tagGroup SexStanding with Fiona

Standing with Fiona


Fiona started working at the office on 1st May. She was given a desk on the second floor in my line of sight. She wore jumpers a size too small and skirts an inch shorter than office regulations. Her figure was great, both what she revealed and what I imagined of what was covered. By the time the second week had come around just by watching her was getting a little horny. Well a lot horny.

So I asked her out. Meal, cinema, the usual ritual. And then she asked me back for a coffee.

As we walked into her flat my mind was working overtime. Did she mean coffee, or did she mean what we all think coffee means.

She waved me towards a two-seater sofa, and sat down next to me. No hint of coffee cups and coffee spoons. So I took the hint and let my arm fall around her shoulders, pulled her close to me, and taking a chance let my hand first brush the side of her breast, then brush again, then fondle.

At first their was no response. Then her hand fell heavily in my crutch, almost but not quite hard enough to hurt. Her hand caressed the denim of my crutch, enclosing balls and dick, tickling, arousing. My dick hardened, constrained by briefs and jeans, responding to her hand. "So," she whispered in my ear "we going to fuck?"

I guess I smiled. She stood up, pulled off her jumper, and revealed the perfect breasts I had been imagining. Stunned by the speed of events I flopped in the sofa and stared. "Well, come on," she said, "get your clothes off."

Speechless I struggled to my feet and started to comply. My top came off easily enough, with Fiona helping, her hands all over me. And it was her hands that undid my belt, unfastened my jeans, and dropped them so they hang around my knees. She took her own trousers off, and her knickers with them, in one smooth movement. She leaned towards me. "Socks," she whispered. It didn't make much sense, then I realised she wanted me to take my socks off. So there I was standing with my jeans around my knees, trying to stand on one leg and take my socks off, and all the while she was there in front of me. Laughing she started bouncing up and down, and my eyes followed her breasts, up and down, up and down.

My trousers came off - it was that or fall over - and I stood before her in my underpants, with plenty of evidence of activity down below. She had a great body and I wanted her, but this was the living room and the lights were on full. I felt uncomfortable, exposed.

"Well take them off" she said. It made sense. So I pulled them down, my cock shooting up, erect and straining for action. She laughed. Why do women always? "You look ready," she said, and wit the tips of her fingers tickled my balls. My cock, already hard, stiffened and pushed up another half an inch. "You're not going to last long" she said - and all too true, I was well fired. "Lets do it standing up" she said, "that way we'll both have fun."

I'ld scarcely done more than nod and smile through this undressing. And suddenly she was all over me. Her arms around me, her lips on mine, my cock pushing against her. And in a moment she had managed it so that I was in her, her legs around my waist, and I was holding her up against the iron hinge of my dick.

I staggered back a step or two. Fiona was slim, but a girl still weighs a lot when you are holding her. Braced with my legs apart, my lips on hers, and my shaft pushed its full length into her warm, wet hole I tried to let nature take its course.

Somehow it wasn't working. I was in all my eight inches, with nothing left to thrust. Fiona was feeling heavy, but only by lifting her whole weight an inch or two and letting her fall back again could I get some friction on my cock. It was tantalising. I was gorged with sex - her legs around me, her lips, her arms, my shaft thrust deep within her - and the tension was building without any sign of relief.

Fiona was moaning. She was writhing and thrashing as her excitement grew. And I strove to thrust. I stood there for a long time, holding her, feeling her mounting excitement, feeling myself on the brink, but not quite crossing it, not quite getting relief.

And then I heard a key in the front door, and a young man walked into the room.

Time stood still. I was facing him, looking past Fiona's lips and over her shoulder. She didn't see him, and clearly hadn't heard him. I froze.

He stood there, and did nothing. said nothing, didn't do the decent thing and leave us. So there I was, holding a woman, my cock rock hard and close to shooting, and there's a guy watching.

I don't know how it might have ended. I think I might have lost it, hard though I was. But just then Fiona reached her destination. Her moans rose to a scream, her cunt squeezed hard, her body throbbed. And my body responded. With an effort I lifted her, then dropped her down while thrusting. I felt my balls tense. My feet apart braced to stand with her weight and mine I struggled for release. And then the final effort, and my shaft stretched and hard as an iron bar the heat erupted through my dick, and I shot, and shot, and shot, and shot.

The juices spent I began to wilt. My back ached. I put Fiona down, and we pulled apart.

The guy applauded. Fiona jumped, turned, and shouted "Steve," then, "I didn't think you would be back tonight ..."

I don't know what sort of relationship they had. Steve seemed unfazed at seeing her fucked by another man. But it had made him horny. He kissed her hard, pulled his clothes off, and revealed a cock ready for action. He looked in my direction and shouted "fuck off," but I ignored him.

No standing for Steve. He threw her down on the carpet, and followed her. With haste he inserted his cock, pushed it home, and started thrusting rapidly. Instantly rearoused I knelt down, and put my dick, dripping with her juice and my cum, towards her lips.

She licked. She sucked. Freed from the constraints of standing I thrust my hips, planting my cock in her warm, wet, mouth Fiona was well aroused. In seconds she started to orgasm, a long prolonged series of jerks and screams. Steve wasn't far behind. A few fast, deep thrusts and the grimace of ecstasy on his face proved his orgasm. And Fiona responded with another orgasm tripped, and suddenly I was cumming, and cumming, and shooting till spent.

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