the brutality. "That's enough," the owner said, "take him back to the slave house for some supplementary discipline. But not too much as we still require his services on the field." He closed with a laugh.

Susannah and the rest of company watched as the black fellow was roughly dragged through the fields, past all the other slaves, and to the hut. The vision of his injured body and legs scraping against the right terrain no doubt provided for a visual deterrent for future transgressions for all the harvesters in that field.

"Your dress is ruined," Lynah remarked to his daughter while gazing at her torn lacy bosom. "Did that monster hurt you?"

"No father. My gratitude to these fine gentlemen for preventing that," she replied as she caressed one of their faces.

"Well then, even such, I do believe you should rest after your traumatic experience at that menace's dirty hands. The brave men and I shall have some business to attend to elsewhere in the county so we shall leave you in peace."

The young woman nodded and gave her father and each of the men a peck on the cheek. "Come Ronda!" She called while retreating into the house.

The mansion was empty save for the luxurious pieces of furniture. Her mother, Mary, was out conferring with the other plantation matriarchs, which did effectively leave Susannah all alone. "Clean up in here while I retire for a while." She instructed the slave.

Returning to her chamber, she looked over herself in the tall, gold-framed mirror. She basked in the reflection of her beauty. Sure, the front of her dress was in tatters, but it was no matter. She would get another one specially designed for her. For the Lynah family, anything could be done. As for her body, she was sure that no one in Charleston matched her figure. Her face was always glowing. The gowns themselves were loose fitting to allow comfort under the hot sun but tightened around her waist to accentuate her beautiful figure. They pushed up her chest and made her big breasts jut proudly outwards. In turn it caused every man to flock to her.

And why wouldn't they? She was perfect. Nothing compared to her, especially not that disgusting labourer downstairs. Only an animal would concern itself with another animal.

Little by little, she stripped off the layers to reveal her linen undergarments. The overbearing heat led her to the decision to sleep sans even underclothing, so she removed all her remaining clothing as well. What was displayed after that was an extremely flawless yet sheltered woman. Susannah had always been covered up, even on days where the suns' rays beat at their highest intensity. Even the areas that were not covered in fabric (such as her arm from below her elbow and her face) had been powdered so as to protect her fair skin. Susannah was gorgeous in all her decadent coverings, yet when all this was stripped away, one could truly see her true beauty. Without her bonnet, her curly blonde locks freely cascaded down the side of her face and onto her upper back and shoulders. Her hands lightly glided over her medium sized breasts and flat stomach. Visions and sensations of greatness summed it up nicely for Susannah. Her eyes followed her body's trail to her hips, then her thighs, then all the way down to her feet. Even her individual toes conceded flawlessness. Yes, no woman matched her.

After bathing in her own self-glory, Susannah climbed into her bed and wrapped herself in the linen covers. The pride she filled herself with displaced the foul feeling of violation at the hands of the plantation slave. She drifted to sleep with happy thoughts.

About an hour later, Susannah's crystal blue orbs slowly opened. Rubbing them, she leisurely stretched and sat out of bed. The nap was refreshing and reinvigorating. She looked at her body in the mirror and waved at herself with glee.

With her previous dress out of commission, she would need an attire change for the rest of the day. She peered through her wardrobe and sifted through the multiple of gowns. She had a variety of dresses yet it still was not enough. Everything bored her. She did eventually settle on a little yellow gown with tiny red rose designs all along the front. Disrobing from one of these dresses was easy, but putting them on would require assistance.

"RONDAAAA!" she cried out from her room.

The slave girl ran into the room minutes later. "It is about time you got here you pig woman, now help me clothe myself?"

For the next half hour the two women stood in front of the looking glass and readied Susannah. By the end of it, she looked even more exquisite than her previous outfit. She reapplied her red lipstick, powder, and blush onto her face and her look was complete.

"Your services aren't needed for the time being. You may leave me in peace now." She said. However, she quickly changed her mind. "On second thought, I had better escort you to ensure you do not meddle in anything."

Susannah knew the slaves could not be trusted and, being the sole occupant of the house at the moment, she knew she had to take it upon herself to monitor the maid. She clutched her by the back of her garments and her thick hair and paraded out of the house. From there she promenaded her from the house to the slave quarters while verbally berating her entire journey.

"Get in there you sickly fiend!" She said as she flung the maid servant inside. "Perhaps you can do something right by opening your legs for all the other swine in the house!"

She was about to leave when she saw the deviant slave that tried to make a swipe at her earlier. Noting that his hands were tied being him, she approached him with ease to examine him further. His downed head gave her the impression that he was sulking and basking in his own self-pity. Susannah loved it. Susannah felt empowered standing before the bound creature. She smiled malevolently at the red gash along his right shoulder blade and bicep. Daddy and the nice gentlemen had punished him adequately, but she was here to put her own stamp on things.

"You stupid nigger," she opened, "you dare put your hands on me?!"

The slave remained hunched over in his restraints. He shivered and shook in the undoubtedly immense pain in his body.

"You cannot even understand a word I say, can you?" She asked knowing full well the answer. She felt mighty berating this much stronger being.

Looking over the open wound, the southern belle snickered once more. To add insult to injury, she proceeded to dig her sharp talons into the cut. The beast grunted in response before snapping his head up at Susannah. The plantation owner's daughter was momentarily startled. His dog like teeth and snarl barked furiousness. The fire in his white pupils spoke of the darkest anger. Susannah was frightened up until she remembered he could do nothing to her in his present state.

"Ah, so I have your attention now?"

Looking over the slave again, she was slightly startled when she looked at his lower regions. His pantaloons were tattered as a result of his beating, which allowed his member to peek through the cheap fabric. The sheer size of it was alarming! It was indecent seeing it exposed like this. A woman of her high status was not to see another man's sexual organ until marriage, but Susannah had heard stories and legends about the men in county. None of them matched up to the reality of the dark, semi-erect monstrosity before her.

"It seems I excite you, demon. Perhaps that was the motivation behind your earlier actions." She continued to berate the physically and vocally defenceless slave. "You were tired of your disgusting women, and wanted an opportunity to be with a much superior being."

The real motivation of the slave stemmed further than sexual frustration, but Susannah liked to think that it was the only reason. Any chance she had to stroke her own ego, she'd gladly take. She was, after all, a very gorgeous woman. All the men of stature and importance competed for her attention. They all lusted over her and she knew it. In fact, she played it to her advantage in accepting their lavish gifts in exchange for promises for eventual commitment that she had no intentions on keeping.

But even with the alarming knowledge that this slave had something all her other suitors did not, she continued to severely insult him. For her, the idea of this sub-human creature making a pass at her was still insulting. "You dog. You thought you could be with a woman like me!?" She said while running her hands favourably down the front of her dress. "Who would want to engage themselves with a filthy, disgusting beast like you?!"

"...Well, except for your own nigger whores, of course." She added, qualifying her statement.

Staring at the dirty male below her, her rage and spite overtook her. She wound up and slapped the tied man across the face as hard as she could. Her hand pulsated as a result. "You are nothing! You are a dog meant for servitude! I am nobility and you are nothing. You don't deserve to be in my presence."

Once again, Susannah felt empowered reasserting their roles in society. Her words, even if meaningless to the slave, aided her own psyche. She was high off the dominance she exerted over him.

Yet while she basked in her own glory, she failed to realize the adverse effects she had on the black man. The more she taunted, the more he became ever so volatile and lusted for her. His blood rushed to all parts of his body as a result of the ire the woman created in him. His cock was now at full erection. His body shook. He grunted. As his demeanour became increasingly animalistic, he desperately wanted to get at his abuser.

At that moment, the slave tore through his hand restraints! With another grunt and a realization of his new found mobility, his fiery vision turned to Susannah. Her heart had skipped a beat upon the realization that her position was now threatened. Her red rimmed mouth ajar and chills down her back, she made a break for the exit.

"HELP! HELP!" The young lady yelped as she fled from the slave hut.

She powered her slender legs as much as she could as she ran between rows of crop. The weight and length of her ambitious dress put her at a disadvantage on her quest to the main house. She looked back to see the slave favouring his right leg as he chased her. Daddy's men must have targeted his lower body as well, she thankfully thought. If it weren't the case, then he surely would have caught up to her.

Not being accustomed to this physical activity, the young woman's breath became quite heavy. The tightness in her rounded bosom increased with every foot gained. The brutish man too had to fight through the obvious pain in his body, but, unfortunately for Susannah, his drive to keep going was on par (if not greater than) the belle.

"SOMEBODY HELP!!!" She cried out once again. She had hoped someone from the adjacent fields would come to her aid because no one in her own home was present.

Fear had completely overtaken her pompous demeanour, but her spirits lightened as the distance closed between her and the home. Gradually, however, her own pace had slowed and this meant that the slave was very close behind.

She tripped on the steps leading up to the house. "Aiieeeee," she yelped as the slave grabbed at a shoe. She kicked him in the injured arm, allowing her time to recover to her feet. As the black man winced in more pain, she entered her house. She hoped to lose the man in the maze of rooms but the slave had regrouped fast.

He followed her with escalating passion and caught up to her just as she made her way into the middle of living area.


He nailed her with a backhand strike to face. Her now subdued form fell into an elegant love seat. Groggily, she lay there groaning and crying from the blow.

The tortured soul now had her at his mercy. His dog-like mentality saw her as fresh meat. He bent over her and sniffed her like he was trying to sense her fear. Susannah winced at the sound of his snarl as she tightly shut her teary eyes and curled into a near fetal position. "Please, god, display mercy on my soul. Protect me against this oaf..." She prayed.

The black fellow actually did adhere to her request, if only for a moment. Susannah wanted to believe it was over before it started, but this was only a false sense of hope. In a swift move, he flipped up her skirt up to her waist, exposing her creamy white legs and underpants. The horror in her blue orbs told the story. His hard cock pointed to her vulnerable figure, signalling the impending destruction on that form. The slave ripped at the garments that covered her crotch. The young woman yelped through her tears. "Stop," she weakly cried.

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