tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStalking Amber Ch. 05

Stalking Amber Ch. 05


Apologies for the delays.

To be clear - this is the final chapter.



A flurry of whimsical thoughts fluttered about Amber's drowsy mind. Lying back against soft sheets, she felt well-rested, as though gently drifting from a much needed nap.

Despite the comfort, she wasn't relaxed. She felt...heated. Her whole body tingled. The warmth seemed to radiate about her lower body, fluttering up to her chest. Her heartbeat continued to accelerate with a sense of building urgency. Not sure what was wrong with her, Amber frowned and arched her back.

The night air stimulated her naked breasts as they raised to the ceiling. A delicious thrill ribboned down her spine, channelling between her legs.

"Oh!" she gasped, and her startled blue eyes flew open. Staring down her body, her sight adjusted to the dark. There was a large, half-naked man between her legs.

"No! No! Don't!" she cried out, moving to push him away. But she could only jerk her hips against his face. Straining back, Amber realised her wrists were restrained with silk ties. So were her legs.

"No! Brad, please stop!" she begged. Now fully clicked into reality, she quivered on the brink of a climax.

Brad raised his head. Though she couldn't clearly make out his features by the moonlight, his teeth flashed white as he grinned at her.

"Shhh, baby," he whispered, reassuringly. "I didn't use the lube, I swear. This is all you. Just enjoy it..."

"No! Wait!"

Brad ignored her protests, lowering his warm mouth to her dripping-wet pussy. His lips parted against her and his tongue slowly lingered about her clit, gently circling, teasing her into a frenzy.

"Oh! Please, don't! Ohh!" Amber implored, tugging harder against the restraints as an intense pleasure gathered within her. He was going to make her come for him, again. And she couldn't stop him.

Astonishingly, Brad stopped. Amber shakily exhaled her relief.

"Tell me you love me," he murmured.

Quietly climbing off the bed, he clicked on a side lamp, wanting to clearly see her beautiful, tortured face. As the room slightly brightened with soft light, Brad watched silently, purely distracted by the sight of Amber.

As she'd slept, he gently removed the chain and tied her down with silk. She still wore the yellow robe, but he'd peeled it open fully, so she was as good as naked. Her normally straight, light blonde hair was slightly ruffled from her struggling, but still pleasantly framed her doll-like features.

Soft, full lips parted with surprise. Light-blue eyes, like sheets of ice, wide with alarm. Her firm, curved breasts rapidly rose and fell with her exertion, her pink nipples pouted at Brad, as though begging for his mouth to attach. At the apex of her toned, spread legs, her pussy glistened with her juices and his saliva.

"God, you look spectacular," he breathed, watching her blush and scowl at his compliment.

Though it made no difference, Amber continued to uneasily tug at the bonds. Being watched by Brad in such a vulnerable position made her extremely uncomfortable. Brad was still half-naked, and had taken his suit pants off. Only wearing black underwear, he was clearly erect.

Gazing up at his tall, athletic figure, Amber knew that even if she weren't tied down, she wouldn't stand a chance against him. It was a proven fact that didn't make her feel any better.

"Brad, please," she pleaded. A delicate sheen of nervous sweat made her skin shine like porcelain in the lamplight, and Brad slowly exhaled in a sexy whistle.

"Baby, I'm not doing anything except give you pleasure," he pointed out. Flexing his biceps, he rested both hands on his hips. "If you want me to stop, tell me you love me."

As she hesitated, he shrugged and jumped back on the bed with surprising agility, cupping her pussy with his hand.

"You're so hot. So wet," he chuckled, lightly caressing her. "I know your body so well, Amber. I know I can make you come."

Amber quickly averted her eyes to the ceiling. Though tempted to deny it, she wasn't going to invite him to prove her wrong.

"Tell me you love me," he repeated, teasing her with his fingertips.

Amber grit her teeth, reminding herself of her earlier resolve to pacify him with compliance, that she didn't want any pleasure from him. But she hated him so much.

"I love you," she muttered reluctantly, as though the words repulsed her.

Even in the still room, Brad strained to hear her. At the long silence that followed, Amber nervously moved her attention from the ceiling to meet Brad's thoughtful gaze.

"Sure," he replied with a smirk. "Keep telling me that. When you're more convincing, maybe I'll stop."

"Ok, I love you!" Amber exclaimed in dismay, seeing Brad settle comfortably between her legs. "I love you, I do! Don't, Brad! Oh!"

Amber's eyes widened and her jaw dropped as Brad slowly slid a finger inside her.

"Somehow...I'm not convinced. Don't worry, baby, I won't let you come," he promised, wriggling his finger within her tightness and feeling her pussy clench around it in response. "I'll just make you feel good."

"Uhhh... don't!" Amber exclaimed, feeling his hot breath against her pussy.

"Tell me, Amber," he whispered. Finger still inside her, he lightly flicked her pussy with his tongue. In response, her legs seized up on either side of his face. "Use my name."

"I-I..." Amber stuttered, struggling to concentrate. With her mind blurred by sensation, she could barely think. What did she want?

As she fought to organise her scattered thoughts, his finger continued to move inside her, slowly sliding out... squeezing further in... rubbing against her sensitive inner-walls... stroking her g-spot...

"Please, Brad, stop!" Amber panted, her small hands curled into fists.

"God, I love hearing you breathe like that. It's so hot. I could watch you suffer like this all fucking night," Brad gloated, lowering his head to run his tongue along her inner thigh. "Maybe you'd deserve it."

Laughing at her, his voice took on a sadistic edge. "Maybe you don't have to say what I want. Maybe you don't have to come. Maybe I'll just keep you right where you are..." he murmured.

"P-please, Brad, don't," Amber whimpered, trying to ease his finger out of her. "Please..."

"Quit begging, Amber," Brad said sharply, "I've given you enough leeway." She cried out as he brushed his thumb over her swollen clit.

Amber snapped her eyes shut. "I love you, Brad," she flatly ground out.

"Bullshit. Say it like you mean it," he demanded, raising his head to glare at her. "Say it like I'm gonna make you come, or I'll fucking make you come. Put some feeling into it. Here, I'll help." Again, he lowered his mouth to her pussy.

"Oh..." Amber breathed with dismay.

"I'm waiting, Amber," Brad warned from between her legs.

"I...I... I love you, Brad," she panted, futilely jerking her hips against his face to dislodge his mouth. "Please stop-"

"If you ask me to fucking stop one more time, I'm going to fuck you, Amber!" Brad half-shouted, feeling frenzied with arousal. "Stop testing me, and do what I fucking say!"

"Uhhh! OHH!" Amber's eyes flew open with panic as Brad slid two fingers inside her, and continued to lick her pussy. "Please don-...ok...I love you, Brad," she moaned.

"Yes... yes..." Brad's thrilled voice reverberated against her pussy. "Go on, baby. Do this for me and I'll stop."

"I-...I love you Brad," Amber winced, struggling against the bonds.

But he didn't stop.

"Please- Brad, I love you!"

Sweating at his silence, Amber didn't know how she could be more convincing. As her climax rapidly approached, she grew desperate. "Brad, please st-... I love you, Brad!" she cried heatedly. "I love you Brad! Oh God, Brad, I love you! Oh...Oh...But-? What-?! Brad, please, I..."

"Brad!" she squealed, her breathing laboured. Closing her eyes with exertion, she squirmed, feeling the orgasm teetering on the edge, preparing to rollover. "You said... you said..."

"One more time, baby, come on..." he replied thickly, his deep voice slurred with lust.

"But you- ...Brad, I love you!" Amber began to thrust her hips against his face as her throbbing pussy hummed, then passed the point of no return, pulsating with an electric pleasure. "Brad I....I....Oh, God... Oh, God, I'm coming! Oh God, I'm coming! Oh God! Oh God! Brad! I'm coming!"

Though it sounded like encouragement, she shouted it as a warning for him to stop. Shaking, Amber's chest tightened up and she twisted against the silk as the orgasm tore through her, buzzing up and down her petite frame from head to toe.

Brad didn't cease. If anything, he worked harder on her.

Still trembling from the intensity of the pleasure, with the delightful remnants still dancing about her pussy, Amber burst into angry tears.

Brad tricked her.

"GET AWAY FROM ME! I HATE YOU!" she screamed at the ceiling, exhaustedly yanking at the ties.

Normally, Brad would have made an effort to placate her. Sitting back on his heels, his expression was calm as he quietly watched her rage.

"You love me, you hate me," he sighed, shrugging his broad shoulders nonchalantly. Then he narrowed his eyes. "Perhaps you don't recall," he continued smoothly, his chin slightly raised with arrogance, "saying you wouldn't fight me, if I didn't drug you?"

Despite his mild tone, Brad's deep blue eyes were alight with a mix of desire and fury. Still catching her breath, Amber looked away.

"I'm beginning to suspect you don't love me as much as you say, Amber," Brad said sarcastically, his handsome mouth curved into an ominous smile.

Fighting the temptation to explode in a tirade, Amber took a deep, shaky breath, and bared her teeth at him in a snarl.

"So, that's how it is," Brad murmured, observing her reaction. "I see." He glanced down and traced a finger down one of the larger scratches on his bicep, from when he'd held her down in the basement.

"I have to admit," he reflected, "I never expected you to be this stubborn. But then, you're not like any other woman..."

"I WANT TO GO HOME!" Amber hollered, sick of his romantic drivel.

"YOU ARE HOME!" Brad screamed, lunging forward.

He loved forcing her to come, but he felt bitter about how she reacted to the nursery. He wasn't stupid. Amber would never change her mind about him. She was right - his hope that she would agree to a real relationship was deluded. He was good looking, charismatic, with money. She was the only missing piece to the puzzle of his life. She had his happiness in her hands, and was determined to ruin his dreams.

Amber gasped in surprise when he pounced on top of her. Gripping her chin, he forced her to look at him.

"This is your home," Brad growled. "I've been patient with you, so far. But I am getting fucking tired of you insulting me." Despite his harsh words, he trailed his fingertips down her smooth cheek, feeling the moisture of her tears.

"I'm going to keep telling you, until you get it," he vowed. "And I'm going to fuck you, until you feel like I'm a part of you. Until you feel empty without me inside you."

"You're an unhealthy mix of crazy and disgusting!" Amber snapped, and unsuccessfully tried to pull her face free from his hands. "This will never be a home to me, I fucking hate it here. I will always hate it here. So, fuck you!"

Ignoring her jibe, Brad sat back on his knees and glanced around. Reaching toward the side lamp, he picked a strip of gaffer tape from the bedside table.

"I didn't want to use this," he muttered. "But I want to have both hands free, to touch you as I want."

Amber gaped at him and briskly turned her face away, but the tape was firmly applied across her pouting lips. Now, she was gagged. Brad smiled into her horrified eyes, but there was no humorous affection in his gaze. He was angry.

Lowering his head to her chest, he slowly extended his tongue to lick her nipples until the sensitive peaks stood to attention, shining with his saliva. Feeling her shudder with loathing beneath him from the tickling sensations gave him a perverse enjoyment. Though she twisted her torso, he easily captured her straining breasts in his hands and watched them, fascinated.

Brushing his thumbs over her freshly moistened nipples, his breathing increased with excitement. She was his toy to play with, and he was going to take his sweetass time. He was in control, and there was nothing Amber could do about it. On this empowering thought he lowered on top of her, hearing her groan furiously against the tape at the skin-to-skin contact, his large, hard chest pressing against her breasts.

"Yeah, I know I double-crossed you just now," he admitted in a whisper, grazing her earlobe with his teeth. "But you're not doing me any favours either. I know exactly what your ploy is. I know you don't want me to make you come." Shifting on top of her, he reached between them and slowly pulled down his underwear.

"Mrrrrrrrfffff!" Amber protested, feeling the velvet heat of his bare cock bounce against her pussy upon release.

"But guess what? I'm going to fuck you. And I'm going to think about how you came just now, calling my name, with my tongue in your pussy. Then I'm going to make you come again, so when I fill you with cum, it'll be fucking perfect."

Mockingly, he lowered his mouth to the tape silencing Amber in a loud, wet smooch. "So you just lie back and enjoy it, baby. Because we both know you will."

As usual, Amber's eyes blazed and she angrily shook her head as Brad's thick cock nudged against her wet opening. She was already soaked, so it wasn't long before she felt his cock sliding over her moistened clit, probing between her lips, forcing its way into her tight walls.

Brad's hands left her breasts and slid beneath her buttocks. With her ass still tender from the spanking, Amber whined against the tape as he squeezed her bare cheeks. Firmly gripping her ass, he pressed his hips forward until half his length was buried inside her.

"Don't give me that crap," Brad panted, thinking she complained about the size of him. "You've taken it before. You're going to take me balls deep."

Amber furiously shook her head, her knees raised slightly as she tried to pull her spread legs free.

Brad slightly bent to slowly kiss the curve of one breast, then he kissed between her breasts, feeling the soft, firm flesh surround his face.

"Mmmmm, do you like it?" he said thickly. Ignoring her muffled cries, he kept his grip on her ass, slowly pushing into her another inch, filling her up. "How about this?"

Releasing her ass, he shifted onto his forearms in a raised position so he could look down at her chest. Taking each nipple in a gentle pinch, he rolled them between his fingers, waiting for her to make eye contact with him. Once he held her death stare, Brad steadily pushed his cock in to the hilt, pulling her nipples at the same time.

"MMMFFFF!" Amber shrieked with wide-eyed outrage.

"Uhh- fuck..." Brad frowned on top of her, underestimating the erotic effect the act would have on him. Quickly releasing her nipples, he buried his face into her slender neck and lay still, trying to pull himself together.

Sweating with her efforts, Amber desperately tried to get him out of her, all the while knowing there was no point. He was too heavy, he was throbbing inside her, and she was tied up. When he finally lifted his head and gazed down at her, his eyes were like melting-blue orbs in the lamplight. She wanted to stab them out.

Brad laughed at her attempts to buck him away, though his brow furrowed with an effort to control himself. "Please, baby," he breathed. "You're only making it better, and I don't want to come ye-"


Brad pulled out of Amber and jumped up from the bed, shocked.

Bliiiiiingggg... Bliiiiii-bliiiiinggggggg.... Bliiiiiingggggg.....

Brad paused a moment, his mind racing. Someone was going crazy on the doorbell. Aware Amber watched him curiously, Brad forced a confident smile.

"I almost forgot..." he said, carefully sounding casual.

Praying for his painful erection to quickly disappear, he hastily dressed in his suit pants, but didn't bother with a shirt. Running down the stairs, he raked a frustrated hand through his disheveled hair, wondering who the hell would be at his door at such an hour.


Fred stared stonily at the large, ornate entrance, waiting for it to open.

There was movement on the other side. Would it be Amber? Was she living there now? Shaking his head, he tried to discard the painful thoughts which rose by instinct. In five minutes or less, she wouldn't be his business anymore.

The door clicked twice from the other side, and swung open.

Brad froze at the sight of him. Registering his visitor, a mask-like expression swept across his face, and his eyes darted past Fred to the street behind. Then he seemed to relax, crossing his arms and leaning his large frame against the doorway in his favourite stance.

Fred's scathingly ran his eyes over the competition. Seeing Brad's toned, half-nakedness was the last thing he wanted, though he inwardly recognised their physiques were similar. Brad's chestnut brown hair was ruffled, his chiseled features shone healthily, as though he was a little exerted. Maybe he'd been working out. Or he and Amber were-

"Yes?" Brad curtly inquired, raising an eyebrow. He eyed Fred's features with a similar contempt. Sure, the guy was tall and athletic. Good-looking, yeah, maybe, but not in his league. Fred's black hair stood on end, his grey business shirt was half-tucked, and he was in desperate need of a shave. How could Amber prefer this slob over him?

"I know she's here," Fred said bluntly, struggling not to throw punches. Brad didn't even have the grace to look remorseful. On the contrary, he looked like he wanted to fight him, which was ridiculous.

"Uh huh," Brad replied in a flat tone. Straightening from the doorway, he brushed past Fred, and looked out into the dark. "Didn't bring friends?"

"I'm not here for trouble," Fred said dryly, assuming Brad referred to some sort of revenge attack.

Brad's eyes sharply scanned the street. It was quiet. There was no bustling movement, no flashing lights. Just Fred. Alone.

"Call her down," Fred ground out, his rage building at Brad's delay. His dark eyes flicked wonderingly over the red streaks down Brad's biceps.

Fred didn't want to be in Brad's presence longer than was necessary. Part of him wanted answers, particularly to know how his client managed to woo his girlfriend at record speed, without his knowledge. But he was intelligent enough to recognise it was an unhealthy curiosity; the less he knew about it all, the better. He didn't need more details to fixate upon while he recovered from the heartache. The truth was, Brad meant nothing to him. Brad was a classless piece of shit, but he didn't owe Fred the loyalty that Amber promised.

Turning back to Fred, Brad's eyes seemed to glow indigo in the night, reflecting the porch-light. It was a miracle. Fred hadn't turned up with the police, and he assumed Amber was there of her own free will. But how the fuck did he figure it out?

"Amber is sleeping," Brad lied, tilting his head and cracking his neck. "I don't want to disturb her."

"This won't take long," Fred snarled. He told himself he didn't care, but hearing her name on Brad's lips, the ownership in Brad's voice, set his nerves on fire. Despite seeing her car, the confirmation of Amber's presence was unexpectedly painful.

Backing into the house, Brad held out his arm in an exaggerated welcoming gesture. "Be my guest," he invited. "I told you she is sleeping. But if you insist, you can wake her yourself."

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